Making the Transition

Gleaning from a conversation with Jim Ford

Why are you here? Why are you hanging around the people, the church, the groups that you hang around. Because you have a heart for them, and more than that, because you have a heart to see that group grow into so much more than they are now.

So many people in the body of Christ are in a season of holy dissatisfaction right now. More is being required of us as individuals; we can’t get away with as much as we used to: God is pointing things out and calling us to address them.

We’re in the laundry. Jesus is coming back for a bride without spot or wrinkle. He’s removing our spots, our stains. (If you think the laundry is difficult, wait until we get to the ironing board where He takes out the wrinkles!)

Right now, we’re making decisions about where we need to go, whom we need to be among, what we need to do, and we’re doing them – for the most part – independently, arbitrarily. We’re feeling this sense of “There has to be more” and we’re making decisions to pursue that “more” but we’ve overlooked something. We’ve overlooked the fact that we are part of a community.

God is in the process of upshifting. It’s a season of transition, and people all over the world have been feeling it for the past eleven or twelve months. Our being in the laundry is part of the transition. Our holy dissatisfaction is part of the transition. The longing for “more” is part of the transition. And the growing sense of community is part of the transition.

Look around you right now. Who are you in relation with? Who is your “tribe,” your people? Who do you hang out with? If you want to go to the next level with God, do you want to do it with these folks? Are these people that are going where you want to go?

If God wants you as an individual to move to the next level, then the people that we are among must move to the next level. The group, the fellowship, the “tribe” that you’re part of will need to evolve into something new, something more.

If you’re willing to move to that level, if you’re willing to move there with the people around you, it will cost your life. You must be committed, become family, with the people that are moving. Your church, your tribe, must become more than “This is where I attend.” It must become your identity, your family. Their leader must be your leader. Or you cannot make the transition.

There’s an old saying: “Bloom where you’re planted.” You can’t bloom someplace that you have not been planted. You can’t be planted here and bloom over there.

God has most of us at a place where He’s saying, “So what are you going to do?” Are you going to get out of the boat? Are you going to stop playing at what you’re supposed to be. There are things that God has called you to, things that you’re feeling this growing sense of “I need to do this!” about.

But if you don’t respond, you get frustrated, angry with God. And we miss the opportunity to see God do what we’ve always wanted, but what we’ve been afraid He might actually do! It’s like a roller coaster: you know where it’s going to go, you can see the tracks, and you’ve watched it go there time after time, but you’re still not completely prepared for the wild ride that follows the slow pull up the first hill.

Now is not the time to bury things. It’s time to get it up and spread it out, to tell it to the people around you, to listen to one another, to talk to one another, to pray for one another. We will not make this transition with a pretend “happy face” on for everyone to see. This is a transition for people who are genuine with each other.

Why are you here? You’re here because you have a heart for these people. You’re here because you’re ready to face the challenge that you know has been coming.

Jim Ford, in Olympia, WA on the evening of the transition from Summer to Fall

Drumming in Tenino, WA

Introduction: recently, a group of prophetic drummers held a drumming event in a hayfield in Tenino, WA, at the direction of the Holy Spirit. This is a prophetic report from that event. –ED.

My little talk with my father: Me: "Lord, what do you want to happen at this gathering"? "What would please you"? The Lord: "I just want the quiet sound of their hearts. I want their pain. I want their sorrow. I want their joy. Their disappointment. I want their blessing. I want their prosperity. Whatever sound is hidden in their hearts right now, that is the sound that I want. That is the sound that I am looking for. Waiting for. I don't want their talent. I don't want their skill. I want the quiet sound of their heart. Got sorrow? Give it in worship. Pain? Give it in worship. Brokenness? Give it in worship. Broke? Give it in worship. Rich? Give it in worship. Everything hunky-dory? Give it in worship. Tell The Lord that you gladly give Him the quiet sound that is hidden in your heart right now. The sound that only He and you know about. It is precious to Him. You will taste His sweetness in the sacrifice. Amazing. A God worthy of all holds your pain in worship as precious.

