Leaving the Pain Behind

Kris Vallotton

When I was at the Heaven Come Conference in LA this past weekend I felt like God spoke to me about some very specific things, including the subject of pain. There’s something profoundly available in this season for people to walk out of pain and I believe there’s an anointing available to change your season. Even though I’ve taught on pain before (whether that be depression, anxiety, physical sickness, heartache etc.), I actually feel like this is more than a teaching today—it’s a prophetic declaration. We’re in the 500th year of the reformation when the protestant movement was birthed. I felt like God said that we are entering Reformation 2.0 and that He’s going to do some crazy things in this season. So, all that to say, get your hopes up!


I want us to take a look at a story in Scripture that’s a beautiful representation of what it’s like to step away from pain. John 5:2-8 (emphasis added):

“Now there is in Jerusalem by the sheep gate a pool, which is called in Hebrew Bethesda, having five porticoes. In these lay a multitude of those who were sick, blind, lame, and withered, waiting for the moving of the waters; for an angel of the Lord went down at certain seasons into the pool and stirred up the water; whoever then first, after the stirring up of the water, stepped in was made well from whatever disease with which he was afflicted. A man was there who had been ill for thirty-eight years. When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he had already been a long time in that condition, He said to him, “Do you wish to get well?” The sick man answered Him, “Sir, I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up, but while I am coming, another steps down before me.” Jesus *said to him, “Get up, pick up your pallet and walk.” 

Think about it. This man was at the healing pool for 38 years. He had watched others get healed while he was still waiting on his miracle for 38 years! Can you imagine the discouragement he was living in? I’m surprised he hadn’t given up yet! Then Jesus asked him a question. I think this is a question we all need to ask ourselves—do we want to get well? Some people go to the doctor or the healing rooms and never get well because they come with hopelessness and the expectation that they will leave that place sick. This is because they’ve learned how to live and cope with the pain. Many people come to the of pool promise but hopelessness reduces them to the pallet of pain. However, Jesus wants to take your pallet of pain and transform it into pulpit of purpose! Today is the day your pain is supposed to go, and I want to encourage you to pick up your pallet and walk! 


Many people reduce their life to accommodate their pain instead of deal with it. The truth is that we’ve all experienced pain in life. An adage I live by is that you can’t always help what happens to you but you can always help what happens in you. I’ve been with people who are in tremendous pain and don’t feel the emotion of it anymore because they’ve reduced their life to accommodate it. They’ve numbed themselves. When we numb the pain we can’t figure out the source, so we try to fix the symptoms but our lives just get worse and worse. I encourage you to step into the pain because God wants to heal you, not numb you.4 things you should know about pain:

1. Pain is rarely the problem; it is almost always the symptom. Give yourself permission to dig deep and find the root of what’s going on.
2. Pain will lead you to the source of your problem. It’s actually a gift and a lead to follow.
3. The level of your pain does not always determine the depth of your problem. For example, a sliver in your finger can feel like you need to chop off your hand because the pain is so bad!
4.Ignoring pain or being afraid of pain often leads to bigger problems.


When you’re walking out of pain it’s important to create a culture of wholeness around you. Don’t listen to sad music or watch sad movies when you are processing through your pain. Don’t sing songs to your pain, but rather sing songs to your victory! Don’t minister to your pain or make it comfortable! Don’t try to live with it, rather make sure you’re working through it and getting it out. The Bible says we WALK through the valley, so don’t stop and camp out there. So how do you do this?

Recently I asked pastor Bill how his weekend was and he told me he had a great weekend and spent a day listening and watching to the prophecies that were given to him and Beni over the years. I was like, “Uh… I dug a ditch this weekend!” Haha. I just want to say that Bill has developed a culture of testimony and prophecy around himself, so that his weakness became his strength. He has fed his soul and spirit with God’s truth, with testimonies of what God has done in his life and in other people’s lives, and the prophecies that fill him with the hope of what’s to come. He has truly strengthened himself in the Lord. Over the years he refused to be a depressed man and rather created a culture of prophecy and testimony around him. We, myself and I’m sure many of you, now get to feed off of that. What I want to propose to you today is that you can do the same thing! You can feed off of the testimonies of breakthrough you’ve heard and the prophecies spoken over you! You can create a culture that others get to feed off of. But you have to leave pain so that you can get up and walk in breakthrough.


I feel that we are in a kairos moment for stepping out of pain, which reminds me of a passage in John 21. When Jesus rose from the dead he went to find the disciples in a boat. They had been fishing all night and Jesus yelled out to them from the shore to ask if they’d caught anything. They replied to say no, and that they’d been fishing all night. Jesus told them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat. Now let’s just think for a second. You’d think that if they were fishing all night that they’d tried their net on both sides of the boat! But Jesus asked them to do it one more time. My point is that sometimes it doesn’t take a new action, but rather a renewed action to see breakthrough. Sometimes Jesus asks you to do the thing you’ve been doing just one more time. I feel like this is a “try it again” day—whether that means going to the doctor one more time, going to the healing rooms one more time, calling your son or daughter that you haven’t heard from in years one more time…Today is the day that you can walk out of pain. The Lord is saying “take up the pallet of promise and move on.”


Some people may be offended at this blog. It’s not always easy to hear “get up and walk” when we’ve been waiting for our breakthrough. Think about the man at the pool of Bethesda… when Jesus told him to pick up his pallet and walk he could’ve jumped into a myriad of reasons for why he was sick and honestly taken offense. But when God is giving us the command to get up and move on, we have to purpose to not be offended! He’s not saying it with a calloused heart; He’s saying it with profound authority!

There’s something powerful about refusing to get offended when the Lord says to be strong and courageous while you’re looking fear and discouragement in the face. Receive the grace that comes with the word even if it feels harsh, and determine to be affected by His command instead of offended by it.


Today, regardless of why you’re in a hard season, I want to encourage you to declare this out loud over youself. The power of life and death is in the tongue so let’s speak life over ourselves! Ready? Here we go: “I am leaving my pain behind. This is my day of deliverance. This day, the Lord will deliver me from the things that have plagued me and my family for generations. This is the day that the Lord decreed that I would walk out of a place of misery in every area of my life. Today’s breakthrough will affect and infect my children and my grandchildren. We will create a legacy of breakthrough. Hope and peace will be named among the attributes of my family lineage. Our family will create a culture of wholeness. What feeds us and walks us out of pain today will become our strength, and thousands of people will come to our house to get out of pain and find promise!”

Like I said before I’ve taught on walking out of pain a few times and I want to give you my teaching notes today. Simply click here to check them out. They include steps for walking out of pain that I hope will help you! I’d also love to hear from you in the comments! Let me know your thoughts and testimonies below.

September 27, 2017, Kris Vallotton

Apple of Your Eye Anointing that He is going to release over the state of Washington and over Seattle, Washington.

Washington Stand.

In worship the Lord began to show me a massive Apple in the Spirit. I said, God what is that, and he said it is what I am releasing, I am releasing the Apple Wine in Washington.

He said in Seattle, Washington, in the northern part of the country, in the northern part of the west coast, the Apple Wine is going to flow from the Mountain of God.

