An Important Key To A Future Blessed Government

To the degree that we choose to bless rather than curse, is the degree the order of heaven will be released upon on the earth.

An Important Key To A Future Blessed Government

I believe, we are now standing on the brink of a major resolve, one of which will usher in a new field of government, both in the natural and spirit. As I have stated multiple times before, the deterioration of an old government is making way for the new. The current display of division in this nation and the world is one of the greatest illusions of all time.

Its force of influence is instrumented through hate and fear.

Historically, fear and hatred bear record of harnessing countless people into believing the future is one of darkness and hopelessness, rather than light and promise.

It’s historically noted that the “gates of hell will not prevail.”  Which means, the government of hate, disunity and darkness, cannot, and will not, overcome the government of love, unity and light.

In case you haven’t noticed, our government is being redefined. In terms of the natural realm, the government of the past will not be the government of the future. This is equally true concerning the government of the Spirit. We are not going back to the days of Adam and Eve. Contrary to popular belief, our birthright, thus our inheritance is born of the Spirit not the flesh.

“That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and
that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” (John 3:6)

It has long been my belief, that the Oval office of these United States will historically extend an unusual invite toward the men and women of God in spiritual leadership. Thus, a newfound residence of the government of heaven will emerge within the government of these United States at an unprecedented level.

Having said that, I believe God has shown me an important key that will ultimately unlock his governmental intent over the course of this remaining period as we draw closer to next elected President of these United States.

This key to a blessed  government is through the power of blessing.

Regardless of our governmental stance toward Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, we must choose the road of blessing rather than cursing. Whether Hillary is your presidential choice or not, as mature sons and daughters of God, we must release blessings toward her and her family.

At the beginning of this year, during an MTI gathering, I shared the insight the Lord had given to me concerning Hillary Clinton’s physical state and other intense challenges in her life and family. This was prior to any public evidence. I sensed it was an appeal from the Lord for us to look beyond the natural realm and see the heart of God toward Hillary and her family from an eternal perspective.

In that moment, we prayed for Hillary’s health and well -being, as well as her family, asking God to reveal himself to them in a glorious way.

This same perspective must be applied to Donald Trump and his family as well. We must see them from the perspective of eternity, which is one of love and hope, not hatred and despair.

To the degree that we choose to bless rather than curse, is the degree the order of heaven will be released upon on the earth.

Anything less, will be the result of the enemy trying to lure the people of this nation into agreement with his evil demise toward this nation and other nations in the world.

God is looking for a people who will partner with him in love. When Hillary physically collapsed before the world, I knew this was one of the moments God had spoken to me about earlier.

As the world watched this event unfold, I could feel the sadness of God toward those who were rejoicing over her weakness and brief frailty. I believe moments like these are a limpet test for the body of Christ.

As lovers of God, we are afforded the opportunity to bless and pray for the well- being of all, in hope that they will be impacted by the reality of the governance of God’s heart toward them.

“To sum up, all of you be harmonious, sympathetic, brotherly, kindhearted, and humble in spirit; not returning evil for evil or insult for insult, but giving a blessing instead; for you were called for the very purpose that you might inherit a blessing.” (1Peter 3:8-9)

In 2015, and prior years, I have leaned into this day, believing it would mark the beginning stages of an unusual restoration that would tear down the deceptive walls of division in this nation.

Also, year’s prior, I spoke about the “News Media” of this nation being impacted by the glory of God, to such extent, that the “good news” instead of “bad news” would become the popular desire of all nations.

We are now standing on the threshold that intended hour.

Throughout this governmental shift, I have maintained my stance that this elective period will, in the end, be a governmental landslide. I believe this will be the result of those getting involved an elective process in ways they had not before. You will also witness countless people secretly shifting sides from their normal political party. They will be highlighted as the “silent majority.”

In addition, the presumed “wealth of the wicked” will not be taken by others, but will willingly be surrendered over to the heart and mind of God, because of a major shift in their own heart toward the advancement of His kingdom.

As hard as it may be for most to believe, God is winning over the hearts of Billionaires worldwide.

Lastly, prior to 2012, I prophetically spoke about the highest office of this nation never being bought or sold again to the highest bidder. I have a sense that time is now here. What used to be the common denominator behind evil political intent will soon be no more. I’m not implying this will be the case a 100% of the time, but our goal should be a 100% nonetheless.
Kingdom Cheers,