A Dressing Room for the Bride: Marysville, WA

December 15, 2000

I heard the Lord begin to decree and declare in and over Marysville, WA. I saw a great eagle coming over Marysville, I saw this eagle bringing on its back Timothy Sherman and I heard the Lord say, 'This is only the first of many prophets and apostles that I am landing in Marysville. They will come and go but behind them they will leave an eternal deposit of pure gold tried in the fire of My heart and passion. A gold of faith that will lay down its life for the Bride...'

I saw Marysville as a DRESSING ROOM for the Bride. A Holy place of preparation that will resound to the uttermost parts of the earth the Lord's end time desire for His church. I saw in the Eagle's beak a scroll, it was addressed to, "THE CHURCH IN MARYSVILLE." Written on it was the strategy, words and intents of Jesus for His people and His church in Marysville. Then I heard the cry of the angel of the Lord, "Who is worthy to open up the Lord's heart for Marysville, His purpose and His plan?"

Many hands went out to try and open the scroll, but it was only when all the hands of different color and denomination reached out together were they able to open up the scroll of God's heart for their city and church. Native hands, white hands, black hands, Asian hands, male and female, young and old, together they reached out and touched the Lord's heart and found what was written there. I heard the angel say again, "It is only when they come together as one will they have access into the Lord's heart and His power for their city. It is only when all hands reach together that the door of the Father's heart will be opened."

I saw a building and on its door posts was written, "JUDAH PRAISE CENTER." I saw the inside and outside of this building, I saw James Berkley and others that resided there. They were rebuilding the wall that had been torn down. They were repairing the breach and restoring the land from the desolation of many generations. Young and old and of all nationalities were rebuilding the wall, and as they built I saw the name on the door posts and now it read, JUDAH PRAISE CENTER INTERNATIONAL." The Lord had expanded the places of their habitations and strengthened their tent stakes. He had lifted up their eyes and showed them the height, width, length, and depth of the harvest. Their vision now took in the nations of the world from Marysville, WA.

Chad Taylor