Washington State Prayer Focus

During the “Piercing the Heavens” conference in Everett, WA this past October, Chuck Pierce reviewed the year 5765 which started September 2004. “Instead of the enemy plundering you over and over, you are to surround the enemy’s camp this year with violent praise.”

The number 60, Samekh, means repeat, cycle, to go around, to surround. The number 5 means there’s a wind beginning to blow through the heavenly realm, through a window of opportunity. It means Holy Spirit, or the breath of God, is starting to move back to the church with revelation.

• Pray that there will be an increase of regional worship gatherings and the Church of Washington State will break up old cycles and break out with the Breaker Anointing.

At the 50 State Tour Gathering in December, 2003 Dutch Sheets said, “There is coming a two-fold whirlwind of God into this region that is going to bring judgment against His enemies and against this thing that is over this state, but it is also going to be bringing the order and the life of God. The word of God is His seed.”

• Continue to “call forth the wind of God to break, to pull down the curses, the demonic assignments, the witchcraft, the defilement of the word of God, the pollution of the word of God.”

• Continue to “say that every unclean, defiled word that is in the atmosphere over Washington is going to be cleansed by the whirlwind of heaven.”

At that time Chuck said, “…I saw something, from Northern California, through Oregon, up through Washington, all the way into Vancouver, B.C.…you couldn’t see what was under you. It was like you had one level of foundation, but your foundation wasn’t deep enough. And the Lord said, ‘There’s a new wave coming. It will be both a wave of evil, that will try to affect that region, but it’s (also) a wave of my Spirit’ and He said, ‘They’ve not built the foundation in that area to handle the wave.’”

• Continue to declare as the Lord said, “that the wind will produce the wave and that we are paving the way for it. Declare that the foundation that needs to be built for what is ahead will be built from Northern California through Vancouver, B.C.”

Chuck also said that the Hebraic year 5766 began in October 2005. “This is a year of staking your claim in the midst of the whirlwind.” Dutch Sheets said, “All eyes will be on Washington. Well, it’s the whirlwind state and it’s the year of the whirlwind. Then you’ve got Oregon which was God’s choice of the state that would overthrow the Jezebel structure. There’s something major going on up here in the Northwest.”

On June 4, 2005 USSPN Washington and PacificMinistries of Portland hosted a Cascadia Consultation with leaders and intercessors from Vancouver, B.C., the greater Seattle area, greater Vancouver, WA/Portland area and Spokane as well as various smaller Eastern Washington locations. This was a time of worship, and expressing the desire to enter into covenant relationship according to John 17 so that the territorial spirit of Jezebel would be displaced.

• Declare that the Body of Christ in the “Oregon Territory” will pioneer a move of humility that expresses preferring and honoring one another that will lead to the overthrow of pride and independence.

Chuck said, “Washington will be in the focus of our nation for the next three years. This year 5766, Samekh Vav, God is sending you a tent peg or a stake so you can stake your claim right in the midst of your whirlwind, so your whirlwind does not overtake you.”

First, in the natural…I Corinthians. 15:46. On August 14, 2004 Dr. C. Peter Wagner held an International worship gathering in Santiago, Spain to counter the worship of the Queen of Heaven. That day the USSPN WA leaders and four Spokane intercessors went to La Push, WA not far from James Island. The northwest corner of the state and also the nation were staked. In the mid 1700's a Spanish ship staked out the land somewhere between this location and Neah Bay for Spain and the Catholic Church.

• Declare that the Church in Washington will ride the wind of revelation and break out of error and man’s traditions.
• Declare that, in the midst of the enemy roaring in our face, we will roar back so that he will separate.
• Declare that the Lord will blow a new wind of strength on the Church of Washington
• Declare that the Kingdom of God will advance as a violent praising storm throughout Washington State and that we will not fear but be careful to hear the voice of the Lord in the storm.
• Decree that “God is going to stake the state of Washington and it’s going to come in His sovereign way this year. And all of those powers and principalities that think they’re ruling it this year, you wait till the Lord puts His stake in here.”

In December, 2003 Chuck said, “There is an evil ploy that will be devised to bring terror into this area that would stop you from moving in God’s power the way that He longs for you to move. So, the Lord says now, ‘You get in front, and you declare the order that’s coming. You gather together, you move forward.’”

In the 2004 state prayer focus we declared His light would expose all the hidden works of death and destruction. Twice in 2005 USSPN WA sent out prayer alerts to expose the four pathways in which the spirit of death and destruction wants to come into the Northwest and steal the promised harvest. In I Kings 21 the sons of Belial (meaning worthlessness, wickedness, destruction) brought accusation against Naboth. He was stoned to death and Ahab and Jezebel took his vineyard.

