The Lakeland Revival is the Northwest's "Cookie"

Have you ever offered a child a cookie for behaving as you want them to? A friend of mine was pregnant, and she had passed the baby's "due date" by several days. She wanted the baby born, so she offered him a cookie. She held up a cookie, and declared to the baby, "If you come out, you can have this cookie!"

Recently, I was reflecting on the Lakeland revival. We've prayed for years for revival in the Northwest, and there have been many prophetic words about revival starting in the Northwest and spreading to the nations. "So why is the revival in the opposite corner, in Florida, and not here in the Northwest?"

God brought that story back to my mind. It seemed like He was saying, "Lakeland is the Northwest's cookie." And as He spoke that, I knew that He was saying, "If you come out, you can have this revival!" If we come out of our comfort zone, if we get outside of the box, if we risk, He will pour out revival on our region as well.

(I understood that He wanted revival in the Northwest – more than I did, in fact. (I am not saying that Lakeland was second choice; only that He's in favor of revival here.)

Sue McLain, Olympia, WA
May 25, 2008

Cave Time

Years ago while I was talking to the Lord, He showed me a massive army coming out of individual, solitary caves.

These caves were off the beaten path. Over each cave was a sign declaring what fiery time (pain or sorrow) that cave represented for that inhabitant. I saw that only God was able to go into these places with each individual, as He was the only one who could actually share the pain fully, and bring them out. Some of these seemed to have spent considerable time alone (sometimes years) with God in these caves. When and if they yielded to God and said, “though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him” I saw gold deposited and developed within them. Self will and human frailty fell away, bit by bit, as their strength came no longer from within themselves and their own wisdom, but it now came from God.

But as this mighty army of victorious ones assembled and joined ranks I was amazed at the authority they now carried. I saw a uniqueness about these solders I had never seen before. As the enemy would attack from any direction, those who had gained victory, by going through pain and fire in that particular area of attack, came to the fore. They KNEW how to defeat the enemy in this area, and were able to immediately lead the others in victory through their experiences, and the others had the humility and wisdom to follow. As soon as the enemy realized he could not defeat them from that quarter he would try another. Suddenly others would discern this strategy, and from their experiences in their cave time, they would stand up, and the others would follow, valuing the wisdom learned from their experience. It happened time and again from all differing directions as the enemy tried and failed, because these solders had learned from their cave times (fiery trials) and had learned to lean on their Master in that area. All were willing to BE LED in humility as well as to lead when the need arose. NO ONE PERSON SEEMED TO CAPTAIN THIS ARMY BUT THEY WERE ALL DEPENDENT ON EACH OTHER TO WIN THIS WAR, because they had learned, through the fire, to follow their Lord, not self.

Often in the midst of our pain or hardship we doubt the goodness of God. Sometimes we rail at God and blame Him for not preventing all that hurts us. Sometimes God pulls us right out of it, but most of the time God wishes to transform the pain that the enemy has incurred, into authority we will have over him the next time. When God created Adam and Eve HE GAVE them dominion over the earth. It was through sin that this authority was given to the enemy. Jesus paid the ultimate price to win it back, but we have to put the enemy in his place by learning to walk in the authority Jesus won for us on the cross. We are still meant to take dominion…

So what have you learned in your cave?

I hear the Lord CALLING, “AWAKEN!!!!” The words have such force I can see the shock wave circling the earth repeatedly. I see a massive, explosive, exodus of many leaving their caves simultaneously! He is calling on many who never thought they would ever leave the fires they have endured. For some, the fires have intensified recently, and I see the reason. It is TIME for a massive move of God’s Spirit to erupt, and all His soldiers must be ready to bring in the harvest! He is calling them up and in unison with His timing! I see amazing miracles within people’s lives. These people have prayed for so long that they have almost lost hope. I see a FORCE of mighty, VICTORIOUS ones rising up miraculously!

I see an Angel wearing a bakery hat and apron, with a stop watch in hand as he looks at many ovens. His job? Making sure we are all ready in time. Extra angels have been dispatched in order to speed people into their victories. I see “AWAKEN” spreading around the earth and being heard in every tribe, tongue and nation. I see Jesus’ Beautiful, Glorious, Bride arising as One in beautiful unison and harmony, both with each other and with her Lord.

God is awakening His Bride in ways they never knew they were asleep. God wants to awaken, in you, areas which you never knew existed, or were put on the shelf long ago…

Are you willing to be AWAKENED? Are you willing to COME OUT OF YOUR CAVE?

Sometimes its scary to leave the familiar behind even if the familiar is pain or bondage.

Ramona Michelle Wallace

May 14, 2008

Todd Bentley, Lakeland FL, Washington State

In case you didn't see the May First, Lakeland Revival evening service, Todd gave a very special word for Washington.

He was talking to Denny Cline, and Ivan Roman. He then turned to the camera and gave the word for Washington. He repeated Washington five times. That has to be hugely significant. I recorded the message so I would have the exact words. Here it is: "It's going to shake in Washington State, get ready Washington, mighty outpouring is coming to Washington my friends, in Washington, come and get some fire and bring it back to Washington."

Via Diane Rieger
(Thanks, Diane!)

A Vision of Revival

Fuchia Pickett

In 1963, while I was ministering in a church in Klamath Falls, Oregon, God took me “into the Spirit” for two days. The Lord told me that if I would remain in the sanctuary and wait upon Him, He would show me things to come in His Church and the world when He poured out the fullness of His Spirit. As I waited there in prayer He took me into the heavenlies and let me see the revival that is coming.

Hydroelectric Power Plant

The Holy Spirit used the analogy of a hydroelectric power plant to explain to me what He was going to do. (I knew nothing about electricity; I couldn’t have fixed a light switch if my life depended upon it.) The Greek word for the power of the of the Holy Spirit is dunamis, from which we derive our word dynamo. The analogy of a hydroelectric power plant was a dramatic word picture to reveal the dunamis work of the Holy Spirit.

Above the Church, high in the heavenlies, I saw the excavation for the building of a huge hydroelectric power plant. God laid the solid concrete foundation carefully, measuring the sand that went into it exactly. He cleansed everything and placed every screen and tubule in order precisely as it should be. Then He erected the power plant section by section. I saw the pipes, the dam and all its massive gates; out from which He ran prime lines, primary lines and secondary lines through great transformers to many points of distribution. After that, He began to fill the reservoirs with water, teaching me that unless a certain level of water was maintained the high-powered dynamo could not function properly.

