Prophetic Words for 2017

A new gate is opening in the spirit as God is releasing a backlog of revelation and blessings. 

Prophetic Words for 2017

2017 is going to be a time in which many of the least likely people begin to awaken to God’s love. A long-awaited start of global awakening and revival will take place. Many of these people have been rejected by the Church, but God is saying, “I have not forgotten them and their cries have reached my ears.”

Praise the Lord, all you nations; extol him, all you peoples. For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord. Psalm 117:1–2 (NIV)

The world is going to awaken to the awesome power of the Lord. There is a reason for all the turmoil and attacks. It is the enemy not wanting us to see what God is about to do. God is more powerful than Satan and some people have fallen into the trap of looking at the storms and believing this is judgment against us. God has a solution in the midst of it all that will unfold in 2017.

Due season is now overdue

The lives and ministries of people were brought into the Courts of Heaven over Rosh Hashanah last October 2016. Last year, the Lord examined our lives with the highest level of the heavenly court system. Daniel 7 Ancient of Days court sessions were held over us all. This is similar to the level of the Supreme Courts on Earth.

Everyone went through an assessment to see if we are ready to advance to the next level with the Lord. Many people were promoted spiritually this year and the Lord is now releasing special plans and assignments for those who have walked through the painful preparation it takes and are crying out for mercy and not judgment.

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.Galatians 6:9 (NKJV)

I heard the Lord say, “This is your due season and it is overdue for many.” Do not give up as this is a season to reap. It is not far off. Things are going to begin lining up for you over the next few months. The Lord has not forgotten you! For many, the very reason you came to Earth is about to be revealed in 2017.

Wind of Change coming

Expect to see backlogs of blessings and unanswered prayer come to you over the next 3 months. Between now and March things will start to line up with greater clarity. What currently looks like losses will suddenly turn around for many people. Though it seems that darkness is winning, after March this is going to take a quick turn for the good.

I have observed that the Wind of Change angel from Heaven shows up March through May each year. Expect the Wind of Change to blow heavy this year. It will help remove debris from our lives and uncover new hidden treasures.

I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name. Isaiah 45:3 NIV

Angel is ready to dance

God spoke to me that many forgotten prophetic words from the past are coming to us in 2017.

I had a spiritual experience at Rosh Hashanah on September 28, 2011 in which I saw an angel that was in position and about to dance. In the vision the place where I saw the angel standing looked like a combination of San Francisco, Las Vegas and Hollywood.

The Lord said that when this angel dances it will shake things open and release finances, favor and an anointing to bring people into God’s Kingdom. In the experience, many of us had been waiting a long time for this angel to dance. Then without warning, it danced and the ground shook and golden coins filled the streets.

This is the release of Kingdom finances that will be needed to impact the world for God. It is also a shaking coming in the way we do things. Watch for this angel to dance over your city!

Two moves of God coming

There are going to be 2 moves of God.

1. The first is going to be inside the Church and in the lives of Christians—it is designed to awaken and prepare us.

2. The second is a wave of revival that will be geared to those who have been rejected by Christians or have been considered unclean or even an abomination. What is coming might seem to be a stretch to many people, as some of our current ways of doing things will not work to reach those who have been rejected. I have been prophesying this for a number of years now and I call this group the spiritual outcasts. They are the ones that did not fit into churches or had a bad experience and went away, never to return.

Billion Soul Revival

This year will be the start of the Billion Soul Revival—though it will not look like it on the surface. Do not despise humble beginnings. The late prophet Bob Jones prophesied this revival would happen. Sadly, Bob died in 2014 without seeing the fulfillment of it.

On September 22, 2016 I heard a counsel meeting in the Courts of Heaven. It was about Bob Jones’ life and ministry and his prophecy of the Billion Soul Revival. Many people have forgotten about it, but God has not forgotten this prophetic promise and plans are being made now to fulfill it on Earth.

During the counsel meeting, the tasks of fulfilling the revival were split into thousands of assignments. No one man or woman could carry this mantle alone. Bob carried the strategies; but now the actual fulfillment plans are being released to us.

A new Jesus People movement coming

The Jesus People movement of the late 60s–early 70s was the last known revival in North America. This was a theologically messy movement as many hippies turned on to Jesus and became Jesus Freaks.

The Jesus People movement started in San Francisco and was taken to Southern California and then to the world. This movement had a strong belief in miracles, signs and wonders, faith, healing, prayer, the Bible and powerful works of the Holy Spirit. It changed the face of Christianity and broke the religious spirit of that day. Sadly, it was rejected by the majority of the Church.

There is a new Jesus People movement that is going to start in San Francisco again. It will not start with the hippies as it did then, but it will be among the sexually broken and the Fatherless generation crying out for God’s love. 2017 will mark the start of something new in San Francisco that will go to Southern California and then to the world.

A Golden Gate opened

The Lord spoke to me to go to San Francisco on New Year’s Eve 2016 and open a gate in the spirit that will release the strategies for the next coming revival. I tried that night, but it would not open until the next day when I repented on behalf of all the people who have cursed and judged San Francisco.

