My Vision of the Lord Jesus Christ

by Tommy Hicks

Editor's Note: This is an older word, and one that does not specifically address the Northwest region (though the content has application to us in the Northwest as much as anyone else). A few days ago, at a gathering of prophetic folks in the Northwest, Holy Spirit brought this half-century-old word back to mind. Consider this an old word being renewed in the Spirit, and being spoken specifically to us in the Northwest.

On the morning of July 25, 1961, at 2:30, I received a vision from the Lord, that has entirely revolutionized my whole life and ministry. It seemed as though I had hardly gone to sleep, when this vision came before me, not once, but three times. Oh, wonder of wonders when again on July 27 this vision appeared. In each instance, the details were identical.

Suddenly in the vision, I was standing with the full view of the whole world before me. From out of the heavens came great thundering and lightning. Accompanied with the phenomena, came a voice, a great voice, for it was the voice of God.

My face was turned toward the North. With a great flash of lightning covering the entire earth, I looked down and beheld a massive form that appeared like a huge Giant. I was amazed as I saw the Giant cover the earth. Its feet seemed to reach to the North Pole, and its head extended to the South Pole. The arms were dramatically spread from sea to sea. Again with another great flash, I saw that this Giant was alive, and yet strange to say, struggling to life. I said, "Oh Lord, what does this mean?"

This massive being was covered with debris and seemed to be fettered. As I viewed this being, it began to quiver, then almost go into convulsive gestures. As this took place I saw thousands of strange creatures. Every time the Giant would quiver, they would withdraw. However when it ceased to move they would return. I was definitely made to know what these creatures were. They were instruments that had bound the body of Christ through the ages.

Suddenly the right hand of the Giant came up. I heard a loud voice like a roar of thunder from heaven. Then his left hand was raised, and as I looked, I saw its hands extend into the very heavens. Then very slowly, the Giant began to rise, and with the giant hands, began to cleanse the debris from off its body. I saw it rise to its feet, with hands outstretched to heaven. So great that its hands were in the heavens, while one foot was in the sea, the other was on the earth. I trembled uncontrollably, never before seeing such a sight.

Presently, the sky was filled with clouds, heavy clouds, but lo they turned silver, until from the very silver clouds there came liquid drops of light and power on the form of the Giant. I watched intently, I saw the Giant melt to the earth itself, as though it was being poured out from heaven itself. The form had seemed to dissolve and now in its place I saw millions of people. I cried to the Lord, "What is the meaning of this?" A voice so clear and vibrant said plainly, "I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army, which I sent among you."

As I listened to the voice and watched the multitude of people, from the clouds came great drops, like liquid light, this majestic heavenly substance made everyone it touched lose their identity, and their identification was JESUS. I saw no barriers, no denominations, nor sects, but the transcendent glory of heaven that rested upon these people compelled them to lift their hands in praise and adoration.

I watched to see who this company was worshiping. At that point, I saw a great white figure come out of the clouds, pointing His finger to one and then another. It seemed that He was giving directions, for as He would point, they would go, some to the east, some to the west, and in each direction. I could see them marching through cities, towns and villages, come through deserts, forests and jungles. God is going to have a perfect Church. He is going to have a people that are so endued with power that it will not be an exposition of self, but it will be Christ in them, the hope of glory. I saw these people pass through the fire, unburned, cross rivers as though there was no water there, they crossed oceans with ease, escaped persecution as though a hand transported them from their surroundings.

In spite of wild beasts roaring, being attacked by men with swords and weapons of war, nothing seemed to hinder them. They moved over mountains, and down through valleys, they moved like the hart skipping upon the hills. Their faces shone with the countenance of Victors, they were conquerors.

I hesitate to tell this part of the Vision, because it was with great trembling, I received this portion of the revelation. I saw the man, clothed in white, point with a scepter in his hand. Again there was pouring forth from His hand this that I call "liquid power." As soon as it would touch the person, he would have his hands bathed and dripping in the same heavenly substance. Upon receiving this anointing they would walk into Hospitals, through the streets, into the Institutions, and on and on, marching throughout the length and the breadth of the land. I could hear them saying, "According to my Word, be thou make whole." As the liquid power flowed from their hands, each one they touched was instantly healed and made whole.