I see the New Wine of Heaven coming and I see God releasing a Fresh Marking, a Fresh Release of the Peace of God, of the intimacy of God, the Apple of Your Eye Anointing that He is going to release over the state of Washington and over Seattle, Washington.

I also see the firestorm moving in and moving out and moving in and moving out and the Lord is marking you today with New Wine in the Glory He is marking you today with the Apple of His Eye anointing of Intimacy with God and I see the Peace of God being released right now the peace that surpasses all understanding being released in Jesus name!

Released at The Fire and Glory Outpouring, San Diego, CA
Jerame Nelson
February 13, 2016

Pillars are Changing

“Many of My children are and will be experiencing a change of PILLARS in their lives, individuals
that they have looked up to for personal strength and support. As your Mother has always been a pillar for you, many of My children have pillars as well.

This is a season of rapid change and for the replacing pillars. These pillars have done their work well and it is now time for them to move on, some to come home to Me, others to new endeavors.

However, in order to raise the ceiling for those who I have called to new heights – I must replace the pillars.

Many may not see or appreciate what is happening at this moment in time, but soon they will see and know that I have set in motion a plan for the next season of their lives that will see them rocket to new heights.

So do not despair at the loss of your pillars, yes for some there will be a grieving process, but as My process says I will never leave you nor forsake you, so trust me as things are changing and be prepared for the new heights that I am leading you into.”

~Martin  Best, July 2017
Shelton, Washington

A Season of Bumbling Around

One of the things that I do is I look at the seasons, the “big picture” view of what’s going on in the Spirit.  

This is an interesting one.  I call it the Season of Muddling Around. My brother Craig refers to “fuzzy-fog of not-quite-sure-what's-next.”

It’s a season where God doesn’t seem to be giving as much direction as he has in other seasons. You may experience it as “OK, what do we do next” in your home group or your church gathering. Or you may be having a hard time finding clarity in life choices or in addressing perplexing situations.

Paul went through a similar season. In Acts 16, Paul and his traveling ministry team finished one project, and had trouble finding the next one. They were “kept by the Holy Spirit” from ministering in Asia, and “the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them” to minister in Bithynia. This was a challenging transition season for him.

What’s this? The Holy Spirit is preventing them from preaching the gospel? That’s the Great Commission; God can’t be stopping them from obeying what they’re called to do! Yep, that’s what it says.

It seems like a number of believers are experiencing this sort of thing: just trying to do the thing that God has called you to do, but God’s not blessing it, God’s presence isn’t in it, or he stops you before you ever get started.  

So a lot of us are in a season of “bumbling around.” We’re trying this new thing, or that tried-and-true thing, and it’s not working. It’s easy to get frustrated in this season.

If you’re feeling some of this, let me say a couple of things to you:

  1. No, there’s not something wrong. God does different things, or does the same things in different ways, in different seasons. This is that season. This isn’t because of sin, or because you’ve “missed God.” Remember, this is a transition period. It’s temporary.

  1. This is actually a season of promotion. You’ve been maturing, growing up. You don’t need as much direction from Daddy as you used to need. You can make more decisions for yourself and for your place in the Kingdom. Think of this as a season of taking new “baby steps” and learning to walk as mature sons and daughters.

  1. Of course we stay plugged in with God, we stay intimate and connected, eyes on Jesus and ready to hear. Paul eventually had a dream that told him where to go, and it led to a surprising new ministry.  The end result of his transition was pretty awesome.

  1. Don’t be shocked if God leads you in a surprising new direction. Don’t freak out if he takes you in an entirely new and unexpected direction. Likewise, don’t choke if he takes you in the direction you expected, but it turns out to be completely different than the way you thought it would be, or than it has ever been before.

  1. In the meantime, keep doing what you’re doing, and keep your ears open. Stay in healthy relationship with solid people, and keep talking together about what God is doing, what he’s saying.

  1. And stay ready to change gears, quickly if necessary.

So congratulations on the new place in God! Well done! Now, are you ready for the next step? 


A Word for the Prophetic Movement

by Mark Sandford,

In mid-April I began to feel purposeless, as if I were going nowhere (in spite of the fact that the opposite is true). I felt heavy and dead, and could take little joy in ministry. I have encountered many prophetic people who have been feeling the same way. But when I tell them why, their heavy feeling lifts.

Have you been feeling this way? Here's what I'm sensing. A change is coming in the prophetic movement. The movement began with a vibrant vision: we would rediscover the prophetic gift and office, and bring them back into the life of the Church. Joy came to many as prophetic words were fulfilled, but immature zeal has had its way. The need for accountability has been eclipsed by a quest for the excitement of prophecies (especially personal ones). We want so much to hear from God that we often fail to test prophetic words, as Scripture commands (1 Corinthians 14:29, 1 Thessalonians 5:20, 1 John 4:1).

Although the Bible regards false prophecies as a very serious matter, too many Christians treat them as a non-issue. A prophetic leader may give false prophecy after false prophecy, and it doesn't even occur to followers to test his words. When even our watchmen are not held accountable for their actions, who is left to warn teachers who would stray into heresy or pastors who would fall into sin? Ample objections come from the internet attack dogs who spew their vitriolic fire hoses not only on fires, but on the very fire of the Holy Spirit. But not enough prophetic voices are speaking out with the balance of firmness and compassion needed to protect the precious gifts with which God has entrusted us.

I sense that in order to protect His children from themselves, at this point the Holy Spirit is applying loving discipline by sending thousands of prophetic Christians into what St. John of the Cross dubbed, "the dark night of the soul." . If you are feeling the heaviness I have described, you may be one of them.

Or, if you have already been through the dark night, such feelings may signal a call to pray for others who are entering into it. God often causes us to feel what others feel, to prepare us to pray from a stance of empathy rather than judgment. If this describes your situation, you are probably beginning to feel lighter even as you read this, for you are realizing that the emotions you have been feeling are not your own.

In the sixteenth century, in his book, "The Dark Night of the Soul," St. John noted that when Christians discover spiritual gifts and mystical experiences they too often fall into spiritual pride, either knowingly or unknowingly, desiring to use these to gain notoriety. Some, aware of this temptation, become overly scrupulous. They desperately attempt to scrub every imperfection from their souls, unaware of a hidden motive to find peace in their own perfection rather than in the arms of a gracious and forgiving God.

St. John saw both of these reactions as expressions of "spiritual gluttony." Through his own suffering he learned that whether we are ravenous for notoriety or perfection, God cures us by putting us on a "spiritual diet." The following are signs that this is happening:

-- You may no longer find pleasure in the things of God or life in general.

-- You may no longer easily feel God's presence, have mystical experiences or hear prophetic words.

-- You may find it difficult to pray, feeling little or no enjoyment in it.

-- You may feel spiritually dead.

-- Because of all this, you may feel like God has abandoned you.

-- You may feel like you are backsliding.

--You may feel like everyone has forsaken you, especially your friends.

You may take all this to mean that God has removed His presence. Quite the opposite is true; He has increased it! It only feels like He has removed it, for two reasons. First, during the dark night you may feel like you are walking from a dimly lit room into full sunlight. The brightness of His holy presence can seem blinding, so that you can't see the light of His presence until the eyes of your spirit slowly adjust. Second, Malachi 3:3 says that God refines us like gold and silver. His increased presence can heat up the metal of your heart, causing dross to surface more quickly. You can become so aware of your sins and the deadness of your soul, that at first you do not perceive that His presence has increased.

