Vancouver and South Central Canada

VANCOUVER: I saw the city of Vancouver become a major port for hospital ships. These were sailing all over the world, but primarily to Asia, and South and Central America. This region of Southwestern Canada will soon become one of the great missionary bases in North America, particularly for reaching China and the strategic nations of Asia. Many great healing ministries will rise up there, and some will move there to make it their base. Another bridge for missionaries to cross over into these Pacific rim nations will be Western Canadian businesses, which will rise up and establish strong business links to these nations. The future of Southwestern Canada is strongly linked to Asia.

SOUTH CENTRAL CANADA: I saw a black cloud darkening over this portion of Canada—just east of Calgary to east of Montreal. Then it started spinning and became a powerful storm of confusion and disorientation, growing tighter and tighter in order to become stronger, doing much damage before suddenly breaking up. It was followed by brilliant sunshine. When people started coming out of their storm cellars, they were all saying, “We will not let that happen again!” I felt this storm was both political and spiritual. Though this storm was preventable, it did much damage. However, the result left behind an almost fresh, virgin territory in which strong, brilliant, spiritual, and political leadership will prevail, setting a very bright course for the future.

Rick Joyner, undated
Via OurChurch