A Vision of The Church

Last year the Lord showed me the falling away of His church that was about to begin. He took me in a vision to a place where I could see the edge of a plateau. I could see this massive building that was spread out over a great distance. It was amazing to look at. As I looked at it the Lord spoke to me and called it His church. Then he moved me closer so that I was standing almost directly under it. I could see how the erosion around it had caused the land under its foundations to be winnowed away until I saw that it was sitting on a very narrow piece of land. Suddenly I saw half of it fall away.

Then He showed me a picture of the church as a whole, how the defilement that my brothers and sisters were walking in directly affected me. He showed me a picture of Him standing in front of me and His body filled with defilement. He explained that we are one body, and He showed me how their sin makes me sick, and vulnerable to the enemy. He showed me how it is impossible for Him to pour out His Glory upon His church because of her love for this world.

He said He could not consume the church in its current state with His glory, that He had to remove those who were defiling His body first.

At that time he also began showing me visions and giving me dreams about separating the sheep from the goats and the virgins with the oil from those who did not have enough oil for their lamps. During that time of division God continued to show me that He was separating his people into three distinct groups; the “bride”, the “church” and the “flocks” which consisted of the sheep, the goats, and the lost sheep.”

During that time I had a vision of the Lord and Lucifer walking through the sheep pen. The sheep were being inspected for the mark of the Lord upon their life. Then they were being put to a test. First the Lord would speak to the sheep, He comforted them and gave them instruction. Then He stepped back and Lucifer stepped up and began to speak to the sheep. I saw that some of the sheep would run away, slightly confused, but they did not like the sound of the voice talking to them. He continued to try and speak to them, but they would not listen and kept running to the other side of the pen to hide behind the folds of the Lord’s clothing. It was those whom the Lord picked up and put in His sheep fold. This continued time and again, each sheep was tested. Those who forgot the instruction of the Lord, and listened to Lucifer were scooped up and placed in His pen. I saw that each sheep had to choose who’s voice that they would believe.

Those who listened to the Lord's voice and did not follow any other, have been placed in the Lord's sheep pen, they will be spared from the shaking that will commence in the following season. Those who knew and agreed with the enemy's voice over the Lord's have been put into the enemy’s pen so that they can be shaken with the world.

The Lord then began to lay out the characteristics of each group.

The “Church” are those who are the leaders, the Priests, the Pharisees, and the Sadducees. They are those who are in the position of the watchmen, and have fallen asleep. They are those who have been about their own agenda instead of the Lord’s agenda. They are those who preach to the masses and tickle the ears. They are those who dwell in white washed tombs. They are those who were supposed to be leading and tending to the sheep, But the Lord has returned to find them partying with the drunkards, or beating the sheep. They have loved the things of this world or their own ways instead of God’s ways, and have refused correction in their inner man.

The bride are those who have been about the Lord’s business, who have lived by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Through the sifting they have clung to the Lord and given to Him everything he has asked of their life. They have not loved their lives, and have continued to die to self. They have refused to go along with the masses and be lulled to sleep, and as the time of confusion has come upon the church through the sifting they have had their nose to the plow, and their face sent like flint upon their redeemer, their beloved. I have also seen many times that throughout this time the Lord has kept her hidden with the move of the Lord growing inside of her for these end times.

The sheep are those who have washed their robes in the blood of the lamb and they will not follow any other besides the Lord.

The goats are those who claim to be sheep. They have not taken the time to have relationship with the Lord, and can not withstand the temptations of the enemy. When the enemy speaks to them they agree with his voice rather than God’s. They have been playing church, instead of being the temple of the Lord.

The lost sheep are those who are outside of the pen. They have been wandering about with broken legs, and scars so deep that they could not be healed. Those who have come in for healing to the sheepfold, but could find none. They are those who have been taught the word, but have been also beaten by the shepherds.

When they have come to the shepherds and they could not help them, they have been accused of not wanting God enough. In this upcoming time God will send His healing strength to them first. He will collect them and bring them in for healing and strengthening. He will set them free by His power, and then feed them with His word until they are strengthened.

As the Lord has shown me visions of the lost sheep, I have seen that in this following time when the Glory of the Lord comes upon His bride that He will send them to the broken, and the lost first. They will be collected from the Highways and the bi-ways.

I believe this time of sifting and dividing has come to an end, and I believe that the time of the Lord’s movement is at hand. I believe the door’s of opportunity have come to a close. I also believe that a new era is about to begin.

In May, He began to give me dreams about the cancer needing to be removed from His bride immediately. Then He gave me a dream in which I saw the Lord standing over his bride. He had an electric saw. He cut through the center of her, and half of her fell away. Then He stood over her for a little while working on her. When he stepped away I saw that she was suddenly whole again. He had replaced the old cancerous half with a new half that was full of life and vitality.

Two weeks ago I was in my kitchen preparing dinner, and grieving for these things that I had been seeing. Suddenly I saw a vision of the land. It was filled with black horses and black riders, I could not see their faces, but I could feel the excitement of the horses. I could see their heavy excited breathing. The riders were ready, with swords. They were ready to go through the land and begin dismantling everything and everyone who is not of the Lord. I saw that they were not just a spoken word getting ready to be brought to pass, but they were here; ready to do the bidding of the Lord. They are just waiting for the time of release from the Lord.

I woke one morning and He was talking to me about the death, and destruction that is getting ready to come first to His church and then it will move on to the world.

He said it is not about who is good, and who is evil. But it is truly about those who love Him solely versus those who use Him for their purposes. He is about to dismantle everything in the church that is not of Him. The only thing that will be left standing when He is done, are the works that have been created by Him.