As I watched, I saw a church without walls.

An awesome divine power was flowing down through the pulpits, out to the people and then through them to the world. Above this power plant I saw Christ, Head of the Church, holding that gigantic power plant in His hands. At the same time, however, it seemed as though He were the One being poured through that power plant, down into the church and out to the world – a great harvest field, golden and ripe unto harvest.

Networking Churches

Somehow I understood that He was flowing His living water only to churches where deep wells and reservoirs had been dug. In the vision, I saw pipes being placed underground from one fountainhead to another – from church to church. The pipes formed a network of churches, connecting those with deep wells that He had dug and filled with His living water – the living Word.

I wished it was going to all churches, but I realized that many churches could not tap into this living water because they had no reservoir.

In 1963 there was little evidence of such networking of churches and ministers. Nevertheless, I understood that He was showing me a network of churches that had been dug out through which He would flow His great flood of truth. The “digging” would happen as pastors and believers obeyed God and allowed the dealings of God to work in their lives. By their yielded obedience to the Holy Spirit and His Word they would become reservoirs of truth. From these churches His power would flow throughout the all the world.

When a vast network of churches had been filled with living water, God would pull a great switch and open all the gates of truth that have been dammed up by man. I saw the release of stream after stream of truth that God wanted to flow freely in the church, but the truth had been dammed up by denominational walls erected by man.

Then in my spirit I heard the water – His Word – begin to run. Churches that had their reservoirs prepared began to fill up with water. They were ready for God to pull the switch and open the gates of truth from that great dynamo

At the time of the vision, my Father said to me, “I am running the pipes now. And this time when I pull that great power switch and release all the rivers of my living Word in their fullness, no demon, devil, man or denomination will ever dam it up again. I will do a quick work; I am going to bring the revival that will result in the ingathering of the great harvest of souls.”

Excerpts from the book "The Next Move of God" by Fuchia Pickett

A Vision of the Northwest

An angel of the Lord appeared to me in a vision approximately two weeks ago. We were standing on a large mountain and he held a bright, gleaming fiery sword unlike any sword I had ever seen before. The blade was constructed of bright and shiny silver of the purest form with fiery flames surrounding it. Written on the blade of the sword were words and phrases like signs and wonders to follow, “new season,” “fresh anointing,” “power,” “healing,” “shift in the spirit,” “salvation” and “revival in the land.” When he wielded the sword the fire intensified and lightening emerged as it passed and cut through the air.

I shuddered from deep within, knowing the magnitude of force this sword yielded.


As I watched, the angel positioned the sword above his head and thrust it into the ground where we stood. A slight crack appeared. Through the crack from the depths below I could hear the cries and petitions, the wails of intercessions and mighty shouts from many mighty warring Saints of God. I could see a red vapor emerging from this ever so small crack. It puzzled me.


I looked to the Angel of the Lord and he nodded to me and he said “It is time.” At that moment the sword produced fire and light so abundant I almost had to turn away from fear of it blinding me.

Within moments the ground below me began to rumble and all around me the ground began to shake, however I remained unaffected and my feet remained unmoved. This is when I realized I was now resting in the Fear of the Lord.


The Angel of the Lord then told me that a shift had occurred in the spirit and that the Church was entering into a new season of fresh anointing for wisdom and truth. He said that the Lord was once again putting His hand of blessing back on the prophetic ministry within His Church. I could see that He was calling forth many of His prophets who had been hidden away for a time of rest and healing. Others were just being launched into the prophetic, while still others were coming out of a season of instruction and discipline.

A sense of gratitude, love and warmth filled my inner being as I knew that the Great Ancient of Days was about to pour out more of His heart, His strategies, His secrets and His Amazing Power.


Suddenly the crack began to grow at an alarming rate. It increased in width and no longer could I see where it began or where it ended. As I continued to watch this vision unfold, first light and then fire began to spill out from the depths below. This was the place of intercession. This was the place where the intercessors travailed, where they burrowed tunnels deep below the ground, where men’s and women’s hearts and foundations were changed.


I watched as the Angel of the Lord took me below the ground to where the intercessors and mighty saints of God worked at a rapid pace. The intercessors by divine revelation worked hard and ferociously with determination on their faces. Many seasons had come and gone.

Seasons of pain, sorrow and death, seasons of joy and expectation, seasons of repentance and deliverance, seasons of teaching, training and instruction, and seasons of fire and revelation. Some of the intercessors had grown tired and entered into a season of rest, some had been wounded and were in recovery, some had laid their crowns of intercession down and were about to be restored, others had just entered into a season of intercession and still others dug with the stamina and persistence of marathon runners.

I could see that the intercessors had successfully dug tunnels according to the roadmap that the Holy Spirit had imparted to them. These tunnels burrowed deep below the foundations of men and women and lead straight to the throne room of God. These tunnels were prepared with delicate care and precisely engineered to carry forth The Fire of Revival, Waters of Cleansing and Healing, and much Oil for the Anointing throughout the land. At that moment I could hear coming straight from the Throne of God, “Well done my good and faithful servants. You have prepared the way and you have made Me proud.”


The Angel of the Lord then guided me to the top of the mountain once again. He stretched his hands outward and said look. At I peered I could see swords positioned in Seattle, Washington, Albany and Portland, Oregon, and Pasco, Washington (in fact all of the Tri-Cities area of Washington)


He began to pour out revelation, new fresh oil and prophecy into a cup he had handed me at some point during our journey. He said that revival was coming to these areas with Portland being the most impacted, this is where the epicenter of revival would be. He told me that each sword would be pushed into the ground at different times causing a stirring and shaking in the spirit. He then led me to the edge of the cliff at the top of the mountain and said “now pour out which is in your cup and watch.”

As I poured out the cup, a veil was removed and I observed many small flaming fires of revival throughout the area, the area of the Pacific Northwest. Jesus then appeared to the right of me and grabbed my hand. I turned and looked at Him. His faced was stained with tears of sweat and blood. He had joined in the in the place of intercession and petition before the Throne of His Father with the intercessors and the warring saints. As I gazed, He smiled a warm and genuine smile. There was so much love in His eyes. . . Love for His Bride.


