Special Word for 2011

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying: “I Am granting you access to secret chambers and dimensions of My heart. You are being armed with an arsenal of My ability and I Am adorning you with My favor like never before. Accept My word and align yourselves with what I have spoken. Anticipate the greatest hour that has ever existed. I Am awakening My church to a new day of harvest and purpose. It is time for you to activate the anointing I have put within you. Acknowledge Me in all of your ways and I will give you the desire of your hearts. This shall be a decade of acceleration and accommodating My promises a fresh and anew.”

“Be bold and do not shrink back from what I have promised you. Bombard heaven with your praise and I will break you through the walls of limitation and take you beyond the veil of My glory. My bride shall shine in this year like never before as I cause her to carry My radiant beauty in the earth. Brace yourselves for the best instead of preparing for the worst. Breakthrough is here and you have entered a new chapter and era as the people of God.”

“Consecrate yourselves, keep your hearts pure and your hands clean. Cling to my presence and cast off every care. I Am staking My claim and coming to My church like never before. As I spoke to Moses and Joshua so I speak to you: Do all that I command you to do and you will have great success. Commit yourselves to Me and allow Me to create a new culture of covenant within My church. Be consumed with compassion and commit to My great commission and I will cause nations to be converted as I have promised. Stay connected to a steady stream of the Holy Spirit and become conduits of My power”.

“Dare to dream again and declare that your day and time of destiny has arrived. The days of disappointment have come to an end. It is the dawning of a new day. Delight in the Lord and His promises. Do not doubt and you will not be denied. Be deliberate in your steps as I cause you to walk in new realms of delegated authority.Declare your full dependence upon Me and I will give you the desires of your heart. I am delivering the designs for your destiny and causing your dreams to become reality. I have determined that this will be a decade of double portions and double favor.”

“Expect to be surprised by expressions of My love and affection as I enhance My presence upon My people even in public places. I will be seen enthroned upon the praises of My church and I will release My glory in extraordinary ways in the year ahead. Prepare to be entrenched in victory as I continue to heap coals upon the head of the enemy. I Am equipping believers with the power and glory that was demonstrated in the Book of Acts. Expand your expectations and I will expand your territory, your impact, and your influence. I am sending the hosts of heaven to be embedded among you to listen to what you say and and carry out my word as you give the command.”

“The faith of the faithful shall release the works of God in action. I am calling forth the flames of fire to carry the fullness of My glory. Favor shall surround My people like a shield and I will fulfill My promises and bring My word into fruition. The fruit of the Spirit must line up with the gifts of the spirit in this next season. There is a new freedom coming upon My people to be who I created and called them to be. I am driving out fear and releasing fresh faith. Be like the great men of old who obtained a word from God and framed their world with it. Fortify the body, fall into formation as I send you into unchartered territories of favor.”

“Greater glory, greater works and greater purpose is being birthed in the heart of My church. Grab hold of my promises and go forth with great confidence. My goodness shall be seen in the earth this year and many that are in darkness shall gravitate to the living God. I have given you glimpses of My glory in the past but this year I shall consume you. Generations are coming into 2011. There is a generational move of the Spirit that is coming in this year focus on generation ministry and I will release the mystery hidden throughout generations.”

“Hold on to My word and hide it in your heart. You shall no longer be hindered. It is time for the heirs of salvation to have what I have spoken. I am putting greater honor upon My house. 2011 will be a year of humbling for many leaders in the church and on the world stage as I release My hand of mercy to bring forth the turning of hearts among the elect and the elected. Healing shall spring forth like the morning and the hope of many shall be restored as I heap the resources of My heart upon My people.”

“Increase has come upon you in 2011. Increase your capacity as I release to you the inheritance of the Kingdom. Your inheritance has already been secured and paid for. There will be an increase of opportunity, fruit, and souls in the year ahead. Operate out of your identity, be secure in who I created you to be and know that you are backed by the I Am. Your sphere of influence will be expanded as you are illuminated with a child like faith and innocence. Intercessors are being called to take their rightful positions and infiltrate the enemies territory. This shall be a year of financial intervention and Kingdom investment.”

