Pioneer Movement Coming Forth in the Pacific Northwest Corridor

I believe there’s a pioneer movement coming forth in the Pacific Northwest Corridor. I recently saw a corridor of doors from Utah through Idaho into Oregon and Washington State. I heard it’s the corridor of doors that can become a corridor of glory! 

Each door represents a city that the LORD is knocking on their door (Revelation 3:20); will the remnant open the door and allow Him to come in and break the bread of Covenant Renewal. Will the remnant renew their wedding vows with The LORD - All My Life For Your Glory, Let My Life Be A Seed For A Harvest of Sons of Glory! 

If the remnant will renew their Covenant Vows of absolute surrender to the eternal purpose of God - Then and ‘Only Then’’ will they see the Revelation 4 door open. Psalm 24 becomes a possibility in 2024 if we will answer the summons!

Ed Watts,
Zion Gate Ministries, Flint, MI

"Houses of Worship" - Prophetic Word

I’m hearing the Lord release a strategy – an international strategy for the hosting of His glory and His presence.

And the Lord says this, “Have I not told you in my Scriptures that I am heavy?” He says, “Have I not described myself to you as the weighty God, who carries kavod (which is the Old Testament word for glory, but it means [heavy] weight)?” And the Spirit of the Lord says this:

“My eyes have been wandering to and fro across the earth, looking for a house that can bear my heaviness. I am struggling to find a building that I can sit in and not destroy it by my size.

What you have done in your nights of worship, and what you have done in your Sunday services, have only been able to hold the partial weight of who I am. They no longer satisfy you and they no longer satisfy me. For I want to be Emmanuel, the God who is with my people.

And the Lord says, “Oh! It is the day of my ‘glory weight’. It is the day of my seatedness in the midst of my people. But He says, “I have already told you, there is only one way that we build the throne. I told you that it was in worship and praise that a throne got built for me to sit in.”

And the Lord says, “Thank you for the houses of prayer!” But He says, “It is no longer their day”. He says, “Thank you for the healing rooms, and the miracle clinics, but they will no longer hold me”. He says, “Thank you for the prophetic centres, but know in this new season [that] my glory will come on the Levites in the house of worship.”

And the Spirit of the Lord says, “I am lassoing into place an international coalition of Levites who [will be] in every continent [so that] there will be houses of worship where I can sit. This is the day of the commissioning of the international houses of worship, and the gathering, the anointing, and the appointing of their leadership team in the earth – and of those who will populate the song and the sound”.

I am watching the globe, and I am watching it spin, and I am seeing where in the world (like little red lights) there are houses of worship. And the Lord says, “If you will give a sacrifice of worship around the clock to me, you will come into a level of my glory that you have not even begun to dream is possible, for all you know to ask me is, “Do it again”….

…[because] all you know to [ask] now is for a revival that you understand because you’ve read about it in history.” The Lord says, “I will not do that again. So stop asking me for it. You are praying in error by asking for a revival of the old. What I want to do is sit with glory, like I have never been able to do before on the earth in your history. And from that place… AND FROM THAT PLACE… will come the words, the healings, the miracles, the deliverances, the community transformation. It is from the house of worship that I will birth the next move of what I am doing in the earth.”

“These are your instructions. Build me a house of worship! Build me a house of worship!”, says the Lord.

And the Lord says, “Do you now see why there was such a fight over worship? Do you now see why you prophesied ‘new sound’, but you could never access it? Do you see that this was always the contention area – and satan knew it – because this is where I have chosen – and how I have chosen – to bring my throne.”

And the Lord says: “Musicians!” He says, “Musicians!” (I am watching those of low skill suddenly get this appetite for practice, and suddenly get a skilled “musicianary” capability. And those with expertise already [will also] get a sound and a fresh anointing. And the Lord says, “Oh worship leaders! The previous season capped you. You could see there was more but it was like glass above your heads. This day, as I release the instruction, the glass above you shatters – and you now know what you must build me.

I will have the European sound, and I will have the African sound, and I will have the Latin American sound. I will have the Asian sound, I will have the Antipodean sound. I will have the sound of the Arctic, and the sound of the people of Greenland – and Iceland. The Lord says, “Oh Reykjavik, from you there will be such a sound from the North, and Oh Cape Town, there will be such a sound from the South!”

And, “Oh America!”, He says, “I will burn your musicians first. I will rescue some from a franchise model, that a sound may come forth. And He says to your First Nations people, “There is an anointing of sound on you that was lost for hundreds of years, and the sound of the First Nations will come back into the limelight, and you will break the ground open for plantings of signs and wonders in this nation”, says the Lord.