He stretched His hand outward and pointed to the Pacific Northwest and again I heard the words, “It is time.” The small flaming fires of revival began to blaze in unity and one accord. The church united and I could see the Favor of the Lord released over the Pacific Northwest.

Signs and wonders increased, people rededicated their lives to Christ, emotions were healed and physical bodies were touched and healed.

Then a cloud of glory dropped from Heaven and covered the area. Suddenly, a vast harvest of the Lost appeared before me. Their hearts were ready and they eagerly came forward to receive the Kingdom of God. I then saw that the Cross of Christ had been branded on the land of the Pacific Northwest. The land was marked for salvation and revival.

As the vision faded, I heard again the three simple words, “It is Time.”

Lisa Cook
March 01, 2001


A revelation for intercessors over North America

Last month I attended the Eye of the Eagle Prophetic conference in Grants Pass Oregon, USA and the Lord gave me a revelation about the deaf and dumb spirit being over the Pacific Northwest. I wrote the revelation as this post, but before releasing it, I prayed over it for a month because of exposing such a large principality. The answer to my prayers came last night at a Todd Bentley meeting. His whole sermon was a revelation the Lord gave him in Hawaii about the deaf and dumb spirit. He said that the main spirit over the North American church today is unbelief... and the main one OVER that spirit is the deaf and dumb spirit. He backed this revelation with healing and miracles and also scripture. Now I realize that the revelation the Lord gave me about the Pacific NW was much larger, extending over North America and this is vital information for all intercessors.

Whenever I can, I try to incorporate how He speaks to me so that I can help others grow in their own hearing. Many of my readers are not from North America. I hope that you use this as a teaching tool as to how God speaks via building revelation as well as how to dig a well over your own region. This revelation was given to me in many pieces and rather than try to condense it any further, I have chosen to give you the pieces just for these reasons.

~ Piece One ~ (A Quickened Phrase) In regards to digging a well over your own region, at the conference Bob Jones shared a separate revelation (not related to this article) and said, "I have given you the scriptures, now dig your own well." He mentioned that the prophets had arrived to help, but it was up to us to dig ourselves. That concept began stirring in my heart. Later a friend asked me to write out some simple steps for using some new computer software. I did this, she had a question and I laughingly said, "I gave you the pieces, now dig your own well." As soon as I said that it was quickened to my spirit as the Lord's Word, although I was not sure how. My friend then showed me a menu that was not written in the same sequence and was without reference points. She did not know how to apply it to get back to the steps I had written.

~ Piece Two ~ (A Quickened Question) The next piece came a few days later also regarding digging a well when someone asked me, "How does one dig a well?" I knew this question was no accident! I suddenly realized that we do not know how to dig spiritual wells, and yet we are being commissioned to dig them.

~ Piece Three ~ (A Dream) At that point the Holy Spirit brought to memory a dream He gave me on 8/20/00. In that dream I had revisited the pool of my childhood home, which is also in the same town as the conference. (It is interesting to note that in real life, when this pool was being dug, it filled up by an underground artesian spring, three times.) In the dream, the pool was gone and had been covered over with landscaping. We wanted the pool back so we took away the dirt. After the dirt was removed, I was very blessed to realize the Lord had protected the pool, for there was a huge covering over the pool made from one piece of plywood cut to its exact shape. (It is also an interesting parable that in real life, our pool shape was the shape of a kidney, and kidneys filter toxins, which keep our bodies from being poisoned. This cap represented a sealing to filter the dirt and keep the water pure.) This piece of plywood was perfectly cut in one huge piece, which was obviously supernatural since they do not make plywood that size in real life. In the dream I realized the pool was like an old well that had been capped over. The Lord obviously knew the new owners in the dream wanted to bury the pool in dirt, so He had sealed it.

In the next scene I looked up and was startled to see that the sky had been covered over with some kind of dome so there was no more open heaven to swim under. At that point, I saw two people talking to each other who in real life are both carnally minded and they speak with filthy mouths. They were standing there as though claiming squatter's rights. I had the feeling they were somehow responsible for covering the pool with dirt. They of course speak of the demonic forces that come to take squatter's rights in our spiritual wells because of compromising carnal choices.

~ Piece Four ~ (The Old Testament parable) The following is a relevant study of the importance of wells in Bible times and how it relates to our building our own spiritual wells. In the Old Testament, wells were dug as cisterns, limestone pits, holes, and filled with rain water, springs or even gushing fountains of water. This was no small feat with crude tools. Jacob's well is 75 feet deep and some say it might have been much deeper back then.

The use of wells were often a source of contention and power struggles. Israel's enemies were noted for filling up their wells with dirt. Notice the following account of Isaac: "Soon the Philistines became jealous of him, and they filled up all of Isaac's wells with earth. These were the wells that had been dug by the servants of his father, Abraham. And Abimelech asked Isaac to leave the country. "Go somewhere else," he said, "for you have become too rich and powerful for us." So Isaac moved to the Gerar Valley and lived there instead. He reopened the wells his father had dug, which the Philistines had filled in after Abraham's death. Isaac renamed them, using the names Abraham had given them. His shepherds also dug in the Gerar Valley and found a gushing spring. But then the local shepherds came and claimed the spring. "This is our water," they said, and they argued over it with Isaac's herdsmen. So Isaac named the well "Argument," because they had argued about it with him. Isaac's men then dug another well, but again there was a fight over it. So Isaac named it "Opposition." Abandoning that one, he dug another well, and the local people finally left him alone. So Isaac called it "Room Enough," for he said, "At last the LORD has made room for us, and we will be able to thrive." (Gen 26:14-22 NLT)

As I was pondering this section of scripture I realized that our enemies in the spirit world also fill up spiritual wells dug by our ancestors that are rightfully ours. These wells represent not only the living waters of their past gifts of ministry, but also their unfulfilled promises. I could see the connection between Isaac's scripture and also the dream the Lord gave me about reclaiming our old pool in that we had to remove the dirt. It is important to note that the Holy Spirit's renewal movement (Toronto / Pensecola) that was birthed in 1996, was nicknamed Isaac, meaning laughter, who was the son of promise. This is quickened to me that those who have been touched by this movement being given a commission, like Isaac, to re-dig old wells.

