Chuck Pierce – Everett, WA Part 1

Chuck Pierce – Everett, WA - October 21, 2005


It is a blessing to be here with you. It has been one of my favorite places to come over here through the years with Dan Hammer and getting to know you up here, watching the Lord transform us. I feel like this gathering has been ordained by the Lord. Let’s thank the Lord for what he has done thus far.

Now I am going to be showing some power points tonight. Let’s just bring the lights down lower so that we can see better. Yes, that will work better. We are in a great season. We don’t have to ask the Lord to visit us. He is coming down and doing all sort of things with us. It is really interesting what He is doing all over the world, yet it is very interesting what He is doing in this nation. I think last night that you heard Dutch sharing his burden for this nation. I don’t know of anybody that has carried the burden of this nation and counted the cost like Dutch Sheets has, so let’s just thank the Lord for him and bless the Lord. It was a real joy to go to all 50 states. It was quite an undertaking. I look back at when we were here and I think it was December, 2003. Wow! That was such a wonderful meeting here and I think you are going to find it very interesting tonight. You who have gotten the book, Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation, and read the report on Washington will see how significant you are the next three years and why we would be here for a time such as this.

Why would we be doing a warfare conference? You know we used to do these back in the 90’s all the time and we sort of pulled aside. I can remember we decided to do two Future War Conferences in 2001. We did one the weekend before 9/11. We did the next one the weekend after 9/11. That is how significantly timed those gatherings were. One was in Virginia Beach and one was in California. Peter and Doris couldn’t even get a flight and had to drive to California right after that because of the intensity of things. So it was really interesting and why we have chosen to do this this year right now is because we are in a season of war and it’s almost like now the body of Christ is beginning to see we are in war. It is not as prophetic about us being in war now. Really it is how we are going to move forward in war.

Many of you know through the years I have always studied the year. I don’t operate in the Roman calendar; I operate in the Hebraic calendar and have done so for years and years. The Lord began to reveal that to me in the 1970’s, so it is just something that I have walked in and it has become a way of life. The thing about the Hebraic calendar is every year has a distinct meaning about it. And it’s that meaning that causes us to understand what God is doing in that year so we can respond to him right. See, God is sovereign, and God’s not in time like we’re in time, but we’re in time. And so you want to understand times and seasons. That’s what Dutch was teaching on this morning.

We just started our arm of the Wagner Leadership Institute in Denton because we felt like we had to do our DNA, which is prophetic intercession and my anointing has been that Issachar type of anointing. Now, the Issachar tribe, what they would do is, where they were when you read the context of I Chronicles 12, they were in war and they were bringing revelation to the people on the times so they would understand the times and know what to do so they could shift from Saul’s government into David’s government. See, that’s the context of that passage. You’re leaving one government, one earthly spiritual realm of government and you must know how to transition. Well, one of the things that Peter was sharing that I began to see, because every year for about 20 something years, I’ve looked at the year from a Hebraic standpoint to understand prophetically what the year was going to be like. And it’s just been very, very clear for me and then, by knowing the Word, you can take, once you understand the meaning of the year, you can take it and process it based upon what God is saying in the Word over what will be happening during the year. And it gives us very accurate prophetic insight, because God doesn’t do anything without first telling the prophets what He’s going to do.

Now, I want to say a couple of things. I feel like God chose this area for this meeting. Now, I want to say that very carefully and very clearly, because I believe our steps are timed and ordered by the Lord. As I said earlier, He asked me to go to all the port cities this year, all the major port cities this year, which I have successfully accomplished to pray at, because the Lord said He was dealing with port cities and to leave Seattle for last. And so, this is the last port city for me to go to that would surround our nation. And He then instructed us that we were to have a warfare conference here. Now, He does that for a reason because we’re constantly looking at the East Coast concerning attacks and wars because of the populous state (of the density of the population there), but this actually will become a war center for our nation. I want you to just sort of write that down. I want you think about it. I want you to start getting prepared for it, because God has chosen this area for a very peculiar time.