You may also think the dark night is punishment or reaping for wrongdoing. It is not; it is God's way of leading you to despair of relying on your own strengths, abilities or gifts. In the process, you may discover sins you were previously unaware of, but these did not cause the dark night; they were merely revealed by it. So don't blame yourself for the dark night; be thankful that God is using this experience to build humble character that reflects more of His likeness.

How long must the dark night last? St. John suggested that in order for it to be effective, it should last at least a few years, but that is not absolute; there are many exceptions. It will last however long it takes to get you to the point of despair of self and then beyond it, to where you can abide in Christ, resting in the knowledge that without Him you can do nothing (John 15:5). Only God knows how long that will take.

Meanwhile, do not try ever harder to hear God or spend extra hours in fasting or Bible study in order to jump-start your stalled spiritual sensitivities (not that you should avoid these activities, but do avoid basing them on this motive). Rather, lean into God's embrace and cling to Him like a child in need. Jesus said, "Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all. And He took them in His arms and began blessing them, laying His hands on them" (Mark 10:15-16, NAS).

To live in Jesus' embrace is, quite simply, God's goal for the prophetic movement. For what is the ultimate purpose of any prophecy, whether it be a word of encouragement, a warning, or even an announcement of impending discipline? Simply to draw us closer to God. What, then, is most destructive to the prophetic movement? Focusing on prophecies instead of God.

For those of you who have been feeling the heaviness in brothers and sisters who are entering the dark night, pray that this will not be a time of torment for them. Torment will come if they strive to recover the thrills His gifts once gave them. Pray for the grace to let that go and to embrace the choice fruit which God designed this season to produce -- sweet contentment in the arms of a loving God. Imagine the babies Jesus took into His arms in Mark 10. Were they prideful? How could they be?

Babies have no gifts or achievements in which to take pride. Did they seek gifts instead of God? Babies know nothing of such things. All that matters to them is the rapturous heart-to-heart and spirit-to-spirit flow of the Father's love. "Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all." How we squirm in His arms! We would rather be down on the floor where we can play with our spiritual toys.

If you go through the dark night, spend a great deal of time in the quietness of God's embrace. Choose to soak in His presence, even if you cannot yet feel it. Eventually you will! The wait will cultivate patience and humility. Having endured a period without spiritual accomplishments, more than ever, you will know that you truly can do nothing in the power of your flesh. You will become more aware of your shortcomings and sins, yet be far less self-conscious and more self-accepting than before.

And when you finally begin to imbibe the deep satisfaction of the Father's love, it will make you "poor in spirit" (Matthew 5:3), for you will no longer feel the need to become rich in spiritual gifts. When gifts come, you will enjoy the God who gives them. When they are absent, you will enjoy God.

When the dark night has made you into a child who knows no reason for pride, it is then that God will increase the gifts, not only because you can be trusted with them, but because there will be less danger that you might use them to bring harm to yourself and others. And although you will be more able to feel God's presence and power, you will no longer see feelings as the measure of God's presence and power.

Lust for emotional highs will fade within the placid stillness of God's heavenly hug. And you will be able to invite others into that peace; you will be able to speak the truth -- even hard truth -- from no other motive than love.

Not everyone's "dark night" will look exactly like that outlined by St. John of the cross. Throughout Scripture we see saints who experienced elements of it, but each one's list of woes had its own configuration. What was common to all is that their time of suffering always led to the same blessed place.

David wrote, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" (Psalm 22:1 NAS). But he also wrote many of the most joyful Psalms. Job complained, "I cry out to You for help, but You do not answer me" (Job 30:20, NAS). But his life after his time of trial was twice as blessed as before (Job 42:12 NAS). In Lamentations 3:1-33, Jeremiah mentioned many of the elements of the dark night. He complained, "He has driven me away and made me walk in darkness rather than light (vs. 2, NIV). "Even when I cry out and call for help, He shuts out my prayer" (vs. 8, NAS). "My people...mock me in song all day long" (vs. 14, NIV). "I have been deprived of peace" (verse 17, NIV). "My splendor is gone and all that I had hoped from the Lord" (vs. 18, NIV).

Although Jeremiah's prophetic gift brought him nothing but rejection from his countrymen, he found his blessed place in God's embrace: "Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope; because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness" (vss. 21-23).

In Lamentations 3:24 (NIV), Jeremiah said, "The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait on Him." This outlook was what got him through his trial, and the increase of this outlook was the end-result. What is your portion? The extent of your gifts? The "high" they make you feel? The admiration they inspire in others? Being right when others are wrong? Your mind might protest that this is not so, but only God knows your heart. He knows how long it will take you to learn to really live the words, "The Lord is my portion."

You may pray that the length of the dark night be shortened, but do not be dismayed if it is not. I sense that for many, it will last for the next three to four years. For you, it may last for any length of time within that time period. During that season, prophecies may be scarcer than before. Spiritual highs may be harder to come by. But afterward, you will find yourself in a place to be guided by a new vision -- one centered on the simple premise that it's all about the Father's love.

Jesus said, "Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds" (John 12:24, NIV). In order to bear the fruit God intends, the current prophetic movement must die -- not die off, mind you, but die to its present form and state, to be resurrected into the balance that God intends for it.

"The Lord is my portion." When this season passes, for those who have allowed God to have His way, this may become the catch-phrase of the new vision for His prophetic movement.



Some backstory: 

Recently, I was reviewing old posts, and my attention was drawn to this word, and my spirit jumped on it. "This is for a lot of folks right now."   

Mark Sandford (the author) contacted me about it and pointed out that this was a word given four years ago about the four year period that just ended.

He adds, "For those who have been through that time in the dark night, it would bring hope to let them know that the four year period ended in mid-April. Please mention that. And mention that this doesn't mean that everyone's dark night lasted for exactly that four-year period, but it does mean that many people are now getting beyond it."

In any case, yes, he'll have a follow-up word for it this summer. 


Prophetic Words for 2017

A new gate is opening in the spirit as God is releasing a backlog of revelation and blessings. 

Prophetic Words for 2017

2017 is going to be a time in which many of the least likely people begin to awaken to God’s love. A long-awaited start of global awakening and revival will take place. Many of these people have been rejected by the Church, but God is saying, “I have not forgotten them and their cries have reached my ears.”

Praise the Lord, all you nations; extol him, all you peoples. For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord. Psalm 117:1–2 (NIV)

The world is going to awaken to the awesome power of the Lord. There is a reason for all the turmoil and attacks. It is the enemy not wanting us to see what God is about to do. God is more powerful than Satan and some people have fallen into the trap of looking at the storms and believing this is judgment against us. God has a solution in the midst of it all that will unfold in 2017.

Due season is now overdue

The lives and ministries of people were brought into the Courts of Heaven over Rosh Hashanah last October 2016. Last year, the Lord examined our lives with the highest level of the heavenly court system. Daniel 7 Ancient of Days court sessions were held over us all. This is similar to the level of the Supreme Courts on Earth.

Everyone went through an assessment to see if we are ready to advance to the next level with the Lord. Many people were promoted spiritually this year and the Lord is now releasing special plans and assignments for those who have walked through the painful preparation it takes and are crying out for mercy and not judgment.

