Public Statement on Todd Bentley from the Revival Alliance

Dear friends,

Several years ago, six leadership couples came together and formed a relationally based, non-denominational network called Revival Alliance.

When the Lakeland revival broke out, Todd Bentley and the revival meetings were coming under much criticism. At the suggestion of Peter Wagner, three of the members of the Revival Alliance team went to Lakeland because the Alliance as a whole wanted to express support for the Lakeland Outpouring and to commission Todd as a revivalistic evangelist. Having been powerfully touched in the Toronto outpouring, and seeing the opposition that came from leaders in the church because of that movement, we wanted to stand with Todd and deflect some of the personal assaults that were coming against him. Many of the attacks were coming from well-respected Christian leaders, people that we still hold in high esteem. Yet the mandate from the Lord was clear. And we stood with Todd and the Fresh Fire Ministries team to both endorse and support this move of God.

Rory and Wendy Alec of God TV also took tremendous risk in airing the revival prime time and broadcasting it to over 200 nations around the world. Their heart is to capture and release the move of God, no matter where it happens or who God uses as His instrument. This unparalleled media attention gave unusual advertisement for the outpouring. But it also put their whole team in an unusual, high-level position of receiving both praise and criticism.

The impact of the Lakeland Outpouring has been amazing, and it still continues. The record of conversions and miracles of healing is extraordinarily great in number. And the spreading of the revival to nation after nation has also been very significant. The God TV broadcast stirred up the hunger in people from around the world to go to Lakeland and receive from God, but then bring it home to their local churches. Impartation seems to be one of the unusual markers of a genuine move of God. Revival fires began to spread around the world as a result of the impartation received at Lakeland. But as great as the fruit has been, so have the devastation and fallout from Todd's personal failure.

While there must be no toleration or whitewashing of sin, there must also be no allowances for ungodly judgments in the name of Jesus. Hatred often masquerades as a passion for holiness. And while the church has had its share of tragic failures of leaders in recent days and equally tragic reactions, we must get this one right. It is possible to promote holiness and accountability in the spirit of grace.

The quickness to condemn and abandon a fallen comrade has caused us as much concern as has the actual sin of our friend. Some want to humiliate and expose Todd before the world. And then there are others who want to point to the obvious anointing on Todd's life as the sign of God's approval of Todd's behavior. Neither is acceptable to us. There must be deep repentance and thorough restoration.

The restoration process must be firm but loving, while holding to the Kingdom standards of both holiness and grace. The initial goal is not to get Todd preaching again. It is to get him healed from the issues of the heart that have brought devastation to his family and such shame and failure to him. His gift will always function when given an opportunity. We just want it to come from a place of personal victory and triumph this next time.

Since the announcement of Todd's leaving his wife, Revival Alliance has been working to help restore our fallen brother. Sin is disastrous on any level, but it is well known that "to whom much is given, much is required." Gross sin from someone on Todd's level of influence is devastating. Even so, God is ready to heal and restore.

Todd recently spent three days in Redding, California, with Bill Johnson dealing with the issues of his personal life. Following that, he went to Morningstar Ministries in Charlotte, North Carolina, to be with Rick Joyner for the same reason. Rick, along with the Morningstar leadership team, has offered to help in his restoration. With great confidence, Revival Alliance recommends this as the appropriate process for Todd's healing and restoration. Todd will be moving to Morningstar Ministries to live for a season. Rick Joyner's wisdom, along with the strength of the Morningstar community of believers, will be a great support to Todd as he deals with the heart issues that brought about his failures. A council of three has also been formed to give oversight to the restoration process. Rick Joyner, Jack Deere, and Bill Johnson will give oversight as needed.

We appreciate the prayers and support of countless numbers of believers who have continued to support Fresh Fire Ministries. We also appreciate the prayer support of so many for the Revival Alliance. We are also very thankful for Rick Joyner and his whole team that will be working to bring about a complete healing to our friend, Todd Bentley.

It should also be noted that effort is being made to ensure that Shonnah (Todd's wife) and children are also cared for and given opportunity to receive ministry and help. As you may imagine, they have suffered great hurt from this failure.

There are many in Fresh Fire Ministries who also need help. Efforts are being made to serve them as well as possible. John Arnott recently invited the Fresh Fire Ministries associates to Toronto for their Signs and Wonders Conference to receive personal ministry and encouragement. These kinds of efforts will continue.

