Word for Paisley Oregon

April 2, 2001

This is only a holding pattern in Paisley.

But God says, "I want to give you something Paisley that you couldn't have gotten anywhere else.

And you're going to go back into the places of your origin but you won't live there, but you'll go back and forth, and God says that your network ministry will be all over the globe and God's going to use you to start fires. You're going to carry the matches and seeds of revival .

And God said you'll be weeks here, or months here. you'll charge people for Jesus. (not in dollars)

God will use you to bring revival and the passion of God. And that might even bear some weight on some of your future decisions.

What decisions you'll make because the weight of all your decisions must be.. "Is this for harvest, and is this going to bring glory to God?"

Even though it may seem like good things, they must be God things.

God will give you discernment and understanding to make the right decisions because it all balances the weight would be to impact people for Jesus. You don't have to forsake careers.

Often God gives you dreams to give God glory.

No doubt revival is coming to this church. I see an alliance between the three churches. A holy alliance, already there, God will enhance and command a blessing. Harvest and productivity, changing the productivity in the ground. Fruit, much fruit of harvest. I see God blessing as a direct sign of the blessings of God. The natural commodities in this town.

Rebuke rumors of drought. Call an abundance of rain. We will see and hear an abundance of rain. God, You will open up supernatural springs in this area if necessary. You will break up the fountains of the deep if necessary. As the church comes together in this area, as they obey a Holy Vision to accommodate Your move and Your people and come into an alliance as they already are moving in that direction. You will command a blessing that will change the very climate in this area and God You will open up the very ground if necessary. The water will come. Watch and see.

If you've got to speak to the rock speak to it, if you've got to strike the ground strike it.

And I will feed My people I will water this land. Doubt it not! Doubt it not! I will do it!

And then when others from other places come and say, "What is this?" We don't have any, but you do?" and you will say, "Jesus! Jesus!" You'll be like Joseph in Egypt, you'll say "God has sustained us and in times of famine we have laughed. The Bible says in Psalms In times of famine you will laugh.

And it will all be a product of your obedience to a Holy call to unity to lay down your own agendas and say God at all cost Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." We pray you would accompany Your Word from all sources that it comes from with signs and wonders of God. Signs in heaven above and earth beneath. This will be a center of revival, and model of unity and an example of God's love and compassion.

Chad Taylor