I saw people transported in the Spirit from nation to nation. I saw them going to Siberia, to Africa, to Canada, and to the ends of the earth. I saw them literally lifted up and placed by the Spirit in the respective countries.

Then I heard a voice, not a thundering voice this time but a voice that was low and beautiful as the murmuring of the waters. This tender voice said, "My little children. I have given unto thee my treasures. You are mine, you belong to me. I have loved thee with an everlasting love. Now my power shall be IN YOU. The gifts that I have given unto thee shall be made manifest to a lost and dying world. I am going to restore to thee all." These people arose in the power of this great commission. I saw them cross oceans, go through fire, face persecution, and lifted by the Spirit and transported to many places. They were being placed where God wanted them, they were being put in the places where God was going to visit His people. They were prepared and already equipped.

I realized that this whole panorama picture was the demonstration of the Kingdom of God through those who follow Him. I continued to see a stream of people marching, healed, blind eyes opened, deaf ears unstopped, literally millions receiving the power of this great manifestation. It seemed so "Fluid" in its operation. There was no exaltation of a man, simple words were constantly repeated, simple but profound, "ACCORDING TO MY WORD, BE THOU MADE WHOLE."

As I watched, it seemed as though days formed into weeks, until months and years seemed to slip away, and in the midst of those who received the fullness of God's visitation, there were also those who withdrew. I could see the anguish of their faces, the price was too steep, retaining of the identification meant too much to them. They refused to march, and eventually slumped away. The price was more than they could bear, they eventually slipped out into the darkness of the night.

To speak of the following instances leaves me weak with the glory and power of the tremendous finale. The days, months and years seemed to slip by as I beheld the celestial scene. Nevertheless, it all happened in a short time, possibly just a few seconds, who can tell? No tongue could adequately tell the glory and the splendor of the formation of this angelic host. In a moment, just a twinkling of an eye, the graves of the saints had become as a plowed field and the saints from all ages, from the seas, the mountains, the deserts, from every imaginable place, gave up her dead, and rose in power and majesty, to be absorbed into the great Giant. No debris covered this great being now, it was clothed in heaven's majesty, glorious shining garments, so brilliant that it would make a million diamonds look dull.

Everyone was in a state of perfection. Again I heard a great thunder, and I turned to behold the most repelling sight human eye can witness. From the heavens above, poured forth the vials of wrath, and wrath of God. It seemed that the wrath and justice of God were wrung out as drops of unspeakable anguish and suffering. The Christ rejecting peoples of the earth had their cup filled.

Once again my attention was drawn to this glorious body, as I heard again the voice, even as thunder crying, "BEHOLD THE BRIDEGROOM COMETH. GO YE OUT TO MEET HIM. For He is the Lord of glory. Lift up your heads oh ye gates, be lifted up ye everlasting doors, and the King of Glory shall come in." Then as though the great Maestro of heaven had given the sign, a mighty volume of harmonies, heaven's harmonies pealed forth like music born on the wings of a heavenly dove. The music was clear, vibrant, rich and resonant, it was heaven's music, the song of souls set free. They were singing a new song, and what I thought to be accompaniment, now became clearer, stronger, it was the voice of the Bride, many voices but one voice singing the Song of Moses and the Lamb.

As I listened, I suddenly became weak, and yet even the weakness was my strength, for I had been in the presence of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. I was filled with an unspeakable surge of the Spirit to go tell all nations, press the battle to the front line trenches of the lost and dying world.

Folks, the Kingdom is here. The very power and Spirit of the Kingdom of God no possessed me, I knew it was the revelation of the King in all His Kingly authority. I could see that the Lord was showing me that the Kingdom of God was coming into view. This was the revelation of the Kingdom of God coming to man. The very spirit and power of the Kingdom so gripped me, I felt like one caught away to the third heaven. Daniel saw the everlasting Kingdom, no power in the world will be able to destroy this Kingdom. Once again, I saw this body now being lifted into the heavens. At this point I awoke. The vision repeated in the same manner three times again. Each time perfect in detail. From that moment to this, these words have rung through my soul, HE'S COMING SOON!