1) Terrorist Attack: Washington State opened the northwest gateway to the nation for the spirit of death and destruction to enter through presenting a mixed gospel, breaking many covenants and shedding innocent blood with the Native American people.

On October 4, 2005, Rosh HaShanah, seven Native American Leaders went to the White House and met with Mr. Ruben Barrales, Deputy Assistant to President Bush and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs to present to the President a “Proclamation of Forgiveness.” Dr. Flo Ellers (Tlingit/CherokeeTribes) of Washington State read the proclamation. Also present from Washington State was Rev. M. George Kallappa, Sr. (Makah Tribe), Superintendent of the American Indian Fellowship of the NW Ministry Network of Assemblies of God.

• Pray that this act will bring healing to the broken hearts and desperate peoples on all the reservations in the Northwest. (For information on Washington State Indian Tribes and Reservations for prayer see http://www.kstrom.net/isk/maps/wa/wamap.html#detail )
• Pray that it will add to the shift that began with Apostle Jay Swallow and the 30 other Native Americans that initiated forgiveness at Plymouth Rock.
• Pray that this will help clear the way for S.J. Res 15 Resolution of Apology to the Native Peoples to pass.

On October 20, 2005 Apostle Jay Swallow announced into the heavens the beginning of a reformation in the northwest states. He said, “Don’t try to understand it, and especially don’t criticize it. We call, now, into the heavens, we record this day, as the day of new beginnings. This day we have entered into a new covenant in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We ask you, God, to anoint this body of people, these native warriors, with the mission ahead, to regain, to clean up, and to bring back the glory of God to every reservation in every region in the northwest.”

Chuck declared, “Father, we say, from this northwest entry point, from this port, the ancient peoples and the host people to come through, we say; now there is a sound and the reversal of what has tried to disseminate (disinformation into) this land. Lord, we say there will be a cry of victory coming out of the northwest.”

2) Military Attack: On October 28, 2004 in Tri-Cities, WA during a Women’s Prayer Conference, the Lord spoke that we would reap what we sowed at Hanford Nuclear Facility regarding the bombing of Japan in 1945 if we did not repent for seeking man’s way rather than God’s way. The USSPN WA leaders were called for intercession and one was in St. Louis standing on the porch of the home of President Harry Truman who was Commander in Chief at that time. He stood in the gap with repentance and prayed that our governmental and military leaders of today would seek God’s ways in all they do. The following night 40 local women entered into repentance and intercession.

On October 20, 2005 Chuck Pierce said, “This actually will become a war center for our nation….God has chosen this area for a very peculiar time.”

• Pray for the military leaders, personal, and family members of the following installations:
Mc Chord Air Force Base, Fairchild Air Force Base, Yakima Army Training Facility, and Ft. Lewis Army Base which is home of three Stryker Brigades, Everett Navy Base, Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Keyport Undersea Warfare Research Station, and Bangor Trident Submarine Base which is the last active nuclear weapons depot on the West Coast and is the place of deployment for approximately 1,760 nuclear warheads. The base has nine Tridents including the newly commissioned secret research submarine, USS Jimmy Carter.

• Pray for the apprehension of a convicted naval aviation electrician who escaped from the brig on November 13. Upon returning from tour of duty in Afghanistan he was arrested for possessing stolen ammunition and illegally storing explosives.

3) Spiritual blindness and rejection of next move of the Holy Spirit: During a conference at a church in Seattle some intercessors discovered that a major church denomination, in 1949, held a General Assembly Council Meeting in this newly built church. The leadership of this denomination voted to reject the Latter Rain Movement that began in February 11, 1948 in North Battleford, Saskatchewan and moved across the northwest. They rejected the five fold ministry, the restoration of worship and the Tabernacle of David, deliverance and healing. An intercessor prayed, “Lord, you are about to bring something into the earth. I pray that this time it will not be rejected.” Envy, strife and divisions are like the great dams across the Columbia River that stop the full release of the River of God.