“Joy unspeakable and full of glory is yours this year. My joy is your strength so do not let the enemy steal it. I am jealous over you and long for you to fall in love with me all over again in the year ahead. Judgment begins in the house of God pulpits and steeples shall be shaken with a greater sense of the holiness of God. Justice shall be served in this nation and the nations of the earth this year as I overturn the rulings of man and unravel the plans of the enemy.”

“Kingdom Keys are being released to Kingdom hearted people. I will give you the keys to unlock generations, nations, and resources for an end time harvest. Keep your eyes on My presence in this season because you have never been this way before.”

“Lead with love, listen with love, learn with love, lavish with love. Pursue love and I will make you irresistible. Love is the key, love is the answer, love is your greatest tool, and love is your greatest weapon. Love the unlovable and I will give you cities, regions, and nations.”

“Multitudes are about to be moved from darkness to glorious light. My mercy is going to release a movement of miracles in the earth as I manifest My majesty and might in the earth. Move beyond the ordinary and maximize the moment I have created for you.”

“Nothing is impossible for those who believe and I am launching you far beyond what you have ever thought was possible. I am releasing My nature upon those who are called by My name.”

“Open heavens shall abound in 2011. This will be known as a year of open doors and unexplainable open doors of opportunity for those who have abandoned themselves to obedience.”

“Perfected praise shall spring forth out of the mouths of children. The pure in heart shall see My face. Be persistent, precise, and patient and you will posses the promise. Peace is power in 2011. This will be a year of prophetic encounters, provision encounters, and power encounters.”

“Quit worrying and let your faith be quickened. I am quashing the attacks of the enemy and causing the earth to quake with the knowledge of the glory of God.”

“Restoration is on My lips this year. I Am bringing about the restoration of all things including the restoration of rest for My people. Release what I have deposited inside of you. Rely on My power and not your own. Jesus the Redeemer is coming to redeem, restore, renew, and rejuvenate His people. Rivers of resources are being released to the Remnant that will build by the Spirit.”

“Seek me in the secret place and I will tell you secrets that you have never known or heard so take time to sit at My feet. Salvation is here. This is a year of household salvation! I am changing the landscape of your surroundings I am releasing a saturating presence upon those willing to soak in my presence. Surrender your ways for My ways. Seize the moment as I continue to secure your future. Spirit led will replace seeker sensitive and the sons of thunder shall be heard loud and clear.”

“Trust Me during this year of transition. Your trials are being turned into triumphs. I am crowning you with truth and taking you from grace to grace and glory to glory. This is a year of transformation for many churches, cities, and nations. Taste and see that the Lord is good. This is your time to take back what was stolen. The Holy Spirit is coming to teach and train His people as He thrusts them out to do what has never been seen or done before.”

“Unwrap the gifts I have placed inside of you. God is unifying and fortifying His church. I am ushering you into a year of unusual and uncommon encounters with the Holy Spirit. He is uprooting, unraveling, and undoing the plans of the enemy on behalf of His people.”

“Victory is at hand! Men of valor are rising like Gideon to defeat the works of darkness. Virtuous women are taking their place of value in the body and victims are becoming victorious.”

“Watch me fulfill what I have said. The waiting is over and I am moving you into realms of fulfillment and completion like never before. I am washing over My body with rivers of refreshing. Be willing to be stretched, challenged, and changed. This will be a year that the whispers of heaven will be heard.”

“Expel all thoughts of failure. I have called you people of excellence, to soar like eagles and to see what others could not. Exhaust yourself in your pursuit of My presence and I will show you mighty deeds. I am expanding your territory. Exalt me and lit me up and I will draw all men unto me.”

“Yesterday is gone so let it go. Yield yourself to me. Let your soul say yes to what I am calling you to do. I am releasing the anointing that destroys the yoke. You have been anointed and called to make history and change the world around you. This is your day, your time, and your year to go beyond where you have ever been.”

“Be zealous for good works and let the zeal of the Lord be seen upon you and provoke others to jealousy because of your passion for Him and His love for you.”