Bill Johnson, John Arnott, and Rick Joyner have each spent time with the Fresh Fire Ministries board, and will continue to assist them as needed through this tragic season.

Fresh Fire Ministries will continue their crusades and conference schedule around the world. They are a group of ministers with much integrity and a great heart for the lost. Pray for them as they maneuver through the challenging season ahead, while serving the church at large.

We are thankful for the honor of being involved in this crisis.

On behalf of Revival Alliance,
John Arnott, Che Ahn, and Bill Johnson


Testimony: Resurrection

In the Spirit of Revelation 19:10, "...the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” This testimony comes from Marc Buccheit, the Northwest Director for the International Association of Healing Rooms. I had heard rumors about a "Dead Raising Team" and asked him about it. This is his reply.

Dear David:

We have been forming a team of people that is all over the NW that have the same “thinking” and belief system that healing the sick is pretty standard now, and we are ready for the dead to start raising! I have personally prayed for four people that have not raised, but I have a faith for the next one to arise. I have two children that we are finalizing to pray over that died over the weekend in a fire.

The one person who raised the dead was Marsha Hayes, our Healing Room Director in Wenatchee. She was visiting the Revival Meetings in Florida, when she visited the beach and the life guards said that they did everything they could do for a surfer. They were trained in CPR and other life saving education and they said after a long time of working on the surfer, that they could not get a heartbeat. Marsha, told the Lifeguards that she was a Minister who heals people and she started praying in the Spirit. She started to release the word of God over the person and slowly the surfer came back to life!

We have approvals in different areas that are allowing us the freedom to pray over the dead! We believe it is a matter of time that we will have a constant dead raising ministry!

Outpouring of the Spirit on the Pacific Northwest

Speaking of prophetic words for the Northwest . . . when I was up in Washington the Lord kept reminding me of an experience that Patricia King shared about her first trip to heaven. I forget the prophet that took her there - maybe Bob Jones . . . - anyhow she said she didn't see much except all these different lights all around her as she was coming back down. She asked the prophet what that meant and He said it symbolized the outpouring of the Spirit upon the Pacific Northwest.

From Kristen D'Arpa, Redding, CA.

God Says, "Prepare For The Unexpected. I Am The God Of The Unexpected!"

The Lord has been speaking to me for some time about "generations" and "glory." Earlier this spring, He said to me:

"Prepare. Plan. Pray. Prepare for the unexpected. I am the God of the unexpected. Embrace Me. Embrace My ways. Look to Me. I will direct you. I am giving you new strength. Rise up!"

"Arise, shine, your light has come! The glory of the Lord has arisen on you. His glory will be seen on you" (Isaiah 60:1).

"Open the gates, that the King of glory may come in" (Psalm 24:7, 9).

"All the generations will see My glory. The glory of the Lord will be revealed (Isaiah 40:5). The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14). All the ends of the earth will see the glory of our God (Psalm 97:6).

"Expect it, claim it, walk in it!"

He Spoke "Generation(s)!"

Last year, God spoke the words "generation" and "generations" to me over and over - more than 400 times - until I gave up counting. I kept asking Him what this meant. He didn't tell me right away, but just kept speaking the same words without explaining the mystery to me. After several months of this, the Lord gave me a prophetic word about generations:

"Call forth the generation to the purposes I have for them: the younger generation to follow Me, set an example (I Timothy 4:12), learn, and lead when it's time; the older generations to serve Me, teach by example, love and support, and lead or step back when it's time.

"Together, all the generations will experience a visitation of My Spirit and will be used to further the Kingdom of God on the earth.

"Together, all the generations will love and serve Me, love each other, and love, serve and reach the world.

"Together, all the generations will worship Me. Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father" (Philippians 2:10-11; Isaiah 45:23).

"Is anything too hard for Me?" (Jeremiah 32:27) says the Lord. "I have spoken, I will bring it to pass; I have purposed, and I will do it (Isaiah 46:11). The vision hastens to its time; it will surely come, it will not delay" (Habakkuk 2:3).

"Hear this, and listen: has anything like this happened in your days or in your fathers' days? Tell your sons about it, let your sons tell their sons, and their sons tell the next generation. There has never been anything like it, nor will there be again after it, to the years of many generations. For I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your old will dream dreams; your young will see visions; even on the male and female servants I will pour out My Spirit in those days" (Joel 1:2-3; 2:2, 28-29).

Feeling Broken, Alone or Forsaken?
The way God moves among and through generations remains a mystery. But since the beginning of time, He has been working throughout history to draw people to Himself. We see in the genealogies of Jesus (Matthew 1:1-17; Luke 3:23-38) that His human family line was filled with imperfect, broken people that God chose to work through.

Do you ever feel alone or forsaken? Ruth did. After her husband died, she was given a choice to stay in her own land with her relatives and everything that was familiar to her, or journey to a new land with her mother-in-law. So she ventured out in a new walk of faith, leaving behind her country, relatives and pagan religious system to follow the God of Israel.

The Lord gave her a new family and a new husband, Boaz. Ruth became the great-grandmother of King David (Ruth 4:13-17), and part of the family line of Christ (Matthew 1:5-6). Her obedience blessed her descendants and continues to bless us today through Jesus. As with Ruth, the decisions you make today have tremendous power to change history, influence the generations that will follow you and bear fruit that makes an impact for eternity.

God still chooses to work through imperfect, broken people today. He sees us through His eyes and not as we see ourselves. Do you struggle to overcome your fears or to know with certainty what the Lord is calling you to do? Gideon did (Judges 6). His life was ruled by fear and uncertainty. Yet God called him a valiant warrior!

Gideon was honest with the Lord, laying his fears and questions before Him, asking for signs to confirm his direction. God answered Gideon's prayers, helping him to step out boldly and confidently (Judges 7). The Lord taught Gideon to define himself by what He thought about him, and not by the expectations of others. He wants to do the same for us.

Have you suffered abuse at the hands of others? Joseph did. But God was faithful to bring him to a place of healing. It didn't happen overnight; the Lord took Joseph through a process. I see part of that healing process at work in Genesis 41:50-52, when Joseph names his two sons. The first son is named Manasseh, meaning "making to forget." Joseph said, "God has made me forget all my trouble in my father's household." The second son is Ephraim, or "fruitfulness." Of his youngest son Joseph said, "God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction."

Later on in Genesis 48, Joseph's father Jacob blesses Ephraim and Manasseh. Jacob gives the firstborn blessing to the younger son. Ephraim (fruitfulness) will take precedence over and become greater than the process of working through the abuse (Manasseh). We see in Genesis 50 the healing of a whole extended family system with Joseph and his brothers fully reconciled after their father Jacob's death.

The stronghold of a deceptive spirit, passed down over generations from Abraham to Isaac to Jacob to Joseph's brothers, was finally broken by Joseph's obedience and persistence. God also used him to help ensure the survival of two nations – Israel and Egypt.

Pioneers - Be the First in Your Lineage to Follow the Lord's Ways
All of us have generations in our family line that preceded us. Some were righteous and walked with God, while others did not. Their actions can influence us, yet we are individually accountable before God. We need NOT feel powerless to change.

God can help us sort through what has gone on before us in previous generations and know what to hold on to, what strongholds to break, and what new things to establish. Sometimes He calls us to make a generational "shift" so our obedience can help establish a pattern of blessing for future generations.

Some of us are pioneers in faith like Abraham and Ruth, the first in our lineage to follow the Lord's ways and establish new patterns for the future. If so, take heart - there is great blessing and reward in being a spiritual pioneer.

Genesis 15:1, "Do not fear, Abram, I am a shield to you; your reward shall be very great." God has used the first-generation faith of Abraham and Ruth to bless the entire world.

Genesis 12:1-3, "Go forth from your country, and from your relatives, and from your father's house, to the land I will show you. I will make you a great nation. I will bless you, and make your name great, and so you shall be a blessing...and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed."

Others like Timothy have an incredible spiritual inheritance spanning generations. II Timothy 1:5, "I am mindful of the sincere faith within you, which first dwelt in your grandmother Lois, and your mother Eunice, and I am sure that it is within you as well."

Rejoice! He will enable you to build on this foundation (I Corinthians 3:10-11) of faith, experiencing even greater spiritual depth, intimacy, breakthrough and victory than your predecessors did. He may also call you to venture out and do something entirely "new" in His Kingdom.