This was reprinted from Pacific Northwest Prophecy webpage, by Dave Bodine. 

David Hogan Speaks to the Northwest

Last week, David Hogan contacted the Northwest's own Dead Raising Teams, and asked if he could come speak into the move of God in our region. David is an apostle and evangelist in eastern Mexico (for more than 30 years); he and his team have planted more than a thousand churches. Together, they have seen more than 500 people raised from the dead.

Over the course of 4 sessions, David speaks "comfort, edification, and encouragement" to the church, and then he goes well beyond that starting point. Here are the audio files from that conference.

Session 1:
Session 2:
Session 3:
Session 4:

Note that this is more of an "apostolic word" over our region, rather than a traditional "prophetic word." 

Depending on your connection, your browser, and its settings, you may be able to stream these sessions, or you may need to download them & play them from your computer. 

From David Hogan, Freedom Ministries.

Proclamation of Elvin Gladney over Seattle and Cascadia Region

Proclamation of Elvin Gladney - 2008-02-22
Over Seattle and Cascadia Region
At the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Latter Rain Revival
Monday February 11th, 2008 at St. Luke’s, Seattle

I was born and raised here in Seattle. I’ve been watching a lot of changes in Seattle. I’ve always had a heart for the city. When you’ve been born and raised here and with a lot of new people, it has not been quite the same. Jim (Watt) was asked a question about the barriers and the blocks to the City Church (and it’s something that Jim & Marie have talked to me about)... something we’ve prayed about… wondered about… speculated… but tonight, if you’d stand with me…

Seattle has a destiny. God chose that destiny… Seattle didn’t! Many five-fold leaders have come from other regions to speak to the destiny of Seattle… but it’s different when people that are here speak it… It’s OK for others to come in and say what they’re going to say but they don’t live here and eat here… sleep here… work here… go through the day to day things… whereas most of us here I believe are…

But for those of you here tonight, if we will collectively unify corporately and make some declarations, I think things will happen…

One of the first things I want to declare – you see there has to be and there has begun already – a fundamental shift in the foundation of churches. This is a very difficult task because what it means is that there has to be (according to Jim Watt, my papa, I call him) a willingness of the agendas of man to be laid down for the agenda of God.

So Lord, we declare tonight over Seattle and the Pacific North West and the Cascadia Region (including Spokane, Vancouver, BC, Portland, Seattle/Tacoma, and Victoria, BC) that You are raising and have raised up a people who will embrace Your agenda and release their agenda to You. And Lord, we believe tonight as we declare this thing… we’re going to pray (like the man said) there’s a great mountain that needs to be conquered in Seattle. And so, Lord, like Caleb said, “Give me this mountain!”

Where the giants live… Lord, there are giant circumstances in the way of a city church but we’re going to declare tonight -- Lord, give us this mountain… our heritage and our destiny… our inheritance. The revival is tied to occupying the mountain… So Lord, tonight we declare over this place that the mountain shall be ours! Because it is not a work of man but a work of the living God… We make that declaration tonight!

Lord, we also declare and we thank You even now that this very night has been a key to a transformation of the people who have been here. Lord, there were people who were here last night and people who are here tonight not just by circumstance but by divine appointment. Therefore, Lord, all of us are going to be catalysts… as intercessors… as prayer warriors…and as prophetic ministers to pray in what Your agenda is… until there is revelation, through worship, in every church that would bring Your Church together.

So Lord, tonight we also declare a fundamental shift in worship all over the Cascadia Region. Angels would begin to fill every worship house. Your Spirit would fall on every worship leader. And the Holy Spirit would take full control. And where man’s plans have come to plan an event, they will be released to the plans of Heaven. Lord, we declare that tonight… that You would take over the meeting… You would take over Sunday morning… You would take over Sunday night… and that people would be enveloped with Your presence as the worship goes forth…

And Lord, we also declare (as Marie also said it) revelation would come as the angels and the Holy Spirit descend on houses of worship all over this city… all over the North West… revelation would come (just like it did on Jim).You spoke those words to him… 64 years ago! Before it ever started to come to pass and You told him he would be part of something… Lord, You said to Seattle, “You’re going to be part of something!”