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.Galatians 6:9 (NKJV)

I heard the Lord say, “This is your due season and it is overdue for many.” Do not give up as this is a season to reap. It is not far off. Things are going to begin lining up for you over the next few months. The Lord has not forgotten you! For many, the very reason you came to Earth is about to be revealed in 2017.

Wind of Change coming

Expect to see backlogs of blessings and unanswered prayer come to you over the next 3 months. Between now and March things will start to line up with greater clarity. What currently looks like losses will suddenly turn around for many people. Though it seems that darkness is winning, after March this is going to take a quick turn for the good.

I have observed that the Wind of Change angel from Heaven shows up March through May each year. Expect the Wind of Change to blow heavy this year. It will help remove debris from our lives and uncover new hidden treasures.

I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name. Isaiah 45:3 NIV

Angel is ready to dance

God spoke to me that many forgotten prophetic words from the past are coming to us in 2017.

I had a spiritual experience at Rosh Hashanah on September 28, 2011 in which I saw an angel that was in position and about to dance. In the vision the place where I saw the angel standing looked like a combination of San Francisco, Las Vegas and Hollywood.

The Lord said that when this angel dances it will shake things open and release finances, favor and an anointing to bring people into God’s Kingdom. In the experience, many of us had been waiting a long time for this angel to dance. Then without warning, it danced and the ground shook and golden coins filled the streets.

This is the release of Kingdom finances that will be needed to impact the world for God. It is also a shaking coming in the way we do things. Watch for this angel to dance over your city!

Two moves of God coming

There are going to be 2 moves of God.

1. The first is going to be inside the Church and in the lives of Christians—it is designed to awaken and prepare us.

2. The second is a wave of revival that will be geared to those who have been rejected by Christians or have been considered unclean or even an abomination. What is coming might seem to be a stretch to many people, as some of our current ways of doing things will not work to reach those who have been rejected. I have been prophesying this for a number of years now and I call this group the spiritual outcasts. They are the ones that did not fit into churches or had a bad experience and went away, never to return.

Billion Soul Revival

This year will be the start of the Billion Soul Revival—though it will not look like it on the surface. Do not despise humble beginnings. The late prophet Bob Jones prophesied this revival would happen. Sadly, Bob died in 2014 without seeing the fulfillment of it.

On September 22, 2016 I heard a counsel meeting in the Courts of Heaven. It was about Bob Jones’ life and ministry and his prophecy of the Billion Soul Revival. Many people have forgotten about it, but God has not forgotten this prophetic promise and plans are being made now to fulfill it on Earth.

During the counsel meeting, the tasks of fulfilling the revival were split into thousands of assignments. No one man or woman could carry this mantle alone. Bob carried the strategies; but now the actual fulfillment plans are being released to us.

A new Jesus People movement coming

The Jesus People movement of the late 60s–early 70s was the last known revival in North America. This was a theologically messy movement as many hippies turned on to Jesus and became Jesus Freaks.

The Jesus People movement started in San Francisco and was taken to Southern California and then to the world. This movement had a strong belief in miracles, signs and wonders, faith, healing, prayer, the Bible and powerful works of the Holy Spirit. It changed the face of Christianity and broke the religious spirit of that day. Sadly, it was rejected by the majority of the Church.

There is a new Jesus People movement that is going to start in San Francisco again. It will not start with the hippies as it did then, but it will be among the sexually broken and the Fatherless generation crying out for God’s love. 2017 will mark the start of something new in San Francisco that will go to Southern California and then to the world.

A Golden Gate opened

The Lord spoke to me to go to San Francisco on New Year’s Eve 2016 and open a gate in the spirit that will release the strategies for the next coming revival. I tried that night, but it would not open until the next day when I repented on behalf of all the people who have cursed and judged San Francisco.

As I removed these curses, the gate opened over the city of the Golden Gate. This is a key to opening revival and blessings over your house, church, business, city and nation.

The Glory of God is returning in 2017

During the Jesus People movement in the early 1970s there was a strong presence of God’s Glory. It was like a liquid anointing or tangible atmosphere that could be felt by many people. Without God’s greater glory and power, we will not be able to be part of a revival and movement as big as what God has in store for us.

In 1975, the Lord spoke to Bob Jones that the greater Glory of God was going to leave the Church because it was used for man’s gain instead of for revival and the Lord’s work. On March 17, 1977 Bob saw this glory lift from the Church and it has not returned since. Yes, there are people who still carry portions of it, but overall, the glory of God has not been on the Church at large since that time.

March 17, 2017 is the 40th anniversary of the Glory departing. This is the year that the Glory of God is going to return to the Church. Like the glory of the 1970s it will not be limited to the four walls of a Church. Similar to the Jesus People movement, the Glory of God is coming with signs and wonders, healing and miracles and will begin to touch those outside the church and into the streets.

In closing, I am not saying all of these things about the big revival will take place in 2017. But God is planning and positioning us for them.

This will indeed be a year that started out looking evil and dark but will end with greater hope and more of the light of the Lord being released.

Get your hopes up as God has not forgotten you!


Doug Addison

FOR SUCH A TIME, Kris Vallotton

For Such a Time: Prophetic Insight for 2017

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been noticing that in the last year or so some very unusual things have happened in the world. Many of these occurrences are unexpected and have got me thinking and praying about the time that we are living in.

In the Bible we can see how God directed specific seasons in time for specific ways He wanted to lead His people. I know God continues to deal with us in the same way today, and I feel a shift in our season. 

The ancient Greeks had two words for time; chronos and kairos. Chronos refers to clock time—time that can be measured in a quantitative way, whether that be in seconds, minutes, hours, and years. 

Kairos, however, is qualitative. It measures moments in time by what they encompass; the right moment, the opportune moment or the perfect moment. I believe that we have just entered one of the most exciting kairos moments in history!

In 1 Chronicles 12:32 we can see that the Sons of Issachar understood the times, “Of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do…” Not only did they understand the times, or season they were in, but they also understood what they were supposed to do. God has given us prophetic insight into what kind of season He has taken the world into— it’s an exciting one at that! We must understand the new kairos moment God is bringing us into, so that we can partner with the grace He’s releasing on the earth!


Here’s what I’ve noticed: there have been unusual, against-all-odds-moments across the professional sports, political and religious realms that we can all learn from. For example, on June 19th, 2016 the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship in Game Seven. The Cavs came back from a 3-1 deficit to defeat the Golden State Warriors, which had never been done in the history of the NBA! Furthermore, the Warriors set the regular season record for the most games won in a season by winning 73 games. The Warriors’ Stephen Curry made a record 401 3-points shots the same season. So how did the Cavaliers end up beating such an amazing team like the Warriors?

This could be an isolated incident, but it’s not. On February 5th, 2017 the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl, beating the Atlanta Falcons in overtime. No team has ever come back from a 21-point deficit to win a super bowl but the Patriots did! Beyond that, there has never been an overtime game in the history of the Super bowl! There’s something to this!

These unusual occurrences aren’t just happening in the sports world. Nobody predicted that the British would vote themselves out of the EU, but against the odds on June 24th, 2016 England voted to leave the European Union. Once again, this is not an isolated event. 

