The Skeleton's Resurrection

Late 2002:

In my dream I went into a building and I was waiting for
Pastor George Coley (Olympia Metro Church) to come after finishing a meeting. The room was completely empty except for a 6’ long table off to my right and a few chairs…it was like a waiting room. But on that table were the bones of a complete skeleton perfectly arranged. As I studied the bones I could see that there was still some flesh on them…some ligaments or tendons or something. I couldn’t figure out why this skeleton was laying out like this in public.

About that time Pastor George came up the stairs at the end of the room from his meeting. He was all fired up…he kept pacing back and forth and back and forth while speaking in tongues rather loudly. It was very intense. Then he walked over to the table and began to call out to the bones, “GET UP! GET UP! WHEN ARE YOU GONNA GET UP YOU LAZY BONES?!” Suddenly, the bones began to come together and tissue began to form. I watched as this woman’s body was completely re-formed and she sat up, fully clothed, looked at us, got off the table and walked out the double doors at the end of the hall.

By this time, I was on my face weeping as it was all I could do. A few minutes later the girl returned to the room and had another guy with her…he was wearing a white coat, like a doctor’s coat. I asked her, “Do you know what just happened to you?” She said, “yes, I do.” I said, “Where were you?” She said she was with Jesus. Then the Doctor guy spoke up and said, “Do you want to hear the crazy part? The first thing that was restored to her was her optic nerve. She saw her body reform and come back together. She saw it all with her own eyes.” Then I woke up.

On Tuesday of this week (early October, 2007), the Lord reminded me of this dream and as I was sharing it with my husband I believe the Lord gave me some clarity to the word that has a corporate application as well. I believe that the woman/girl in the dream represents the Church…in this case, specifically the Church in Olympia. I understood that the Lord was going to call forth those dry bones and bring new life to the church. I kept hearing in my mind the phrase, “The first thing that must be restored to the Church is vision.”

Beth Archer, via email