I saw that it was not only going to be a dismantling of organizations, but of everything that was not of Him, and was being called Him. I saw leaders that were standing in His way, who were going to be moved, some through death, some through exposing and others through a turning of the hearts.

I began to hear the Lord call it, a transferring of wealth. He said that with the hearts of the faithful of His people, would come the wealth. I saw whole congregations be handed over to faithful leaders and the unfaithful being removed.

I believe that is what He is getting ready to do is to cut away the defilement; the cancer that has been killing His body. I have seen that there will be a time of mourning followed by great release in the Spirit. After the destruction will come the uniting of the bride with intimacy with Jesus, He will take His bride into the bride chamber and become one with her.

At that time the Shekinah glory of the Lord being made manifest in His temple again, which is us, His bride. Then She will enter into the most incredible time in the history of the church; When the Lord unites with His bride, I see that the display of His Glory, and Might will take the place of the "systems" that are in place now.

I have seen visions of His bride praying for those whom have not been able to break free, because there was no display of the Lord's power. I have seen His bride pray, and the fire of the Lord fall and consume the enemy that has consumed His children. I have seen them instantly set free, with only the need to be taught how to "go and sin, no more".

I have seen that out of that time of intimacy and unity then a "spiritual draft" will begin.

At that time the youth will begin being “called out” and summoned up, as the army who is to be sent into the world for the end time harvest. I have seen that we will need to be able to teach them a condensed version of what we had learned. That instead of 2 years of preparation, that they would arise out of nowhere and would need to know how to walk in the Word, and Spirit of the Lord. that He would anoint them, that we would need to teach them how to stay stable in the Lord.

After that then a time of spiritual warring and victory. I have seen the bride moving forward as an army of one together, and I have seen ancient principalities fleeing before the angels of the Lord and the prayers of the saints, and then I saw the end time harvest commence.

I believe that the “cutting away” or the dismantling will begin with the Fast of the 17th of Tamuz. It is a Jewish fast that commemorates the date that the Israelites were taken into captivity, the dismantling of the temple and the destruction of the wall. Every great day of destruction to the Israelites has come on this day. The date of the beginning of this fast is June 29th, 2010.

In January of this year the Lord began to declare that this work would be done by June.

He continued to give me visions of this, and told me to look up events on the Jewish Calendar that commenced in June. The only one that I could find was the Fast of the 17th of Tamuz. It is a three-week fast that ends with the fast of the Fast of Tishba Av. Each day of this last fast they pray, “inspire us not to mourn our own losses, but be there for others in their pain and sorrow, and may we never know loss again.”

Alena Miles

Bob Jones: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Thanks Gary Severson for sending this word from Bob Jones

Gary's Note: Bob Jones is certainly an elderly statesman in the prophetic seer realm in the Body of Christ. I've gleaned the following from a message he gave recently. Bob is a seer, not a teacher. Sometimes he just makes a statement and then is on his next point, and you're not sure if he's left his former point or not. Sometimes he spends a lot of time on one point and you're not exactly positive when he's on another point. So the following is how I heard it. Gary

Word from Bob Jones

The year 2009 was the year of the OX. We plowed repeatedly. It seemed that all we did was plow and there was no or little reaping. We became exhausted with all the plowing. We even became discouraged and sometimes wondered if we had missed God. But God was plowing out things in us and the Body at large so He could use them. There had to been a cultivated soil so that seed that was planted would grow.

That year is over. The year 2010 is the year of the EAGLE. This year vision is carried and it begins to grow. This is the time to get the Word of the Lord out of our mouths as much as possible so it can bear fruit. The eagle has a protection on it that allows it to fly into the sun. Our country (the eagle is our symbol) has a protection on her if we fly into the Son. This year healing will arrive. You will begin to see some incredible miracles, and you will begin to be recipients and do incredible miracles.

The year 2011 is the year of the LION. That speaks of authority. Christians will walk in the authority of God like they have not been walking. We have the same authority that Jesus had on earth. We can do the same acts that He did. In John 14:12 the Lord says we will do even greater acts that He did.

The year 2012 is the year of MAN. The new man in God will begin to be seen. This speaks of unity in the Body, the Jews and Gentiles coming together, the world seeing a different type of Christian. This new Christian walks in love and power!

Though there will be revival pockets before 2013, it will become full scale in 2013. We're talking world wide revival. ( Remember Tim McClellan's prophecy over Jason Hubbard and Jon Hammil?)

Judgments are coming to the Body. Some of them are not for us, but we must trust in God or they will overcome us. The devastation of many others judgments can be reduced by us

1. Severe anxiety--We're not entitled to have this judgment; it belongs to the world. We are supposed to have the Answer to show to others who are very anxious.

2. Fear--This comes from having a big devil and a small God. People will die from anxiety and fear (e.g. heart attacks, suicide, etc.) Our faith needs to be anchored on Jesus, not what the news commentators tell us. In fact, many newscasters are witches putting curses on their viewers and listeners.

3. Depression and self pity--You cannot have your way, but God will have His way. Get over yourself and grow up. Stop living in poverty of spirit.

4. Financial collapse

5. Nicolaitan spirit--This spirit is condemned by the Lord in Rev. 2:6 (church at Ephesus) and in Rev. 2:15 (church at Pergamum). This spirit has victory over or rules over the people. It's the pastor (and sometimes other leaders in the church) being on a different, higher level than the people. The Lord says in Revelation that He hates this spirit, to repent of it, and that He will come against it with the sword of His mouth. The reign of the pastor over the entire church is coming to an end. There will be a community of believers with their various giftings operating. Everyone will be important.