Also: Very important for all who will be attending this gathering. Put on the humble cloak of Christ beforehand. Ask The Holy Spirit to clothe you in the meekness and humility of Jesus. Clothe us Holy Spirit. Thanks Holy Spirit!

So, if we can do these things, this is what I see for this gathering: Backdraft. Backdraft explosion. The Lord showed me the spiritual door in Tenino. It was closed but God has been breathing and brooding behind it for quite sometime now. His pressure has been building up there. He has been waiting for our pure worship. The Lord showed me that when the sound of the drum and the sound of pure worship hits Tenino's spiritual door, it will open. Our sound will open the door and meet with God's consuming breath causing a backdraft explosion. God is holy and wants to consume holy. That is why we need to be cloaked in meekness and give the quiet sound of our hearts. He will consume the worship offering with His holy breath and His fiery backdraft will blow the whole thing wide open! So, when you get there: Face His face. Beat with His heart. Aim your sound for His breath. Offer Him your drum. Give Him your heart. Give Him your love. Think Jesus and aim for the door.

Last, tell The Lord thank you for doing all the work and for giving us the honor of opening the door. Thank you Lord that you are a good Father. Thank you that you love to hand over keys to your kids. Thank you that you take great delight and pleasure in watching us open doors. We love, worship and adore you. There is none like you Lord.

My second little talk with my Father: Me: "Lord, why Tenino?" The Lord: "Pioneer missionaries". I am honoring them". Then The Lord showed me a pioneer woman standing in an open field and facing West. She was wearing a bonnet from the 1800s. So then I did some research on early missionaries in Tenino. All I could find was a profile on a pioneer preacher and circuit rider named Thomas Taylor (1793-1886) who resided in Tenino during the later part of his life. So I went back to the Lord. Me: "Lord, I could not find anything about a female pioneer missionary". The Lord: "The woman I showed you is my church. That same spirit of evangelism is still available to her today. The bonnet she is wearing is that mantle of evangelism". Me: "Oh. Sorry for my pride Lord. Thanks for correcting me. Give me grace to stay sitting at your feet next time. Your voice is so much better than the Internet." Then The Lord showed me the woman again.

So The Lord showed me the pioneer woman again (His Church). This time I could see closer. Her face was radiant and she was smiling. I stared at her for awhile and then saw her turn the palms of her hands upward to look at them. She became saddened because her palms were covered with calluses. I asked The Lord about this. "This is discouragement where she has not been fruitful in her labor. I am breaking that off of her". Then I saw the woman lift up her head. She turned around and laid her body down on the earth of the open field and stretched out her arms across the ground. As she did, a golden wheat harvest sprung up all around her. Some wheat even blew over her, completely covering her for awhile so that she looked as if she was part of the earth and part of the wheat. As it blew over her, she could smell the wheat and breathed it in like fragrance.

Then wheat sheaves wrapped around her arms and turned into wings. The wings and The wind of The Spirit lifted her up over the harvest field. She flew over the harvest field and could see and enjoy all that The Lord had done. She then saw pools of water alongside the wheat. Pools of mercy and grace. She could see how the pools went deep down into the earth and could see underground springs. Deep wells of salvation and Deep calling unto Deep. Then her attention was draw to the edge of the field where a celebration was going on. Happy-faced people dancing, signing, eating and drinking. People completely overjoyed. Thank you Lord. Lord, you are so lovely. So beautiful. All you do is covered with beauty. Lord, we cease from our own labor, lay down and rest with you, commune with you. Breathe into us. Be our Boaz. We are your Ruth. Cover us Lord. Fill us Lord. Lord, let that spirit of evangelism and pioneer spirit fall in Tenino . On your people Lord.

We knew where the portal was and sat facing it. The portal opened and the outer sucked in and then it froze and stayed that way until early morning when there was a storm that was seen as far north as Seattle with lightning and thunder (the longest roll of thunder I've ever heard) and [our hostess] Lanessa told me Monday that there was a sustained wind from the east (where the portal is) that bent the trees. I went away thinking that we were going to have to go back but it sounds as though the assignment was completed.