As I removed these curses, the gate opened over the city of the Golden Gate. This is a key to opening revival and blessings over your house, church, business, city and nation.

The Glory of God is returning in 2017

During the Jesus People movement in the early 1970s there was a strong presence of God’s Glory. It was like a liquid anointing or tangible atmosphere that could be felt by many people. Without God’s greater glory and power, we will not be able to be part of a revival and movement as big as what God has in store for us.

In 1975, the Lord spoke to Bob Jones that the greater Glory of God was going to leave the Church because it was used for man’s gain instead of for revival and the Lord’s work. On March 17, 1977 Bob saw this glory lift from the Church and it has not returned since. Yes, there are people who still carry portions of it, but overall, the glory of God has not been on the Church at large since that time.

March 17, 2017 is the 40th anniversary of the Glory departing. This is the year that the Glory of God is going to return to the Church. Like the glory of the 1970s it will not be limited to the four walls of a Church. Similar to the Jesus People movement, the Glory of God is coming with signs and wonders, healing and miracles and will begin to touch those outside the church and into the streets.

In closing, I am not saying all of these things about the big revival will take place in 2017. But God is planning and positioning us for them.

This will indeed be a year that started out looking evil and dark but will end with greater hope and more of the light of the Lord being released.

Get your hopes up as God has not forgotten you!


Doug Addison

FOR SUCH A TIME, Kris Vallotton

For Such a Time: Prophetic Insight for 2017

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been noticing that in the last year or so some very unusual things have happened in the world. Many of these occurrences are unexpected and have got me thinking and praying about the time that we are living in.

In the Bible we can see how God directed specific seasons in time for specific ways He wanted to lead His people. I know God continues to deal with us in the same way today, and I feel a shift in our season. 

The ancient Greeks had two words for time; chronos and kairos. Chronos refers to clock time—time that can be measured in a quantitative way, whether that be in seconds, minutes, hours, and years. 

Kairos, however, is qualitative. It measures moments in time by what they encompass; the right moment, the opportune moment or the perfect moment. I believe that we have just entered one of the most exciting kairos moments in history!

In 1 Chronicles 12:32 we can see that the Sons of Issachar understood the times, “Of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do…” Not only did they understand the times, or season they were in, but they also understood what they were supposed to do. God has given us prophetic insight into what kind of season He has taken the world into— it’s an exciting one at that! We must understand the new kairos moment God is bringing us into, so that we can partner with the grace He’s releasing on the earth!


Here’s what I’ve noticed: there have been unusual, against-all-odds-moments across the professional sports, political and religious realms that we can all learn from. For example, on June 19th, 2016 the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship in Game Seven. The Cavs came back from a 3-1 deficit to defeat the Golden State Warriors, which had never been done in the history of the NBA! Furthermore, the Warriors set the regular season record for the most games won in a season by winning 73 games. The Warriors’ Stephen Curry made a record 401 3-points shots the same season. So how did the Cavaliers end up beating such an amazing team like the Warriors?

This could be an isolated incident, but it’s not. On February 5th, 2017 the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl, beating the Atlanta Falcons in overtime. No team has ever come back from a 21-point deficit to win a super bowl but the Patriots did! Beyond that, there has never been an overtime game in the history of the Super bowl! There’s something to this!

These unusual occurrences aren’t just happening in the sports world. Nobody predicted that the British would vote themselves out of the EU, but against the odds on June 24th, 2016 England voted to leave the European Union. Once again, this is not an isolated event. 

Let’s take a look at the United States. Donald Trump became president of the U.S. defeating 15 other Republicans candidates for the nominations. He went on to beat Hillary Clinton in the final race for president. There wasn’t a single straw poll that predicted Trump would win. The day of the election he was down in the polls as much as 12 points. But once again against all odds, Trump won 3084 of 3141 counties! 

Whether you voted for Trump or not, the facts are clear that this was unusual and unpredicted. I’m not saying this was a fulfillment of a prophecy, and I’m not endorsing Trump, but I’m simply saying this was a sign of the unusual time we are living in.

In the religious realm we also see breakthrough moments that are outside of our ordinary experiences. 2017 marks the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Last year, Pope Francis declared that Catholics and Protestants are one church in Christ, ending 499 years of division! This year begins a year of unity between the Catholic and Protestant churches! 

Today I want to propose to you that we are in a very special kairos moment, an opportune moment when divine favor is meeting divine opportunity. This is not only a moment for sports, government or church leaders, but it’s a moment for the entire world!


I believe that there are three specific things that mark this moment in time:

1) Acceleration – I believe that things that normally take years will happen suddenly. Just as Nehemiah only took 52 days to rebuild the city walls (Nehemiah 6:15), there will be supernatural grace to get things done quickly and even suddenly.

2) Unusual occurrences – I believe that things that never happen will occur against ridiculous odds. Just as we see in 1 Samuel 14:6-15 when the Lord delivered Israel by the hands of two very young men.

