Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

Washington State USA

Even now here amongst you are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They will be exposed for what they are but not before they wound many. Diviners and sorcerers, even these shall be exposed.

Uh oh, from the mountain top I can see a plain being shaken but the mountain remains solid. I see thousands climbing the mountain and warfare on the plain. People tired and exhausted, worry on their faces as they look down. Some with determined looks on their faces and others are only looking up. Enemies coming out of holes and caves, pushing people down and hindering their ascent. Whew... Eagles circling the mountain, watching and speaking comfort and guidance and the light of the Lord over ALL illuminating the scene. A rumbling underground awaiting the revelation of the sons of God.

Birthing sounds, this is the earth opening up and swallows the enemies of the Lord like it did in the wilderness during the time of Moses.

The thick darkness where the Lord dwells, from this comes lightning, fire, thunder and smoke. Who will approach Me in the high places?, says the Lord.

Will you be as the children of Israel who ran afar off and said to Moses, " You go speak to Him, He will surely kill us".

" Who will come before Me ?", says the Lord.

"Who among you will overcome your fear and approach Me? "

" Am I a God far from you?"

" Who will come to Me and learn My ways?"

Many even now think they know Me, says the Lord, but I say this....

Their hearts are far from Me, says the Lord.

My people have become blinded by their possessions. Many have fell into what Israel has equaled wealth with Godliness.

Who amongst you will learn both of my goodness and severity?

Judgment soon comes.

Do not be among those who rebuke My judgments as from the enemy. This grieves the Spirit, whereby you have been sealed.

Again, I counsel you to buy fine silver and gold tried in the fire and fill your lamps with oil.

Again I am weeping for the Lords people. They know not what will soon come to pass.

Who will build a hedge and stand in the gap?

Saints, God is calling us to Himself. The times are indeed short.

Set a watchman to watch. Let those who can see afar off keep watch. Make ready for war. Even now the sounds of battle are clearly heard.

You say in your heart, the Lord delays...

Let Me trifle with those who are His as He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

He is a curse to those who curse Him.

Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord.

The foolish run headlong to their end and even hasten it but the Lord delivers those who are His.

Remember Jesus praised Peter in one instance and rebuked him for the next one.

I did see a wall that the Lord had built as protection for His people. it completely surrounded them.

Roland Matteson


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