Bob added that it was not necessarily so that the woman would come along side the man and together they would be successful. Wherever he has gone to speak in the United States, it has been the women who have shown hunger for God--about 85% to 15%. It could very well be that the men will come along side the women and be successful.

6. Plagues coming to crops. Bob saw fleas hit the fruit in Florida and wipe out the crop. There will be new viruses and new infections. The medical community will have no answers. These plagues will promote fear everywhere, but we do not have to buy into it. Don't pray to God for help. He's already given us the authority over plagues, but we must rise up and use our authority. Bob gave an example of a virus that hit North and South Carolina a few years back. It killed many people and there was no medicine to stop it. The church pleaded with God to help them.

Then the Lord told Bob in an angry voice that He wasn't going to pull the virus back; He had already given the church authority to do that. So Bob and Rick Joyner came against the virus in the name of Jesus and cast out the curse over the two states. After that, not one person died of the virus.

Watch Iceland. The Lord told Bob years ago that Iceland would be the barometer of what was happening and about to happen both in the U.S. and in the world. The volcano action there is a sign that God is shutting down the world economy. Three years ago Iceland went bankrupt. That's in our future, too. However, how long these things last is determined by us, the Christians.

Let God's shaking only shake out that which is not of Him in you. That way the Christ in you can grow up.

Prophetic alert!

Today at 2:19am

It's now 4:53 am, monday morning. I should be in bed, but at around 3 ish, I awoke from my sleep, for some odd reason I simply could not sleep. Thinking it was just excitement from the past nights service, I attempt to go back to bed and rest, but at 4:45 this morning, the Lord spoke to me and told me a word which I'm going to share with you now.

The Lord stated for me to GET UP, to turn to the book of Jeremiah chapter 8 and to follow the leading of the spirit. I hesitated for a moment, maybe it's just me, but something in my spirit forced me up, so, I climb out of bed and move toward the dresser for my Bible, I kid you not, but here's what happened next. I turn on the light, grab my Bible and i simply open it up, I DID NOT THUMB thru the pages, it automatically was at Jeremiah, chapter 8!!! Wow, okay this is God.

So here is the word from the Lord. Jeremiah chapter 8:6-7 "I hearkened and heard, but they spake not aright: no man repented him of his wickedness, saying, What have I done? every one turned to his course, as the horse rusheth into the battle. (7) Yea, the stork in the heaven knoweth her appointed times; and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe the time of their coming; but my people know not the judgment of the LORD."

The Lord is saying that this nation, which has been blessed, prospered in every way, refuses to repent, refuses to acknowledge God. So God is about to judge the nation.

Verse 11-13 (empasis on verse 13!) "They have healed the wound of my people lightly, saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ when there is no peace. (12) Were they ashamed when they committed abomination? No, they were not at all ashamed; they did not know how to blush. Therefore they shall fall among the fallen; when I punish them, they shall be overthrown, says the LORD. (vs 13) 'I will take away their harvest, declares the LORD. There will be no grapes on the vine. There will be no figs on the tree, and their leaves will wither. What I have given them will be taken from them.'"

Here is the rest of the word. This nation is going to go thru a famine, a famine of bread, of resources and for safety, this nation will begin to face disasters which CANNOT be explained, the oil is part of that, but there is coming this summer and fall something will hinder our fields from bringing forth wheat. I hear in my spirit 3 things which God will judge the nation of America, 1. spiritual 2. Economic 3. Food

There will also be terror that shall come upon the land, I do not know what exactly that means, but I believe it's terrorist events. But what concerns me is this - food. God was dealing with me to focus on verse 13, for he was about to cause weird weather patterns to hinder farmers from growing their annual harvest. There will be lack in this nation for the first time since the depression! I will say that again, the United States is about to face a famine of food sources!

But here is the good news which the Lord instructed me to tell each believer who trusts in him. Though all of this turmoil is about to come on this nation, THE CHURCH WHO PUTS HER FAITH AND TRUST IN GOD SHALL NOT SUFFER! As a matter of fact, the christian who places her trust in the Lord will not go without want! So, don't be afraid nor fear when gas prices go thru the roof, grocery stores can stock the basics like bread, milk and butter. God will take care of each and every one of his children. THIS shall be our greeatest testimoney to the lost, for they will see, the spirit of the Lord is saying that the lost, the world will see our wealth, our prosperity and they will ask how is it possible you are fat in the time of lean? Then you will tell them about me says the Lord and make my salvation known to them. But the Lord says that this will also cause a great persecution against the church, just as Israel was blessed and prospered, her enemies came against her for her wealth. But God is with us.

Listen, I do not believe that we are yet at the door for the world system, but we're getting close. This is the word which God woke me up this morning with and I am now sharing with you.

C. L. Gregory

Resurrection On Scene of Car Crash

In the Spirit of Revelation 19:10, "...the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

By Adam Brandon Short


This past week, everything changed for a Redding mother of a three-year old child. Angela Toth, a 2nd Year student at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, and her husband were there to witness what proved to be an incredible story of God’s intervention.

While stopped at an intersection Sunday night November 8th, Angela and her husband witnessed a car crash that occurred when a young mother ran a red light. In the car was the mother’s 3 year old baby.

Angela and her husband rushed out of their car to the scene, and being an EMT, she offered help to the mother. The baby died on impact, and Angela quickly dialed 911. While on the phone, she had a light bulb moment to pray, and she began praying in tongues. The rescue operator seemed a bit confused.

With the ambulance on its way, Angela and her husband began to pray for the 3 year old baby. Within minutes, the baby came back to life! And by the time the ambulance arrived, the baby was alive and taken to the hospital.