Reclaim Parts of Our Spiritual Inheritance
Whether you are a first-generation believer or can trace your spiritual roots back for generations, God wants to work through you to express His love to the world. He wants us to reclaim His Kingdom on the earth, securing His blessing in our own generation, and positively influencing those who follow us. Like He did for Gideon, He wants to teach us that our acceptance is rooted in Jesus - how He sees us and what He has done for us; not in any false expectations or wrong view of ourselves.

Ephesians 2:8-9, "By grace you have been saved through faith; it is not of yourselves. It is the gift of God; not as a result of works or human effort, that no one should boast."
The choices we make now can affect not only ourselves and our own survival, but like Joseph, also the very existence and survival of future generations.
My parents, like many in their generation, were profoundly impacted by the events of World War II. My father entered the U.S. Army, was seriously wounded in Europe and taken prisoner. He eventually ended up in a German POW hospital, nearly dying of starvation by the time he was liberated by Allied forces. He made a choice to survive, and his twenty direct descendants, including me, are alive today because of this decision.

God can help us reclaim parts of our spiritual inheritance and destiny which our parents, grandparents or other relatives did not fulfill. What one generation sowed, another may reap (Galatians 6:7-9; I Corinthians 3:6-8). What one generation did not or could not complete, another can through God's grace and power.

So rise, take up your place in your generation, and change the world for Christ! All the generations working together can help His Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven (Matthew 6:10).

All the generations will see His glory!
Carol Kelley
About Carol Kelley: Carol and Dave Kelley are the prophetic ministry leaders at Godsong Community Church in Newberg, Oregon. Carol, a musician, published composer, teacher and sixth-generation Oregonian, has a heart to intercede prophetically for Oregon and the Northwest, as well as cities and nations

Testimonies: Kirkland and Medford

Kirkland, WA

- As Catherine was soaking in the presence of God she got a word of knowledge about someone having metal in their hip. She had some students from the masters commission pray for his leg to grow out and for the metal in the hip. His leg grew and he regained complete mobility in his hip. Then they got another word of knowledge about a person with metal in their knee so they prayed for that person and they got totally healed. Another person they prayed for also got a new gallbladder.

- A 5 year old in our treasure hunt group drew a picture of a woman with brown hair and a blue shirt sitting in a wheelchair. When we arrived at the hospital there she was, an elderly lady with brown hair, a blue shirt, and sitting in a wheelchair. She had just been released after having a total of 5 back surgeries and was going home to recover. The team prayed for her and she was able to stand up and sit down totally pain free.

- Several people were healed of eye issues after a three year old had a word of knowledge about eyes.

- A teenage boy made a card about restoration and went to the local mall to give it away. He felt led to give it to a man who ended up to be a pastor who was writing a sermon and reading a book on restoration.

- A lady who’d never been on a treasure hunt before went up to an older Jewish lady in the mall and talked to her about how God can heal her high blood pressure and tendonitis. The lady asked her if God really hears our prayers and she gave her a picture about God holding the world in His hands and being with us even when there’s lots of tears. The lady said she’d had many tears lately and we were able to pray together.

- A woman felt led to give away her favorite bracelet to someone she’d just met and, about 30 minutes later, someone she didn’t know gave her a necklace with a prophetic name on it that the Lord had given her.

- A couple on a treasure hunt were refused access to the emergency room so the went to the critical care ward and got talking to a guy in the waiting room. His wife had been admitted for an infectious disease and they were able to pray with him give him a card for her. The card had a picture of a door with a spider web and the phrase written “to my daughter, you are shut up in a night but I am weaving a web of love that when you leave you’ll run right into.”

- Melissa got talking with a guy who had just released himself from the psych ward. Earlier in the day someone had a word of knowledge about suicidal thoughts and this guy had been attempting suicide since he was 9 years old. He was extremely sad, said he never felt loved and didn’t think that God cared about him. Melissa got a word of knowledge that he was into creative design and prophesied over him about that and just shared the love of God with him. Later another guy from our group, Dean, came up and gave him a card. The card he’d drawn had a picture of a sad man with stitches on his forehead and then another picture of the same man who was very happy, had no scar and a blue mark on his head. The Lord told him that this wasn’t a physical injury but represented this man’s thoughts. When Dean gave it to the man he didn’t even need to explain it to him because, as soon as the man saw it he said “this card is a metaphor about my mind”. The man on the card even looked like him though it had been drawn several hours earlier. They were able to pray for him and speak truth into his life.