Kathleen Flannery
August 12th, 2008

“I am giving you a key, do not lose it!"

I recently began receiving prophetic revelation from God through dreams, visions and words while awake and sleeping. This is the first word that concerns this general region, so I wanted to pass it along. The actual words I received are in Blue, as recorded in my journal. This dream was on the night 9/3/08. I live in the Olympia area in Lacey.

“I will pour out my Spirit says the Lord. I will visit Olympia in 15 months. I, the Lord will raise up Olympia in 15 months.”

I woke up and wrote down the words. My digital clock read 3:21

As I drifted off, the voice returned. There was only sound, no images. Kim Clement was leading worship with a large congregation, he was playing the song “Sacrifice is Beautiful.” He would chant and the congregation echoed his chant. Yeshua! Yeshua! Messiah! Messiah!

The following words were spoken by the same voice as the first words: “Do not leave, stay where you are. In 15 months it will come to pass.”

I wrote the words and tried to sleep again, but a few minutes later, I heard these words, from the same voice, again no images: “I am giving you a key, do not lose it!"

dave hayes

Three Dreams of Catastrophe from the Water

Introduction: I don’t usually publish dreams without interpretation, but these seemed unusually significant. The three dreamers are known to a prophet friend of mine who teaches a class on interpretation: they do not know each other, nor were these dreams shared among them. I’ve edited out a few personal names that are not meaningful to our purposes. –Editor.

Dream #1

My soon-to-be ex-wife told me that she didn't feel well and I told her to just go home and lay down, she could rearrange her hours and work later. Then I went with my sister down to the edge of the river which looked like an ocean and there was an all town alert that there was going to be a big wave coming in (tsunami or storm) We were behind a window w/curtains and we waited until the last couple of minutes to get ready so we walked outside and the whole waterfront was full of people w/innertubes, life rafts, life vests, and whole bunch of supplies. So we made our way up the bridge and when we got to the top we were really far above all the people and we could see thousands of people below us and then I realized that we didn't have any vests or rafts or anything and we only had a couple of minutes to go get them. So we started running down the bridge to shore then we realized we weren't on a bridge at all but a giant ship, and my step-daughter was walking on the ship w/all her stuff and I told her we would be right back. Then I remember thinking we were on a ship we don't need a life vests or rafts. Then I woke up and felt uneasy. tossing and turning the rest of the night.

Dream #2

[My friend] and I were on a large boat on a body of water that appeared to be a large bay. There was a coastal community along the shore, and there were boats ties to buoys and moving about in the bay. We could see a large storm off in the distance moving toward the bay and community we were near. I knew we were safe and protected in the boat we were on. As the storm neared I could see it was engulfing everything in its path. People were coming by in smaller boats and we were trying to get them to come onto our boat. A few did but most wanted to head for shore where thy thought it would be safe. As the storm moved through I could not see anything outside of the boat, but our boat did not move, it just stood still and steady through the storm. When the storm had past there was utter destruction all around. I don't remember seeing any boats still afloat in the bay. When we moved toward the land there were large boats that had been tossed up on the shore and upside down among the destroyed homes in the town. We went up onto shore to look for survivors. When I looked in one of the boats I couldn't see but I knew the people had died. The names of some of the people we were looking for were people from our church. There were survivors that appeared dazed walking amongst the destroyed homes and boats.

Dream #3

Last night I dreamed a dream where I knew some major catastrophe was occurring. Water was rushing everywhere. I knew people were drowning and yet I was at peace. I fear drowning the most, so this is not common for me to be at peace.

I was on a hilltop at a beautiful ranch type estate. Busy, running around preparing for a VERY important wedding. Everything had to be right, every flower, place setting, etc.. When I would look behind me I could see in the near distance waves, Tsunami style, crashing in and swallowing people up. Yet I felt like it was so out of my hands. I was very sad but felt it was done. Then I would deliberately turn around and focus straight ahead and go about wedding prep.