From the Healing Herald.

The Vision of "Hupakouo"

Open HeavenThe door opened and I stepped closer to see what lay beyond the door. A vast depth lay before me. There was nothing as far as the eye could see. Nothing above and nothing below.

Suddenly, a stepping stone appeared and I stepped out on it. Then another and another appeared and each one went higher and higher. I cautiously followed the stones upward.

Then another door opened and I stepped into a new realm. It was a realm of glory and light. It was like stepping into the Teton Valley in Jackson Wyoming on a beautiful summer day. Everything was majestic and full of light. I was breathless at the glory, the beauty, the light, the vastness, and the life.

As I turned to look behind me, a huge angel stood smiling. He was really huge! I turned back toward what lay before me - the future. I asked, "Which way should I go?" The angel replied, "Forward, one step at a time."

I took a step and I saw two angels in front of me about 20 yards off to each side. I took another step and more angels appeared and I realized they were forming a path with each step I took. I could hear laughter in the distance. It sounded like a party or a family gathering full of joy.

"More! More! More!" I heard a voice declare. "More! More! More! Abundance of flow! Abundance of flow!" Then the angel behind me said, "Now is the time to step into the fullness of your future."

The big angel pointed his sword forward and the spirit realm split open from above and glory was released over the path. A voice declared, "The open heaven is over steps of obedience. It is not a place - the heavens open over each person who takes steps of obedience."

The Lord reminded me of all the times He had spoken to me in dreams and visions concerning this realm of obedience that would prevail in these last days. Then He said, "Now you will see this realm of obedience begin to unfold." (End of the Vision)


Obedience: The Greek word "hupakouo" which means to listen, to hear, to heed.
It speaks of one who when hearing a knock at the door comes immediately to listen, inquires who is at the door, and is prepared to open the door.

It also speaks of one who pays close attention to a command. It means to listen attentively, to hear clearly, to listen with the intention of taking action therefore it translates obey or obedience.

There can be no obedience apart from "hearing clearly." There are two types of hearing clearly.

Impersonal Hearing

Impersonal - A simple choice to submit and obey a written or spoken command such as the ten commandments. This was the form of obedience that the children of Israel chose when God wanted to come down into their midst. "Exodus 20:19 Then they said to Moses, 'You speak with us, and we will hear; but let not God speak with us, lest we die.'

So Moses went before God and received the written ten commandments yet it was God's heart to come down in their midst and speak to them personally.

This type of obedience is usually fear based. A fear of the consequences causes a person to obey.

Personal Hearing

Personal - This type of hearing clearly is the result of allowing God to knock on the door of your heart and you give Him your full attention and listen to what He desires to say. It is not a list of commandments or orders. It is a personal relationship that causes a person to become in tune with God's heart so that trust and understanding are a part of the obedience. Trust, respect, love, and relationship are the base for this type of obedience. This is the type of obedience Jesus displayed. He knew the Father's heart therefore He trusted Father God enough to obey even when it hurt. This type of obedience causes a person to not only obey the written commandments but also enables them to hear and know the voice of God when He speaks to them. A deep love between the person and God causes the person to obey.

Impersonal obedience is based in the principle of law. You understand the teachings of your pastor or your church and you understand what the Bible says you should do but you do not understand God's heart in the matter. You simply know that you must obey the rules or you will be guilty of breaking the rules.

In personal obedience you know what is written and you know the heart behind what is written . You also recognize His voice when He speaks to you or through others. You know Him. You follow Him and when you miss it He is there to help you grow and learn from your mistakes which helps to develop the relationship even more.

So when it comes to hearing clearly, personal obedience is the best because you have more than knowledge. You have a personal interaction with God. This is what He has always wanted. You have the Word and the Spirit.

I contend that true obedience cannot be walked out apart from a personal relationship with God that allows you to know His heart, then as you learn His ways of speaking, you can hear clearly which means true obedience.

Invitation to Obedience

In these days there will be an invasion of the earth. It will be an invasion of obedience by the small. It will be average people who know their God. They will hear clearly and take action. This will open the heavens over them and allow the kingdom of God to be demonstrated on the earth.

Are you being equipped to hear clearly? Do you know the different ways that God speaks? Are you being encouraged to recognize that God will speak to you? Are you being given courage to hear God's voice for yourself? Are you being told that it is normal to hear God personally? Did you know it is in your spiritual DNA to recognize the voice of God? Are you sitting on the church pew to be equipped or are you sitting there so you can have an impersonal approach to obedience? Are you afraid to hear God's voice?

No condemnation to you, just an invitation to evaluate your preparation to "HEAR" and obey. Start asking God to teach you to hear Him clearly. Start expecting to hear God speak to you. Be like the doorman who stands ready to hear the knock at the door and inquire, "God is that you?" and then take action to open the door and step out in obedience.

I love you and I believe in you. I expect you to grow to maturity so that we can come to the fullness of Jesus Christ displayed on this earth. I know who you are. You are a race of new creation beings that have been born again of the incorruptible Word of God. Your spirit is alive unto God, and you are well able to hear and obey Him. You are called to put off the old outward man and to put on the new creation identity that has been given to you in Christ. Arise! Shake off the religion, the ritual, the legalism, the pew, and cry out for prophetic teachers who will equip you to hear and obey. Gather together in expectation of His Presence in your midst. Reach for maturity!

Janice travels widely, but she is also one of the key prophetic voices in the Olympia, WA region. We're very thankful for her, for her ministry, and for the hoards of people that she trains (very well!) in the prophetic.

