“THE STAND”: Word of the Lord from the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders for 2021 & Beyond

A time of stark contrast follows the aftermath of the reset. When you turn off your phone, it goes black, and then it comes back when you turn it back on. So we are now living what has been reset. The reset button has been pushed and it creates a stark contrast.
One of the scriptures that exemplifies this contrast the most is found in Matthew 24:6–8.
“And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.” Matthew 24:6-8 NKJV
• Persecution
Persecutions will deepen, and in contrast, the greatest revival the earth has ever known is upon us. One primary manifestation of this revival will be in the Middle East, in nations such as Sudan who have aligned with Israel.
• Men’s Hearts will Grow Cold
“For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,” 2 Timothy 3:2–4 NKJV
Even in the midst of great moves of God, the contrasts between good and evil will become more apparent. In the United States, this manifestation will be seen in government structures as some become more godly and others turn away deeper and further from God.

• Wars and Rumors of Wars
Watch China carefully. There is the threat of the red dragon militarizing against the United States and other countries, especially Taiwan. While there will come a time when the Bamboo Curtain will fall, and when China will lead in world economics, it is not to happen under a Communist Regime. Satan wants to change the times and seasons, but if those who follow the Lion of Judah will cry out in intercession, the Communist takeover will not advance.
The Red Dragon wants to swallow up Vietnam and South East Asia, as well as Korea. As “Gatekeepers of Prayer” we cannot allow this to occur. If Japan tries to “ally” with China, she will find herself devoured also. This dragon has an insatiable appetite for a ruling empire. In fact, there is an empire spirit or dominion that is on the move. As big a threat as Islam has been to the world, Communism is a greater threat in this era.
• A Chinese Pearl Harbor has taken place. Watch for more ways in which China will gain access to the USA through kickbacks, election-tampering, and sabotage. Satan has many plans, but if we pray there will be a great checkmate of Satan’s plans.
There are shakings happening between political systems, but there will also be physical manifestations. It is not that these shakings are not already happening, but the frequency will escalate including volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and the like. The whole earth is groaning. There will be new political parties that will be taking shape; they will be formed and increase in influence.
For the United States, the reconstruction after the Civil War got derailed and was left incomplete. God is going to move upon this issue once again to bring about a more complete justice. The godly righteous remnant of the African-American community will arise and become very visible in leading the way to seeing this justice movement happen. These shakings will ultimately result in a justice movement that brings long-term change.
Political systems that support abortion will also be shaken and affected economically.
• Re-aligning of Nations
There will be alignments that will be made both in the positive and in the negative. China/Russia/Iran will move towards closer alignments. Some of these alignments will even be surprising. However, the bear and the dragon will come to odds against each other, if we pray. Iran’s government in the coming years will fall; it will happen seemingly overnight. God is watching how they persecute the believers in their land. There will be a great global re-organizing in preparation for the end-times. We are seeing the prophetic beginning of the Isaiah 19 Highway forming before our eyes!
• Rogue Operatives
Detailed exposures will take place of both China and Russia. God loves the Chinese and the Russian people. This is not anything negative towards the church in China and Russia. Great revivals and renewals are coming!
• A Bumpy Road