Let’s take a look at the United States. Donald Trump became president of the U.S. defeating 15 other Republicans candidates for the nominations. He went on to beat Hillary Clinton in the final race for president. There wasn’t a single straw poll that predicted Trump would win. The day of the election he was down in the polls as much as 12 points. But once again against all odds, Trump won 3084 of 3141 counties! 

Whether you voted for Trump or not, the facts are clear that this was unusual and unpredicted. I’m not saying this was a fulfillment of a prophecy, and I’m not endorsing Trump, but I’m simply saying this was a sign of the unusual time we are living in.

In the religious realm we also see breakthrough moments that are outside of our ordinary experiences. 2017 marks the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Last year, Pope Francis declared that Catholics and Protestants are one church in Christ, ending 499 years of division! This year begins a year of unity between the Catholic and Protestant churches! 

Today I want to propose to you that we are in a very special kairos moment, an opportune moment when divine favor is meeting divine opportunity. This is not only a moment for sports, government or church leaders, but it’s a moment for the entire world!


I believe that there are three specific things that mark this moment in time:

1) Acceleration – I believe that things that normally take years will happen suddenly. Just as Nehemiah only took 52 days to rebuild the city walls (Nehemiah 6:15), there will be supernatural grace to get things done quickly and even suddenly.

2) Unusual occurrences – I believe that things that never happen will occur against ridiculous odds. Just as we see in 1 Samuel 14:6-15 when the Lord delivered Israel by the hands of two very young men.

3) Supernatural interventions – In this season, there will be things that come about in ways that make no earthly sense. We can see an example of this in Judges 6 and 7, when Gideon defeated a massive army with simple trumpets and breaking of jars.

Could it be that you were born for such a time as this? (Esther 4:13) Today I want to encourage you to align your spirit with what Holy Spirit is doing on the earth! I believe He will show up in your life through acceleration, unusual occurrences and supernatural interventions for the benefit of the world! 

Where do you see yourself in this kairos moment? What is God speaking to you in this moment in time? 


Kris Vallotton is a prophet with Bethel Church, Redding, California.
Their iBethel.tv webcasts reach around the world.
Though in California, Redding is considered to be part of the Pacific Northwest, both socially and geologically.


My dream life continues to increase and change with His directions and I am continue to be amazed by the depth and breadth of His plans for us. Last night I had a dream both for me as an individual, but for those who have been struggling to see their worth in Him

In the first scene I was asleep – dreaming about a situation – when my wife reached over and woke me up with those words that no one really wants to hear. Honey wake up I think there’s someone in the house.

I reached under my bed to my pistol storage safe and removed my 1911 45 ACP, flashlight, and opened the door.

There was light filtering down the hall \way from the living room area, and as I began to step out into the hallway I saw potato chips spread out along the carpet. I knew right then that this was serious – the chips were meant to be an alarm to alert the prowler that someone was up and moving. Little did they know that I had Samuel Peter – my 14 year old Sheltie and champion chip remover (his nickname is Hoover because no food stays on the ground long).

I quietly moved down the hallway, turned the corner and confronted a bushy headed white male squatting down working on one of my small safes.

I pointed the gun and light at him and directed him to stop, put everything down, and put his hands behind his head. I then told my wife to call 911.

Then it began to go from bad to scary…my wife froze and couldn’t call 911, and the bad guy refused to respond, and in fact turned around and with a smile said “I don’t think you appreciate your situation…”

He was right, but I called 911 and the voice strangely answered “Hi Dale, what can I do for you”. First my name is not Dale, and second this is not how 911 operators are trained to respond. I tried to give the operator the information, but something told me that my expectation of law enforcement showing up any time soon was overly ambitious.

As I confronted the burglar, I heard sounds to my right – around the corner towards the kitchen, I backed up to take a better position to cover both individuals and a youngish woman (late 20’s) came around the corner, addressed the burglar, and then saw me.

At that point all heck began to break loose, and as if in slow motion, I saw other members of their team out by my garage and storage shed breaking in, and realized that there must be at least a dozen bad guys – my next thought before I started shooting was –

But I don’t have that much stuff to make it worth this big of a team to steal…..
Another one of their team came through the side door with a pistol in his hand, and at that point it became a them or us situation. I told him to drop his gun, he refused and began the motions to raise his pistol and shoot – I shot before he could finish hitting him square in center body mass. He stumbled but didn’t go down.

Other team members began to converge on the house and I kept shooting, with the same results – for some reason the 45 wasn’t effective and I needed a bigger weapon.

I moved along the back wall when another one of our dogs (looked like a cream colored Afgan hound) came bounding to my defense – but then began to play with one of the bad guys (ok, I’m thinking this is not really working) I gave the “kill’ command and the dog became a bit more aggressive but not to the level needed to protect us.

I managed to get to my hidden gun safe, pulled out the AR-10 and began to engage both the up close and far off targets. I was accurate with my fire, but still they wouldn’t go down. And of course the police hadn’t shown up yet – which I had anticipated.

At that point I woke up and began to have a conversation with Holy Spirit.

The first thing He said was

“Natural weapons - no matter the size - are ineffective in the supernatural battle. The team invading your home was not natural, but supernatural – along with their human helpers (the 911 operator). My children need to quickly understand a couple of things

1. You truly are in a serious life threatening battle –but it is not against flesh and blood
2. The enemy sees your TOTAL spiritual treasure that you are often not aware of (your current and future inheritance) and his goal is to kill, steal and destroy

That’s why he sent such a big team into your house – your spiritual treasures are simply beyond your ability to fully grasp – and his goal was to disrupt the plans I have for you.

BUT I have a better plan, to take this and to increase even more beyond your current understanding, to create a situation where your awareness of your spiritual authority will be without question, and instead of the enemy attacking you – YOU WILL TAKE THE BATTLE TO HIM!

The police represent the current church structure, they can be effective in some situations when mobilized but they have to be notified. The 911 operator represent those Pastors and leaders who have forgotten their first love and their mandate from Heaven and willingly or not – have chosen to hear the wrong voices and refuse to train and mobilize those I have given them.

THIS IS ABOUT TO CHANGE - but for now understand – that truly the Battle Belongs to the LORD – and I’m going to be showing many of My children new weapons and strategies for the days ahead and I’m training those to use the BIG GUNS...”

Martin Best is a prophetic voice in the Northwest.

ACPE: 2017: Year of Breakthrough

Since 1999, the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders has gathered some of the most respected prophetic voices from around the nation to pray and seek the Lord for a word for the coming year.

(These meetings took place November 14th - 16th, 2016 and some of the events have already transpired.)

Here is Cindy Jacobs' introduction to the word this year:


2017: The Breakthrough Year

“The One who breaks open will come up before them; 
They will break out.
Pass through the gate,
And go out by it;
Their king will pass before them,
With the Lord at their head.”

Micah 2:13 (NKJV)

The Symbolism of the Number 17

The number 17 in scripture symbolizes “overcoming the enemy” and “complete victory.”

God overcame the sins of rebellious humans when He began to flood the earth and rested on the 17th day of the Hebrew month. Noah’s ark and its eight passengers rested on the mountains of Ararat on the 17th day of the seventh month of the religious year (Tishrei), right in the middle of God’s Holy period known as the Feast of Tabernacles. 

