Dear Friends

I was awoken in the early hours of the morning to hear the words ringing out -' THE BAY THE BAY THE BAY THE BAY' – As I currently live in the UK and am not at all familiar with the West Coast I did not know even know what The Bay meant other than that I knew the Lord was saying CALIFORNIA - but once again I sensed a strong red alert for San Francisco.

It was only a day LATER that I discovered that the Bay area covers San Francisco. I knew the Lord was trying to get my attention.

Words of judgement are often not well received and I have held back on this word for several weeks to weigh it intensely, but under the fear of the Lord I feel I must deliver it now so that those with a burden for the West coast can pray, so that many, many will come to repentance in this present hour and also that God's faithful servants will know his supernatural protection in the times to come. This is what I saw.


I saw two huge Angels of Judgement carrying what seemed to be huge golden threshing instruments that looked like scythes. They were crying out in loud voices:


I did not know what that meant except that I knew that it was CALIFORNIA and I had the same dread for San Francisco that I had experienced before when I had received the ‘West Coast’ Prophecy.

And I saw a mighty shaking and trembling begin under the earth

And the Lord said – 'From under the Pacific it shall come – in Fire and in water – it shall come.'

It was hardly noticeable at first but it was as though the whole city froze as one and then the shaking and the terror and THEN THE FIRE CAME

I saw a horrifying inferno -- A literal inferno.

I saw ravaged land - ravaged, ravaged cities.

But one city received the full force of this terror and earthquake and this is what the warning was crying out ‘THE BAY – THE BAY’

And I saw the heavens were black – blacker than black and there was no light – all light was extinguished.

And the smoke continued to rise and thousands upon thousands of this city were killed at the first strike

But I saw a second strike.

A second strike

And I saw water - water devastating parts of the West Coast – to the NORTH – THE NORTH – beware the NORTH – THE NORTHERN CALIFORNIAN COASTLINE

I still saw plumes of smoke rising from charred buildings.

There was not just one city affected. It was more than one - on the Northern California Coast.

People were bleeding and dying.

The emergency services were hindered greatly from reaching The Bay in good time – they were prepared but no one could prepare for this and the suffering was intense.

I heard many cursing God – even in their suffering instead of crying out for mercy they were cursing God

But I also heard those crying out in desperation for His mercy and the Angel of the Lord spoke the Word of the Lord

And I heard him say ‘And these ones I shall by no means cast out.'


And the moon turned a strange colour of crimson.

And the haze hung over the bay for many days and nights.

And the city was silent.

Thousands of people were left crushed - drowned.

I felt this was further up the coast than Los Angeles – more to the North, though Los Angeles was shaken it was not as devastating as The BAY the Lord was talking about.

EMPTY CISTERNS I saw written in the sky EMPTY CISTERNS above San Francisco – and the scales – the scales of sin and judgement were full – so full that judgement could not be withheld over San Francisco.


And then I saw Los Angeles – and it seemed a different scenario – and I knew that the Lord held in great esteem and looked down with a great and enduring compassion on His servants - His prophets –His intercessors - His servants who had stood in the gap for Los Angeles.

And I saw many intercessors who had stood in the gap day and night for Los Angeles and California and I wondered if these faithful servants of God were the reason that in the former vision I only saw a partial devastation of Los Angeles – great swathes of Los Angeles were PROTECTED.

But San Francisco and along the northern coast seemed to receive the full brunt of the ferocious shaking.

There was a great scale in the sky and I saw one side of the scale weighed right down with sin and iniquity.

I still remember being shocked because I still heard many in San Francisco still cursing God - and I knew that was a reflection of how sin and rebellion against the most high God had blackened the hearts of men in this city.


And I was taken back to Los Angeles.

And I saw a spiritual flame burning from Los Angeles and the Southern Coastline of California.

And I saw Angels on the wind over Los Angeles with a banner REVIVAL BREAKS FORTH

And a connection with LAKELAND – this seemed to be happening in a second timeline that was not the same timeline as the former vision but was more in the present season.

But it made me wonder if this calamitous event was not coming quicker than we knew or thought.



But then I was led back to San Francisco and the great devastation ahead in the future –


And I saw the face of the Angels of Judgement were set fiercely against this city and the word of the Lord came forth saying – ‘For I have set my face against this land – and even in a moment I shall smite it' – and I saw the fall of the Golden Gate - cut in two and how the mighty were brought to the ground even in a moment. And I saw above the Golden gate bridge written IDOLATRY.