Civil unrest will continue in the United States. It will, in fact, escalate. The prophets called for emergency preparedness. All may not be needed, but crisis preparation, as far as food, water, and supplies, is dictated by wisdom. We have given previous warnings about a possible civil war on U.S. soil and we are seeing the groundwork for that being laid—but God! More exposures will take place in both political parties…layers upon layers until the root is exposed and the axe can be laid to the root. This is not only for the United States, but will occur worldwide.
The year 2021 will seem to have some of the same characteristics as 2020. However, the Body of Christ will learn to thrive and not just survive.
The economies of states will shake and there will be a great suffering of the people in those states if they do not turn from wickedness. However, just as in Egypt during the plagues, God’s people will be protected and prosper.
It is in the balance whether or not the whole of the United States will take a huge downturn.
It is a time for war. The bride of Christ must put on combat boots and be prepared for battle. We must resist Satan and he will flee! Teaching on how to wage war against the enemy is essential. Angelic hosts are being released to assist us as we war on earth and they war in the heavens.
• This includes Faith over Fear
Men’s hearts will fail from fear, but God will cause His remnant of overcomers to overcome. This remnant has learned to stand on the word with faith and not fear.
• This includes Peace as a Weapon
We will walk in a new level of peace that will be a weapon against distress! “And soon the God of Peace will crush Satan even under His feet.”
The amount of glory we are going to see released in this new era after the reset will come in suddenlies. Those who have been crying out for revival will suddenly see, receive, and experience a great revival. This revival will transform societies and raise up reformers in all areas of society. The revival and awakening will not only be for the saving of souls, but for the healing of nations. Miracles will be commonplace in the marketplace and in Hollywood.
This will also lead to a renaissance in the arts with great creative anointing being displayed through worship and other art forms such as painting, sculpture, and dance.
Another sign and wonder of this glory awakening will be spontaneous deliverances. People bound in drugs, pornography, and other addictions will be set free. The ministry of deliverance will once again be front and center in the church.
There will be a release of glory and, not unlike the Book of Acts, there will be resistance to the moves of God. Note that when miracles in the book of Acts took place, Satan stirred up those in idolatry and in the religious system against it. However, this only caused the church to increase and multiply!
• This Includes the Refiners Fire
The Lord is watching our reactions, even to things that Satan is putting in our way. We are called to be overcomers. We cannot forget that we are being “trained to reign” for eternity. We are in the end-times and this world is not our home. While we are responsible to steward this world and disciple it, this is just the beginning of our lives. We are in the midst of the “Refiner’s Fire”.
• This Includes a Time to Build
Just as in Nehemiah’s day, we will “arise and build” in the midst of chaotic times. We will learn to build with a sword in one hand and a trowel in the other. Don’t come down off of the wall no matter what the enemy throws at you!
It is now as in the Days of Noah, but God will enable us to stand with these five words, all starting with the letter P!
• 1) Protection • 2) Provision • 3) Preservation • 4) Presence • 5) Promise
For those of us who are standing on the promises, we will experience protection, provision, preservation, presence, and promise. We will triumph in the days ahead.
The remnant church will take a stand against evil that comes against them, both personally and corporately, and they will win! Ephesians 6 will become a major theme once again. Worship will be both a weapon of war and the means to not become battle-fatigued in this season.
There is a calling to use as weapons of warfare all the previous words given through the years; one was “The Turn Around Year,” another was the “Suddenlies.” Those who believe and apply this convergence of prophecy will triumph!
Let’s stand on the promises of God’s Word together and see the Glory Awakening Arise in Jesus’ Great Name!
Having Done All, We Stand!
Cindy Jacobs with James W. Goll and the ACPE