The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) is in the seventh month (Tishri) and on the tenth day of the Hebraic calendar. This day calls for the turning from our sins through repentance that brings us to victory.

It is the time for the breakthrough to victory.

There will be a significant increase in miracles and signs and wonders. The anointing will be so strong that it will break significant and long-standing strongholds that have plagued people's lives. 

It shall come to pass in that day
That his burden will be taken away from your shoulder,
And his yoke from your neck,
And the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil.”

Isaiah 10:27 (NKJV)

For the Lord says, “My people are entering into an overcoming season that will produce great breakthroughs. For the enemy has come in like a flood, but I, the Lord, am releasing great victories. I will stem the tide of violence. I will bring peace to the land. I will bring an awakening! I will release revival!”

Receive Your Breakthrough This Year

This is the year that the blessings will overtake us, if we obey the voice of our God!  If we put out hands to the things pertaining to the Kingdom of God for His sake, we will begin to prosper. It is critical that we spend time seeking the Lord for the right alignment in our relationships for us to release these blessings.

For some, it will mean a geographic move, for others, the leaving of the old for the new. For others, it will be mean staying in covenantal relationships even when they are tested. 

The Promise and the Condition

Now it shall come to pass, if you diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God, to observe carefully all His commandments which I command you today, that the Lord your God will set you high above all nations of the earth. And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, because you obey the voice of the Lord your God”

Deuteronomy 28:1-2 (NKJV)

We need to understand the Hebraic meaning of our times. The year 2017 on the Roman calendar corresponds to the year 5777 on the Hebraic calendar, which is symbolized by the crowned sword. 

The sword cuts off the old and releases the new. The enemy has been trying to “cut off” many relationships and come against the new move of unity coming to families and the Body of Christ. We see Satan being defeated on many levels as we experience great breakthroughs, both personally and corporately. 

This is the year of breakthrough to release the following things: 

  • Mantles or anointings of the Holy Spirit released across generations. This is the year of securing your legacy.
  • New leaders recognized and released.
  • Shifts in government and new international alliances forming.
  • More corruption exposed on national levels, both in the United States and other nations. 

Mantles are being passed

The passing of Peter Wagner was a game-changer for the Body of Christ. Old wine structures are going to be tested, and those who will be willing to become new wine

will be promoted. Churches who allow themselves to become apostolic sending centers will grow and see many saved.

Fuller Theological Seminary is going to come into a time of renewal as in the days when C. Peter Wagner invited John Wimber to teach his signs and wonders class.  The Holy Spirit will be poured out once again upon the professors. Other divinity schools such as Princeton will also be visited by God as young professors are touched by God’s power and come into spiritual renewal. New wine curriculum will be introduced into seminaries and Bible Schools around the world.  The renewal legacy of Peter Wagner combined with that of John Wimber is about to come upon a new generation.

A diversity of mantles is falling in this time like unto what Peter Wagner carried. Mantles from God for the writing books, prophetically “seeing” trends, keeping the church (ekklesia) fresh and ready for each new move of God are being distributed to properly aligned leaders in this hour.

There will be many, many changes in this coming year. Changes in locations, houses, buildings, and the breaking off of generational systems of debt.

A new generation of spiritual warriors will be trained and arise to do governmental and prophetic intercession.  Old prayer movements will be strengthened, and a new generation of prayer warriors will arise for battle. There will be an awakening of prayer and spiritual warfare. Deliverance will take place on many levels through this fresh movement.

There will be continued shakings as the sword of the Lord pierces the darkness of centuries over the nations. Some will experience great tumults and shakings.

The good news is that, in the midst of the shakings, there will be a time of renewal and coming together like in Ezekiel 37, when the shakings of dry bones caused new breath and life coming into the army of the Lord. 

Let the Ekklesia Arise 

Networks of Kingdom Alliances with the voice of hope are emerging in very intentional ways. Many will teach on the “ekklesia” from their pulpits and in their conferences, inspiring the people of God to arise and be the called-out ones.  

There will be a strong anointing on the ekklesia to root out and pull down the “gates and walls of the enemy.” By this, as we are faithful to move out into society to be a voice of change, there will be a dismantling and shaking of old corrupt systems. 

The economies of nations who have refused to shift and are keeping their people in bondage will see massive shakings. Exposure after exposure will come to those corrupt individuals who thought they were too protected and embedded through bribes and intimidation. They will find themselves falling out of power, going to prison, and, in some cases, even dying.

The Lord showed us clearly that this is a new season where the ekkesia is being given the anointing not only to root out, and tear down, but this will be a special season of building and planting. The revelation of blessing our cities and nations will be a kingdom anthem for the ekklesa.  If we root out, but do not plant, then the nations will only be exposed to worse than they had been before. 

Therefore, we admonish the intercessors to pray beyond the tearing down of old systems and pray into the structures and systems that need to form afterward.  Let’s intercede for new leaders and effective systems to be put in place that will build up their nations. 

It’s Time to Build!

Then the Lord put forth His hand and touched my mouth, and the Lord said to me:

Behold, I have put My words in your mouth.
See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms,
To root out and to pull down,
To destroy and to throw down,
To build and to plant.”

Moreover the word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Jeremiah, what do you see?”
And I said, “I see a branch of an almond tree.”
Then the Lord said to me, “You have seen well, for I am ready to perform My word.”
Jeremiah 1:9-12 (NKJV)

One of the things to be planted is what could be called “The Love Revolution.” Just as the Summer of Love in 1967 changed the landscape of a generation, so now, 50 years later, the world will see the face of Christianity in a new light.

The admonition in 1 Corinthians 14:1, "Let love be your aim" will be planted in the nations as the church rises up in a more visible way. The words of the theme song from the Jesus People Movement, “They will know that we are Christians by our love” will have a new resonance as this message of loving God and loving one another is sung in new ways. We will be carriers of God’s goodness wherever we go!

Changing Financial Structures

The way people make money is going to change. A new breed of entrepreneurs will arise who are “out-of-the-box” thinkers. New structures of wealth creation will open up. For example, in the past the stock markets were major generators of wealth, but this will be the era of YouTube millionaires.

The church, missions organizations, and other ministries will benefit greatly from the creation of wealth, as new donors will rise up to help finance the building of this global vision. The gift of giving will be highlighted in the coming move of God, and people of wealth will understand how to use their gift to advance the Kingdom of God. 

Watch Latin America as structures that kept people in poverty are going to begin to unravel and weaken. 

A New John 17 Movement 

The Lord spoke to us that next year we would see a new John 17 movement begin where the prayer of Jesus will be answered. Many streams will run together until we see a river of revival flow across the earth. There will be major reconciliations between denominations, nations, and peoples.

God will anoint peacemakers in this season who are especially empowered by God to be a voice for unity between factions and help heal the breaches.

This John 17 move will extend to families as well as there is a “focus on the family” where longstanding breaches between siblings, and between parents and their children are healed. God is calling for families to pray together and “light” the family altar.  Strongholds in family systems are going to be broken in powerful and supernatural ways.  This will even extend to strongholds of poverty, disease, alcoholism, and drug abuse.