Janice Seney's contact Information
Email: info@thestorehouseministry.com
Website: www.propheticteachings.com

Letter to a Reluctant Prophet

by Chip Brogden
Note: This is not so much a prophetic word, as it is prophetic counsel for all who would prophesy. I don't believe the letter is new, but it is encouraging, and it is profitable (no pun intended), and for those reasons, I share it with you. --Editor

Dear Friend,

It is with a certain fearfulness that I respond to your inquiry, for I am not an authority on such things. I can certainly relate to your reluctance at being identified among the company of the prophets when so many false apostles, prophets, and teachers abound. I wish I could point you in a proper direction, but I can only point you towards the Lord. It is He who selects His messengers, and I have nothing to offer you by way of what to do.

At most, perhaps you can look upon me as an example of what NOT to do, and take some word of counsel from a weak brother who has made many mistakes and endured many failures along the way. Perhaps you too will have to make even the same mistakes in order to learn, yet following my advice could perhaps help you to avoid the unnecessary heartache and cruelty inflicted upon yourself and others when thinking that you are doing God a service.

I would counsel you, first of all, to be a Christian. Do not spend too much time focused on that which is prophetic. Do not come to others as a prophet, but as a child. Let Christ be your obsession, not the prophetic word. For “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” There need not be turmoil in your heart about your calling; it is clear that you are among those that are “the Called, according to His purpose.” And what is His purpose? That you be “conformed to the image of His dear Son.” That, above all, is your first calling.

Many are eager to wear the Prophet’s mantle, but are reluctant to bear the Christian’s cross. This cannot be. Given the choice between Christian or Prophet, choose Christian. Serve God as the earthen vessel you are, in the place you find yourself to be. Perhaps the Lord will indeed use you in some prophetic way, but if not then at least you have been faithful with the “one talent” you have been given. God will not give five talents to those who cannot be faithful with one, and will not give ten to those who cannot be faithful with five.

If you are a Christian first you will remember that you should walk softly, with meekness and humility, while esteeming others as better than yourself. Then the prophetic word, when and if it comes, will be seasoned with the appropriate amounts of mercy and grace. Remember that without love you will inevitably become as sounding brass – all judgment. If we cannot or will not stay in Love, God will set out to humble us shamefully before our brothers and sisters that we may know the depths of our hypocrisy and self-righteousness. That is evidence of HIS great love for all of us.

Now, concerning the prophetic word itself. God will give you the “what”, but the “when” and the “how” are left up to you. “The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.” You can be right on target with the “what”, but if you screw up the “when”, and especially the “how”, you do yourself and others unnecessary harm.

Jesus says, “Take my yoke upon you (this speaks of RESTRAINT on the way WE want to go) and learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly of heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” What then? He gives us liberty to speak, but allows us to suffer for speaking out of ourselves. He bids us to be restrained, to take our liberty and give it back to Him, knowing that we can do nothing of ourselves. He does not force us to wear the yoke, but invites us saying “take My yoke.” By giving up our freedom, we will receive it again.

No, we cannot just do what Jesus did, because Jesus bore the yoke of His Father at all times. We cast off the yoke so quickly. We are untrustworthy, but He is faithful. Let us not just imitate Him, but let us learn of Him. Let us not only be familiar with His Word, but let us become acquainted with His Ways. It is not enough to memorize what He said, we must take His yoke upon us and walk in tandem with Him.

Since Christ bids us to “learn of ME”, beware of those who will try to gain access into your life with an inordinate desire to mentor or shepherd you. We may certainly seek the advice, prayers, and counsel of other mature believers. Even the little children in the Kingdom of God can teach us much. But people can only carry us so far, and there is a certain human pride which results in the teachers trying to form the students into their own image. This will not do. The Anointing, Who is the Christ, will teach you all things. His Spirit will lead you into all Truth. His grace is sufficient. There is no man or woman who can give you anything apart from what you have already in Jesus, for we have been “blessed with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ”.

Do you see dear friend, that God is more concerned with the messenger than the message? Do you see that the minister is more important than the ministry? If the messenger is wrong, the message will be wrong too. If the minister is wrong, the ministry will be wrong. And do you see that the Lord of the work is more important than the work of the Lord? Meditate on these things.

There really is no famine of the Word of God. If God is able to find the right vessel the Word will come forth in abundance. Therefore, He takes much time to mold, fashion, train, refine, purge, break down, build up, discipline and create His prophets. Yield to that process. It cannot be rushed, but it may certainly be hindered. We cannot force the Spirit, but we may certainly quench Him.

Ah, your gifts are given to you in a moment’s time, but your fruit, your character, YOU, develops over many seasons of God’s dealings. Do not be thrilled with your gifts, only observe if you are fruitful in Spirit, bearing much fruit, abounding in love, joy, peace, faithfulness, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, meekness, and self-control. You can be sure that there are more gifted people in the world than you, yet the fruit is what will remain when the gifts pass away. Never neglect the place of abiding in Him, and you will remain a fruitful branch in the Vine.

Expect misunderstanding. Expect persecution. Expect ridicule. Expect mistreatment. Expect suffering. Expect rejection. Then, you won’t be surprised when it comes. And when it comes, shut your mouth, go to the cross, and die so you can live. Learn to kiss the hands that nail you to the cross, for as you are decreased, He is increased. It is not a better living we need, but a better dying. We cannot reach Pentecost but by way of Passover. There can be no resurrection without a crucifixion. There is no crown without a cross. To live, is Christ: to die is gain.

So if you want to boast, take pride in the things that make you weak, for when you are weak, you are strong – in Him. Be afraid of the praise and acceptance of others, for they are the fertilizer for the self-important and grandiose thoughts that are yours by nature anyway, which spring up in the shallow ground of your carnal mind. Carry about the Death of the Lord so you may have the Life of the Lord. Be ready to suffer with Him, that you may reign with Him.

And now, some practical advice:

As much as possible, stay away from money. Freely you have received, freely give.

Have no part in foolish and unlearned questions, either in the asking of them or in the answering of them. Give up your opinions and go to the cross.

Refuse to promote yourself, “your” word, or “your” ministry. If God gives you something to say, let Him see to the promotion of it.

The loftiest spiritual service will never take away from the most mundane earthly responsibility. Take care of your family, your pet, your lawn, your business, your neighbor. Keep your teeth brushed and your hair combed.

Don’t be afraid to make tents. If you want to eat, work.

Be slow to anger and quick to forgive.

Before, you would never apologize even when you knew you were wrong. Now, be willing to apologize even when you know you are right.

This is my counsel, dear friend, and perhaps something I have said in this brief letter will bear witness with you. With these words then, I commit you to the care of the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is able to complete the work which He has begun in you and see you through to maturity, as you are rooted and grounded in Him, being thoroughly equipped and strengthened by His Might which works in those who have taken up the cross to find power in weakness.

Of course, if I may serve you in any way, I hope you will call on me without hesitation, for

I am your brother,

Chip Brogden

from Chip's website, The School of Christ; used by permission.

Testimony: Man Healed While Swinging Him Like A Bridge

In the Spirit of Revelation 19:10, "...the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

By Dawn Richardson

Last week a friend of mine asked me to come over to his flat because he had friends in town and they wanted people to pray and prophesy over them. Well, I went over. We prayed and prophesied over 4 of the 5 people and when I turned to the last one to ask if we could start praying for him, he said, “well, first, could you pray for my head? I have a horrible migraine. It’s the fifth time today and I’m actually planning to go to the E.R. after this to get it checked out.”

“What?!?” I replied. “Well, that’s going to stop right now!” So, we prayed for him. And I asked him how he felt. “A little better, yeah,” he answered. “On a scale of one to ten, what is the pain?” I asked. “Probably an eight,” he explained. “Okay, we’ll keep praying. God, thank you that the pain is going down! Let’s see it totally leave!” In the moments following the pain went to a “7.5″ and people began giving him prophetic words as we prayed. We were recording the prophesies on an audio recorder so, I said, “stop the recording.”

It stopped.

“I have a picture,” I said, “we are swinging you like a bridge, holding your arms and feet and just swinging you and when we swing you, you are going to be totally healed.” Faces in the room turned to shock and wonder. I explained that God likes it when we step out of our comfort zone into faith and I mentioned the story of my friend’s foot being healed. “Well,” the man turned to me, “I would let you swing me, but the thing is, I actually can’t.” “What do you mean?” I questioned. “I have titanium in my back and movement like that would hurt my back.”

“What?” I exclaimed, “well, let’s get that taken care of! that’s easy! Titanium can dissolve just like that!” My friend Sam piped up with a story in which he saw titanium dissolve in a man’s forearm when he prayed for him. So, Sam prayed for the titanium in this man’s back to dissolve. And most of the rest of us popped into praise and prayer exclamations. haha! The Presence of God was in the room like a net pulling in a load of fish, we were being yanked up into the Lord’s boat. haha. After a bit of hot sauna Presence prayer, the man said we could swing him. He was coated in God’s goodness and ready for the next step of faith. Two men took his hands, two men took his legs, and they swung him. And I about fell over in Holy Spirit tornado laughter. haha. I LOVE GOD!!!! I love co-operating with Him!

Well, after some swinging, he stood up and I asked what level the pain was at. He said, “it’s a six. really. it’s going away.” I screamed and lept. Also, in the midst of all this he mentioned that his father recently was told he has brain cancer and that this man was scheduled for a brain check-up soon. Someone immediately said, “we break those words off of you. You have the mind of Christ. There is no cancer in you and we break off any anxiety or fear related to that.” It was becoming clear that much more than a series of headaches was being healed and set free.

Well, as we stood there, he said, “it’s a four.” And I yelled and jumped up and down, all the while laughing insanely in red-cheeked, blushing love for Jesus! “YES YES YES!!! Thank you, Jesus! haha!” And then, he paused in a sort of slow speed moment of evaluation, “It’s gone. It’s gone. Really. All the pain is gone!” HAHAHAHAHA! He was in shock. We all began to laugh and celebrate and he simply stood there in utter shock. Then he smiled and chuckled. He asked if there were magnets around so he could check to see if the titanium left his back. Someone looked, but the magnets weren’t large enough to work, so he said he would let us know after he went through the airport Thursday. He always sets off the metal detector on account of the titanium, so he was expecting to not set it off and therefore know the titanium was gone.

AWESOME!!!!!!! Healed of migraines while being swung like a bridge!!!! HILARIOUS!!!! I love it! God is definitely my favorite AND ONLY God to follow! haha! He’s the Creator! And He’s creative!

And wow, is He normal.

from The Healing Herald

Battle Formations

I saw a formation of battle ships steaming towards the war zone, which was still some miles ahead. The battle group consisted of fifteen or twenty

ships, surrounding a large aircraft carrier in its center. The other ships were support and protection for the aircraft: supply ships, fuel carriers, guided missile cruisers, anti-aircraft warships, submarines, anti submarine frigates, and a couple of large battleships. There were also cargo ships & troop ships traveling with the battle group. I was aware that all together, this formation carried an amazing amount of firepower.