~ Piece Five ~ (Prophet's Words) Bob Jones had mentioned during the conference that there are portholes in the skies where the spirit world comes and goes (both demonic and angelic). Later John Paul Jackson talked about how we need to be careful when tearing down high places, for they are territory claimed by the enemy. These are also porthole locations. As I applied these thoughts to my pool dream, I remembered that in real life the pool was located at the base of a mountain called Beacon Hill. Synonyms for beacon are: radar, beam, lighthouse, lantern, flare, signal. I realized this location was also a porthole and the Lord was telling me that the sky over that porthole was capped.

~ Piece Six ~ (Symptoms and Emerging Patterns) As I started praying over what had capped the area, the revelation grew larger. I was anticipating hearing from the Lord at night, while attending the conference there, since I am accustomed to hearing from Him at night. I was surprised to hear so little. Someone had also mentioned to me that the town's intercessors were having trouble with mental confusion and forgetfulness and she also mentioned that the town had just built a facility for Alzheimer's patients. Through prior revelation given to us in the 80's we knew that the deaf and dumb spirit causes these symptoms, especially lack of hearing and understanding the Lord. So we prayed against it. I felt that this was somehow related to my not hearing the Lord as freely. A few days later another intercessor from a different town called me saying that she was having problems with confusion and memory. She also mentioned that a gal with Attention Deficit Disorder asked her several times what they were in line for while standing in a prayer line.

~ Piece Seven ~ (Bob Jones Experience) By this time, I knew that the spirit over Oregon was the deaf and dumb spirit and I searched my computer to see what references I had made about it. I was very surprised to discover that Bob Jones had fought the deaf and dumb spirit while staying in Redding, California on 6/22/99.

~ Piece Eight ~ (Prophetic Dream/Vision) I also noted in my computer notes that I had a dream type vision on 10/21/98 where I saw a huge tree fall that was taller than the largest redwoods. Looming above my head at the base of the tree were 2 giant carved figures made of the same wood. They were huge, although not as tall as the tree. I looked up at the boot of one foot and it was several feet tall. He was dressed like a logger. Suddenly the boot moved. This alarmed my spirit and I took off flying. As I got eye level with him, we bumped into each other and he turned around and said something stupid and unintelligible to me, then moved on. I thought to myself that he was quite dumb. The experience goes on from there, but in re-reading this, it was quickened to me that this was possibly a deaf and dumb spirit over the Pacific Northwest" the Northwest because it was known for its logging and its wealth in old growth timber. And this connected with the plywood cap or lid that was placed over the pool in my other dream. In that dream the Lord had used the spoils of the enemy to allow the plywood (fallen tree above ) to seal the pool, before they dumped dirt on top of it.

~ Piece Nine ~ (Confirmation) 3 weeks after I had written this post and was still praying over releasing it, I was handed a tape called, "Be a Well Digger" by Pastor Dale Howell. He is the pastor of Cornerstone Church that hosted the above Eye of the Eagle Conference. Evidently he preached that sermon just 10 days before the conference. The Lord had given him a separate, but joining revelation of the fact that the Isaac generation is called to re-dig the spiritual wells of Abraham, as well as dig new wells. He speaks of being a bridge and servant for the youth today by serving them through re-digging wells. This was my confirmation that the Lord was speaking to His prophets about re-digging wells and that this was an important step to coming into His promises.

~ Piece Ten ~ (Rhema Word and Quickened Story) One last story that fits this revelation: As I was praying over the cap that had been placed over the area, I heard the Lord say, "The day they completed the boring through, the waters flowed." This is connected to a story in the archaeological supplement in the back of my Bible. In 2 Kings 20:20, it mentions the channel that Hezekiah built: "The rest of the events in Hezekiah's reign, including the extent of his power and how he built a pool and dug a tunnel to bring water into the city, are recorded in The Book of the History of the Kings of Judah." In 1880 a school boy waded into the Pool of Siloam, into this water tunnel and saw some ancient writing in the rock above the water. Later he told his teacher and the teacher copied the inscription. This is the inscription taken from the walls of King Hezekiah's tunnel, written in early Hebrew script about 700 BC: "Now this is the story of the boring through; while the excavators were still lifting up their picks, each toward his fellow, and while there were yet three cubits to excavate, there was heard the voice of one calling to another, for there was a crevice in the rock, on the right hand. And on the day they completed the boring through, the stone-cutters struck pick against pick, one against the other; and the waters flowed from the spring to the pool, a distance of 1000 cubits. And a hundred cubits was the height of the rock above the heads of the stone-cutters."

I thought how marvelous and seemingly miraculous that stone cutters with crude instruments would be working on two opposite ends of a 1000 cubit tunnel, and end up coming together pick to pick and releasing the waters to flow. They must have thought it marvelous enough to record and the Lord thought it important enough to preserve as a record for us in the end times. I believe this is a parable preserved for us today.

Angels are working through from the other side, to reach us, as we cry out to hear, to see, to understand what the Lord is speaking. They are working hard to break through the barriers, as we declare that the heavens will be opened and the Word of the Lord will come and go freely in Jesus Name. Angels are working on the other side, as we bind the deaf and dumb spirit over our areas and loose the angels to go forth. (Binding the enemy does not take him down or pull down a high place, but it temporarily restrains him and allows angelic activity to move forward. All believers have the authority to bind the enemy in Jesus Name.)

Also as intercessors begin to cry out for open heavens, they are like the excavators working on opposite sides. One day they will connect pick to pick and the double portion waters will freely flow. Hallelujah!

How to dig a spiritual well: 1) Pursue hearing, seeing and understanding the Lord. 2) Open wells of corporate and radical worship. Welcome the Holy Spirit. 3) Pray for the Lord to reveal obstructions and hindrances. 4) Pray with humble and contrite hearts. 5) Repent of compromise and carnality. 6) Repent of personal sins, and ancestral sins over the area, especially coming through leadership in all levels. 7) As the Lord reveals them, bind the spiritual sources of obstructions. 8) Loose the angels to break through and keep the portholes open.

~ Piece Eleven ~ (Confirmation) As mentioned before, I had written the above post prior to Todd Bentley's meeting. In that meeting, after preaching about his own revelation on unbelief and the deaf and dumb spirit, he had us stand for corporate prayer. We were told to repent of our sins of unbelief and of those same sins in leadership and within denominations. Then he took authority over the deaf and dumb spirit over our personal lives as we agreed together. The Lord's Presence was very strong and I felt His virtue sweep over me as Todd prayed over the congregation. It was a confirmation to this posting, of the Lord's desire for the intercessors to take authority in a corporate setting and overcome this strong hindrance.

