Keep your eyes on the Northwest gate of America

I heard the Lord say, “Keep your eyes on the Northwest gate of America for I am opening up the Floodgates on Bill Gates. Things that have been hidden in his Foundation will be exposed for all to see.

Like a trumpet blast a sound will be heard that opens the floodgates and reveals the cracks in the Foundation from its past.”

I saw the eye on the pyramid of the dollar Bill. As I went into the eye I began to see ethernet cable being cut with a sword that were tied to companies connected to Bill Gates and his foundation. I watched until every cord was cut and the foundation began to shake uncontrollably.

Something will be exposed that is connected with Bill Gates that will leave many in shock and will rock the Foundation. 

-Prophet Charlie Shamp 


Prepare for Breakout and Rapid Revelations

This evening (9-9-22) I was thanking Abba for the 49 years that my wife and I have been married, thinking back on the words, meetings, visions, and so on – just reminiscing with Holy Spirit, thanking Him for all He has done in our lives.

After chatting about some of the more significant words He has give me over the decades I had what could best be described as a vision (I was awake so it wasn’t a dream).

I was standing under some cooling shade trees along the bank of a small river, upstream the river had significant velocity, but at this point it was slowing down as it entered a large “pond” type of area.

Holy Spirit then took me airborne and I could see dozens of other streams and rivers, that in similar fashion has great velocity and strength in the beginning, but were all entering ponds of there own at various point in the flow.

Holy Spirit began to identify some of the streams

Jesus Movement
And many more.

Holy Spirit spoke to me and said

“All of My streams have had strength and purpose in their beginnings.  Unfortunately, things of man creep in over time and clouded and polluted the streams.  And eventually they faded from sight.  But We knew this would happen and we had prepared settling ponds for each stream, so that over time the sediment and pollution would sink to the bottom of each pond and the rivers would be clear and ready for the next season.

That season is upon you now.  The streams and rivers of the Spirit are about to break out of their retaining ponds and begin to flow in strength and purity as before BUT they will also begin to merge into one mighty river of the spirit.  All that has come before coming together in unity and purpose to bring some of the greatest revelation My people have ever seen or heard about.

The flow will be impossible to stop and it will clear all that lays before it.  Restoring the freshness of My revelation and purpose.  My caution to you this evening – is beware of those who claim to represent individual streams – they represent the sediment of the past.  This is a NEW flow and will not be named but experienced.

Martin Best
Whirlwind Ministries

So Many Prophecies These Days

I was reading through 2Chronicles 18 yesterday, and I felt a warning. May I share it with you?

First, go read 2 Chronicles 18. But it’s the story about all the prophets prophesying in unanimity to the king, but it turns out they were all prophesying wrong.

Seriously, please go read that story. We’ll wait for you. 

I felt like Father was whispering to me, “Just because they’re a prophet doesn’t mean I gave them that particular message. There are some who prophesy from my heart, some that think they have my heart, but are speaking from a lying spirit. And there are more than you expect who are prophesying out of their own wounded heart, or speaking in order to gather attention. They have their reward.”

It brought to my mind the reality that we have a lot of people prophesying these days. I believe Father is warning me that some prophets are speaking from true motives, some prophets are speaking from deception (I assume that the deception in their prophecies is not intentional; that would be a whole ’nother story).

But there are a whole lot of prophetic voices in our day who are speaking from a mixture of motives.

He reminded me that he gave us the gift of discernment for a reason. If we fail to discern what prophecies (or what parts of some prophecies) are from him, then our own lives will be influenced, even infected, by deceiving spirits or wounded souls.

Then he pointed out that the times are in many ways becoming more complicated, more obstreperous to the Kingdom of God. “My children who build their lives on a well-intended but misguided word will not be equipped to stand strong in these times. And my children who fail to hear and receive the word from my heart because they fear being deceived will also not be equipped to stand strong in these times.”

Discernment – your personal discernment and the discernment of those people to whom you have entrusted your life – is the key for navigating this aspect of this season.

Al Mack, of Northwest Prophetic

The Current Shaking

I live in a small historic gold rush town. The buildings that line our downtown were constructed in the mid-1800s. The construction materials of choice were brick and mortar. 

While they look strong, if an earthquake takes place the mortar will weaken releasing their hold on the bricks and our cherished history will lay in piles of rubble at our feet. The last significant earthquake in the region happened over 300 years ago. Our downtown was built without that consideration.

In the natural world, prolonged shaking during an earthquake is what produces damage. Once the shaking is over it leaves behind damaged buildings and infrastructures, people are injured or killed and entire regions are left in disarray and ruin.

In God’s kingdom shaking has another purpose. It disassembles the weak things where we mistakenly placed our trust apart from God. After this season of shaking is over, we will have an opportunity to work in concert with the Spirit to construct new and lasting spiritual structures able to endure the trauma that always comes with living on the fault lines of an unstable world.

So much is shaking in our world. We are currently living through a prolonged social quake. God is allowing this shaking to take place to disempower those things not worthy of our trust. Misplaced trust is like the mortar between bricks. It will crumble under the influence of intense shaking.

Every spiritual shaking throughout the history of the Church has caused us to reevaluate where we have placed our trust. Any rebuilding process we engage in will hopefully consider that issue. Everything around us can fall to the ground but our hope will always be secure if we have placed our trust in Jesus Christ and Him alone.

The Lord experienced an earthquake when the stone was rolled away from the entrance to His tomb. “Suddenly there was a great earthquake! For an angel of the Lord came down from heaven, rolled aside the stone, and sat on it” (Matthew 28:2).

Resurrection followed that shaking 2,000 years ago and it will follow the shaking we are now experiencing. A season of shaking will always carry with it the promise of resurrection and reconstruction if our hope has been placed in the faithfulness and goodness of God.

Garris Elkins, September 2021


Monocropping. Monocropping is the agricultural practice of growing a single crop year after year on the same land, in the absence of rotation through other crops or growing multiple crops on the same land (polyculture).

Last night and again this morning I heard “monocropping.” As I listened further I heard “Monoculture, monocrops, monochurch, monobusiness, monoschools, monohealthcare. I am forcing them to become cross pollinated for their own good. I’m releasing my cross pollinators that I have prepared. They will release small ‘tongues of fire’ (Acts 2) that will burn up the monofields created by the principalities, powers, world rulers of this present darkness, and the spiritual hosts of wickedness (Ephesians. 6:12).”

I then saw hunters (Jeremiah 16:16) approaching vast monocropping fields with their bows and arrows. The tips of arrows would ignite with a flame when released from the bow and wherever they landed in the field they would start a small fire. Soon the monocrop was ablaze. After the blaze died down, I was amazed to see some of the crop still standing and untouched by the blaze. The field was full of such ones. (Daniel 3:8-25).

I then heard, “The job of the hunter is direct and straight forward. After they release their arrows, their assignment is complete. Pray for the release of the hunters. Pray for those in the fields that are still standing in the conflagration as I destroy the works of darkness and release them for they are the laborers that you have been praying for me to cast into the harvest fields.” (Luke 10:2).

I then heard, “I am releasing from the monochurch those who I prepared for the harvest. You will see them appear next to you in the harvest field. They are bringing my goodness and my abundance that I have placed in them. They are not novice. They have been kept in reserve until this hour. I am releasing them into the harvest field with you. They will help change your thinking and cross pollinate with you. Some I have assigned to come alongside of you for a long season. Others for a short season. And, other only briefly.

Honor and bless them as they come and go. As this process takes place it will magnify and multiply the harvest. You will notice that there are no threshing floors or grain silos for this harvest. That is because this harvest is designed to be immediately employed as new harvesters. I will do a quick work of transforming them from harvest to harvesters. Do not hold the new harvesters back. Do not think they are not ready for I have prepared them. I am doing a quick work. This is not the final harvest but only the first wave of the greater harvest.”

Dave Bodine