Word Given by David Wagner, Pensacola, Florida 12-31-2010
Via Marc Buchheit

The Wave is Upon Us

For years, we've prayed for a great wave from God to overtake us and our communities.
I believe that the wave is upon us. But waves come in sets: this is not really the first wave, though this one is greater than some that have come recently. In the natural, waves bring both refreshing and destruction with them, and this wave is bringing both.
I'm feeling like this is a metaphor for our season; this is where we are standing:

We're facing some very large stuff coming at us, like a very large wave bearing down on us. If such a wave caught us unawares, it would kill, and easily. But to those who are both aware and skilled, it is not even particularly dangerous; though it is certainly exciting. The surfer will actually dive into the wave, without even leaving his surfboard. He may close his eyes, he may not, but he won't be able to see what's going on around him, over his head, until he comes out the other side.

I believe this is our season:
  • If we turn our back to the trials bearing down on us - and we have been able to get away with that response before, with smaller trials - then we will die. Our friends will gather in our memory, and they will go on without us. Frankly, I expect that if you care enough to read this, to take this seriously, you are not among this group.
  • If we see nothing but the trial that is threatening us, we will also not survive. We will not overcome the trial; our friends will drag our body to the beach, wear black in our honor, and move on with the things set before them. Let's not be among this group either.
  • It is only by knowing the truth: knowing - trusting - that there is another side to this trial, and pressing through it, not unaware of the trial, but not focused on it either: this is how we survive, this is how we will get to the place where we can surf on the trials! The transition may be tumultuous, we may be tossed and churned, but we will come out the other side!
  • Frankly, these waves cannot be surfed alone. If we are alone, we may survive this trial, and we may survive the next one, but we need the eyes and ears of our fellow surfers: we need the wisdom and encouragement of the fellowship of the saints, and a big, anonymous gathering probably isn't going to provide it.
  • Not everyone is facing the waves right now. In a surfing community, nobody is allowed to face the big waves until they are well proven to have the strength, the skills, the awareness to overcome the wave. Those who are facing a wave: it’s because the King has judged you to be an overcomer. But have patience with those around you who aren’t facing their own waves.
Once we're beyond this trial, there will likely be another wave beyond it, which we must also press through, press forward in spite of. But soon we will come to the place that the waves are forming, where we will stand up on our board, and ride the wave. In that day, we will see the promises that we've longed for and prayed for Lo! these many years. That day is coming.
Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.
But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. All of us, then, who are mature should take such a view of things.
This is our day. The cloud of witnesses is watching us. How will we respond?

The Angel Camp Vision

Editor's note: This word is neither from the Northwest, nor specifically to us; it's a word to the Body, but I believe this word is very relevant to us in the Northwest.

On Sunday, the 20th of February, 2011, I had a vision and ever since then, I continue to get glimpses of it repeatedly. By this, the Lord is reinforcing the heavenly communication that was given to me, so that I will not only remember the communication, but it was also to remind me that He is the Lord who is in charge of it all. May this vision encourage every Child of God and strengthen your faith through every mountain and valley experience, to trust in Him completely and to keep moving forwards in your journeys. –Susan

In the vision, I was walking somewhere, and it was getting late as it was close to dusk. I was trying to make out the road ahead of me so I would not wander off of it. I leaned down to watch each step of mine as I followed the lines of the road. I knew there was a rest area coming up soon, but was not sure of exactly how much further was left to walk. I picked up my pace so that I could make it before the last of the light faded with the night’s advancement. I could hear the soles of my shoes as they made crunching sounds on the road. This gave me some solace as I made my journey. Ahead of me was a light flickering off to the right of me. I was startled as the rest area was not supposed to be at this point of the road yet. As I drew nearer to the area where the flickering light was, I began to make out distinct shapes of people sitting and standing by a fire off to the side of the road in a clearing. I hesitated; as I did not know if the people were friendly. But I knew that I might not make the rest area before nightfall, so I thought I may as well risk the situation. I slowly neared them, and stepped over to where the group was sitting by a nicely lit fire. As I drew closer, I saw that the group of people sitting by the fire was not actually people but a group of angels. I was surprised, and unsure if I was seeing right. I stopped and stared at them. I did not know if I should approach any closer. One of the angels smiled at me and said, “We have been waiting for you to come here on the highway. Do not be afraid.

I looked at them and they all smiled at me and beckoned me to join them. I made my way over towards a large flat stone by the angels. They were very attentive to me, but they just sat there waiting for the angel that spoke to me to continue. He said, “We were waiting for you to walk by this point on the highway. We are assigned to you. But we have to wait till you have progressed in the timing and purposes of the Lord so that we can join you. Each step you take, and each day that you walk with the Lord, is already known to us and is already ordered by the Lord. We know what is to be done and what you will need each day, even before you do, for we see it through the Lord’s eyes. He tells us what you need even before you know it. We are sent to do the Lord’s will as He has instructed us, to help you on your journey. That is why you have met up with us. It was time.