- Someone drew a picture of 3 doors representing 3 decisions and gave it to a woman in the mall. The woman had been crying out to God on what to do with 3 decisions that she was facing in her life and knew that this was confirmation that the Lord would direct her on what to do.

- April got a word of knowledge about someone having problems in their spine so drew a picture of a spine and gave it to a woman who had degenerative disc issues. The woman placed the picture against her back and by the next day the woman was completely healed. Another woman with fused vertebrae by her head was also completely healed.

- A teenage boy drew a picture of an angel standing over a kid and went to the hospital to give the picture away. He found a mom who had a two year old with mental illness and was able to pray for him.

- A lady who’d never done treasure hunts felt pain in her right wrist so went in a store near by and found a lady who had pain in her wrist so bad that she couldn’t sleep at night. They prayed together and the woman felt tingling in her wrists.

- One woman ran after a lady she saw in a wheelchair and asked if she could pray for healing for her. The lady asked for prayer that she wouldn’t be afraid of dying so the woman prayed with her and her mom who was there. The lady and her mom were so happy about this encounter that they all took pictures together.

- One of the heads of the ER wants local prophetic artists to display their work with explanations of the prophetic art throughout the ER.

- Several of us meet a nurse in the hallway of the hospital lobby and gave her thank you cards for all that she’s done and given to others. She was moved to tears and let us pray for her knee.

- A teenager gave a lady playing violin in the hospital lobby a prophetic art card. The lady was a believer who was led by God to play her music in the hospital to release healing. They were able to pray for, bless and prophesy over each other.

- While in an elevator several people were able to pray for a man who’d dropped a cutting board on his toe and his foot was completely healed.

- Another woman prayed for a Pakistani nurse and gave her several words of knowledge

- One group met a man on dialysis and told him" God wants to release peace and touch your body”. They prayed and prophesied over him and he ended up weeping and crying. The man wrote poetry to God so they were able to explain to him about prayer and later found out that some people they knew had been praying for this man to have an encounter with God.

- Through a prophetic card a woman made about magnolia flowers she was able to minister to at least 5 different people. One woman said that was the kind of flowers she’d had in her wedding bouquet so it gave her hope that her struggling marriage could be restored. They prayed together for breakthrough in their marriage and the couple noticed a shift that very day.

McMinnville, OR

- Through words of knowledge in an evening service we saw an elderly man’s hearing restored so that he no longer needed a hearing aid, several tumors dissolve and pain leave from a woman’s throat, an ingrown toenail totally healed, and jaw, knee, and muscle pain healed.

- A guy on our team had made a prophetic art card in Washington two days earlier for a woman named Annie who wanted to go to Africa and was good at math but he hadn’t found anyone to give it to. When we arrived in McMinnville, Oregon he got a word of knowledge that a woman had rheumatoid arthritis and it ended up to be Annie. She got totally healed an ministered to. She later shared with him how she had always wanted to go to Africa and that this was an incredible confirmation to her.

Gas station ministry
- On our drive back to Redding we realized we were going to run out of gas before the next exit so all started praying/declaring for the gas to multiply. We started smelling gas fumes so the driver turned off the AC but the Lord told him to keep it on. The fumes went away and we drove on I-5 on an empty tank for about 15 minutes. When we reached the exit the gas station ended up to have a Christian book and clothing section where we got to pray and prophesy over a believing family traveling through the area.

- At one of the gas stations we stopped at a man got talking to Kris and, as they made small talk, the guy just started crying. The Lord gave Kris a word of knowledge about murder and it ended up that the man’s wife had been murdered. Kris was able to pray with him to be set free and to experience the love of God.

October, 2008
From Kristen D'Arpa, Redding, CA.

The Testimony of Jesus

In Revelation 19:10, the angel said to John, "Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

Therefore, testimonies about Jesus are part of the body of prophetic revelation that God has for us. If we want to have all that God is speaking to us, we need both the prophetic word and the word of testimonies. I'm remembering that in the Old Testament, the place of God's presence - specifically the place He spoke from - was over the Ark of the Testimony, and inside the Ark were various items (a jar of manna, Aaron's rod that had budded, the tablets of the 10 Commandments) that were in fact testimonies of what God had done.

It occurs to me that by not including testimonies of what Jesus is doing in the Northwest, we've been unintentionally excluding a substantial amount of the prophetic revelation that God has already given to us.