~ Piece Twelve ~ (Confirmation & Prayer Request) I picked up Todd's "Fresh Fire" magazine, Year in Review and opened it to an article where he spoke of Oregon. The Lord told him that the "heavens shall open and it shall be even as it was in Capernaum in that OREGON WILL BE A HUB TO THE WORLD AND THE NORTHWEST for healings, signs and wonders."

We intercessors in Oregon are small in number. Most of us come from very small churches. We have interceded for many years, just like the excavators with crude pick axes in our hands, taking one plunge after another. We have born the heat of the day, and we are earnestly asking for your prayers. As our hindrances crack, we are now beginning to hear outside voices of intercession and the prophets. And we cry out to you. "Here, strike here. Please strike here, for we have deep wells of powerfully anointed water, just waiting to flow not only to a region, but to a very thirsty world." For in your serving us, we serve you and together we will see the principality of the deaf and dumb spirit broken and the heavens over our nation will turn from solid brass to portholes of golden glory.

If you would like to order Todd's revelation on the deaf & dumb spirit I heartily recommend it. It was preached on 1/4/00 in Albany Oregon. (Call Toll free: 1 866 853-9041 or email:

If you would like to order Pastor Dale Howell's message on "Be a Well Digger," I recommend it as very encouraging to intercessors and those with a servant's heart for our youth. You may order it through:

May God give us the courage and the tenacity to re-dig the wells of promises, and receive the open heaven that we have prayed over for so long!

Sandy Warner
January 5, 2001
via etpv

The Lord Commands You To Go Now, 'Men of Portland'

Prophecy given by Patricia Keating
At the Full Gospel Businessmen's
Portland Metro Chapter,
April 20, 1998


While ministering in the Portland / Vancouver area from April 15th -21st 1998, I sensed the Holy Spirit showing me how He wished to move in that area and the northwest region. The biblical framework for this move is found in Judges, Chapter 6 and 7, the story of Gideon. God's move through Gideon and his army is centered around religious reform and military action based on a coalition of Israelite tribes. In the Church today, we have recently, through the Renewal, experienced religious reform. I believe that the Lord is now revealing to us a military strategy based on a coalition of Christian Churches.


Prior to calling Gideon forth for military action, the Lord named him anew, identifying his forthcoming role in God's army.

Judges 6:12 "The Lord is with thee, thou mighty man of valor." (KJV)

I believe that God has unveiled his army of warriors to many Christians in this region, and that he has also named you in terms of your rank and function in that army.


Though Gideon had lived a life of oppression, robbery and confinement under the ravages of the Midianites, and though, in his own understanding, his family was among the poor in Manasseh and he, the least in his father's house, the Lord said in Judges 6:14.

"Go in this thy might, and thou shalt save Israel from the hand of the Midianites: have not I sent thee?"

I believe that the Lord is saying to us to "go now" in the strength that we have.


The Lord made known the extent of His intended uprooting and annihilation of the enemy to Gideon.

Judges 6:16 "Surely I will be with thee, and thou shalt smite the Midianites as one man."

I believe that, in a united and progressive thrust forward with the Holy Ghost, Christians in the northwestern territories will uproot the enemy from the land.


Judges 6:25 "… throw down the altar of Baal that thy father hath, and cut down the grove that is by it."

I believe that some, either have already, or will experience the Lord requiring a complete uprooting of all vestiges of rebellion, idol worship, witchcraft, false religion etc. in their family line.

Judges 6:26 "And build an altar unto the Lord thy God upon the top of this rock …and take the second bullock, and offer a burnt sacrifice with the wood of the grove which thou shalt cut down."

I believe that the Lord requires a fresh consecration of oneself unto God. Some of the old 'furniture' of religion may have to be removed to make way for a new out-pouring of the Holy Spirit into our Churches. The former must make room for the latter, which will bring about a completely different, more liberated and culturally rich landscape for the worship of the Lord. Many people may have already experienced a certain separation from former religious organizations as a preparatory step towards what lies ahead.


Judges 6: 34,35 "But the spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon, and he blew a trumpet; and Abiezer was gathered after him. And he sent messengers throughout all Manasseh; who also gathered after him; and he sent messengers unto Asher, and unto Zebulun, and unto Naphtali; and they came up to meet them."

I believe that men (and women) are to call together the Christian communities of the northwest to unite in the fulfillment of God's battle strategy. The 'trumpet' symbolizes the prophetic voice and also worship. I believe the Lord desires a convening of Christian communities for a large 3-day festival of worship in the Portland, Oregon area primarily. I believe that the timing of this event should be in early October 1998, coinciding with the Feast of tabernacles. This may be followed by another similar event in Olympia, Washington and later at another location. During that 3-day period of celebratory worship, with the dance and the 'Shout', the Lord will liberate His mighty men from the last vestiges of bondage and oppression under the ruling principalities of this territory and the religious (and other) organizations to which they have been tied. It will be like the crossing of a national boundary - out into new, liberated courses, which were destined for their lives. These men (and women) will be released into a company of mighty warriors, of forerunners, of like-minded men.


There will be many among the Christian community who do not wish to go up into battle; they are occupied with the affairs of home; some are fearful at heart; they prefer to remain in the camp. They are freely permitted by God to refrain from the new thrust forward by the spirit into the enemy's territory.

Judges 7:3 "Now therefore go to, proclaim in the ears of the people, saying 'Whosoever is fearful and afraid, let him return and depart early from Mount Gilead'. And there returned of the people twenty and two thousand; and there remained ten thousand."


There will be a further sifting of the troops, much like that done by military organizations, where individuals are selected on the basis of personal merit, training, experience, gifting and bravery of heart, to go up into battle.

Judges 7:4 "And the Lord said unto Gideon, 'The people are yet too many; bring them down unto the water, and I will try them for thee there; and it shall be, that of whom I say unto thee. This shall go with thee, the same shall go with thee; and of whomsoever I say unto thee, This shall not go with thee, the same shall not go."

