A Word for the Oregon Territory

For I see pillar of fire, yes, a pillar of fire over what was once called the "Oregon Territory." A pillar of holy fire says the Lord. As the pillar of fire led them by night in the desert, so is my fire kindled in this "Oregon Territory."

It shall be as a sign, and a landmark to the whole earth of My power and dominion. It shall be seen from a-far, as a bright shining light of deliverance. A city upon a hill that cannot and will not be hid. I have set you as a defense of the gospel. From your heart shall come a prophetic evangelism that shall strike the waters of the Jordan to make a way for my people to cross says the Lord. Upon you "Oregon Territory" shall be a double portion of My glory. I say to you, try Me and see of this does not come to pass even this year, and into 1999. For I have declared it and will hasten it to come to pass. For you are as one that gives birth. You are heavy with child. I travail until my Son is formed in you. The time is nigh that this birthing will take place says the Lord.

Apostles shall be established in your borders, I will build My end time church within you. You shall be a launching pad to the nations, many in foreign soil will declare of you, "Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord!" The whole earth will call you blessed.

Now is the time My people! Refrain no longer. Launch out into the deep, and see if you do not take in and awesome catch! My word has declared it, and so shall it come to pass. Upon your foreheads "Oregon Territory" is the word "LIBERATED." You shall rise as a giant to cast the shadow of LIBERTY across the land. In you shall be the hope of the nations.

Seattle. Your time of visitation is at hand. You have only tasted the early and not the latter rains. I AM about to pour upon you the showers of shekinah glory that I promised to your forefathers so long ago.

Portland. You have I made ready as a farmer would make ready his field. The time of GREAT harvest is upon you. Like a fisherman repairs his nets, so have I repaired and prepared you Portland, to reap and faint not says the Lord.

This is the hour of My glory upon you, lift up your heads, for My redemption draws nigh...

Chad Taylor