Tri Cities, Wa. : A Three Fold Cord Is Not Easily Broken

Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, I will knit you together in love. The feuds and the divisions I will now wash away. For I am sending to you a deluge. A flood of My purpose and presence. It will wipe out the structures that men have built revealing the foundations and corner stones that I have established. Programs and privileges will be taken away and Mine will established. Upon this new foundation the weight of harvest will stand and feet of many will come into My Kingdom says the Lord. This new foundation will withstand the wind and the rain and will stand.

I will remove the dividing lines of jealousy that have kept My will at bay. I will erase the subtle divisions that with-hold My latter rain. I will open the window's Heaven on you in these last days. But first remove the pointing of the finger and the pride, sit not in the place of ungodly or scornful and you will be My tree by the rivers of living water. I will use the leaves of your unity for the healing of the nations. I will use the sap of your strength to raise up a chosen generation. I will use the shade of My glory to raise up the desolation. I will use the fruit form this tree for reconciliation and restoration.

You will be a refuge in the future economic storms. When others are without you will be safe within. You will have a supply, the store houses will be full. There will be room at the Inn for those downcast and in sin. You will be the Father's house for the prodigal and the wayward. The misfit and the misunderstood. I will cause you to cast the net on the other side and take in the ones that others have forgotten. I will give you the pearls of great price. I will give you treasures out of darkness.

You will be crossroads of political interest. Those in high places shall pass through your borders leaving a blessing. I will fight for you. I will cause even the legislation and laws to reflect My glory and will. I will upset seats of authority that have resisted Me and replace them with those after Mine own heart. David will sit in Saul's place in this hour. I will create a revival fault line from you to Yakima. From Yakima to Seattle. From Seattle Bellingham. There will be river of righteousness flowing form one place to the other. Many that have left will find themselves drawn back to these regions in this season of harvest.

In this place of three's will I establish My authority. My Godhead will be seen in you. You will be a reflection pool of My glory. You will be a gate Beautiful where the lame and the halt are healed. Many will come to you for their deliverance. You will be a river Jordan where the church collides with the past, present and future. I will even give you the nations and regions where the wealth of the wicked are stored. In this hour Tri-Cities I will restore. Gird yourselves up My son, the harvest is white and there's much more work to be done. Arise and shine, for the glory of the Lord has come.

Chad Taylor