The formation is the church, and she is going to war. She's moving slowly, but she's headed to the theater of war.

As I watched, the carrier at the center of the of the formation launched dozens, if not hundreds, of aircraft. Squadron after squadron swarmed off the flight decks, formed up their positions, and headed off towards the field of battle. The air around the battle group was thick with them, and with all different sizes, shapes and configurations. There were hornets and super-hornets, tomcats, raptors, corsairs, and many other fighters filling the skies and heading towards the horizon. There were also support aircraft: early warning radar planes,electronic warfare planes, anti-submarine helicopters in the air, watching over the battle group. Supply aircraft flew back and forth from the ships' base behind them.

The carrier deck was constantly busy as fighters returned from raining destruction on enemy strongholds, bringing down enemy aircraft, or otherwise completing their missions. Occasionally, a fighter would return slowly, trailing smoke, and the decks would be cleared so she could land safely. The fighters were constantly returning for resupply, new orders and refreshment before launching on another mission. The battle group was involved in a war, but the field of battle was a long way off, over the horizon. The reality was that if the battle ever came to this formation of ships, it would have already lost; a substantial number of the ships and not a few of the aircraft were dedicated to exactly that: preventing attack on the ships that were launching, retrieving and supporting warcraft.

After this had gone on for a while, some of the crew of the support ships and others not directly involved with the aircraft and their missions began to notice, and they began to ask questions about the aircraft who were always coming and going. Why were these people leaving the safety of the formation and heading into dangerous places? Didn't they know that life is safer on the ships than flying into battle? And when the fighters came back injured, or didn't come back at all, fingers were pointed: See! You shouldn't do such dangerous things!

The fighters became aware of the the conversations and it confused them. Don't they know that we're a battle group? That's our purpose: battle. But some of them listened, and wouldn't fly into battle anymore. Others flew towards the battle, but veered off for other destinations, imagining a community of only fighters, forgetting that the fuel and ammunition both came from the support ships. And a few threw themselves into the battle so completely that they no longer had fuel enough to make it back to the ships, and when their tanks were empty and they spiraled towards the earth, they imagined their deaths as glorious.

Brothers and sisters, our purpose is to expand a kingdom. The command is to "make disciples of all nations." Some of us are called to direct action, and are launched toward distant cultures or unfamiliar populations. Others have a primary responsibility in the realm of support, or early warning, or defensive action. But the ultimate reason for our existence, all of our existence, is "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done."

I believe that our present position as the Church is steaming our way toward the field of battle with a focus that I don't believe we have had since the birth of the modern missions movement early in the last century. Some from among our number are flying high enough to see the field of battle, a few are already engaged there, while many others, perhaps the majority of the Church, aren't even aware that we're on course for a very big war.

This war won't be fought with actual aircraft or literal guns; it is to be fought with weapons of prayer, of mercy, of relationships, all as fierce expressions of love.

David McLain, February 2008

The Spiritual Readings Tent!

In the Spirit of Revelation 19:10, "...the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

As an intern with Campus Christian Fellowship on Western Washington University's campus, one of my assignments was to do some sort of public outreach event on campus (in addition to our more ongoing outreach) at some point during the year. I had the urge to do...something you don't see every day! I got the idea from a campus we send one of our missions trip teams to each spring break (California State Stanislaus). I'd heard the stories and figured we had to do it on our campus some time. So what did we do?

We got a big tent, made walls with bed sheets and put it out in Red Square (the busiest most central part of campus) with a big sign across the front of it that said "FREE SPIRITUAL READINGS". The idea is that people are hungry for something spiritual...anything! So they stop by... God gave us a great day of sunshine in the 70's and the tent was full (with two visitors at a time) from 10am-3pm!

When people stopped by, we'd ask them if they were a "spiritual person" to get an idea of where they were at. We'd then explain that (to one person's great disappointment!) we weren't going to read their palms or use a crystal ball. But, we would say that we believe God is real, knows them personally, and can speak to us! Some would be surprised at this. Then we would say we'd start by praying for them. I was surprised that nobody had a problem with that! We would then ask God to show us things about their lives to encourage them and to show His love to them. As we prayed for people, God would always give us things to encourage them with and reveal to us things about their lives. 1 Cor. 14:24-25 says that if all prophesy and an unbeliever enters, the secrets of his heart will be disclosed and he will fall on his face and worship God and declare that God is really among you! And we saw this happen...

We prayed for Grant and Shelby together in a 2-for-1 spiritual reading session. They said they believed in a creator, but were not involved in a specific faith and had never really encountered God. God gave us images and words for Grant about a difficult but rewarding journey he was on to Oregon, that he was a person very respected by others and that he had a gift of leadership in his future career. Surprised, he told us that he was planning to move to Oregon after college to start a business! We then prayed for Shelby. God showed us about her gentle heart, and her love for music (turns out she played at least 5 instruments!), and how she likes to dance. She was also shocked at the accurate words. Grant then asked, "So, wait...how did you say you know this? Can anyone hear from God like that?" We told him that God speaks to all that know Him! I then felt the need to tell Grant and Shelby that God can also heal people. "Wait, like, broken leg healed?" he said. I then shared with him some testimonies of healings I've seen, including God growing out short legs. Grant was fairly excited at this point to tell us that his leg was about 1/4" shorter than the other and asked if we'd pray for him. Of course we did!

We had him sit around the fountain and hold out his legs. Sure enough, one was barely shorter than the other. I prayed for him and then asked him what was happening. He said he wasn't sure if he was making it up or not, but his leg was tingling! We didn't tell him that he may feel anything beforehand. I then had him hold both of his legs out again and they were completely even! Praise God for loving Grant and Shelby so much to encounter them like this!