The John 17 movements will align against injustice and religious strongholds as they decide together that they want a new move of the Holy Spirit.

We are hearing the words, New Wine, New Wine!

A convergence of all the past moves of God coming together with the manifestations of Pentecostal Fire, the Healing and Deliverance Crusades. The Latter Rain Glory being poured out with new realms of glory, the Evangelicals' Burden of the Lost, and the Jesus People Movements love for the lost, the gifts of the Holy Spirit from the Charismatic Movement, the Third Wave Theological Credibility, the Revelation of the Prophetic Movement, and the Relational Networking of the Apostolic Reformation that includes an understanding of reforming and transforming society in each mountain (or sphere).

This great Convergence of the Ages is coming with a historic Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit and a reformation that will lead to the Great Transformation of nations.

The wind of the Holy Spirit is going to blow with new renewal movements arising in the youth upon centuries-old churches. The power of the Holy Spirit will be poured out in a new, fresh way, manifesting through the young and old. The miracles that have seemed only to happen infrequently are going to be dramatic. 

Many “working of miracles” that are creative in nature will be seen in hundreds of churches across the world. Centuries old churches that have prayed for a renewed move of the Holy Spirit will see their prayers answered. It is the time for a new Pentecost! Some that criticize those who are longing for renewal will find they are put out of leadership in their churches and denominations. Both the young and the old will see the power of the Holy Spirit fall upon them. 

This again will result in many, many new missionaries being sent out across the face of the earth that are willing to go to the most difficult and hard-to-reach areas.  Central Asia will be majorly impacted by this mission’s movement. God is calling a new generation who will go out and evangelize the world! The numbers of those going to preach will increase in large proportion compared to the generation before them.

These missionaries will carry the gospel, anointed with revelation to give “hope solutions” to the current needs of the nations where they are sent. 

The heartland of the United States and the cities along the Mississippi River will be used by God to mend the great divide that has come to the nation as a result of the recent polarizing US elections.

The warfare from the last season that has “worn out” God’s people will fade away as the refreshing rains of the Spirit of God fall afresh. It is time for breakthroughs and the breaking off of the pain, discouragement, and battle fatigue of yesterday.  

Harvest Season

The greatest harvest of souls the earth has known is upon us. Hundreds of thousands will be saved. The Middle East will experience a revival and this will extend into the evangelization of both the Arab and the Non-Arabic-speaking Muslims. Look to Egypt to be a leader in this revival and awakening. 

The Glory of God is going to be poured out across the United States and these areas were specifically given as revival centers:

Los Angeles, California; Silicon Valley, Redding, California; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Phoenix, Arizona; a new spring coming out of Colorado Springs, Colorado; Oklahoma; Austin, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri; Madison, Wisconsin; Indianapolis, Indiana; Nashville, Tennessee; Orlando, Florida; Fort Mills, South Carolina; Virginia; Annapolis, Maryland; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; New York City; Boston, Massachusetts; as well as other cities and regions.

The inner cities of America and the areas in which Satan has built is greatest strongholds will begin to rebuild, and the revivals in such cities as Detroit and Chicago will astound the news!  God says, “I will not forget the inner cities!”

This harvest time will result in the salvation of high-profile leaders both in the media, government, and education spheres of society. They will be vocal and unashamed! Their bold presence on social media will cause a huge stir in the news services. 

God is going to shake pop culture!  He is going to use it for His glory.

Look to the reserves and reservations and tribal lands of the nations of the earth.  The indigenous peoples of the earth are about to be touched by God’s power.  Where they were oppressed through colonization, they are going to experience great healing and receive the power and grace to forgive the terrible atrocities committed against them. As a result, they will be used to touch many nations with the truth of God’s saving power.

The historic wells of revival are going to flow again as bold evangelism takes place on the streets and on the campuses of schools where progressivism and Marxism have taken root.  Latin America will be a leader in this move of God.

A New Renaissance

New songs and new sounds will flow from emerging worship leaders. The Tabernacle of David will see the release of many, many new Psalmists that will sing the song of the nations. A new, even more passionate generation of abandoned worshippers is emerging!

Songs will be written that influence not only the church but also society at large.  These songs will disciple nations in the way that the Beatles and the Summer of Love released a “free love sexual revolution” in a negative way as well as rebellion and sin. We will be singing the sounds of awakening in society! The bells of true liberty will ring in song once again.

Andrew Fletcher, a politician from Scotland, said, “Let me sing the songs of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.” In other words, the power of the voice singing creates movements for societal change. 

Power worshippers will arise as a new generation moves into cities and regions and breaks open the heavens in a massive way. Through praise and worship, they will “pierce the darkness” created by principalities and powers over regions.

These worshippers will become “sent ones” who will go into unreached parts of cities and nations to prepare the way for the evangelists who will come after them. 

This worship movement will see an even greater rebuilding of the Tabernacle of David with many more 24/7 Houses of Prayer being established. They will have an understanding of the connection that God has given between the church and Israel, and many will call this new move a “Davidic Messianic” movement of believers.

A Movement of Reformers

2017 is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Many, many people will talk about the need for societal reformation and desire to be reformers. Young people will band together to form movements that display a passion to go into each area of their culture and see reformation.

This will set the stage for the greatest outpouring of the spirit and awakening the world has even known! Nations that were never impacted by the reformation will begin to experience one now.  This will happen in all the continents!! “Africa, Africa, Africa, you are moving into your greatest hour, says the Lord!”

Germany and France will be deeply impacted by this move of God. The Calvin’s and the Luther’s are arising!  Books will be written and the history of past moves of God will be studied. It will also go into the Catholic churches, the Coptics from Egypt, the Orthodox churches in Russian and Eastern Asia. It will affect both the Eastern and Western Orthodox churches.  While many of the older leaders in these denominations and church movements will rejoice, some will rise up and persecute this new of God.

Social media will be the Gutenberg press in this reformation.

The news will be amazed as very liberal owners of social media begin to announce that they are now believers. This will impact the Silicon Valley community in California in a big way. The Holy Spirit is calling for massive intercession for influencers in these sectors of society. 

The youth who have seemingly crashed in the past season into being part of the “hard left” with liberal, humanistic agendas will suffer great disillusionment. But if the church will reach out to them in this time of lost dreams, they will be saved and become part of the most powerful move of evangelism and discipling that their nations have ever known.

The Effects of the United States’ Election 

Several of our prophets received words that Donald Trump would become the next president and will become a 21st century Cyrus. He is called to break the mold of political correctness. We received the word that if we pray for him, he will heal, rather than divide, the nation.

Intercession must be made or this will not happen in the way God intends. Racial division must be healed and the people of all ethnicities must come together as part of this John 17 movement.  This cannot be a “whites only” movement, but the church must work to fight for unity and be a massive voice against racism that still exists in the nation.

There will be many civil rights reformers who will not let this need of healing of the nation creates divides.  We received a serious admonition that the church must pray to see the nation healed or the breaches will only grow.

Native Americans will be part of this civil reformation and antiquated laws, and even the Bureau of Indian Affairs will be reformed. 

There is coming such scientific proof concerning the science of the pre-born child that this will result in reformations in the medical field’s stance and thinking as a whole. The pre-born child will be declared a human being. Some that have held this stance all along will break their silence and become strong advocates for the pre-born. 