Suddenly there is a problem. People start getting excited and telling me MY groom is here, it is time. I realize it is my wedding. I get excited and then immediately panic. 'Where's my dress??' I run around and people can't help me find this dress. They keep saying HE says the dress isn't important, its not about the dress.

I run downstairs in a building and see the windows fill outside with water and realize it has reached us, it is here. Suddenly I know that the wedding, the marriage is what’s important. I rush up and outside and just as I am ready to go as I am, someone pulls me aside handing me the most beautiful wedding dress. It is strangely reminiscent of the gown I wanted as a child. It is huge and beautiful with puffs everywhere. Long beautiful sleeves that come to a point on my hands, sparkling, off the shoulder with a long train. I can still see myself in it.. though my face is not like my face it is hard to make out it is glowing...It sparkles in the sun. I put it on and feel like a million dollars, like a princess. Suddenly I am walking down an aisle and all of these people I love are there the love is beaming from their faces. They are all saying how happy they are for me, how radiant I look. As I look for my groom I know it isn't [my natural husband] and that is ok.

All around I know there is devastation right behind me, on my heels, yet it is the most beautiful and calm moment.

This either speaks to impending danger or revival.

collected by Paula Otano

A New Sound for the Youth of this Nation

Prophesied August 9, 2008 - Lancaster, California:

The Spirit of the Lord says, “There’s a higher place for each one of you. I’ve been waiting for you to come. I’ve been calling for you to come. The powers of hell are afraid of the higher place. Sickness and doubt don’t belong in the higher place. Division, discord, they don’t belong in the higher place.”

The Spirit of God says, “I’m bringing a new sound to the youth of this nation. I’m bringing a new sound to the young women of this nation. I’m bringing a new sound to the children. I’m bringing a new sound, the sound of David, the sound of Esther, the sound of Daniel, the sound of Ruth, Deborah, the sound of Jeremiah. I’m bringing a new sound upon this nation, I will break the mold. I will interrupt the programs.

“I will collapse the system. My prophets will prophesy. They are playing games. The spoil has been left to the wrong hands. They are playing games. Saul, why do you play a game? Eli, you’re playing a game. The priests aren’t holy. Prophets arise. There is a new sound coming to the youth of this nation. I will collapse the system. I will destroy the habitual transgressors of liberty. I will destroy the habitual transgressors of liberty who bring bondage and law. I will arise. There is a sword in My hand. You are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.”

We have obtained a holy faith, and this generation - they’re waiting for the sound - the sound of David, the sound of Daniel. They are waiting for you and me. We have obtained a holy faith. We have obtained a holy faith for America. We have obtained a witness. Now we stand, for they are waiting for the sound of David and Daniel, Ruth and Esther, and we have obtained a holy faith. We will give to them the sound of life.

The Spirit of the Lord is prophesying to us now that a generation is about to arise in this country: young men, young ladies, children, white, yellow, black. They, they, they will arise, break down the system. They are not tainted by the wickedness of an unholy priesthood. They will arise. They will praise Him. They will fight with the sword of the Lord, they will overcome for America.

Cities in America Will Be Purified

The Spirit of God says, “Even at this very moment as you pray, I’m going to bring upon this nation, as I promised before, a brand new mantle. Elijah has gone - 50 strong men went to look for him and could not find him. They cannot bring back the glory of yesterday. They cannot recapture the glory of the past revivals,” for God says, “I do not want to bring back. There stands in the midst of you and right in this nation the Spirit of Elijah, which speaks of a double portion. Do you want the 1940s or the 50s, 60s or 70s, or the 80s or the 90s? NO!”

The Spirit of God says, “Raise up your voice, for today I am casting a mantle upon this nation - a prophetic mantle that is going and has already started to move in schools; has already started to move in the media. I’m going to take your silver screen and fill it with the Golden Fire of the Spirit of the Living God.”