I believe that there are many Christian men and women in the northwest in whom God has staked his visions for the region. In the coming months, these visions will be stirred up within them. There will be an intense desire to run faster, to go up, and to take the land. To these people, I believe the Lord says 'Do not expend your energy in an attempt to bring all members of your communities with you. Do not pour your visions into the hearts of those who will choose to remain in the camp. Rather contain your strength; set your face forward to going up to battle; the Lord will soon liberate you into a company of mighty men who are like-minded and who will fight with you.


There will evolve a certain physical and spiritual distancing between those who go up to battle for new territory and those who remain in camp. Let those who remain in camp give all they can to furnish the needs and to equip those going forth to take the land.

Judges 7:8 "So the people took victuals in their hand, and their trumpets: and he sent all the rest of Israel every man unto his tent, and retained those three hundred men, and the host of Midian was beneath him in the valley."

Those who go forth do so in a company of warriors. They are not cut off from the community of God's people in camp. They are simply separated for a time by virtue of the requirements of their visions.


Judges 7: 16-18 "And he divided the three hundred men into three companies, and he put a trumpet into every man's hand, with empty pitchers, and lamps within the pitchers. And he said unto them 'Look on me, and do likewise: and, behold, when I come to the outside of the camp, it shall be that, as I do, so shall ye do. When I blow with a trumpet, I and all that are with me, then blow ye the trumpets also on every side of the camp, and say, 'The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon.'"

I believe that the mighty warriors will group, and fulfill their part in separate locations, though they all form part of one battle strategy. I see three separate thrusts, going north, east and south in these territories.


The main tenets of the strategy are for the Church to (1) go up to battle, take your positions and stand. The Lord will go before you and destroy your enemies. This is linked to the description of the Lord's strategy given to Jehoshaphat when he defeated the Moabites and Ammonites (2 Chronicles 20).

2 Chronicles 20:21 "And when he had consulted with the people, he appointed singers unto the Lord, and that should praise the beauty of holiness, as they went out before the army, and to say Praise the Lord; for his mercy endureth forever. And when they began to sing and to praise, the Lord set ambushments against the children of Ammon, Moab, and mount Seir, which were come against Judah; and they were smitten."

(2) The second tenet of the strategy is "the trumpet and the shout" i.e. prophecy, praise and worship. As this is fulfilled at a number of locations, I believe that the Lord will shake the enemy strongholds, causing spiritual forces to flee in many different directions.

Judges 7:20-21 "And the three companies blew the trumpets, and brake the pitchers, and held the lamps in their left hands, and the trumpets in their right hands to blow withal: and they cried 'The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon'. And they stood every man in his place round about the camp: and all the host ran, and cried, and fled."

I also saw prophetically, that as the worship and the shout went up, the hard dry earth of the territory suddenly cracked like a mild surface earthquake. I believe that this represents the fallow ground in the hearts of the population being ploughed up by the Lord. There will be a widespread and all encompassing shaking by the Lord of the unbelievers in the region. I believe that as companies of evangelists later go out to sow the seeds of the gospel amongst the general population, they will find the soil of the peoples' hearts already ploughed and ready to receive the Word of the Lord.

(3) The third aspect of this move is the re-formation of the Church as a 'city without walls' as described in Zechariah 2.

Zechariah 2:4-5 "… Jerusalem shall be inhabited as towns without walls for the Multitude of men and cattle therein: For I, saith the Lord, will be unto her a wall of fire round about, and will be the glory in the midst of her."

I believe that the Lord desires to use many people from different denominations, who will work together to fulfill these words. In doing so, He wishes to remove some of the walls between Churches, to intermingle their strengths and anointing, and to show forth his bride in a glorious unity of purpose.


Lastly, I got a sense from the Lord that this year he would be taking a wheat harvest from the Church. This referred to the men and women that he had carefully taught and trained over the past number of years and whom he considered to have reached maturity. These would be a "first fruits" unto the Lord. They would be separated for the coming work of the Lord, some of which has been outlined earlier. Pastors, themselves, are included in this wheat harvest. Some would be separated unto greater works beyond the boundaries of the local body. For pastors who see some of their 'finest' people leaving: they are to know that this harvest is to their glory for it is they who have nurtured this crop to maturity; furthermore, the separation is unto the planting of many new works for the Lord. In this way, the parent Church will multiply as well as continue in the addition of members. Lastly, the new 'families' formed after the separation will be places wherein the 'parent' pastor should always be received and honoured for his labours.


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John and Patricia Keating
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Pacific Northwest

This word is for all of those who are being called into this work….

For the Lord would say - "Come into the Plan that I have for you!"

For the Lord would say, "Come into the work that I have for you. I know that you have been downtrodden and that you have seen bits and pieces of the vision, bits and pieces of what I want to do in this region and I do not give these things out vainly in the hope that they will or will not occur, for I know that they will occur," says the Spirit of the Lord.

The Lord says, "Come in - for I know that you are beaten and abused and discouraged," and the Lord says, "Come in, Come in! Come in and come unto Me because I WILL complete the vision that I AM has given you - I WILL complete the vision that I have for this region."

The Lord says, "Come in and be blessed! Come in and be put to use - come in And be put to work. Come in and find your destiny in what I have planned for you For I have called you to be apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists. I have called you to this region and I have ordained you and I have set you in this place for a time and a season SUCH AS THIS," says the Lord. "I WILL fulfill what I have promised you in your personal lives as well as in the vision for the region."

"Come in," says the Lord. "Come in and do not delay. Come in and make it a work of speed and in haste. Come into the tent of the Lord. Come into the shadow of His wings. Come in and rest and reside and I will build you up! I will remove that which is not of Me and I will replace it with that - that IS OF ME," says the Lord. "And I will open the door for the you.... I WILL OPEN THE DOOR FOR YOU!" says the Lord.

Shaun Sullivan
via ETPV



This word about an end-time train of Signs & Wonders & Healing has been slowly growing in both my wife Dianne & I for some time. In 1995 my wife was warned about the coming removal of our home church - Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship from the Vineyard Movement in a vivid dream.

The dream was fulfilled to the most unbelievable detail. As a result, we have sought God for added insight about a train encounter at the end of the dream.

At the end of this dream she saw a powerful steam train moving out through a vast field of grain. It was clearly a time of Harvest. The light on the engine was very bright. Dianne actually hid herself from this powerful train as it approached. It was a fearful, awesome experience as it descended what looked like the Niagara Escarpment on the outskirts of the city of Hamilton, Ontario. This all took place what looked to be about Christmas time.