And I saw the city of San Francisco a devastation – blackened and even to the coastline to the North of San Francisco –

‘CRY OUT, CRY OUT!’ cried the Angels of the Lord –‘CRY OUT, CRY OUT to the Most High God for surely your idols have fallen – every one – and no more shall they rise.’


And then I saw a rainbow – the most glorious sight – it rose from the stretches of Northern California and over the devastated city of San Francisco and then over to Southern California and it blazed with every colour as bright as the sun and out of the radiance I saw a GOLDEN GATE – it seemed so huge and so glorious it looked as the gates of heaven – and I heard the Lord say – 'And now I shall establish in this place MY GOLDEN GATE –

A gate of repentance –

A gate of revival –

A gate of cleansing –

A gate of Holiness'.

And I saw a remnant in that charred city come out from under the angel's robes – and over their heads was written FAITHFUL and TRUE –and The Lord said 'These are those who stood for me in this city of San Francisco-

These are those who have wept and pleaded and interceded for this city day and night without ceasing. These are those who were My gate keepers of this city – who heralded in revival – and poured out My Spirit even in the face of great opposition and persecution – these are those who are greatly BELOVED by me.'

And I saw that the Lord Himself had placed them under the angel's mantle and that these faithful pastors and apostles, these intercessors and prophets had been divinely protected by the Lord's own hand from this harm and I saw the Father's hand pick them up and set them on high with heaven's Golden Gate – as His chosen gatekeepers for the new move of His spirit that would sweep through the Northern parts and coastline of California.

And I heard the Lord say 'REDDING - REDDING ' – and I saw a vast thick elixir like golden river flowing from REDDING to San Francisco - San Jose and on to Los Angeles – and these forks in the river were all connected.


Then the Lord directed me to look back to Los Angeles – and I saw Los Angeles shaken but by no means devastated or destroyed. And I saw as the rainbow encircled Los Angeles great swathes of light beaming up into the night skies – these were blazing beams of light almost as from monstrous searchlights. And there were thousands of them – some were very small like pinpricks but others were so huge and filled the night sky.

And the Lord said – 'This is the reason My hand has been stayed for yet a season for Los Angeles. For these are My servants – HOLY and TRUE. '

And once again – it seemed I was taken back to a second timeline more in this present and coming season before the devastation that was to come

And I saw thousands of the tiniest of lights were small groups of intercessors meeting in their homes – one on one – in small groups – piercing the heavenlies, then the brighter lights were fellowships' of churches all across Los Angeles and California – but there were seventeen of the strongest monstrous searchlights – I saw around five in Los Angeles itself, the rest were across Northern and Southern California – and the Angels' of the Lord cried ‘HOLY HOLY ARE YOU LORD – HOLY IS THE LAMB.’

And I sensed that these were the blazing lights of those who had followed the Lamb wherever He went with great sacrifice to their own lives and their own agendas – and it was because of these ones that the Judgement over Los Angeles would be stayed and I saw a sign that read –

MORE TIME - REVIVAL FIRE – And I sensed a GREAT SHIFT IN THE SPIRIT CENTERING ON LOS ANGELES AND CALIFORNIA – THIS WAS HAPPENING NOW IN THIS PRESENT SEASON – I sensed the Lord was IN THIS PRESENT SEASON about to turn His FOCUS and INTIMATE ATTENTION on Los Angeles and California – and it was a BLAZING FOCUS – I felt the Fathers eyes were as hot coals blazing with His Mercy, His Judgement yet with His infinite grace upon the West coast and especially Los Angeles – that He had been deeply stirred by the cries of His people.

AND I SAW ANOTHER SIGN THAT READ – REVIVAL FIRES IN THE WEST and I saw the streams from Redding join with several of the streams in Los Angeles.