God said, “Hear Me tonight as the prophetic word comes forth. I am raising up a banner and this nation - I am casting a mantle, a brand new mantle upon you. You will not deal with individuals any more. You will stand at the source of supply of cities and turn the bitter water and cause it to be purified by putting salt into the waters of the cities of the United States of America.

“What do I speak of?” says the Lord. “Listen to Me, the waters of the cities of this nation are impure.” God says, “I’m sending My prophets to the source of the supply of the waters of the cities of this nation. There is no greater purifier than salt. My Word shall become the salt that I shall place in a new bowl. For I told Elisha to get a new bowl and place salt in it and pour it into the source of the water supply of the cities and the cities will be purified.

“I’m about to raise up, all over the nation, cities in America that will be purified and will bring forth and spring forth where great moves of My Spirit will take place. Miracles will be on every street corner and people will say, ‘Where did it come from?’ They will say, ‘Where do these miracles come from? Was it this crusade or that crusade?’ It shall come because of the prophetic restoration and the purifying of the source, going right to the source, right to the beginning.”

I Will Bring Back Prayer

I will bring back prayer. I’m not saying there isn’t prayer. There’s more prayer in the schools of America now than there was when it was legal, but I’m going to bring about a few legal things and legalize. They will say, ‘We don’t mind the Ten Commandments if we can also, side by side, have the commandments of the Koran.’ It shall be a mockery, and as I proved to My great Israel when the Ark of the Covenant was placed next to Dagon, and the next morning Dagon had fallen flat on his face. This is what’s going to happen,” says the Lord.

“America and the system and the government shall try to compromise and they will place My Holy Ark, My Word, and they will place it side by side with other things and beliefs. So it is when you have freedom of religion.” God says, “The Ark of the Covenant is not a religion. The holiness and the Holy of Holies, My Christ, is not another religion. Therefore, it cannot fall, for My Christ and My Word will stand up next to whatever they put up. As Dagon fell, so shall it fall next to My commandments and next to My Word. This is My Word for this nation.

“They shall say, ‘Finally the Christians agree – finally they have agreed to a compromise.’” The Spirit of God says, “Not only My presence, the Ark of the Covenant brings cancers, boils and sores onto the people, but there was a plague and they began to realize the holiness of God cannot be placed next to something that is desecrated - that is brought down, to the Holy One of Israel. There will be an invasion of Islamic souls that will come in because they will see the proof and the evidence of the miraculous intervention of the Living God in this next great move.”

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions


Watch the Watermelon!

Prophesied August 8, 2008 - Lancaster, California:
The Spirit of the Lord says, “Hear the prophet and hear the prophets that speak from this territory, from the desert which carries water beneath it. They say the antelope valley had a gathering of prophets - that the enemy was able to come in and disburse them.” God said, “Heaven is watching, for you have caught its attention. You have caught Heaven’s attention. Why? Can I bring water from the desert? Yes!”

There Shall Be a Sign in the Sky

The Spirit of God says, “This is a day of new beginnings. Men have said, ‘Numerically, it could not be possible.’” God said, “Forget about what men say - I’m giving you a brand new start. I’m causing the earth to tremble. You say, ‘We don’t want to hear about the trembling of the earth.’” God said, “It is only a sign that there is a shaking in hell and that Heaven is about to celebrate the Saints of the Most High God for the prosperity of the Lord that is about to come upon you.”

The Spirit of the Lord is working the miraculous. There is a supernatural intervention that is coming, for God says, “Look to the sky. There will be a sign in the sky again over California, over Oregon, over Washington; it shall continue north into Canada,” for the Spirit of God says, “this sign shall cause people to tremble and to be afraid. Do not worry, for the wind will come,” says the Lord.

There is an experience that is similar to what took place on the day of Pentecost that is about to take place. What took place? The Heavens opened up - for they were united together - the day had fully come. The Spirit of God says, “The day has fully come. What day? The day,” says the Lord, “that you’ve been waiting for, the day of the Lord. Men shall say, ‘Shall we be caught away and be taken into the Heavens?’ You are going to experience a different kind of rapture - it is a rapture that will take you into a new dimension of God’s authority and God’s power,” says the Spirit of God.

