Carrying Prayers and The Lord's Mercy


(And mercy for Oklahoma, the Pacific Northwest, Arizona, Florida, The Northeast)

On Tuesday morning (May 4) as Daryl and I were reading through the book of Acts, we came to chapter 7 where Stephen was about to be stoned. Stephen was reciting the history of the Jew's resistance to the Holy Spirit and their persecution of the prophets. We came to verse 42 & 43 where he quoted the OT about their worship of the god, Moloch, who required sacrifices of children. (Lev 18:21, Jer32:35)

We stopped to pray. We asked God to forgive us and our nation for worshiping Moloch--for sacrificing our children through abortion and lack of attention, lack of direction and love. We asked forgiveness for giving up our children (ignoring them) in order to have more money, a better lifestyle, recognition or power.

As we prayed, I began to have a vision and my arms went up as to worship. In the vision, I was flying at high speed through the universe as though I had a rocket on my back powering the flight. It was like a star wars movie. The universe was a deep, dark blue with bright stars in all directions. I could hear a soft, swooshing sound as I zoomed straight through the stars for what seemed a long time. It just went on and on.


Then I landed on a platform at the foot of some wide stairs. I let go of something I was carrying (like a ball of light) and it flashed up the stairs. I understood that God was at the top of the stairs and that what I had been carrying was "prayers."

I stood there on this 10 x 10 platform just looking around. There was nothing else to see or do there. I was waiting, but I didn't know what I was waiting for. It was like being in a waiting room with nothing to read. I just waited.

Then suddenly, I was swooshing back toward earth. I was zipping past stars at a great speed. This time I was zooming and darting in different directions as I continued forward. It was as though I was avoiding objects. I thought of Daniel in the OT. His prayers went to heaven right away, but on the return with the answer, the angel had to battle the powers in the air. (Dan 10) I then realized that an angel had been holding me from behind as we flew. We continued zooming and swooshing through the stars.


Then I saw the earth and instantly the United States. It was like we suddenly stopped, but something I was carrying continued forward and landed in the middle of the U.S. It splashed like water in Oklahoma. A splash of it went out to the Pacific Northwest. Another went to Arizona. Another to Florida. Two splashes went to the Northeast. And I knew what it was. It was MERCY. I believe it was God's mercy being poured out in response to the prayers of the saints.

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