Another angel then stepped forwards. He looked at the first angel as if to get his permission to speak to me, and the angel nodded to him. He smiled and said to me, “We look forward to joining you on your journey. Anything that we do gives us great pleasure, because we love the Lord Jesus and we love His people. It is an honor to serve Him and to help you as well. The greater darkness is approaching and you must be helped along the way. The battle is nearing, and you must be strengthened for the journey. Come and sit by us and we will speak more about this to you.

I nodded as he spoke to me and walked over to where he was and sat on the ground by him. He smiled at me and continued, “You must not be afraid of the increasing darkness, for you are light. You must walk in the darkness, for you were born for this purpose, to bring many out of the darkness and into the Lord’s light. You must not focus upon the darkness that is operating around you. You must focus even more on the Light that is within you. You carry the Light of Life, and no darkness can ever quench it. You must trust the Lord and draw from Him at all times. You must commune with Him more as you walk on your journey, for this will strengthen you for each step and for each stop along the way.

“Do not give in to fear”, another angel said. “Yes”, agreed the angel near me. “Fear is only an enemy if you allow it to be. You are not to listen to the voice of fear as it comes to you, but you are to only hear the voice of your Lord. He alone, is your path. Fear will attempt to cause you to leave the highway, but you must never wander in your faith. Stay focused on your task, and on your path. He has shown you what to do, and you must maintain your peace and rest in Him as you travel. He is your Peace. He is your Light. He is your Strength. He is your Safety. Remember these things as you walk. You are to bring to remembrance His Faithfulness to you as you go. There are many enemies along the highway and you must be on guard.

“The Lord Jesus took time to rest on His Journey and so must you. He also took time to pray along the way and so must you. Each day’s journey has its opportunities and its lessons, and you must be prepared for them as they arrive. We have been assigned to you for some time. But we could not meet you until now. You have had to grow and to mature to this level before we could appear and make our presence known to you in this manner. For each level of maturity has their corresponding level of danger and also heavenly reinforcements. The Father knows everything that concerns you. He arranges your path ahead of you and brings the help you need, when you need it. He is Faithful in everyway to each of His Children. You must walk in faith each day, so that we can be activated to respond to your needs. When you believe, we can move on your behalf. When you are afraid or have doubts about the Lord’s care or provision for you, then we are restrained until you change your heart. We can only move according to the Lord’s instructions and to faith. This is why many do not receive the help they need when they really need it, because they cancel the Lord’s answer for them by their unbelief in the situation or by their negative words and willful actions in the event. You must always agree with the Lord and with His Word. Then we can fully accomplish the Lord’s will for you in the situation.

“Yes”, another angel agreed. “We don’t like watching God’s people get into trouble. We want to help, but often our hands are tied. We must only watch and remain still. The Lord wants faith rooted deeply in Him. He watches over His Word to perform it, but He can only perform it when you fully put your faith and trust in Him. We are sent to bring the Words to pass in your life, and it will be to the degree that you will believe in Him.

The first angel nodded. “Yes. So you must remember that we are active in the earth. We are your brothers, and we are the servants of the Lord, just as you are. But you are the ones that will learn to rule and reign with Him. You must learn those lessons here on earth. Each day is a gift to you, if you will learn from them as you go. Each day has within it true wisdom, if you will seek it out. The Lord has laid wisdom out in each step you take, but you must see through His eyes, in order to perceive it. Do not look at your journey through your own eyes, but through His, then you will not miss any source of wisdom or help that is laid out for you along the way. You will be fully equipped for each day. It is wise to ask for help when you need it, but it is wisdom to walk and to see, as He sees. As you commune with Him daily on your journey, you will see even more as He sees, and you will know even more as He knows, for He walks within you. He walks as you walk. Every step that you take in Faith, He is there. Every step that you take in fear or doubt, He cannot be to you as you need Him to be, for you leave Him and walk in your own self instead. To remain in Him, you must have faith in Him. Then you will walk in true wisdom and light.

