The Hand of the Lord on Idaho

Yesterday we received communication from somebody from Idaho.  And we saw that the planets were about to align over Idaho. We saw that we had our dream from Clancy and we saw that they'd had some 133 earthquakes, small earthquakes in a certain section of Idaho. And this woman said she had spent 30 years as an intercessor in one place and her husband had spent about that time in Alaska, and the Lord had suddenly taken them to this place in Idaho. And she said the Lord had told them He was going to establish the healing of Roland Buck.

And so we know that the Lord is aligning in Idaho to do a thing. And so Lord, we say we are agreeing that You are about to break open Your glory in Idaho. And we say, Lord, we bring the shadow of our hand over Idaho.

We say, Lord, that You are bringing the shadow of the hand of the Lord over Idaho is about to fall, and the glory is about to break out. And we say, Lord, that those servants of Yours that are in Idaho are about to assemble, and You're going to bring order, and You're going to bring forth what You have ordained for this season and what You have for Idaho, Lord.

And we say that You will bring to bear all that You have ordered for this time. We say, Lord, that order will come according to Your plan and Your purposes in Idaho in the name of Jesus. 

Prophecy given on: May 29, 2014 in CorinthTX , by Anne Tate

Bonnie Jones’ word for the Pacific Northwest

May 2007:
This word came to Bonnie while she was in Seattle on May 13, 2007 (Mother’s Day) but it hasn’t been time to release it until now:

“My eyes are seeking out the Northwest Territory; seeking whom I may devour with My love, as well as My fiery. I’m uncapping old wells and releasing new minds. I’m glorious in this day,” Says God.

“Hear the angels roar. I’m coming in My Glory. Ready or not, here I come! My bride has been awakened with a holy kiss from My mouth. She has prepared her lamps to be filled with My Holy oil. Today I come with a blast of the trumpet and the sounding of cymbals. My voice radiates throughout the land. Who am I? I AM the King of Glory.”

May 31st – Memorial Day:

The Lord spoke to Bonnie about the four directions. This is exactly how it came to her:

“Emerging out of the west, comes a fiery sword. From the east, comes my tongue. From the north, my people run and take shelter. From the south comes the book of wisdom and understanding. Be not afraid for thou art with thee. I’m coming in the east,” says God “with miraculous power. I’m coming from the west in strength and demonstration. I’m coming from the south in memory of me and from the north, I AM.”

Seattle, That's My city.

She is beautiful. Yet, she lies under a tarnished past. I will make her shine like the sun.

She will begin to hear My voice above all others. As she begins to awaken, My voice will become stronger in her ear. All the other voices will try to become louder, but I will drown them out with my Love for her.

I have shown you what can happen when you come to me. Freedom. Love. Joy. Refreshment.. Provision. My Rest.

“Come to me all who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest for your soul”.

I will breathe new life into you. You will shine like the sun. Beautiful.

Sue Beckman, Seattle