Now, when I first started communicating to the body over this, the body had a hard time grasping, well the body’s had a hard time grasping a lot of things, but they had a real hard time when we were at Oklahoma in a meeting and the Spirit of God fell on us and I literally fell on the floor. I don’t usually do that, laid on my face, prostrate, got up and began to declare that we were going to war. And God is so giving us clear revelation over our nation going to war and where we were headed in days ahead. Then, knowing where we were headed and understanding the Hebraic concept, now I want to go ahead and say this as we go through this tonight, because I feel like tonight’s very important. I don’t feel like I’m supposed to preach. I’m not sure what kind of teaching you call this, but I know it’s important that you get this. And I know He’s drawn us here to get this tonight so we can begin to say, “This is where we’re headed.” And then, tomorrow, we will enter into another dimension before we leave here and, of course, I’ll be with Pastor Dan and here at Sonrise on Sunday morning for both services.

In studying the Hebraic, now Hebrew is an interesting language. It’s very much like native culture, native and Hebrew are so very closely related and it makes you look at some things from a prophetic standpoint. But their letters, their numbers have word meaning, which have letter meanings that you can really begin to interpret the wholeness of what God’s doing and understand it very carefully and very clearly. So, in October Rosh Hoshanna of 2001, I began to study in that year what was ahead. I began to study in October of 2000. Then, as we progressed into the year, I got very, very clear direction over where our nation was headed. I was one of the few people, this is one of the few times I’ve experienced this, I was one of the few people that I could find that were saying we were going into a war season. Most prophets were not saying that. They were not embracing that. The body was not embracing it and yet, I know God very, very well, and I know His voice very well, so I had to say it and Becky and I had the book, Future War of the Church ready for the body of Christ. And I got lots of flack over it. I’ll just be real honest with you. It was a real trying time because it was like I had to just stand and say, “Well, Lord, You know I hear You and I’m just going to have to trust you to deal with this and I want to keep my heart right in it.” You’ve been in situations like that. You don’t want to try and convince people you’re right. You don’t want to do that. That’s pride. You don’t have to do that. You just have to sort of wait it out with the Lord, you know, while people are just looking at you like you’re crazy.

We were in Mississippi and on September the 10th and it was the message God had given me. And I was there and then the prophetic fell in Mississippi. It was the largest church in Mississippi which is pastured by very good friends of ours. And the prophetic fell and I shared and said, “And I see the East Coast and I see fire and explosion on the East Coast.” And I began to give this word about going to war and what we were to do, how we were to prepare ourselves. One guy stood up and rebuked me. This was a meeting of about 1500, double this meeting, and said, “You’re leading the body of Christ astray by telling them we are going to war in this nation. We’re not even supposed to be embracing warfare. You are leading the body astray.” And I sat there, behind the pulpit, and I said, “Lord, now, I want to be very nice and gracious to this fella. And I said, well, and I was thinking in my mind, you know, the last time I was here and the Klu Klux Klan surrounded the church, Lord, I just wish you’d do something with this group down here. I just wish you would deal with them. I mean they are enough to run a sane man stark crazy. I mean, you know, they’ve got so many issues down here. And so I’m sitting there thinking that, but I wanted to be nice, you know. And so I said, “Well brother, all I can tell you is you’ll probably see this sooner than later, so it’s a choice how you receive it.” That was on September the 10th, 2001.

We were back there for the 50-state tour and that man came and apologized tremendously and asked me to forgive him. Now, it was a very interesting time for us and that’s what I want to go through because that started a season. A season in the body of Christ is called kronos. That means it’s a period of time that God is accomplishing something. We don’t have a choice because He’s sovereign, but to allow Him to develop us in it. And so, in that, beginning the year 5762, it’s between these years. The Hebrew is different. September 2001, see, we were shifting over into the year 5762 and the Hebrew that year, for beginning September at Rosh Hoshanna, in 2001, meant the beginning of war for seven years. Peter wants the war to end at the end of seven years, but what it really means is this is a time for you to contend for your covenant blessings and there will be earthly foes contending against you for your covenant blessings. And so, it meant the Lord was throwing us into a place of contending for our future and for our children and for our children’s children and for our territories and everything else.