Let there be no fear of this calamity, for the Spirit of God says, “Men, I’ve told you there will be political upheaval and I will not take sides with any party in this nation, but I will rule with a rod of iron in this next election. This will be a rod of iron and a rod of correction that shall come from My people and shall come from those that have been anointed and shall be known as the elect of the Lord. My elect are about to arise to the occasion and there is a baptism of fire that is coming to the people. Get ready and rejoice,” says the Lord.

The Spirit of God says, “Hear these words - before you take your seat, because you know it is not time to walk, it is time to run. Acceleration has taken place. Your enemy has stood up against you like never before, but the rod of correction - it shall be upon this nation. No, not judgment, I said the rod of correction. What is this? Would a father chastise his son without loving him?”

Watch the Watermelon

“I’m about to show you the greatest love that I have for this nation and how I will take from the desert and bring oil, oil, oil and water,” says the Spirit of the Lord. “There will be a combination - out of the water shall come the oil. They shall say, ‘Why would these things happen?’ Because I own the earth. Watch the watermelon, for My prophet ate the watermelon today, and there shall be a strange thing that will take place on the earth and they will say, ‘Scientifically, it cannot be correct.’”

I’m seeing something very strange right now. God said, “They’ll say, ‘It shall contain no water because of such and such a place and such and such a thing.’” I don’t even know what I’m talking about, but geologically - God said, “I will prove them wrong. Why? Because I created the earth. I know what to do and I know how to change it and I know what it can yield - from the water will come the oil,” says the Spirit of God. America, rejoice - this is your day.

The Spirit of God says, “Why do you wonder what has been spoken? Shall the prophets re-prophesy what has been prophesied before? No! The Lord has spoken, who can but prophesy? You have to, for I have sent My Word into the atmosphere, therefore prophets rise up, open your mouth and prophesy,” says the Lord.
So there! We will prophesy, for He has spoken. Who can but prophesy? A Lion has roared who shall not be afraid. God has spoken, prophesy!

God wanted David to be acquainted with what was on the earth - to use it against the enemy. If you could just catch what I’m saying to you right now. God said, “America, you don’t need what they are providing for you. Out of your own soil you will destroy the giant of the Middle East. Your energy will come from sticks and stones - your energy will come from the water of the earth.”

God spoke tonight about the watermelon. Most of you are saying, “What in the world are you talking about?” I’m talking about God sharing secrets. If you’ve got enough intestinal fortitude, you’d say, “I believe if Moses could speak to the rock and it could bring forth water and you could strike the rock, then God can bring out energy from anywhere He likes, even a watermelon.”

Prophecy is something that He allows us to do in order to break the power of prognosis. The spirit of prognostication is the most powerful influencing force on the earth at this very moment. Bad news, a relentless flow of bad news, is causing the hearts of men to fail them and so we require an open Heaven. There is an open Heaven that is coming to us - the day has fully come.

Suddenly is About to Happen

The word of the Lord is, “Your day has fully come. Therefore, ‘suddenly’ is about to happen and the Heavens have opened up and something is going to rest upon your head.”

And there appeared to them tongues of fire and one sat upon each - one sat upon each of them. There is an expression that is sitting and resting upon each one of you right now. That day 120 people gathered in the upper room and were in one accord, one place, one mind and suddenly, suddenly, the house was filled with the sound as of a mighty rushing wind. There appeared to them tongues of fire and one sat upon each of them. I have read that so many times, but when I read that I realized that God has a unique expression for every individual in the house.

In other words, they were going to have an expression of God that no one else had. You have an individual expression that has rested upon you for the purpose of speaking and prophesying. The prophetic is you going to the future and bringing it back. You bring back the presence of that event. You are a witness to an event that you are involved with, and when you return, you bring back the presence of that event called destiny.

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions