Prophecies over Canada's Lower Mainland

Prophetic Words For Vancouver at Red Deer Conference

March 5th 2002 Chuck Pierce

....and I want to say to you, the Lord is about to move on British Columbia. If you're from Vancouver, get ready! There is a shaking. There is an incredible shaking coming into the Vancouver area, so get ready for a move. There is a penetration that is coming in there. There is something that is going to bring in that place national attention to that area. It will be a window of opportunity for you. That's a key, key time to look for.

As a matter of fact, there is also going to be a shake up in the financial system of this nation that's coming. And in the shake up of the financial system you're going to see certain people at a very high level being exposed. It's going to be the entry way in for God's plan in government, civil government, to begin to get in place and sweep acrosss this nation. Get ready, big changes are coming, but you as the church have to respond. You have to move right.

March 6th 2002 - Cindy Jacobs speaking over Pastor George Johnson of Harvest City Church, Vancouver

Just when I looked at you, I thought - faithful, faithful. The Lord shows me that you are going to see a revival my brother. And that you are hungry, you're really hungry for more, you're really hungry for God, and that you've reached a point in your life of shift and transition.

The Lord says : not only you, but those you are associated with, are going to see a move of the Holy Spirit. You're going to see God come to your city. You're going to see God come. And you're going to see God come to Russian speaking people, and the Lord is going to set you in a high place and the Lord is going to give you favour. This is the acceptable year of the Lord. Not everyone will understand. Some will not understand even the changes you're going to make.
But the Lord says: I will never leave you and I will never forsake you. I'm going to be with you in this new wave of the Holy Spirit. And the Lord says: ride that wave. And your generations will rise up and call you blessed says the Lord, and the youth will rise up and call you blessed. This shift is of me, says the Lord.

Mel Mullen:

Let me give you some inside information. This man pastors a church in Vancouver and remember last night there was a word about the revival that is coming to Vancouver.

Cindy Jacobs:

Let's agree : Father, for Vancouver, you want to visit, oh there has been so much prophecy about revival coming to Vancouver, so much prophecy! Lord we agree! For a revival to come crashing on the shores of British Columbia.

Oh, the Lord shows me it's the whole province, the whole province, the whole province! And that the Lord is going to cause you to plant, plant, plant, plant! You're going to plant churches, you're going to have the anointing of increase and increase and increase.

Enlarge the place of your tent says the Lord! I'm going to give you new property. I'm going to give you what you need says the Lord. I'm going to give you millions of dollars to build. I'm going to cause you to build a big barn and the Lord says you're going to heal a schismed city that is hurt and broken hearted, for I'm going to cause you to come with the father heart of God in the broken heart of a move of God, says the Lord.

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