Now, notice 2002 that was a very interesting year in the midst of war. It was called the Sabbath Day Rest Year. In other words, now, here’s the concept of rest, it’s where you secure your place. That’s what rest means. Rest means you have entered in and you have pressed past into a new place of faith. See, so what the Lord began to do with us in 2002, in the midst of this was say, “Let me try to increase your faith.” That’s when we wrote this book on the Shield of Faith, because I studied that faith that year from one end to the other. The shield of faith doesn’t look like a shield like we think. It’s a door. And so you want to understand the shield of faith, but I was at Barbara Yoder’s and I was speaking at the beginning of our calendar year, and all of a sudden I saw this. The body of Christ, they were on a bull. Now, if you’ve ever studied, watched bull riding, the Lord said, “This is going to be a violent year for us.” The bull ride is 8 seconds, violent year, and what God did with me is showed me what would happen through the eight months leading up to August, just very clear.

Then the third year of this war, turn to you neighbor and say, “You know I’ve made it through the first few years here.” Now, this was where we shifted into a new place of revelation where God said, “I’m going to start showing you secrets and mysteries and surprises. I’m going to start just showing you, revealing myself to you.” We’ve been talking about revelation, but the Lord also said that year, it was a year to run with the horses, that you were going to have to, and so he told me to pray for all the horse states and to go to the horse states, so I did that. I went to many of them, called them forth, went to Kentucky, went to lots of the places with that because the Lord was showing us that year that if you didn’t learn to run with the horses, if the footmen had overtaken you, the horses would surely overtake you. So, He said, you’ve got to get running. You see what I mean. You’ve got to learn how to get on paths that are overtaking you.

Now, what concerns me a little is, I feel like the body is playing catch up. I feel like it’s because we’re not prophetic in America. Now let me just be real honest with you. We’re not prophetic. We care about establishing our life and making sure we’re comfortable. We’ve got our driven purpose which is although awesome, it is more about me and you, individually, instead of understanding the purposes of God and how it’s related to the earth and the land and the atmosphere and what God is doing in our midst and how we interrelate corporately. And so that year wasn’t the easiest year either.

Then we had 2004. Now, this was the past year and this was the year 5765 and it means we are just ending this year in the Hebrew. And 2005, see it crosses over when you start looking at the calendar. It started in September 2004. It’s gone to October 2005 because this was a leap year. It was a year to circle, surround and it was a year to violently praise and God said, “Instead of the enemy plundering you over and over, you were to surround the enemy’s camp this year with praise.” So, it was the year that He was making the body more expressive in who we are and I’m going to show you this in a moment.

And then we have just entered the year 5766 in October 2005. This is a year of staking your claim in the midst of the whirlwind. You might want to write that down. Now, I’ve waited to, this is the first time I’ve put this line up here for anywhere we’ve been. And I’ve waited to do that knowing what the Hebraic here means because you would think, well, I mean, we’re back to Florida again with the whirlwind. We’re back to the Gulf Coast where Wilma can hit the East Coast, but the only state when you look in the 50 state tour, that God called the whirlwind state was Washington. So that makes it a real interesting year for you.

And so the Lord told me very clearly that I needed to make it a priority this year, knowing what the year was about, to be with you at the beginning of it. And to stick with you through the year in prayer, mobilizing prayer, because you’ve become, you see, Dutch probably had never looked at it again since we’ve been here, and he was saying, “All eyes will be on Washington, well it’s the whirlwind state and it’s the year of the whirlwind.” So, all of a sudden, you’ve got to come into an understanding up here like never before. Then you’ve got Oregon which was God’s choice of the state that would overthrow the Jezebel structure. There’s something major going on up here in the Northwest. We might as well thank God we’re entering into a new year, just clap and thank Him.