3) Supernatural interventions – In this season, there will be things that come about in ways that make no earthly sense. We can see an example of this in Judges 6 and 7, when Gideon defeated a massive army with simple trumpets and breaking of jars.

Could it be that you were born for such a time as this? (Esther 4:13) Today I want to encourage you to align your spirit with what Holy Spirit is doing on the earth! I believe He will show up in your life through acceleration, unusual occurrences and supernatural interventions for the benefit of the world! 

Where do you see yourself in this kairos moment? What is God speaking to you in this moment in time? 


Kris Vallotton is a prophet with Bethel Church, Redding, California.
Their webcasts reach around the world.
Though in California, Redding is considered to be part of the Pacific Northwest, both socially and geologically.


My dream life continues to increase and change with His directions and I am continue to be amazed by the depth and breadth of His plans for us. Last night I had a dream both for me as an individual, but for those who have been struggling to see their worth in Him

In the first scene I was asleep – dreaming about a situation – when my wife reached over and woke me up with those words that no one really wants to hear. Honey wake up I think there’s someone in the house.

I reached under my bed to my pistol storage safe and removed my 1911 45 ACP, flashlight, and opened the door.

There was light filtering down the hall \way from the living room area, and as I began to step out into the hallway I saw potato chips spread out along the carpet. I knew right then that this was serious – the chips were meant to be an alarm to alert the prowler that someone was up and moving. Little did they know that I had Samuel Peter – my 14 year old Sheltie and champion chip remover (his nickname is Hoover because no food stays on the ground long).

I quietly moved down the hallway, turned the corner and confronted a bushy headed white male squatting down working on one of my small safes.

I pointed the gun and light at him and directed him to stop, put everything down, and put his hands behind his head. I then told my wife to call 911.

Then it began to go from bad to scary…my wife froze and couldn’t call 911, and the bad guy refused to respond, and in fact turned around and with a smile said “I don’t think you appreciate your situation…”

He was right, but I called 911 and the voice strangely answered “Hi Dale, what can I do for you”. First my name is not Dale, and second this is not how 911 operators are trained to respond. I tried to give the operator the information, but something told me that my expectation of law enforcement showing up any time soon was overly ambitious.

As I confronted the burglar, I heard sounds to my right – around the corner towards the kitchen, I backed up to take a better position to cover both individuals and a youngish woman (late 20’s) came around the corner, addressed the burglar, and then saw me.

At that point all heck began to break loose, and as if in slow motion, I saw other members of their team out by my garage and storage shed breaking in, and realized that there must be at least a dozen bad guys – my next thought before I started shooting was –

But I don’t have that much stuff to make it worth this big of a team to steal…..
Another one of their team came through the side door with a pistol in his hand, and at that point it became a them or us situation. I told him to drop his gun, he refused and began the motions to raise his pistol and shoot – I shot before he could finish hitting him square in center body mass. He stumbled but didn’t go down.

Other team members began to converge on the house and I kept shooting, with the same results – for some reason the 45 wasn’t effective and I needed a bigger weapon.

I moved along the back wall when another one of our dogs (looked like a cream colored Afgan hound) came bounding to my defense – but then began to play with one of the bad guys (ok, I’m thinking this is not really working) I gave the “kill’ command and the dog became a bit more aggressive but not to the level needed to protect us.

I managed to get to my hidden gun safe, pulled out the AR-10 and began to engage both the up close and far off targets. I was accurate with my fire, but still they wouldn’t go down. And of course the police hadn’t shown up yet – which I had anticipated.

At that point I woke up and began to have a conversation with Holy Spirit.

The first thing He said was

“Natural weapons - no matter the size - are ineffective in the supernatural battle. The team invading your home was not natural, but supernatural – along with their human helpers (the 911 operator). My children need to quickly understand a couple of things

1. You truly are in a serious life threatening battle –but it is not against flesh and blood
2. The enemy sees your TOTAL spiritual treasure that you are often not aware of (your current and future inheritance) and his goal is to kill, steal and destroy

That’s why he sent such a big team into your house – your spiritual treasures are simply beyond your ability to fully grasp – and his goal was to disrupt the plans I have for you.

BUT I have a better plan, to take this and to increase even more beyond your current understanding, to create a situation where your awareness of your spiritual authority will be without question, and instead of the enemy attacking you – YOU WILL TAKE THE BATTLE TO HIM!

The police represent the current church structure, they can be effective in some situations when mobilized but they have to be notified. The 911 operator represent those Pastors and leaders who have forgotten their first love and their mandate from Heaven and willingly or not – have chosen to hear the wrong voices and refuse to train and mobilize those I have given them.

THIS IS ABOUT TO CHANGE - but for now understand – that truly the Battle Belongs to the LORD – and I’m going to be showing many of My children new weapons and strategies for the days ahead and I’m training those to use the BIG GUNS...”

Martin Best is a prophetic voice in the Northwest.