“We are here to remind you of these things as you go. The darkness is increasing in the earth, but that is nothing to be compared to the Light that is also increasing! The greater Light abides within you! You must learn to not only draw from it each day, but you must learn to release it even more as you go. The more you let Him flow through you and around you, the more that you will see and will understand. For you and He are one. Your Union can only flow. as you learn to walk and to abide in it. You are called to bring others to the knowledge of Christ and into the Light. You must let the Light within you overtake the darkness around you. Then you will not see the darkness, but only His Light. Then you will overcome the darkness and advance even more. You are called to redeem that which was lost. You are called to restore that which was relinquished. You must begin to release more of His Life and more of His Light, so that others will be drawn to Him.

“The Lord is calling every Light Bearer to rise up and to break forth into new territory now. That is why you have had greater onslaughts from the darkness. The enemy sees your light and fears it. He also knows that the Lord has come to redeem and to save. You must stand firm and place your focus upon Him, and move forth. You must not deviate from your course, but you must hasten it. When you sense fear on your journey, then know the enemy’s trap is near. You must press even more into your Lord and use your Light to dispel it. There is nothing that can touch the Light, nor put it out, but you. The enemy knows this. That is why he attempts to get you to look at yourself and at the situation. Then you will weaken and lose faith, and lose your progress. You must resolve to never look at yourself and at your situation through your eyes. You must abide in Him. You must see through His eyes and then you will have the wisdom for each event that comes on the journey.

“The battle is increasing on every front. The time for Salvation has come. The Lord’s Deliverance shall be seen in the earth, as well as His Hand. Do not fear these days, but rejoice, that you shall walk in them with Him! We have waited in great anticipation for this day. We have waited for you and for all of God’s Children to come to this Hour. We are privileged to walk in it with you on earth. The Lord has planned for this Hour in every detail. You must not forget this! He is to be trusted and fully relied upon at all times! He has made provision for you at each turn. If you will be faithful to follow His lead, and to walk with Him, then you shall never fail, but you will surely prevail! There are many reinforcements laid out for you along the way. Each day is set and is laid in its place, you just have to walk it out with Him, but you must obey Him in every way! You have His Word. Eat it daily. Spend time with Him as you go, and you will always know what to do.

“There will be times when you will be directed to stop and to pray intensely for a season. The Lord did this in Gethsemane before He went to the Cross. He knew that He had to draw from the Father what He needed in order to accomplish that which lay before Him. Such days are also before you. In this Hour, it will be necessary for you to be sensitive to His Voice. You must know when to walk and when to sop and to seek Him. Great wonders will be seen in the earth in your days. Things the Father has planned for no other time, but yours. You must be prepared and strengthened for them before they arrive, so that you can effectively and wisely reap in them. Many will be entrenched in fear on the earth, so you must be entrenched even more in faith, so that you can help them. You are called to bring forth life where there is no life. You are called to bring forth restoration where there is only devastation and loss. You are called to bring forth balance and peace where there is no peace and very little hope. You are the Lord’s vessel, and you must begin to release more of Him in this hour. The more of His Light that you walk in- the more of His Light that you can release to those around you. The Lord at this time will now give more revelation to His People on the earth. It is to be given to those who are walking with Him. It is time to increase in His Wisdom.

The angels all nodded in agreement. “You must be secure in Him”, said another angel. “You must know that your security comes from walking with Him alone. He alone is your security and your strength. The world will grow darker and more covered in deep fear as the changes come progressively on the earth. But you must not walk as the world walks. You must walk in faith, in trust, and in the security of your Lord. You were born to walk in this generation. You have all you need to accomplish your part of the Lord’s plan. You must rest yourself in His Hands, knowing that He is working out every plan. You must learn to let go of every self sufficiency that arises in you. This is part of the human nature, but it is not part of the divine nature, of which you also partake of. You must let the Life of Christ within you, to continually become more of your identity within you. If you look at the earth events through your own eyes, then you will see yourself in it, and will depend upon your flesh and sufficiency rather than Christ’s. This will cause you to weaken and to waver in your faith. You must always look at the Lord!