Overall, it was a packed day and the grace of God was so tangible. We had SEVEN people accept or recommit their lives to Christ! Thank you JESUS!!

Jim & Shaaron Coleman heard good things about a recent Outreach at Western, so they asked Jonathan Taft to write up a testimony about it.

A Great Visitation – Time to Wake Up!

Cindy deVille
A Great Visitation – Time to Wake Up!February 10, 2010

The Spirit of God was heavy upon our 11 year old daughter, Destiny, as she came to us and said.“Mom and Dad, God just spoke to me, and told me to come and tell you something.” This really caught our attention, as this is not something she normally does, so we asked in anticipation what God had said. She was trembling slightly, and we all felt the presence of God as she shared a vision she had of a great harvest, and that God instructed her to tell us the following:

“Prepare your fields for rain, for I am coming!”

Wow! This was a very meaningful word to us, as it came from our precious daughter (Joel 2:28), and also reminded us of the prophecy called “A Great Visitation” we received two years ago, January 20th, 2008.

Today, we believe God would have us share “A Great Visitation” once again. It is hard to believe it has been two years since God gave this to us, and yet our hearts are stirred today as never before with a sense of urgency, for the Church to prepare and make herself ready for this Great Visitation, and His Glory to be seen (Isa. 40:5), even this year!

When we look at the many prophecies in God’s Holy Word, we rarely find specific dates or times given regarding their fulfillment. The prophets of old would speak into the future under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, then confidently released the outcome into the hands of an amazing God, who always performs His Word at just the right time, just as He did on the day of Pentecost.

God instructed us at the beginning of the year to Wake Up His Church, to Shake Her Up! It is time for the Church to Awake from her complacency and slumber! It is time for her to prepare herself, just as this word says.

Prepare Everywhere – He's Coming to Visit!
We need to keep in mind, this Great Visitation, His Glory is not coming to entertain us or just to make us feel good, but to transform and change us, His Church! This will be a time of great change in His Church! A time to set His house in order! A time of great cleansing, purifying, unifying and making ready the Bride of Christ to rise up and Be Glorious in the earth! Preparing us for His great end-time work – to bring in the harvest of souls, and for His return!
(Also see the "End Time Vision: 7 Doors" here)

Pray, Listen, and Pass it On
Below is the prophecy “A Great Visitation” God gave us during a time of deep intercession for His Church. We pray it brings encouragement and also a sense of urgency of what is coming as this new decade unfolds. It also includes an audio reading from a previous message introduction. Please prayerfully read, listen to it, and pass it on to others as the Holy Spirit may lead you.

Prophecy: A Great Visitation
January 20, 2008 – Cindy deVille (Read by Pastor Jeff Baldwin, Heartland Church, TX)
Listen to the reading of "A Great Visitation" (3:12)

"There is coming a Great Visitation to the earth.
A Great Visitation by My Spirit.
A Visitation such as the earth has not seen or heard.
I will move in unprecedented ways!
I will visit MY HOUSE
I will visit the WHITE HOUSE
I will visit your HOUSE, oh man of God!

So prepare, oh man of God prepare! Prepare everywhere, prepare.
For I will come with great power, and I will cleanse and I will purify this hour.

I will separate the precious from the vile,
I will remove all things from My house that defile!
I will, I will, I will says the Spirit of God,
I will fulfill ALL My will in the earth and in My Church, all My plans shall succeed.
I will have a GLORIOUS CHURCH, and she will rise up and do great wonders in the earth!

Man has made his plans but it is MY PURPOSES AND PLANS THAT SHALL PREVAIL for I cannot fail!

Tell Me, who can stop or stay My hand when I decide to move throughout this land?
There is No power, No force, No government, No man that can stand against My Spirit or My plans!

So I am calling you Oh Man of God!
RISE UP, Rise up and take your place. RISE UP and seek My face.
It is a Day of Visitation so prepare, RISE UP and come to the Holy Place!
It’s time to cast aside every weight and sin that would hold you back and pen you in.
Remove every impure and unclean thing before your eyes,
the enemy has sent them for your destruction and demise.

Arise Oh Man of God, it is your day of visitation.
I am calling you to be Holy as I the Lord your God am Holy.
You must turn from and hate your sin,
Only then, I can begin to commune with you again!

RISE UP out of your confusion and disgrace!
RISE UP oh Man of God and SEEK MY FACE!
RISE UP out of your SLUMBER!
For the enemy of your souls, he knows, he knows, he knows his days are numbered.
He has planted snares everywhere. With a violence and a vengeance he has unleashed
strong spirits of seduction, delusion, and deception upon My Church and My people.
Spirits to draw you away and to devour you as his prey.

It is the Day of Visitation so Rise up, oh man of God and draw your sword.
Wake up its time for war! It’s time to fight for your life!
We are nearing the final round and now starts the count down.
You must get up off the floor, you must get up and draw your sword!

I Am here, and there is a great cloud of witnesses cheering you on.
Don’t give in, Don’t give up, we are so close to the end – so RISE UP, RISE UP, RISE UP!”

We encourage you personally, and all the Body of Christ to be ready and waiting, anticipating this great thing that God is about to do! We close with a reminder of the word our daughter shared:
“Prepare your fields for rain, for I am coming!” Amen.

"I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy..." Joel 2:28

'The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than the former,' says the LORD of hosts..." Haggai 2:9

"The glory of the LORD shall be revealed, And all flesh shall see it together; For the mouth of the LORD has spoken.".Isaiah 40:5

Cindy deVille. Shekinah Today. February 2010.