And the Lord says, “Cairo, Cairo, Cairo! No longer will you be a place known for the pyramids, but you will be known for building me a house of worship. And these houses of worship will light up the grid and be joined up. And I will put my angels to fly between the houses of worship, and there will be a sharing – where one house breaks through, all the houses will break through together, for I will unify the houses of worship, and they will be a remnant army in the earth.

And they will share what they preach, and they will share their best practices, for I will have them not competitive, but I will have them rise, and I will have them rise!

And I will put worship apostles back in the earth”, says the Lord. “It is the anointing of the ‘apostles of worship’.” The Lord says this: “You thought that apostles just preached. You SHUT DOWN the apostolic grace from your musicians, you shut down the prophetic grace from your musicians.” And the Lord says right now, “I make apostolic and prophetic worship leaders. I am putting together apostolic and prophetic worship leaders, and they will be prophetically-apostolic and apostolically-prophetic.
They will lead, and they will LEAD, AND THEY WILL LEAD! And they will lead in the nations of the earth.” “Lagos”, God says, “Nigeria. Even in Lagos, there will be a sound that comes forth.”
And the Lord says, “I will not put these houses of worship in obvious places in America.”

[Emma comments]: Do you know what I’m most grieved about? I’ve not seen before that we’ve ripped the apostolic off worship leaders. So therefore they never had sound strategy, they just had sound. We did that to them. That is a sin.

So we bless you worship leaders to be apostolic. We bless you to be the sent ones with strategies of sound. You’re going to have strategies of sound. You’re going to have building grace, because apostles have building grace. You’re going to know what it is to build ‘sound mountains’ – ‘worship sound mountains’ in the earth. I don’t even know what that is but the Lord says that there are going to be ‘worship sound mountains’ in the earth that rise above all the other mountains. And the sound that comes from apostolic worship leaders will be a sign that many will flock to – to find Jesus.

Then the Lord says this, “Kanye West is a small first fruit”. The Lord says, “What satan gave to the Beatles, I will give the holy version to the apostolic worship leaders.”

"Houses of Worship" - Prophetic Word
Emma Stark
Fremont, CA June 10, 2022

Together for His Kingdom,
Emma and David Stark,
Glasgow, Scotland

(Note: Northern California is considered part of the Pacific Northwest.) ------------ She clarified afterwards:

Given in Fremont , CA on 10th June 2022.
To help you weigh, test and respond to this word, we have included some explanatory/interpretive comments in the footnotes. We only see in part and prophesy in part. We therefore urge you to pray and seek the Holy Spirit to help you understand, interpret and apply this prophecy.

The paragraph on the first page that mentions houses of prayer, healing, miracles, and prophecy has already generated a lot of discussion since the word was first published on social media. Therefore, in addition to the footnotes, we offer the following clarifying comment:

David and I love prayer, healing, miracles, and prophecy and the houses that have pioneered and specialised in these ministries, especially in recent decades. We deeply honour and thank God for those who serve and have served in these houses. We ourselves have led or served in such places over the years. We still do!

We believe that prayer, healing, miracles and prophecy must not cease in the body of Christ! In fact, they must increase! The term ‘house of prayer’ is completely Biblical and is found in Isaiah 56:7, and is referred to by Jesus. We affirm the work of house of prayer organisations all over the world!

It is our interpretation of this prophetic word that God is not criticising or condemning the work of houses of prayer (or the other ministries mentioned). On the contrary, in the prophetic word the Lord specifically thanks His servants for these places.

So, for clarity: this word is NOT about not praying or in any way demeaning the importance of prayer and those places that are specifically called to pray. The focus of the word is very clearly on something else - houses of worship - and the new wine structures where, as the word goes on to say,

“ ...from that place will come the words, the healings, the miracles, the deliverances, the community transformation. It is from the house of worship that I will birth the next move of what I am doing in the earth...” Prayer will be fundamental in this, of course!

When houses of prayer were pioneered on the earth following prophetic words, such as in the 1990-2000s, it did not mean the end of local churches, teaching ministries, worship and so on.

Similarly, to take this word as a word to end prayer, miracles, healing and prophetic ministries would be probably stretching it beyond its meaning.