And a fiery molten stream from LAKELAND. This stream was literally so intense – hissing and burning with the fire's of the Ancient of Days - it was blazing red hot coals everywhere it passed. And then I saw different streams emanating from some of these light bearers and I saw molten silver river flow and a molten ruby fire river flow from another and from another flowed a river of diamond like molten fire. And I realised that where the Lamb was worshipped and adored, the Lord was about to JOIN some streams together and it was out of this that California's revival fire would come.



and the Pacific – the Pacific' says the Lord – 'across the Pacific these fires will go – ASIA.' And I saw CHINA and JAPAN and KOREA lit by streams of these molten rivers from Los Angeles – and I saw a molten river from CHINA – a different river - the river from China was the only river that had live jumping fish swimming upstream – and I seemed to sense the fish represented a huge catch of souls – that evangelists from China had some part in evangelism of the West Coast –and this river was flowing back to the West Coast also - even a great outpouring on the Chinese communities in California ahead - and South Korea but also the North – North Korea – 'And SINGAPORE', says the lord – 'Singapore – you have worshipped mammon – you have worshipped that which has been built with bricks and mortar –that which has been by your own hand and you have turned away and have forgotten me – but I am coming to SINGAPORE – even in a moment – and even as the stocks and the shares of the east shall shake and stand in the balance – so Singapore I shall yet show you my love for you – for I have commissioned you to proclaim my gospel even to the far reaches of the East – even to Mongolia your evangelists will go,’ says the Lord – 'To Malaysia, Indonesia and far beyond –for I have not forgotten you, Singapore - and you shall yet see the King in his beauty even in your land.’

from the "Unknown Prophet," Wendy Alec, from 7/18/2008, via Jason Robert Vogt

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Gatekeeping in my Neighborhood

Several years ago, my family was in a tough way and needed to find a home to rent. We made two lists: things we needed in a home, and things we wanted in a home. Through a series of miracles, financial and otherwise, we actually purchased a house that had everything on both lists. We were elated.

But the elation was short-lived. Our home had everything that we knew to ask for, but there were some things we didn’t know to ask for. In our first week living there, I learned of three drug dealers on our block. I watched drug deals go down at the front door of the house across the street while my kids played in my yard. They knew about that dealer, and they told me about the other two dealers on the block, and which houses they lived in.

This was absolutely not OK with me. I talked to the authorities, and they told me about the standards of evidence that they needed in order to intervene. I talked to other neighbors, and they shook their heads and “tsk tsk’d”.

Then I talked to God. More precisely, I whined at God. “God, why is this going on? This isn’t right! Make it stop!”

It seemed as if he let me vent for a while, and when I paused to catch my breath, He interrupted. “So what are you going to do about it, Son?” Hunh? That stopped my whining immediately. Once my head stopped spinning, I asked more intelligently, “Uh… what can I do?”

He gave me some prayer strategies: some specific ways to address the situation in prayer, rather than through legal means, social means, or whining. The specific strategies aren’t important except that they involved me obeying Him, and they involved me making some particular declarations over my neighborhood. Throughout the process, God used the metaphor of a gatekeeper with me: the one who decides who can come in and who cannot.

So I obeyed: I prayed the things He said to pray for, the way He said to pray it. It was odd stuff, so I did it in the middle of the night and the wee hours of the morning: I didn’t want someone calling the cops on me! Fundamentally, the decree to the "gates" was: "Welcome in the Holy Spirit, and the human spirits of the people who live here, and their legitimate guests. Keep out every other spirit, human or demonic."

Suffice it to say: it worked. Within 30 days, the three dealers were gone. The one across the street sold the house to a family with a daughter the same age as my daughter. The other two just picked up and left, leaving empty houses. All three houses were soon remodeled.

I was stunned. I don’t think I’ve ever seen prayer answered in more detail than I did in this adventure: first our house, then the removal of the drug dealers. Life was good!

Then my next door neighbor invited a woman to live with him. She brought guests: two silicon implants for him, two full-blooded wolves for herself, and a host of demonic co-habitants. Life was no longer good.

I called every government agency I could think of that might have some authority with wolves: federal, state, and local agents told me time and time again: “No sir, wolves don’t belong in a residential neighborhood, but yes sir, she does have the necessary permits for them. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

I ignored the time that they lunged from the back of her Toyota pickup and nearly ate me. But when they tried to eat my daughter (they didn’t succeed, but just barely – she was unscathed), I confronted the neighbor: politely, gently, because he was a wimpy little guy and I didn’t want to intimidate him. But the wimpy little guy got big and snarly when I suggested that the wolves shouldn’t live there: he cussed me up one side and down the other in his rage, and vowed in no uncertain terms that they were not leaving, not today, not ever!