• Pray that the whirlwind of God will continue to deal with every carnal and immature mindset. I Cor. 3:1-3
• Declare that the Holy Spirit’s wind is blowing away the old, the dead, the dry legalistic structures. Acts 2:1-4
• Declare that we are people that will stand in the midst of adversity and laugh loudly at our enemies…” You will be a Holy people that My enemies will fear…Arise and shine for My glory is upon you.” Is. 60: 1-5, 19-20 (From July 11, 2005 52 Day Prayer Focus)
4) Natural Disaster: On November 3, 1970, voters of Washington State liberalized the state abortion statue by passing Referendum 20. October 5 & 6, 2003 a Washington state couple began an annual “DAYS OF GRACE” Memorial and National Day of Atonement for the purpose repentance and honoring those who lost their lives through abortion and healing for those who have been touched by abortion. This initiative, along with many other ministries and individuals, has added to the bowls of prayers.
• Declare “That nature (creation) itself will be set free from its bondage to decay and corruption (and gain an entrance) into the glorious freedom of God’s children.” Rom. 8:21 Amplified
During the Piercing the Heavens conference (Oct. 2005) Dutch Sheets shared one story after another on the ways the Lord arranged for him and others to “strike the mark” concerning the U.S. Supreme Court. Dutch read Job 36:26-Chapter 37:5 “by these storms, these lightning’s, these thundering, He judges peoples. He covers His hands with the lightning, and commands it to strike the mark. The word for “strike the mark’ is the Hebrew word for intercession, paga.”

After much corporate worship and intercession, the lightning of God struck and Dutch said, “I hear the Lord say, ‘I am coming to abort the abortion. I am going to reverse the trends of the past.’ I hear the Lord saying, ‘There has been a season in the past where what He was trying to do was aborted by the iniquitist patterns that take place in this region,’ But the Lord says, ‘I have come to break that off of you and it will not be aborted this time. I am putting you on a new path of life,’ the Lord says, ‘and this one will not be stopped. The move of My Spirit that is coming to this region will not be aborted this time. I am going to break through for you.’” The Lord says, “I have reversed the decrees, I have reversed the curses that have held you back and I say there is a fertility in the Spirit now that is here. There is an ability to break through, there is an ability to press through to completion and what I am coming to do will not be stopped again.” The Lord says, “You will go all the way this time, into the fullness of my outpouring.” He Has Aborted The Abortive Spirit That Hovered Over This Region. The spirit of death is broken off of you!”

Chuck said, “…we went past something that was set to stop God’s plan…The Woe Is Past! Lord, we say right now the woe in the Northwest was past. Father, we say that which was meant to bring total chaos and to stop what You are going to do is past.”

• Continue to declare, rejoice and thank God that He has aborted the abortive spirit and the spirit of death is broken off the state of Washington. Declare Psalm 24

During that time I heard voices saying, “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ.” This is from Rev. 11:15. The verse before that says, “The second woe is past. Behold, the third woe is coming quickly.”

On November 3, 2005– A Washington State Supreme Court judge ruled that the former lesbian partner of a child’s biological mother can be considered the “de facto parent” of the ten-year-old girl the mother conceived by artificial insemination. Justice James Johnson, dissenting from the majority opinion, condemned the court for its “judicial decree” that brought in a new method for determining who a child’s parent is. “Regardless of the various sexual orientation claims, the outcome must be that a mother has a fundamental right to make decisions for her child,” he stated. “The majority’s ruling fails to provide any protection for Britain's (the child’s Mother) fundamental constitutional right as a fit mother to make decisions concerning the upbringing of her own daughter. Worse, in my view, the majority here looks beyond a detailed and complete statutory scheme adopted by the Washington Legislature and creates by judicial decree a new method for determining parentage.” Justice Richard B. Sanders also dissented.

• Pray that this case will be heard and overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.
• Pray for the Washington State Supreme Court: Chief Justice Gerry L. Alexander, Associate Chief Justice Charles W. Johnson, Justice Barbara Madsen, Justice Richard B. Sanders, Justice Bobbe J. Bridge, Justice Tom Chambers, Justice Susan Owens, Justice Mary E. Fairhurst, Justice James M. Johnson

During the 2004 gubernatorial election in Washington State Dino Rossi (Republican) came out ahead of Christine Gregoire (Democrat) by 261 votes. The Secretary of State ordered a machine recount which reduced Rossi's lead down to 42 votes. Then, the Democrats asked the state to conduct a manual hand recount in which many counties discovered votes that hadn't been counted earlier, including the liberal stronghold of King County (location of Seattle). The GOP filed suit to prevent King County from counting the ballots, but the Supreme Court ruled against them. The election was certified at the end of December, with Christine Gregoire winning by 129 votes. Dino Rossi filed suit and on June 6th, 2005 Chelan County Judge John Bridges rejected the central charge of fraud. Judge Bridges did subtract the overall count of hundreds of illegal votes presented by both sides, but, he goes on to say that overturning the election would "constitute the ultimate act of judicial egotism and judicial activism" and thus confirms the election for Christine Gregoire. Dino Rossi did not appeal to the state Supreme Court which officially ended the election contest.

