Northwest Vision

Graham Truscott
July 1972

I had only been in this nation a few days, in July 1972, and I was in Long Beach, Washington. Something happened to me that has never happened before or since. I didn’t know in those days, the difference between Washington D.C. and Washington State, I was so ignorant about America. And one day as I was teaching in the morning session of the World MAP Camp, I began to read my Bible and the print became blurred. I have a physical condition which afflicts me from time to time which causes blurred vision, and so I thought oh no, not one of these right here in the pulpit. But I was trying to read the Bible and what appeared to be a map of the United States, appeared over my Bible. And you know, I am so dumb sometimes, I didn’t know what was going on. I looked up, there was the map. I looked down, there was the map. I decided to quit reading and wait on the Lord right there in the pulpit in front of about 1,800 people. And then God gave unto me a vision, and I repeat, something that has never happened before or since that time.

Probably many of you have read it, because it has appeared in many periodicals and magazines throughout the nation. The main point of it was this, and it effects you because of where you live and where I’m standing right now. In the East of the map of America as I saw it, there arose a very dirty and evil cloud. Now this was in the end of June or the beginning of July, only about two weeks before the Watergate break-in. I’m not saying that was the interpretation of what I saw, but it was a significant historical sideline. And this dirty thing arose from the east and began to spread in a very ghastly way across the nation. And even as that dirty cloud arose and tried to sweep across the land, the map which I saw, in the Northwest, as sure as I’m standing here, I saw it with my eyes, in the Northwest there arose from the ground another cloud. And this cloud was silver, it was white, it was so beautiful I cannot describe it in words. And it began to sweep across the nation and push back this dirty evil cloud.

And then it began to drop rain, and small pools of rain formed over the map I saw. And the pools began to join with little rivers, and soon the whole nation was covered with beautiful clear and crystal water. Not only that, but out from the West Coast there appeared going through the sea, as I seemed to back off from the map, and the map became smaller, and the globe became bigger, there went through the sea silver arrows the same color as the cloud and the water from the West Coast, went through the sea to the nations of the East.

Now I’m not saying God is going to give America a revival because a little missionary from India saw a vision. But I want you to know that thing, that vision, that experience is as real to me today as when it happened over five years ago. The Bible says in Hosea 6:2, after two days He will revive us. This is the word of God, this is the promise of God, and I am persuaded that we are about to see in this nation of America, the greatest revival that the history of this nation has ever known.

1. I believe that we are about to see in this nation of America, the greatest revival that the history of this nation has ever known.

2. I believe that there is a restoration of praise and worship, such as we have never seen. I believe there is going to be right throughout the nation a tremendous, glorious, increase of praise and worship throughout the land. There is coming a tremendous increase in the presence of God in our meetings. We all know Psalms 22:3 that God inhabits, God dwells in the praises of His people. And I am persuaded that we are going to see some amazing things happen as we worship God. I want you to know, that when we have the presence of God in the meetings, Jesus is going to do the things that He did in Bible days, it’s as simple as that. We are going to see the sick healed by the presence of God. We are going to see the people saved by the presence of God. We are going to see people filled with the Spirit and delivered from demons and delivered from habits by the POWER OF THE PRESENCE OF GOD in the meetings. Now this does not do away with the preaching of the word of God, you know I love the ministry of Gods word. But I want you to know that as we have the presence of God in the meetings, God is going to manifest His power.

3. We are going to know the presence of God in communion. Communion is not a remembrance only. It is not something that is a form or a ritual. But I want you to know that God is going to restore, even as He is restoring water baptism, the truth of the presence of God at communion. It’s not a ritual, It’s an experience.

4. There is going to be in America, a tremendous restoration of the Tabernacle of David. For I have learned by experience that people are hungry and know that God has not finished yet. But I want you to know that we are going to see in all of it’s fullness the word of God of Amos 9:11 and Acts 15:16 restored.

5. There is going to be from America, the greatest missionary thrust that this world has ever known. Jesus said in John 4:35, Don’t say there are four months and then comes the harvest. Jesus said lift up your eyes and look on the fields. The Bible says in Ruth 2:9, let thine eyes be on the field that they do reap and go thou after them. Nehemiah 8:10, ….send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared. And there are multitudes in India and the nations who have nothing of the gospel of Christ.

Graham Truscott was speaking at Bible Temple, in Portland, Oregon, on September 25, 1977

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