“The Lord will allow the darkness around you to increase at different stages of your journey, so that you can release more light into it. There are many that abide in that great darkness and you are being sent to illuminate them and to help restore them to the truth. Too many of God’s people are afraid of the darkness. This cannot be! Light overcomes darkness and destroys it! You must never fear the darkness, but you must only fear Him! You are also to continue to reinforce areas that you are sent to. You are to strengthen other groups with the Lord’s Light, so that they also advance as you advance. It is the Lord’s desire that all of His People advance and grow in His Light. It is time for whole areas of Light to now be established in the increasing darkness. That is why we are here. We are to help you in this time. We help everywhere the Light Bearers are to increase their light. It is time for whole Regions of Light and for Cities of Light. It is time for Safe Areas to be established where the weak and the wounded and the bound and the lost can be healed and restored for their own journeys. These are perilous times. These are strategic times. These are new times. You cannot walk in the wisdom of yesterday. You cannot walk in the patterns of yesterday. You must walk each day, in today’s measure, and you must get it from Him. That is why we are here, to help you on your journey.

“The Gatherings of believers on the earth shall increase. There will be gatherings of good and also of evil. You are seeing just the beginning of both. The earth is in travail. There will be great travail soon, and you must gather more to not only strengthen the brethren, but to also join forces in the journey. Great Bastions of Light will arise and be erected all over the earth, as the greater waves of darkness flow over the earth. You must not fear, but learn to draw even more near! You will each be given knowledge of what to do, and when you gather together more will be given unto you. Alone you will fail, but together you will prevail!

“Learn to love even more”, another angel said. “Yes, learn to love and to forgive quickly”, another angel added. “You must do this even more in the days ahead. Allow no offences to come. Allow no divisions to come. Allow no opinions to undo what the Lord will give to you and do among you! Seek only Him, and His Wisdom will keep you through it all. Love never seeks it’s own. You must learn to love unselfishly, to remain in true unity. Seek to glorify Him and your love will know no end. You will be known by your love. Your love will cover a multitude of sin, but it will also draw the lost in. This is what the Father seeks, for those who will lay their lives down for one another. This is the love that will know no bounds, and that will take the most ground. You will redeem the most when you can love the most. The Lord moves through love, but He also judges through love. You will walk in His Love and in His Judgements when you walk together in His Love and you will fulfill His Purposes for you if you will be sincere in your walk together. When you fear the Lord more than you fear your brother, then you can walk in love. When you walk in fear then you will seek to control, what can only be done through the power of love.

“Hatred shall rise in the earth even greater now. True love shall also rise up in the earth at this time. The enemy has seen the dawning of this new day, and seeks to prevent the Harvest and the Life that is to come forth. The hatred that was hidden has now been unleashed in the earth. Only the Love of the Lord will effectively diffuse this and bring forth the truth. Only the Love of the Lord will bring peace to those who are captured within its grips. Your love will increase as you each learn to walk together and as you do, the hatred within the darkness around you will also be dispelled. You must abide in the Lord, and with each other, in the bonds of His peace. These gatherings will be vital to your learning to abide in Him with each other, but also for the establishment of Regions of Light and of Love. Love will conquer the greatest of darkness and will break open the hardest of hearts! Out of the hatred will be seen true selflessness and sacrifice. Out of the darkness will be seen true faith and mercy. Faith will rise as you trust in Him and see through His eyes! The Body of Christ is awakening in the greater shaking. You must quickly assemble and become one, as you have learned to become one with Him. It is time to begin.

The angels all stood up. I quickly stood up and watched as they began to disappear, one by one. Then there was only one angel there. He said, “Be watchful and pray everyday. Seek to love. Remain in faith. Lean into Him and trust. When you are tempted to break your stride, remember to abide! Remember, Faith sees through His eyes what cannot naturally be seen through yours. This battle is not natural, but is supernatural. You must walk in the Spirit to overcome through it and to advance. You are not here by chance, but it is written. Seek His Wisdom in every step and it will be found. Each day has its portion. You will never lack as you seek that which is in your path, it will be found and you will be filled.

The angel finished and he too disappeared. The fire burned down low to glowing coals. I then remembered that I must keep on walking, so I turned again to the highway to resume my journey. My feet stepped onto the highway and I felt a refreshing wind lightly blowing on my face. I smiled, for I knew that I had more help along the way. A new strength came into me and a surge of anticipation for what would come the next day…

Susan O’Marra