A Call To Remember - Part 1

Todd Bentley

Time flies. So, before we begin this week’s teaching, even though our annual Secret Place conference is over two months away in January, I want to note something of great importance with you well ahead of time.

Bob Jones, who will be one of our guest speakers at Secret Place, is a true seer prophet and he was sharing with me recently that only now, after several years of being invited by Fresh Fire to come and speak at one of our conferences, is he released to come. When I asked him why now, he said his mandate is to finish something that actually began for him at The Gathering, in Whistler, Canada (a ski resort near Vancouver, BC) in the summer of 1995. He said this will ultimately affect the spiritual atmosphere tremendously over our region. Therefore, I believe Bob is not just coming to be a “guest speaker” but he is coming with the word of the Lord. Here’s more.

Bob said (paraphrased): “Todd, the mandate the Lord has given me is to come and set people free from the religious spirit. In fact, years ago when I was at The Gathering in Whistler, the Lord gave me a prophetic word about a great outpouring coming to Abbotsford and the Northwest, and a great revival like the days in the Latter Rain. There was a man at Whistler who told me that the same prophecy was given by someone who was originally from the Latter Rain movement, one of the last Latter Rain prophets. He said, ‘Bob, I gave the same prophecy, years ago in the Latter Rain outpouring, but the religious spirit caused a resistance.’” Then Bob said to me: “I really feel that God is going to give us victory and authority over that religious spirit.”

Not only did that religious spirit try to take him (Bob) out, it also tried specifically to take me (Todd) out as well, said Bob. He felt that this spirit is the one trying to wipe out all the prophets in Canada, and he knows from the Lord that it’s time to come back and break the religious stronghold, here, not just in Abbotsford, but in the Northwest. He feels a real specific assignment from the Lord to continue and bring the impartation of that word he originally gave. Although he was speaking about breakthrough and revival for the Northwest, the reverberations and ramifications will massively affect the body of Christ at large.

Friends, you can see that during this conference and beyond we will have the opportunity to cleanse the spiritual atmosphere; a divine cleansing that will actually clear the way for true revival. What an absolutely tremendous way to begin the New Year! So really seek the Lord about coming up to Abbotsford to the Secret Place and participating with us in advancing God’s strategic purposes for this hour.

Todd Bentley, Date: 2007-10-22
Fresh Fire Ministries