• Pray for the continued exposure of incompetence, corruption and fraud in the elections system and state and county and city government.

Agree and declare the Word of the Lord given in July 11, 2005 52 Day Prayer Focus: “I am opening seats in Courts that will favor My People. I will plant My faithful ones, My true ones, those that are not intimidated by the liberalization of the adversary. I AM ready to contend with Leviathan. I am changing nations. In this nation, I will begin in Florida and then shake California. I will realign Minnesota and uncover in Harlingen. I will awaken New York and release fire in Phoenix. I will rearrange Seattle and open gates in Savannah….I will release authority and demonstrate My power in signs and wonders, miracles and diverse anointings.”

The first prophetic word that came forth at the Pierce the Heavens conference in Everett, WA on October 20, 2005 was from Chuck Pierce declaring the fire to burn, for it to ignite in us, catch fire and that Washington State is the smoke Signal to the nation.

The word signal in Hebrew is ‘owth. A sign, flag, beacon, monument, omen, prodigy, evidence or mark, miracle, token.

The word first appears in scripture in Gen. 1:14 “And God said, ‘Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for SIGNS, and for seasons, and for days, and years.’” The word, light, in Hebrew is morah and means a luminous body, brightness, cheerfulness.

The next place we find it is in Ex. 3:12. In the KJV it is interpreted token. This chapter has to do with the Lord appearing to Moses in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush and commissioning Moses as His instrument to bring His people out of Egypt. Moses says “Who am I,” and the Lord says that He will be with him and the signal will be that when he brings them out, Moses will serve God upon that very mountain.

• Pray that the Church of Washington State will rise up with the fire of God and war against the darkness in her midst and worship the Lord in spirit and truth.
• Pray that we will overcome the accuser of the brethren by greater revelation of the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony of His goodness and justice and by not loving our lives to the death. Rev. 12:11

Chuck shared that the anti-Christ force will get very strong in these next three years. God says, “I’m going to have a people who know how to process revelation. I’m having peoples from every nation rise up, worship together. When you put a stake down, you’re gaining victory under heaven over the enemy structure that’s in heaven. Over these next few weeks we are in a divine shifting time and I say this to the whirlwind state, get ready for the whirlwind will intensify here from this state.

The first prophecy I gave here yesterday morning about the smoke signals coming out of Washington and going up, and the Lord said, ‘I have chosen you to be my signal for the war ahead. Not only will you be my signal for the war, but you will be my victory standard in days ahead.’ And the Lord would say to you, ‘Quit worrying about the earthquake! Quit worrying about all of that here!’ The Lord says, ‘I am teaching you to stand in the midst of the shaking ahead.’”

The origin of civilization in the Oregon country was due to missionary spirit and enterprise, and this missionary spirit was aroused by the action of the Indians themselves. Marcus Whitman, a medical missionary and Christian patriot, who settled near Walla Walla amongst the Cayuse Indians, was the man who saved the Oregon Territory and assured it would be a part of the United States.

In 1832 a council of chiefs sent a delegation of four Nez Perces chiefs over the mountains to St. Louis to ask for teachers to be sent to their tribe to instruct them in what the Great Spirit taught in the book from heaven. Before their return, one of the Indian chiefs spoke at a banquet of their failure to find that which was the object of their journey. This speech was a Macedonian cry of “Come over and help us. The American Board of Missions sent Rev. Samuel Parker and Marcus Whitman, M.D. to the Oregon Territory in 1835. Whitman returned to the East and encouraged missionaries to come minister to the Indians in the West saying that “If good men do not occupy these stations, bad men will and do great harm.”

In 1836 Marcus Whitman and other pioneers set out for the Northwest. Taking a wagon across the Rockies and into Oregon was considered impossible because the Hudson Bay Company had circulated stories that the mountains were impassible to wagons wanting to keep the Oregon Territory under British control. Not believing that claim, Whitman’s wagon turned out to be the very implement upon which the fate of Oregon would turn.