As a matter of fact, it was prophesied that the revival coming out of Seattle would get the world’s attention… and that we would be a prototype city for all the other port cities around the nation… Lord, we also declare this thing to be true! We’re going to take the prophetic words and we’re going to declare them and we’re going to pray them until they begin to come to pass! And so Lord, develop Your prototype! Use us, Lord! Start in us tonight! Transform us tonight! Give us revelation tonight! Let us be houses of worship… every one of us – individually! Set us free!

And Lord, in every church that’s represented here… we would go and we would be a catalyst in that church for change and reformation. We declare that tonight! Wherever we go… whatever body we belong to... as we worship You… You will honor it, Lord, and begin to come into that house… and You will bring revelation and understanding… and people will begin to move towards Your will, Your purposes, and Your agenda… and we thank You this very night for the shift… the shift… the shift… not only in the Heavens but in the natural… that we are about to see!

And Lord, we declare Seattle a Jesus-City! We declare Seattle a Kingdom City! We declare Seattle will have a city presbytery. You have spoken it, Lord, and it shall come to pass! In Yeshua’s Name. In the Name of Jesus! Amen.

At the close of the two day celebration of the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Latter Rain Revival, host Father John Roddam felt led to have apostle and prophet Elvin Gladney come forward. Elders present formed a Presbytery and ministered to Elvin with the laying on of hands and prophecy. Then Brother John asked him to prophetically make proclamations over Seattle and the Pacific North West. This is that proclamation. 

Arise and Shine

by Ted Hansen

I am very encouraged with the news of God’s increasing kingdom in the midst of shaking times of the nations. In a time of blowing winds, storms, droughts, and melting heat God is moving in a powerful way. We are the princes and princesses of God’s kingdom who fix our eyes upon our righteous King! When the world is blinded by the blowing winds and doesn’t know what to believe, we believe in the One who loves us. In a time of raging storms and the actions of men are those of preserving self, we are being empowered for acts of love and are being anointed to sow more seeds for the multiplication of nobility. In a time of drought and the thoughts of men are inspired to make hasty decisions affecting the generations to come we are growing in the imaginations of our hearts to know the strategies for the life of the generations to come. In a time of melting heat when men lose their focus and they become people of stammering speech, we take on the life giving influence of God’s testimony to the unfolding generations of tomorrow. We are a source of God’s inheritance in the earth!

The center of the universe is not hinged upon a revelation of mankind. A revelation of how good God is and how much He loves us is pivotal for knowing the basis of all life! God is good and He loves us! This is the core of life! The core of religion chooses to see a vision of bad people who need a Savior. The core of life is that although people are bound to sin and deception, God is good and He really loves us! We are in a grassroots revolution of God’s love!

I am stirred by the Prophet Isaiah’s words:

Isaiah 60:1-3 “Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.” “For behold, darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples; But the LORD will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you.” “Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.”

I believe that these words are prophetically relevant for this moment and hour for the church in the nations. We are in a grassroots revolution and Christ is calling His body to arise with the testimony of light!

I recall a vision that I had three years ago while in England. I saw a woman standing on a horse in a field. She appeared to be standing with a horse under her. The vision was vague as to whether the horse suspended the woman’s feet or she was standing on the ground with the horse beneath her. The wind was blowing violently. The horse was making sudden moves of its head backward as the wind blew and the woman would turn her head in like fashion as the horse turned its head. The nostrils of the horse were flared and emotional expressions of human reaction could be seen in the horse’s facial features. As I recall the vision I could see the emotions of human strength in the face of the horse and the strength of muscle in its neck. Each sudden turn of the horse’s head caused a sudden turn of the woman in the same sideways to backward motion. This happened four times repeatedly. I thought to see the color of the horse and tried to focus on the horse, but the vision would not allow me to focus on the horse or its color. What I thought to be of importance was not the focus of the vision. Then I saw the woman face the winds head on and she stood tall upon the horse and the horse dissolved beneath her as she stood. The woman’s head was no longer turning for she was fully facing the wind as it blew. I could see that the woman was rising in a glorious posture with a firm stand upon the ground. The woman’s face became radiant and her hair was long and waving like golden wheat. It streamed backward as the wind blew and looked to flow with the wind like waves. Her body and the appearance of her face became radiant, like the sun. The brightness of the light didn’t allow me to make out any features of her body, but her face was clear in complexion and she had a focus of anticipation and expectation in the expression of her eyes. I could now see that the field was a field of wheat and it too showed rhythmic patterns of waving in the wind, but there was no sense of despair. The field looked endless in every direction around the woman. There was only a sense of great glory, peace, and even destiny. I heard the Lord say, “If my church will call what the world calls ‘winds of change’ – ‘WINDS OF DESTINY’ – her finest hour is at hand. She will rise up as the life-giving womb of God in the earth and there will be a great harvest and her glory will be awesome!”