Finally, at the end, when Emma is commenting on the word she has given, she urges us to not sow into places that are old wineskins or partnered with the political spirit. For the avoidance of doubt, please seek the Lord carefully and prayerfully before stopping your generous support of established ministries and ministers. Do not do this in haste and do not be quick to assume or judge what is an old

or new wineskin. Please continue to support those faithful Levites who have prayed without ceasing for you, your family, your city and your nation!

The word can be listened to in full online at
Together for His Kingdom,
Emma and David Stark, Glasgow, Scotland, 13 June 2022

Prayers Hitting the Target

I saw an image in my spirit that had me stop and take notice. I saw a round fired from a rifle that traveled a great distance finally arriving at its intended target and punching a hole in the 10-ring. The image was very familiar to me.

Back in the day, I was a Combat Firearms Instructor. I watched thousands of rounds fired from handguns, shotguns, and rifles punch holes through paper targets at a variety of distances. Pulling the trigger and seeing a hit on a range target was a distinct and immediate experience. What I saw this morning was different.

The round I saw carried the bullet of a prayer of faith that had navigated a great distance over time and space through a variety of spiritual meteorological conditions. It never wavered in its course. As the trigger of that single prayer was pulled the bullet began its journey carried by the precise balance of proper bullet weight and construction and the powder load of God’s faithfulness. It was fired like a sniper who had worked up the dope of a single shot firing from a great distance and striking a target with lethal accuracy.

In the coming days, we will see Spirit-guided rounds of fulfilled prayer arrive and strike with precise accuracy inflicting fatal wounds to the plans of hell. Individuals and families will wake up in the morning free from a generational hostage situation that held the family line in a place of captivity. Over-confident dark spiritual forces that have taken control of governments and institutions of culture will be dropped by these incoming rounds.

Some of these prayers were fired from great distances, even centuries ago, not knowing their intended targets. At the time, the prayers seemed odd and unreal to the ones praying because they lacked a known context, but they prayed anyway. We will see and experience the results of their obedience.

Not every prayer promises an immediate strike in our lifetime. Some prayers must travel through vast expanses of time and space for a scheduled arrival somewhere in the future. Their impact will surprise all who are present to witness their unannounced arrivals. 

Garris Elkins
Jacksonville, Oregon

Keep your eyes on the Northwest gate of America

I heard the Lord say, “Keep your eyes on the Northwest gate of America for I am opening up the Floodgates on Bill Gates. Things that have been hidden in his Foundation will be exposed for all to see.

Like a trumpet blast a sound will be heard that opens the floodgates and reveals the cracks in the Foundation from its past.”

I saw the eye on the pyramid of the dollar Bill. As I went into the eye I began to see ethernet cable being cut with a sword that were tied to companies connected to Bill Gates and his foundation. I watched until every cord was cut and the foundation began to shake uncontrollably.

Something will be exposed that is connected with Bill Gates that will leave many in shock and will rock the Foundation. 

-Prophet Charlie Shamp 


Prepare for Breakout and Rapid Revelations

This evening (9-9-22) I was thanking Abba for the 49 years that my wife and I have been married, thinking back on the words, meetings, visions, and so on – just reminiscing with Holy Spirit, thanking Him for all He has done in our lives.

After chatting about some of the more significant words He has give me over the decades I had what could best be described as a vision (I was awake so it wasn’t a dream).

I was standing under some cooling shade trees along the bank of a small river, upstream the river had significant velocity, but at this point it was slowing down as it entered a large “pond” type of area.

Holy Spirit then took me airborne and I could see dozens of other streams and rivers, that in similar fashion has great velocity and strength in the beginning, but were all entering ponds of there own at various point in the flow.

Holy Spirit began to identify some of the streams

Jesus Movement
And many more.

Holy Spirit spoke to me and said

“All of My streams have had strength and purpose in their beginnings.  Unfortunately, things of man creep in over time and clouded and polluted the streams.  And eventually they faded from sight.  But We knew this would happen and we had prepared settling ponds for each stream, so that over time the sediment and pollution would sink to the bottom of each pond and the rivers would be clear and ready for the next season.

That season is upon you now.  The streams and rivers of the Spirit are about to break out of their retaining ponds and begin to flow in strength and purity as before BUT they will also begin to merge into one mighty river of the spirit.  All that has come before coming together in unity and purpose to bring some of the greatest revelation My people have ever seen or heard about.

The flow will be impossible to stop and it will clear all that lays before it.  Restoring the freshness of My revelation and purpose.  My caution to you this evening – is beware of those who claim to represent individual streams – they represent the sediment of the past.  This is a NEW flow and will not be named but experienced.

Martin Best
Whirlwind Ministries