Hokay! That’s not going to work!

So I tried prayer. Again, I whined at God; again, He interrupted, but more quickly this time. “What are you going to do about it?” Again my slack-jawed “Hunh?” Then He went on, “You’re my representative in that neighborhood. It’s up to you. What’s your decision? Do they stay or do they go?”??

That floored me. I didn’t have a theology to deal with that kind of a question, but I didn’t hesitate. The wolves wanted to eat my daughter, and God was saying that it was up to me? “Heck no! They cannot stay. They have to go!” and I knew I was speaking with the authority of a judge announcing a decree.

That very weekend, they moved out. No explanation. The guy that cussed me out and shouted that they were staying, took their wolf-house down himself, packed it into the Toyota truck and moved it away. We never saw the wolves again, or their owner with the implants, except once, and the Police arrived en masse with drawn weapons to make sure that didn’t happen again. No explanation for that either.

Since then, I’ve tried to exercise this authority in other ways, and when I felt that I was following God’s leading rather than my own, I have found that things often unnaturally change.

I have also found that I need to increase my skill in wielding this power: I watched a porn shop close after I made some decrees, only to be followed by another in its place, and that one was more firmly rooted (though it has a “going out of business!” sign on it regularly). A pagan worship center was closed, only to open up again a couple of blocks away.

These are curious stories, and true ones, but what’s the purpose?

I have developed a couple of guiding principles from these events, and the others that surrounded them (this was an interesting season in my life!):

1) God delegates authority to His representatives in an area. (My “area” of influence was only a couple of blocks; others’ territory may be smaller or larger.)

2) He takes that delegated authority very seriously. When He gives authority, He means it.

I guess there’s a third principle:

3) I probably ought to exercise the authority that I’ve been given, and I probably ought to exercise it for good purpose.

I know I’m nothing special. May I suggest these principles for the life of the church in this season? May I suggest these principles for you?

The Pilgrimgram comes from an elder Pilgrim about the thing we call "church." Seldom politically correct, this is what I hear God saying to and among His Church today. Feel free to share it with others.

Shared in the Spirit of Revelation 19:10, "...the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

The Five Angels and Five Highways of Revival

by Jeff Jansen

The Five Angels
While ministering in San Diego recently, the Lord revealed to me five angels that have been released in North America to bring revival fires to key cities. These five angels will be moving along five key highways that crisscross the United States. These highways will be known as Revival Highways.

Bob Jones had a visitation several years ago from an angel named Breakthrough Revival. This angel had 11 other resurrection angels with him and he told Bob he had been sent to the States to prepare America for the greatest revival she had ever seen. This angel told Bob that he had previously been assigned to a man by the name of Benson Idahosa from Nigeria, but he had now come to the States. This angel said that stadiums would not be able to hold the masses of people and they would have to go to the open fields. The angel said to Bob, "Tell the people three words, 'MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!' We'll be moving with those that move in the things of God."

The angels of God are looking for the sons and daughters of the Kingdom to start decreeing and moving in faith. As we begin to speak as God's authority on the earth, all of Heaven will come to back our words. The angels are being released to facilitate the will of God on the earth.

The five angels that have been released are: Breakthrough Revival, Winds of Change, Healing Revival, Great Grace, and Wisdom. I've encountered each of these angels over the past few years in key meetings as we've ministered and brought a powerful release of revelation, miracles, signs, and wonders. Each time I've seen them, it's been in meetings located directly off of major interstates and intersections in North America. The five main revival highways are not exclusive in themselves as revival fires will burn all across the United States, but the places I've seen these angels move have been off of these key highways:
The 5 Highways of Revival
1. Interstate 5 runs along the West Coast from San Diego to Canada.
I saw major explosions of the glory of God and revival fires burning in San Diego, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Fullerton, Pasadena, and all throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding regions, and Stockton, Sacramento and Redding; into Medford, Grants Pass, Eugene, and Portland, Oregon; and into Vancouver and Seattle, Washington; and also Vancouver, B.C.
Last year while ministering in Grants Pass, Oregon, I saw the angel Winds of Change moving up and down I-5. This angel was the angel that sparked revival in Lakeland just a few months later.
  1. I then saw Interstate 95 on the East Coast, running from Maine to Miami, pelted with fires of revival.
    The cities that stood out were Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Savannah, Richmond, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark, and all throughout New York City; also New Haven, Connecticut and Providence, Rhode Island. I saw a massive fire in Boston on the cross roads of the east where 90 and 95 meet.