Discerning the Global Reset

Since the beginning of time, false representations of reality have been offered as counterfeits to God’s truth. There are two definitions of a global reset being offered at this time. One reset is empowered by God, and the other is empowered by darkness. Masking language is being used to draw believers who lack discernment toward the counterfeit, defending its proposals as evidence of their tolerance.     

The Gospel is always inviting but never tolerant of things that will ultimately harm us. Not agreeing with the ideology of a dark reset that will ultimately destroy individual lives and societies does not make one intolerant. It is an expression of love.
A few years ago, I began to write and speak about a reset that would take place in the Church. It would be a reset that starts us on a refocusing journey where we would begin to see the Church and its mission with new eyes. Instead of getting more complicated, our expression of faith would enter a simpler expression, void of complicated religious baggage, language, and unhealthy alliances. 

At the end of the resetting and refocusing, we would enter a resting place, where we would receive fresh revelation about how we can move forward into the future. This revelation would only be available to those willing to reset, refocus, and rest.
Whenever you hear the word “reset,” make sure you discern the spirit using the word. The reset Jesus offers leads to freedom, freedom of our will. This is the kind of freedom only found in the Spirit. The counterfeit reset will lead to control and demands of conformity to agendas that have at their core a spirit of death. Any refusal to follow the dictates of that dark reset will carry the shaming label of intolerance.
As a defining clarity is taking place regarding the two resets, a definition within the Church is also taking place regarding cultural reformation. On one side are those who view reformation as a way to control people and culture, much like the false reset. They see the assignment of the Church as creating a theocracy on earth and directing culture by demands of conformity to a particular expression of faith. 
On the other side are those who believe the Church’s work is best expressed in culture as an opportunity to help a culture flourish under the influence of believers embedded within its institutions. These embedded ones seek the highest good for each individual while never backing away from speaking the truth in love. The latter expression of reformation is where the power of God’s Spirit is delivered. 

This kind of Heaven-empowered reformation is so powerful that it cannot be controlled by religious or political spirits. It will endure through the tumultuous and challenging seasons of upheaval each society will experience as it matures. 

That is the kind of reformation where the reset of Heaven is taking place. The by-product of the reset will draw people to the love of God and ultimately transform the heart of a nation.

Garris Elkins

Go, Dust Him Off

In the Spirit, I saw an older man walk out of a cave. He was wearing an Australian duster coat and a large Aussie hat. He was covered in dust from being in a cave for years.

Holy Spirit said, “Go, dust him off.”

As I did so, I thought to myself that this man, through life circumstances, had chosen to hide in the cave.

Holy Spirit corrected me, saying, “I hid him. He cooperated with me and stayed hidden. I am bringing him out now and releasing him for this hour. He has understanding, wisdom, strategy and revelation that is needed right now.

He walks in the fear of the Lord. Listen to him. Cooperate with him.”

Organic Revival

The “Toronto Blessing had been going on for a couple of years, and the pastor decided to take a trip, without telling the congregation, to Toronto to check it out.

Upon his return he had a special meeting to tell everyone what he had been up to.

What I would call my very first “vision” happened during that meeting.

In the vision I saw a map of Oregon. It was as if the map was covered with wax, and a fine mist was being sprayed on the wax.

At first you couldn't see anything, then tiny drops of water all over the map. Soon the drops became bigger, and started to coalesce into small puddles.

I asked, “What does that mean.” 

The thought that came to mind was, “This is how the next revival will start. There will be no heroes, there will only be me influencing regular people all over the (in the vision) state.

“One person will touch another person, who will touch another and so on, forming organic communities, churches if you will, of people on fire for God, without regard to whatever ‘church’ they came from.”

Doug Tankersly
Umatilla, OR

Battle Preparations: Relax, He's Got This.

Last night I had several things on my mind as I got into bed. I listened to an audiobook for a while, trying to quiet my mind – worry isn’t great when you are trying to go to sleep. Not at all!

I had a dream that we were going into a battle or some type of war and all our soldiers were infants or toddlers – not battle-worthy in the least. This “war” wasn’t necessarily about bombs and guns but it was something coming up that would need to be fought for – and I was worried we would not be ready. I fretted about how this army could even begin to help the situation. I woke up then went back to sleep.

I’m not sure if I actually woke up or if that was part of the dream but some time had passed, like maybe a year. I took another look at our “army” and they were totally matured and ready to fight. They were all even in matching uniforms…black if I recall correctly.

I was astounded! How did that happen? My worries and fretting completely disappeared, to be replaced by encouragement and actually enlightenment. I suddenly know that we would win and my worries had been groundless. I was sure there would be no problem, it would be handled and would be successful.

I needed to trust and not have to figure everything out, it would be okay and everything would work out. There was a plan.

I (really) woke up and knew that this was, at least in part about some things I had been worrying about before going to sleep. I also think this dream was a reminder for some other things people might be concerned or worrying about. God has a plan! I “heard” the Digital Warriors will be ready -they look young and too immature but they WILL be ready when they are needed.

He knows the end from the beginning. He is outside of time as we know it and is moving the chess pieces around to where and when they need to be, whether we know it or not.

Breathe, He’s got this! And He’s got you.


Ginny Wilcox, September 6, 2019
Ginny is a trusted prophetic voice and a friend of the NorthWest.