Those missing testimonies certainly would have spoken a great deal about the nature of God, answering some of the question of "Who is this God that's speaking to and about our region?" That, in itself, is as valuable to us as it was to the Children of Israel in their wilderness.

But there's more. In the depths of the Greek word for "testimony" is the concept of doing it again. It has been said that that inherent in the testimony of what God has done is a declaration that He will do it again, almost an invitation to invite Him to do it again!

If He has healed this sort of thing before, then it's not just testimony that He can heal this sort of thing, but it's also a declaration that is the God who heals this sort of thing, and if I have this sort of need, then I should bring it to Him.

So we'll consider this a post an act of repentance of a sort. We'll be including testimonies - from time to time - of specific things that God has done, knowing that they are a part of the prophetic revelation for our region. I invite you, as you read the testimonies of what God has done, to pray and ask that He would do more of those things.

I'd love to hear your testimonies, but I'll ask for some contact information for the folks involved: we're looking for testimonies, not rumors. :-)

We'll see how to administrate this as we move into it. Thanks for your prayers.

My People will Bring Great Outpourings in Every State"

Prophesied on September 5, 2008 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

A Multiplication of Great Outpourings

This is the season for the children. The adults who have lost childhood have become corpses. Children bring life to corpses. I'm hearing Him say, "When a man, when a woman, when they lose childhood, they grow into corpses. This is a season where your children have been given a marvelous opportunity.

"I hear men speak about the races, and how this race and that community; that city. There will be no election of cities anymore. For what I have done in Florida and what I have done in all of the beautiful places that I have rested, they are now graveyards."

And God said, "This resurrection that is coming to My people will bring about a multiplication of great outpourings in every state in this Nation. For I will place in the White House, one that will call just by one word of prayer, and I shall come running. And it shall be said, 'can a woman bring to this Nation the Spirit of God from a political house of power?' Watch Me," says the Lord, "watch Me, says the Lord!"

Energetic Outpourings in Every State

"When I place in the White House those who know how to pray, not those who 'paddy whack' in prayer, not those who repeat and pray repetitious prayers, but those who know how to shake, to shake the very altar, those are the ones that shall bring into the marketplace this outpouring that I have planned beyond the four walls of religion and that which they call the church."

For God said, "These four years will be energetic outpourings in every state. And they will say, 'let us go to Texas, for it is there; and they shall say no, no, no, no let us go to Florida for it is there; no let us go to Oklahoma for it is there. Truly.' And they shall say, 'where else? Go to California, it's there, go to Arizona, it's there.' And they shall look at all of the states. Alaska, you have offered unto Me something that I will use and breathe upon and bring a blessing of fire into that cold place," says the Lord! "I will do it," says the Lord!

"And they shall say, 'there's fire everywhere, fire everywhere, consuming, consuming, consuming.' There is fire everywhere coming from an energy that shall rapidly come." So God says, "People, do not say, 'you are not elected.'" For God said, "The elect of God have had a severe adversary as they have pushed through this great door that has opened. For the great adversary that has stood at your door has now been put under your feet, therefore, run through that door, run through that door, run through that door," says the Spirit of God!

The Lord says, "The White House shall become the prayer house. The White House shall be called the prayer house. And then they will mock and say, 'it is the White House,' and then they will mock and say, 'it is the wild house because the Quakers have come.' And they will say, 'there is even shaking there and trembling.'"

God said, "This is going to be as a result, and even though many men have hated this President - of his own battle with a Babylonian prince with a Babylonian spirit - that has endeavored to take this Nation and bring it to its knees. Because of President Bush," God said, "who prayed every day, I am going to produce in the White House, Spirit-filled human beings that will pray with the Spirit and power. And they will not be ashamed of it."

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions

Via ElijahList

God's Desire


It is My desire to be with you in every moment in every circumstance and situation. That you would look at Me and to Me. That you would inquire of Me.

Ask Me about anything! My intentions toward you are entirely honorable and full of love and grace. Peace dwells at My right hand.

I would never use or abuse you. You can find rest in Me. You can surrender. You can trust Me. You can let go.

You only catch glimpses now and it warms you on the inside but there is so much more! Continual communion with Me. Life and peace. Hope that is never deferred only fulfilled.

From a meeting in Olympia, WA