Last year I had a visitation from the Lord Himself in January as we were starting off the year at the Boston Cross Roads Glory conference. The Lord came to me during the worship service and handed me two stones—one red and the other green. He said to me, "Jeff, this nation has seen the natural government established here in Boston, but now they are going to see My government established here in the States."

The Lord then said, "See, Jeff, My government is upon My shoulders."
The stones the Lord had given me were the Urim and the Thummim which were placed upon the shoulders of the High Priest. In the Old Testament, these stones would determine the precise will of God in every situation. Jesus is the Head and we are His Body and carry His government in the earth! Boston will burn with a fire so hot that they will come from the nations of the earth to behold the glory of God.
3. I saw Interstate 90/94 running from Boston to Seattle.
Along it I saw cities like Albany and Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo, New York. I saw Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio; and Chicago and Milwaukee, Madison and the Fox River Valley in Wisconsin; Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Fargo, North Dakota; I saw Billings, Montana; Spokane and Seattle, Washington—all burning with different levels and degrees of the glory of God.
4. I saw Interstate 10 running from Jacksonville, Florida, to Los Angeles, California.
Along this revival highway I saw Tallahassee, Florida and Mobile, Alabama. Houston and San Antonio, Texas were burning with an intense heat. Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona to L.A. were all ablaze with glory fire. I believe many cities will have invitations to host the presence and the spirit of revival, but only some will receive.
5. Lastly, I saw Interstate 40 running through the middle of the United States.
Bob Jones had seen a similar vision last year and called it the "40 Revival Highway." In this vision, I saw a similar thing with key regions overrun with angelic activity and explosions of the power and glory of God.

Starting on the East Coast I saw Raleigh, Greensboro and Asheville, North Carolina, engulfed in flames. Knoxville and Nashville were some of the brightest revival flames burning on the map, as raw hunger would be the fuel that would feed these revivals. Memphis, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, and back to Los Angeles, were aflame.

The Lord also revealed to me other circuitry that would work within these revival highways and spark new life into regions as Heaven invaded in days to come. The Lord showed me what He called the "Topeka Triangle" that runs from Topeka, Kansas, to Houston, Texas; then up the I-10 through Phoenix to L.A.; and then back to Topeka forming a revival triangle. Topeka was key to the Azusa Street Revival.
His Glory Will Be Seen Upon You
We are in a season where the waves of revival are beginning to build again—this time it will spill upon whole, corporate bodies of Believers in key cities and regions. These miracle angels have been sent to America to fan the flames of revival and will respond to our faith and believing, as we gather together in expectation of the Lord. Our sense of wonder, expectation, and childlike faith will draw these miracle angels to our meetings with powerful demonstrations of the Kingdom of God. As we continue to provide the fuel of love and holy awe to the moving of God, the atmosphere will become electric—resulting in mass explosions of revival fires that will burn bright for the nations to see!
The Azusa Street revivalist, William J. Seymour, prophesied in 1909 that within 100 years there would be a release of the Shekinah Glory of God that would burn brighter than what took place during the Azusa Street Revival. During that revival there were incredible miracles that marveled the masses—like limbs growing out! God is preparing the Body of Christ to shine with this glory that the nations would see and come to the brightness of our rising! Isaiah 60 says that His glory will be seen upon you!

Are you ready to shine with His Glory? Get ready for suddenlies of God!
By Jeff Jansen
Forwarded via email from ElijahList by many readers

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The Territory of Oregon was organized on August 14, 1848, by an act of Congress. It includes the present-day states of Idaho, Oregon and Washington, as well as parts of Montana. The Lord brought to my attention other significant historic moments in that same year of 1848. The year of 1848 was also a LEAP YEAR and as I discovered that historic fact I heard the Lord say,


1848 was also known around the world as the, "Spring of Nations" or the "Year of Revolution". It was triggered by a series of political upheavals throughout Europe that spread around the world like fire which also ignited the French Revolution which consequently began also in 1848. I heard the Lord say that this would be a time of epic revolution and a time when our nation will SPRING FORWARD as it did in 1848 - 160 years ago. This is a year that will be a "Spring of Nations" or a "Year of Revolution" where current mindsets and processes will be transformed by springing forward and a spiritual revolution or radical change of thinking and believing occurs.