We prophesied a conservative revolt, and now we prophesy a “social media revolt” in which many use this form of communication and it will result in the crippling networks and newspapers that persecute the truth of God. God is about to arise in a way to release the anointing of truth. There are media revolutionaries who will change the way everything is being done concerning communications. This will result in financial shakings will cause long-standing news media to begin to lose millions of dollars, even causing some to go under! This will be a shock to many who relied upon them to be their “voice.”

As a backlash against this conservative social media revolt, the liberal press will even accuse God’s people of lying, giving the biblical analogy of the sons of Belial

who lied in court to get Naboth’s vineyard.  However, accusations of the liberal press will not prevail.  Intercession must be done for the church to be protected.

Corruption is going to be exposed in the media as well and the disillusionment will deepen in people in general with “traditional media” sources. Out of this season, new, anointed news anchors will come to the forefront who will be unashamedly believers and they will experience great favor. 

Washington DC will be “ground zero” for the exposure of corruption. Some that are exposed will shock the nation as God continues to move to cleanse both political parties.  Corrupt judges will also be exposed in the circuit courts.  We were told to use Ezekiel 22 as a model to decree against corruption.

The whistleblowers will come out in droves!  Aides and interns will speak and tell what they have both seen and heard.

Collusion between the Federal Drug Administration and the pharmaceutical companies will be exposed in surprising ways. 

The lobbyists are going to be removed from their places of influence in a significant way, and the influence of corporate giants over Congress will also be reformed. 

Term limits will be put in place for Congress in the future. Reformation is coming to every aspect of society.

Major trade deals are going to be re-written and old enemies will become trading partners.  God is aligning the nations for His purposes. The global elites are going to find that they are not able to move freely like they did on the international scene. Corruption and collusion will be exposed and many will be shocked.

A new season of mercy has been given, even though for some it does not appear to be so at this moment of time. God wants to reboot the nation and get it back on track.

The Lord wants to release both protection for the nation as well as wisdom for compassionate immigration reform while dealing with the criminal influence. This needs serious prayer. The Body of Christ is forerunning racial reconciliation, and this will display a unity and synergy that the world is looking for. 

A call for continued concerted prayer to continue to bring both peace, protection and stability to the nation went out.  God wants to give a path to establish what could be called “thrones of glory” all the way through the year 2020. If the intercessors continue to pray for 2020 vision, God will release His glory on a scale none of us can imagine. 

The Economy

The US will be the safe refuge for investment around the globe. 

Family economies will be blessed if they seek the Lord on how to get out of debt and save so they can invest in new financial opportunities that will arise. 

Significant investments in new innovations and inventions; some even given through dreams, will be released.  The Mid-West and what has been known as the rust belt of the United States will begin to blossom.  New investments in inner cities will open up as they are set free from historic violence and drug abuse.

The churches of the nation will begin to rise up and systematically work to eliminate poverty. This will impact the inner cities greatly as they will be considered both a mission field and a treasure field. The people of the inner cities are treasures to God.

Economic shakings are coming to Europe.

Italy, Spain, and Portugal will be tested. God’s people will be taken care of in the midst of the crisis. Alignments with Israel are critical in this season.

North America and Alaska

The wealth of North America will be unlocked and resources will be opened. There will be a new gas pipeline in Alaska. It will be in the news as “hidden riches” of gold and rare minerals are found. 

The US Military – Terrorism and ISIS 

There will be a rebuilding of the United States’ military. Religious freedom will be restored and the chaplains will once again be able to freely preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit pointed out the necessity of this happening in order to see God’s favor poured out on the military.

Reformers are going to be put in place in the military. The power of God is going to visit entire military bases around the world. 

New strategies to defeat ISIS will be given by new leadership put in place and fear will fall upon those who are “rogue” terrorists. The mainstream media and social media voices who are favorable to allowing refugees with terrorists backgrounds are going to suffer major blows. 

Those nations who are promoting and hiding terrorists will be ostracized both politically and economically. Rogue nations such as North Korea are going to be put in check. 

New Alliances Between Nations

There will be a tightened alliance between the US and the UK. Trade agreements will be made between these two nations that will shift the balance of trade.

God is dealing internally with the Parliament of the UK and strong voices will arise to speak out for alliances with Israel. Brexit and Amerix! The exiting from one wineskin to another.

(Note-this by no means that God is not moving within the people of the EU!) 

United Nations

The extreme political and social agenda behind the UN is going to become apparent to people of many nations. Righteous nations will stand up to their plans for social engineering through International Planned Parenthood and eugenics. Reformers will arise from the midst with godly philosophies who will be strong voices for a realignment away from this perverted agenda to one that gives compassion aid without “strings” attached to unrighteous organizations. Ambassadors who are evangelists will rise up ashamed of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Funding will be withheld as righteous nations in the UN they stop supporting radicalized social agendas that promote homosexuality as a life-style and the abortion of babies.


Signs and wonders will break out in many places. Nazareth and Haifa will see the power of God in great demonstration.  The Russian Jews are going to experience a harvest of souls in a large way and become powerful evangelists to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.

The nations who align against Israel will find themselves becoming more economically challenged in the coming days. Nations will withdraw their funding from the UN initiatives and countries who persecute Israel. 

Israel will become a flashpoint among the nations.  There is a confusion of the nations that will take place and an accelerated polarization of light and darkness. 

This will start a process where the Temple Mount will once again be brought up as a central issue among the nations.

More shakings will take place in the nation but God will release a youth movement between the Jews and Arabs that will become voices of unity in the land.


More corruption will be exposed and the shake-up of the government will continue all the way from the national to the local levels. There will be new government leaders run for office from the church, and whereas they were not successful in the past, some will see a breakthrough when they run again.


There is a growing underground movement that is strong although not yet seen.  There will be much trouble brewing from Iran in this season, however, God wants to encourage the church that He is hearing their prayers and has a plan to liberate His people from radical ideologies. 


Revival fires are burning! The move of God has started and will not be quenched.  It is time for the prayers of the generations must be answered. The John 17 movement from France will affect the other nations in Europe.

The prophets are going to rise up from France and speak very accurately.


Vietnam is preparing to be the “Star of Asia” as far as the numbers of people being saved. This will even have a great impact on the Communist government.  Hanoi will become a beacon of light to the nations. 


There will be some continued shakings. However, look to Inner Mongolia for the greatest moves of God yet! 


Australia is a reformer nation and will produce great shifts, as well as some clashes on a governmental level. However, the Daniel’s and Joseph’s are arising in this land.

Egypt and the Middle East

There is a massive awakening coming to the Egypt as well as the whole Middle East. It is the time for Isaiah 19 to be fulfilled! Reformers will arise in these nations as well.   The blood of the martyrs is crying out from the ground where ISIS has beheaded so many believers in Jesus Christ. Their sacrifice is going to result in many “Saul’s” who have become radicalized will become Paul's.

We see in part and know if part. We are the test all things and hold fast to that which is good. Some words have immediate fulfillment and impact. Other words have conditions that must be met in order for them to be fulfilled. But this is a Year of the Breakthrough! This is a historical time when another Great Reformation shall take place!

Presented by Cindy Jacobs, Generals of Intercession


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