We began to understand this dream after Bobby Connor received the Jan.8,1997 vision about the Gold & Diamond Train. One portion of the vision describes a Signs & Wonders movement that will begin near the city of Hamilton, On. (See <> )

Some months ago, during our Monday Pastors Day-off, my wife & I went for a country drive. I headed west out of the city of Hamilton on my way to Lake Huron.
Dianne had fallen asleep in the car. It was just me and the Lord. He began to speak to Me in a near audible voice.

"Son take note of that highway sign you just past". It was a sign for Ingersol, a town some 50 miles away. Again a little further down the road He spoke again.

"Son, take note of this sign you are now passing". It was a sign for St. Mary's, a town some 60 miles away from the city of Hamilton. After passing the second sign the Lord explained the importance of these two signs.

"Son, a great woman, Amy Semple Macpherson , with a great gift of miracle healing was born in Ingersol, Ontario, on the west side the city of Hamilton. Also a great man John G. Lake, with a great gift of miracle healing was born in St. Mary's on the west side of Hamilton."

Right there before my eyes a vast army of women & men rose upon the land and began marching toward the city. I knew then that what had been birthed near this lowly city of Hamilton was about to be re-birthed.

A miracle healing movement would descend upon this region and then begin marching to the west and around the world. This army is unstoppable. The noise of their feet was like a stream train, pounding out it's approach.

The Lord said to me "I will again birth the John G. Lake miracle healing ministry near the city of Hamilton and let it mature in the Northwest, where John G. Lake finished his ministry. This is Holy Ground to Me. I always finish what I begin." (Philippians 1:6)

Jim Paul


Four prophetic words:

Prophesied on
March 30th, 2008--Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

The Spirit of God says: "I have searched through the nations for the sound of simplicity. I have searched through the nations for the sound of childlike faith, but I have found childishness, not childlikeness. David was childlike, Saul was childish. I abhorred Saul, and David became the apple of My eye. I abhorred Eli, and Samuel became the voice that I heard."

"Would you understand that I am searching throughout the nations for the sound of simplicity, the sound of the first fruits of what I gave to My people? Therefore, today, as you have praised, as you have lifted Me up, I will release into your hearts a treasury, and will give unto you the nations. I'm not speaking of small things--I will release the nations."

I have searched for the sound of simplicity, and every time I stand on this platform, God gives me a song of the Lord regarding children--childlikeness. Why? Because there is a fragrance of childlikeness coming from you. There is a fragrance of simplicity. God hears not the sound of Eli, but the sound of Samuel. God does not hear the sound of Saul, but He hears the sound of David.

God said, "If you understand what that means to Me, it means that I will come to you and I will fill you, and when prophetic revelation was no longer, I shall give it back to you. For in the day of Samuel, when Samuel came into Eli's courts, there was no prophetic revelation. There was no fresh revelation. But," God said, "this day the simplicity of your praise and the joy that you brought before Me shall bring forth the prophetic revelation that will give you the keys that will unlock the doors that you need to enter in. Let Me hear your faith one more time as I grant unto you the wishes of those that have prayed," says the Lord!

God says, "Ask of Me, ask of Me this morning. Ask of Me, I dare you--I double dog dare you--to ask of Me whatever you wish. Do not limit Me, I am not a God of limitation. Do not say, 'Can God do this?'" God said, "If you do that, you have insulted Me and you have insulted the prophet. This day, ask of Me and I will give to you the nations as your inheritance; ask of Me and I will give to you the world as your inheritance."

"Ask of Me and I will take out of the hands of the unrighteous and put into the bosom of the righteous. Would you ask of Me? If you ask of Me in faith, I will give it to you," says the Lord. "Ask of Me for this nation and I'll give you what you need so there will be an economic revival," says the Lord. "Ask of Me, and I'll give it to you. Ask of Me, ask of Me!"

God says, "Ask of Me what you want today, and I will give it to you. Lift your voice and ask of Me. Do you want your families' salvation? Ask of me. Do you want provision? Ask of Me. Do not ask small, for I am the God that owns the cattle on a thousand hills; I own the gold and the silver. There is no loss. What the enemy has tried to steal from you has come back to the Lord Most High only to be delivered back to you with a hundredfold portion. Ask of Me! Ask of Me. Let Me hear the sound of agreement."

"Ask of Me and I will give to you as your inheritance. Do not forget the antiquity of the everlasting covenant; long before you were born, the everlasting covenant was established. When you were born the everlasting covenant was already established. Whatever is in the everlasting covenant is for you--signed, sealed, delivered for you, this day. Ask of Me, it's already in the covenant--it's for you, take it, take it, take it.

"You liar! You liar! The forces of hell that have lied to you to tell you that you do not deserve what God has already established in the covenant--what a lie! That's your authority, that's your power, that's your right--signed, sealed and delivered. Whatever you ask of Me."

Whatever you ask Him, as you agree as one, it shall be done. Stand together as one, it shall be done. If you agree as one, it shall be done.

Your agreement is coming before the Lord as a sweet fragrance. Agree together. Whatever you ask of Him, whatever you ask of Him, if you agree as one, it shall be done.

The Spirit of God says, "I just heard something coming from you, permeating before Me with great faith: 'Why not? Why should there only be one? Why not two? Why not three?' What do you speak of? I speak of multiplication. I speak of multiplying, and listen to this: I have a house, a special house for you," says the Lord.

"Your house shall be a very, very, very fine house with thousands of footage more to take--what shall come as an overflow into this house. And take it," says the Lord, "because there shall be no such things as 'Does our credit line up? Is our credit a 5 point or a 6 point?' What does that matter? For in My eyes it is an 8," says the Spirit of God! "And so shall it be in the Eyes that grant you what I shall give to you, for this shall be an impossible thing that I will do. Rejoice, for your summer is coming," says the Lord of Hosts! God wants to bless your family members on their coming birthdays!

2: Prophesied April 4, 2008--Seattle, Washington

I feel the Spirit of the Lord telling me to tell you: "There is a reason to have joy at this time--for many say, 'This is the worst time ever in America.'" The Spirit of God said, "Who would declare a recession, and who would declare where I am going?" God said, "This is the best time because joy is coming to you in the spring," says the Lord. Joy is coming to you in the spring, therefore, I want you to prophesy it: Joy!