The "Year of Revolution" as it has been titled by historians was not only a volatile time but a violent one as well. Many countries and continents came under great pressure both naturally and spiritually as the earth "groaned" and there was a spiritual "quantum leap". This will not only be a time of great spiritual strides but also a time when the world will come under a degree of suffering as weather, economy and other political and natural landscapes suddenly change positioning entire nations for the will and plan of the Lord.

Two other significant events transpired around the world that forever changed these countries and deeply impacted the United States:
The Mexican-American War (1846-1848) and the Irish Potato Famine (1845-1849). Both of these events greatly impacted the United States. I heard the Lord say, "NOW THERE WILL BE A FULL CIRCLE AS I SEND BOTH BLESSINGS AND PROVISION TO THESE THREE NATIONS; MEXICO, AMERICA AND IRELAND. YOU WILL SEE A GREAT REAPING WHERE YOU HAVE SOWN."

The Oregon Territory is deeply connected to these world events as the epochs of history occurred and the Oregon Territory was birthed simultaneously. Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Montana are a EPI-CENTER or a place where EPIC is about to ENTER as it once again shapes world events by its prayers, intercession and outward acts of faith. I heard the Lord say, "WATCH AND SEE AS THIS IS CONFIRMED BY WATER, WIND AND FIRE IN THE NATURAL THROUGHOUT THIS REGION. A SERIES OF SUDDENLIES WILL MARK THIS REGION FOR MY PURPOSES."

EPIC breakthroughs financially will now ENTER as the Oregon Territory becomes a epicenter of His anointing and provision for world impact. The nations will become acutely a part of your heart as this year ends and 2009 begins. You will be strategically in position both spiritually and naturally to have optimum impact. Psalm 2:8 will be your springboard that will underwrite what I do in your heart and mind says the Lord. Favor both in Mexico and Ireland will streamline My will in you as a "great door of utterance" opens to you there as well as many other key nations of the world. EPIC IS ABOUT TO ENTER!

Chad Taylor, Consuming Fire
Sep 12, 2008

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I Hear the Sound of Abundance

We are taking, just like the Day of Pentecost, when there was a sound of a mighty rushing wind. That sound must be released again. Why? To captivate the unbeliever, the agnostic, the atheist, the scientist, the economist, the socialist, the capitalist. God says, "It is time for Me to capture the attention. There is a sound," says the Spirit of God, "therefore receive it tonight. Open your mouth and pray and receive it."

We are capturing something. I am a prophet, I must capture something. This afternoon when I was praying I knew God was going to do what He did.

He told Ahab - Ahab was the king - and when the drought had come to an end, He said to Ahab, "Go up, eat and drink, for there is the sound of the abundance of rain." There was no evidence, no rain, but at the word of the prophet and acting on just one thing - the sound of abundance - Ahab went to eat and drink as if there were no famine, there were no drought.

There was no cloud in the sky, there was no evidence of rain, but Ahab went and acted because the prophet said, "Go and do what you would do in great prosperity. Eat and drink as if there was plenty of water and plenty of food." And Ahab went and he ate. And Elijah went and sat down and told his servant, "Go towards the sea." The servant came back and said, "There is nothing." But Elijah said, "I hear the sound of abundance."

There are literally thousands of people watching us on the Internet, joining us in this room: "What is the prophet saying?" The prophet is saying: I hear the sound of an abundance. Some of you are saying, "We have no evidence. The only evidence we have is the news media telling us there is a recession." God said, "Which kingdom is controlling you? Which kingdom is dictating to you? Which kingdom is telling you this?"

Ahab, go and eat, go and drink. The king, based on the prophet saying, "I hear the sound," acted and took action and began to act as if there was no famine. The servant went and looked twice, three times, four times, five times - not a trace of abundance, not a trace of rain. Sixth time, the end of his carnal journey.

We have come to the end of a carnal journey. We have come to the end of our season of war, we have come to the end of the season of drought. And yet you say, "How can this be? What they are telling us is contrary to what you tell us, prophet."

I Hear the Sound of Unusual Miracles

But God is not speaking to those who are deaf; He is speaking to those who have ears to hear what the Spirit has to say. I hear the sound of abundance, I hear the sound of the miraculous, and I hear the sound of unusual miracles. Don't harden your heart. Do not harden your heart and say, "This will not happen because it's been spoken before."

God said, "This is the season and this is the time." And God said, "What does the prophet hear?" The prophet hears the sound of miraculous, the sound of restoration, the sound of revival, the sound of unusual miracles, the sound of creative miracles, the sound of God-is-what-He-is! I hear the sound of abundance!

You are going to hear the word of the Lord in spite of what the enemy says. There's a lady lying in a hospital right now and she's to have major surgery and God is replacing her organs. Even though medical science will come in and make discoveries this year, and your soil will offer the greatest miracles, God is going to impact this world with the most unusual miracles that have ever taken place.

Kim Clement, via Joystar.tv

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Lean Into the Wind

I spent one summer, many years ago, up in the Canadian Arctic. I never crossed the Arctic Circle, but I spent several weeks in an aluminum canoe quite close to that line. I learned some things during that season.

One thing I learned is that the wind in that territory really knows how to blow! During the few weeks of summer that far north, it’s not too awfully bad, but the rest of the year is known for strong and steady winds; we measured some at over 60 MPH. Those winds are relentless, they’re penetrating, and they’re merciless.

Out in the wilderness like that, one is tempted to try to find shelter from such a wind, but there is none. The tallest trees are measured in inches, not feet, and the highest mountain is a gentle slope to a 20’ summit. There is nowhere to hide from the wind.

There are only three ways to respond to the wind in those kinds of circumstances:

  1. You can lean into the wind. It won’t be easy going, but you can put your head down, squint your eyes, and face into the wind. If you hope to have any control over your progress, this is the only way to get around If you’re living in a tent (like I was), then the only option is aim the front of the tent, the tent door, into the wind, and open the door (zipper) just a bit. The wind will blow into the tent, expanding it to twice its normal cubic capacity, and – if you have staked it down properly – it will lock it into its place on the landscape.

  1. If you face the tent away from the wind or (heaven forbid) crosswise to the wind, prepare to get up in the middle of the night to gather what belongings you can find from across the landscape.

  1. You can turn your back on the wind. With your back to the wind, you find yourself pushed wherever the wind is blowing towards, out of control, of the camp, and usually towards the nearest body of icy water. You can’t see any better with your back to the wind, and its icy tendrils find your sensitive skin just as quickly. The effort to protect yourself is wasted, and eventually, you have to turn around, face into the wind, and work your way back to where you started from.

There have been a number of prophetic words about winds coming into our lives: winds of change, refining winds, winds of revival. These winds of the Spirit are relentless, they’re penetrating, and they’re merciless.

We will be tempted to try to find shelter from such winds, but there is none. There is nowhere to hide from these winds. One word says, “Because of a lack of understanding some of My people will try to find shelter from the Wind, but in so doing, they shall miss My work.” If we hide from the wind, we miss what God is doing.

There are only two ways to deal with the winds in these kinds of circumstances:

  1. We can lean into the wind. We can set our face like flint towards the wind that God is blowing at us, embrace the change, the refining, the revival as uncomfortable as it is. If we face into the wind, and open ourselves up to this thing that God is doing, we’ll find ourselves expanding in our capacity for what God is doing, inflated by the Spirit of God, and if we have anchored ourselves properly in Christ, we’ll be locked into our destiny by the very wind that we expected to destroy us.

  1. If we work at cross purposes to these winds, we’ll find ourselves waking up at some point to find our work strewn across the landscape, running to gather what shards remain.

  1. Or we can turn our back on the wind. If we face away from the wind, we will find ourselves pushed all over the place, out of control, and away from fellowship. We’ll be unable to see what is coming toward us or to see where we are being blown to, but it won’t be where we want to. Our efforts to dodge the work that God is doing will only serve to keep us in His processes longer in order to learn our lessons, and eventually, we’ll need to turn around, embrace the work He’s doing, and work our way back to where we started from.

What does this look like, leaning into the wind. It looks like embracing whatever God is doing in your life, in your community, and doing it without regard for personal cost. If He’s bringing winds of change, then we let go of the old ways – remembering the lessons we’ve learned there – and we embrace the new thing that God is doing (which is not the same as the latest trend in church growth techniques). If he’s bringing a season of refining, then it means that we embrace refining: we open ourselves for correction and conviction, knowing that some of what we hear will good and some will be false accusations. If He’s bringing revival, then we embrace revival, we look for any shred of the Spirit of God in the new and strange movement, and we ignore the odd noises, odd behaviors, odd theologies (excepting actual heresy, which we are very slow to judge) that the new movement exhibits.

Leaning into the wind means embracing what God is doing, whether it’s comfortable or not. It means ordering our lives so that we rely on the new and perhaps unusual thing that God is doing. It means not defending ourselves, our ministry, our beliefs, in the face of all that God is doing. It means that when we’re under the Spirit’s surgeon’s scalpel, that we look our surgeon in the face and ask Him to cut deep.

The alternative, turning our back to the wind, involves avoiding difficulty, avoiding inconvenience, avoiding discomfort. This lifestyle will end up blowing us all over the map, probably towards the nearest body of icewater.

The winds of God are on us now, winds of change, winds of refining, winds of revival. May we have the courage to lean into the wind.

David McLain, June 2009

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Two Winds Coming to the Church

by David Minor

This word is not from a "major prophet" with a big name. David Minor was (simply) a youth or associate pastor from Longview Wa. and that prophetic word was circulated humbly typed and then recopied. I believe that this 22-year-old word is speaking to us in this season. God is again speaking to His prophets about the winds. I believe these winds are beginning to come upon us; we would be wise to turn our face into the wind.

The Spirit of God would say to you that the wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing through the land. The church however, is incapable of fully recognizing this wind. Just as your nation has given names to its hurricanes, so I have put My name on this wind. This wind shall be named “Holiness unto the Lord”.

Because of a lack of understanding, some of My people will try to find shelter from the wind, but in so doing, they shall miss My work. For this wind has been sent to blow through every institution that has been raised in My Name. In those institutions that have substituted their name for Mine, they shall fall by the impact of My wind. Those institutions shall fall like cardboard shacks in a gale. Ministries that have not walked in up-righteousness before Me shall be broken and fall.

This is My Wind.

For this reason, man will be tempted to brand this as a work of Satan, but do not be misled. This is My Wind. I cannot tolerate My church in its present form, nor will I tolerate it. Ministries and organizations will shake and fall in the face of this wind and even some will seek to hide from that wind. They shall not escape. It shall blow against your lives and all around you will appear crumbling and so it shall.

But never forget, this is MY WIND, says the Lord. With tornado force it will come and appear to leave devastation, but the word of the Lord comes and says, “Turn your face into the wind and let it blow, for only that which is not of Me shall be devastated.” You must see this as necessary.

A second wind.

Be not dismayed for after this, My wind shall blow again. Have you not read how My breath blew on the valley of dry bones? So it shall breathe on you. This wind will come in equal force as the first wind. This wind too will have a name. It shall be called “The Kingdom of God”.

It shall bring government and order. Along with that, it shall bring My power. The supernatural shall come in that wind. The world will laugh at you because of the devastation of the first wind, but they will laugh no more. For this wind will come with force and power that will produce the miraculous among My people and the fear of God shall fall on the nation. My people will be willing in the day of My power says the Lord. In the first wind that is upon you now, I shall blow out pride, lust, greed, competition and jealousy and you will feel devastated, but haven’t you read “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven?” So out of your poverty of spirit, I will establish My kingdom. Have you not read the kingdom of God is in the Holy Ghost? So by My spirit, My kingdom will be established and made manifest.

Know this also, there will be those who will seek to hide from this present wind and they will try to flow in the second wind. But again they will be blown away by it. Only those who have turned their faces into the present wind shall be allowed to be propelled by the second wind.

You have longed for revival and a return of the miraculous and the supernatural. You and your generation shall see it, but it shall only come by My process says the Lord. The church of this nation cannot contain My power in its present form. But as it turns to the wind of Holiness unto the Lord, it shall be purged and changed to contain my Glory. This is the judgment that has begun to the house of God, but it is not the end. When the second wind has come and brought in My harvest, then the end shall come.

by David Minor midnight 6th April, 1987
available various websites online.