We are the body of Christ and it is time that we rise up with the Holy Spirit of life! We are the life-giving womb of God in the earth and the treasures of heaven are being birthed in a grassroots revolution of love among the nations of the earth. We are being empowered by One Lord, One Faith, One Submersion, One God and Father, One God Above All, One God Through All, and One God In All (Eph. 4:4-6). This is the testimony of the manifested nobility of Christ. A King rules righteously and it is time for princes to rule justly in the earth (Isa. 32:1-4). If we fix our eyes upon the King we will not turn our heads when the winds blow, or the storms come, or the drought is in the land, or the heat is melting the hearts of men. We must be the people who know that God is good and He really loves humanity! When men are crying out because things are bad and they need a Savior, we must be the womb of God that reveals that God is good and He really loves them! This is a grassroots revolution of love!

Who are we as the body of Christ? We are a spiritual house for a spiritual priesthood and we are anointed to make spiritual sacrifices to God. These are sacrifices of love to the one who loves us. Our empowerment is not based upon a command to love Him, but upon a revelation of how much He loves us (Heb. 5:12-14; 6:1-3; 1 Pet. 2:9-13).

We receive our life through a revelation of His love. Our future is secure because the procreative area of our body wears the belt of truth. The belt of truth is not a measure of good and evil, it is a revelation of God’s love. He is good and He loves us! We have been granted repentance from dead works, because we are a chosen race of born again creations and we are alive to God in Christ. We are being empowered for works of life through the evidence of faith. We wear a breastplate of righteousness and our actions of acts of love from our hearts. We have faith toward God. We are a royal priesthood offering sacrifices of faith toward the One who loves us!

We have the testimony of life through a submersion in God’s life-giving Spirit. Our feet drip with an anointing that testifies of the good news of our peace with God. Though we walk upon this earth, we live in the house of God in His heavenly realities of life and there is no gap between Him and us. We are continually experiencing a change of culture and lifestyle by a submersion in Christ. We are holy nation in Christ!

We have been given the authority of life through a submission one to another in Him. We move forward beyond the opposition of every fiery distraction with a shield of faith as God’s ministers of life with the giving of life through the laying on of hands of the corporate body of Christ. We have been given the life-giving authority of being God’s own special people as ministers of life to the world in which we live!

We have the power of life through the manifested evidence of His presence. We wear a helmet of salvation and we know that there is no God above our God. We stand in the power of the resurrection of the dead and have the victory of life in all things. We are a people of praise and are no longer bound to the testimony of days ending in darkness for we live in the in the increasing Day of light!

We have the communion of life through His eternal Sprit made known in His body. We have been given the eternal judgment of eternal life. We were not a people, but now we are the people of God. The testimony of a love for God and a love for people is a life expression in our mouths as a sword of the Spirit revealing the community and communion of the sanctified ones in Christ. We are bringing the community of heaven to the communities of the earth through the life-giving expressions of Christ in us!

We have the inevitable increase and perfection of life in Christ. The awe of God is empowering to pray in the Spirit. The power of perfections is being granted to us through the evidence of prayer and we will know one God in men as a people who have fully obtained the mercy of God!

“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.”


Ted J. Hanson

Ted Hanson is an apostle and prophet, based in Bellingham, WA. While this word is not specifically to the Pacific Northwest, it comes from the NW, and it speaks to issues God is discussing with his servants the prophets in the greater region.