In late 1842 Whitman learned that the Hudson Bay Company planned to bring in English settlers which would result in British Sovereignty in the territory. Amidst severe weather and travel conditions Whitman traveled 4,000 miles back to the East Coast to meet with President Tyler, Secretary of State Daniel Webster and other government leaders to plead his cause for Oregon. He urged them to, “Immediately terminate the Treaty of 1818 and 1828 and extend the laws of the United States over Oregon.” Having risked his status with the American Missions Board and his life by going across the country in the dead of winter, Whitman was compelled to enter the political arena over the Oregon Territory and saw it as his patriotic duty.

The President and Secretary agreed that ownership of Oregon likely depended upon who would settle it first. Though Whitman’s representations of the Oregon Territory were in direct contradiction to others, including the Governor of the territory, President Tyler said Whitman’s frozen limbs were sufficient proof of his sincerity, and his missionary character was sufficient guarantee of his honesty, and he would, therefore, as President, rest upon them and act accordingly. If the Doctor could establish a wagon route through the mountains to the Columbia River, hitherto pronounced impassable, he would use his influence to hold Oregon. Whitman led a company of a thousand from Missouri to Oregon in 1843. He also wrote and presented to members of the government a proposed bill for the organization of Oregon. It greatly influenced the development of posts on the Oregon Trail, the extension of American law into the Northwest, and the founding of the states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

With the nearly 1000 new settlers, the Americans outnumbered the English three to one. In June of 1846 the United States and England entered into a treaty that set the boundary line for the northwest at latitude 49 degrees. A territorial government went into effect in 1849. In 1859 Oregon was admitted as a state into the Union. Washington was admitted on November 11, 1889 and Idaho in 1890.

Whitman was compelled to enter the political arena over the Oregon Territory considering his patriotic duty more important than his backing by the American Missions Board. If Whitman had waited for the next year and warm weather as his friends had demanded and he had not insisted, “I must go and now,” history would have been altered. God rules in the minds and hearts of men as He rules nations. Obedience to God was paramount even in the face of extreme difficulties and opposition.

(Notes taken from the Providential Perspective Newsletters 2004)

• Pray that men will not be intimidated by the fear of man and will obey God.

Burdell J. Austin
USSPN WA State Mobilizing Coordinator
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The Birth Place of the Charismatic Move - Seattle Washington

In January 2004 I was invited to present CONECT for the second time in the context of a city at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Seattle Washington. This happens to be the birth place of the Charismatic Move. On February 10, 2004, one year to the day that we began working on presenting CONECT to the world I ministered in the last meeting at St. Luke's. During that time the Lord weaved His prophetic tapestry.

The week prior to the last meeting I began doing research on the Charismatic Move that was birthed out of Rev. Dennis Bennett at St. Luke's in the 60's and 70's. I discovered some amazing things.

  • The purpose of the Charismatic Move was to empower the individual believer in order to set the oppressed free
  • Dennis never intended for Charismatic Churches to be formed. He wanted people to stay in their churches.
  • He wanted to see leaders working together in a city and for a season in Seattle, over 150 ministers did.

So the first place God had me prophetically declare to the Church that "it was time to CONECT" was in Nassau Bahamas. The Gateway City to the Americas. The second place was in the birth place of the Charismatic Move. If you look at the vision and purpose of CONECT, the purpose of the Church in America that Tellis describes in his book, and the purpose of the Charismatic Move you'll see an amazing prophetic tapestry. The theme and the intent is the same.
It is Time to Re-dig the Well at St.

On February 10, 2004 the Lord had me rehearse the history and combine all of the prophetic words in order to show forth our Lord's intent. It led to this prophetic declaration. The purpose of CONECT is to see the body of Christ come together as it is prophesied in Ezekiel 37:1-11 so that it might rise up as an exceeding great and mighty army. The purpose of that army is to project power in order to see the oppressed set free.

The first place this was declared was in the Gateway City to the Americas and the second place is the birth place of the Charismatic Move. Whereas in the Charismatic Move the intent was to empower the individual, now it is time to see the body of Christ come together as one Man (Nehemiah 8:1-2) in order to project power in order to set the oppressed free.

Over the last 4 years the well was re-dug for the Healing Rooms founded by John G. Lake in Spokane. This led to over 200 healing rooms being planted in countries around the world, so it is here at St. Luke's. There is a well to be re-dug but that well is not for St. Luke's, it is not for Seattle but it is for the body of Christ around the world. The Lord would say, "it is time to re-dig the well and I am with you to re-dig it." In this well that you re-dig you'll see a corporate anointing, leaders and Churches working together in unprecedented teamwork. This will lead to the Church coming together as one man in order to project power in order to see the oppressed set free.

Watchmen Ministries