God said, "You have enticed Me; you have enticed Me. You have enchanted Me, enticed." God said, "You have fascinated me; your sounds of faith and your sounds of praise and your embracing of the prophet and My promise has lured Me in a good way; attracted Me to come a little closer to you, to listen to the sounds of faith, to the sounds of victory, to the sounds of joy. You have sent a message to the caverns and the caves and the dungeons of hell: 'We shall relive and we will do greater than our forefathers and greater works in His name.' The forces of darkness have trembled tonight at the sound of a people who are unafraid to fight a good fight of faith."

Penicillin--a discovery; once again a discovery. Penicillin--a discovery embarked upon by a mistake as so many great journeys. And God said tonight, "There shall be a discovery, as you know, that shall completely and entirely wipe out any form or trace of cancer in the human body, and a generation shall exist very quickly that shall be cancer free," says the Lord of Hosts!

God has made a promise about a generation and a people soon that shall say, "How did it control us for so long?" And yet discovered, Egypt has already trodden upon it and they don't even know. But I will take My Nation, America, those that have sought after answers. The corruption in the pharmaceutical--you shall be exposed. And God shall bring about in this Nation, a plan for health insurance that shall not be perpetrated by the Democrats or by the Republicans. This shall be something that shall transpire because of a sudden change--because I command it. It is a disgrace," says the Spirit of the Lord, "that politics are swayed by this one thing. Therefore, watch as I move in these next two years and I show America how strong I am and prove Myself in the political arena. I shall be your President," says the Spirit of the Living God!

"And they shall say, 'But now there is a second president, how can we have two presidents?' An unusual thing, isn't it?" says the Spirit of the Lord. "Why would it be that one with a double mind would stand up and face the people? No, they shall say, 'We have two presidents, what do we do now?' Fear not." For God said, "As I promised before this is My Nation, and I will change things according to the time and season and I told you now in spring, I will expose and reveal things that have been hidden, so that My Nation can move into this next election and to the next phase with victory and honor and glory," says the Lord of Hosts!

I prophesy America, I prophesy America: You are a light, salt, joy; you are a light, salt, joy. I declare this upon this Nation: Great great prosperity again, oil prices that shall change rapidly; and when the new source of energy suddenly unfolds, people will say, "Oh God, how, how, how did we miss it, it was so easy!" "At the right time, and the time is now," says the Spirit of God.

3: Prophesied April 5, 2008--Seattle, Washington

God said He's looking for some warriors that are unafraid to shout and rejoice. God said He's looking for some warriors that are gonna praise Him for the promise that He just gave.

St. Mary's--there's gonna be an explosion in St. Mary's. God's says, "I'll go into any place I want. Don't call it a cult, call it by its rightful name: what it's gonna become. St. Mary's--there's gonna be a huge revival in that whole region, that whole territory. There's gonna be a huge breakthrough and the sisters are gonna say, 'Hallelujah to the Lord.' With a brand new tongue they will prophesy to the Saint Most High!"

God said, "There was a renewal; they called it a renewal in the Roman Catholic Church. But there is going to be a very strange happening in the Catholic Church and they will say, 'It has shaken our whole belief system.'"

We prophesy to the north, we prophesy to the south, we prophesy to the east and to the west: you will live, you will live, you will live and rejoice in the Lord.

But the Spirit of the Lord said, "There are weaknesses." God said, "You have the power to find these things that are hidden, for God wants to bring out hidden things." God is going to set a divine addiction upon people, upon your young ones. God said there's an addiction coming, an addiction to God's Word, an addiction to His prayer, an addiction to meditation, an addiction to reading the Word and studying it, an addiction to walking in the Spirit, an addiction to expect the supernatural. I prophesy that to you tonight. Let there be an addiction that arises from this place!

What God is doing tonight is setting on course something that will cause people to be attracted to the Spirit. What has happened--"There has been a lack of covenant; a lack of covenant," says the Lord. "But now I am bringing out the thieves and those that have stolen and lied and brought to nothing My precious, precious covenant." But God said, "I am speaking of a covenant that existed; it is called: the everlasting covenant that existed long before you were born."

"Before you were born," God said, "there was an everlasting covenant, and I wish you never to turn from the understanding that that covenant is applied to you through His Blood. That covenant is applied to you, this day that covenant is signed, it is sealed, it is ready within your life and in your blood to be taken and to be enjoyed. Do not forget the antiquity of this covenant, the ancientness of it. For others have tried to ruin it and they've tried to take it and destroy it. They took the ark of the covenant and they ran away and their gods fell to the ground."

For God said, "My covenant lasts forever. And therefore inside of you there is an everlasting covenant of mercy. Inside of you there is an everlasting covenant for healing. Inside of you there is an everlasting covenant for prosperity," for God said, "there is an everlasting covenant for your posterity. There is an everlasting covenant that exists within your DNA, that was placed there the day that you called upon My name. This day, I am sealing upon this house and upon these regions--the power of my everlasting covenant so that it shall be set in order and what I promised shall come to pass," says the Spirit of God.

There is an addiction coming upon the house of America so that you will call out to God. Every house shall be addicted to the Lord God's favor. Every house shall be addicted to the 'flavor' that God gives into His Word. Taste and see that the Lord is good.

And God said that in every home there is a paralysis, there is a dysfunction whether we like it or not that has come--because of religion or whatever. And He said, "I want to speak one word over your house to destroy the power of that paralysis so that your house will be free from this one thing that is trying to destroy you."

God said that the spring of this year, which is normally when the enemy musters coming to war, but in the spring, a pot of gold. Everybody that's been through the fire, there is gold that has come forth that must be given to you in the spring months. I offer you hope that your finances will be turned around. Spring will bring about the treasure that you have fought for and will spring you into a dimension that you have never been to before in your life.

4: Prophesied April 13, 2008: Secrets--Pasadena, California

The Spirit of God says, "I long to hear the sound of My people shouting out as Joshua shouted, making proclamation to the nation. The time of mourning has come to an end. Let out your nets for the greatest catch; let your nets break and your boats begin to sink as I charge an abundance in the sea that once bore nothing. But now that same sea shall bear great fruit," says the Spirit of God!

But now is the time, for the Spirit of God said, "Your labor and your willingness and your industry shall bring about the greatest catch ever. For the same sea that bore nothing and the same sea that gave you nothing shall now bring you an abundance," says the Spirit of the Living God!

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions