Chuck Pierce – Everett, WA, Part 3

Chuck Pierce – Everett, WA - October 21, 2005


•Know your connections!
•Know your enemy!
•Define your FIELD of authority!! Who is in your FIELD spiritually above you?
•Understand YOUR SPHERE of authority! Who do you influence and who influences you?

We are in a Season of War!

5762/2001 – the Beginning of Wars for 7 Years
5763/2002 – “Sabbath Day Rest Year”, a Time for Increasing Faith; a Year to Ride the Bull
5764/2003 - a Year filled with Secrets, Mysteries and Surprises; a Year to Run with the Horses
5765/2004 - a Year to Circle, Surround and Plunder the enemy’s camp; a Year of Violent Praise!
5766/2005 – a Year of Staking your Claim in the Midst of the Whirlwind

Are You Ready for This NEXT Year of War?

1. Am I prepared for the warfare ahead?
2. In which area do I need the most training?
3. Am I aligned & connected properly?
4. What am I contending in & with?
5. Does the enemy have an upper hand in my life?

Now, let’s watch this. Let me ask you a few questions.

Number one: Are you prepared for the warfare ahead? And it might be, you might say, “Lord, I hate this. I just hate it. No, I’m not prepared for it. I hate it. I hate it. I don’t want to be in it. I can’t stand this warfare.” All right.

Number two: In which area do I need the most training?

Why? What is wrong with him? He just lives happy, filled with faith, all the time. But some of us are preparing for other things ahead. Some of you need to say, “Lord, I am clueless in certain areas. I need some help here. I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t understand why this has happened. I don’t understand why I went through this. I don’t understand why I’m going through this. Lord, I need some training here.” It’s all right to say that. All right.

Number three: Here comes some very important because what you find this year, 5766, it means it is a supernatural connecting you, a Vav (stake or peg). See, in Hebrew they don’t have a word or a letter or a symbol for “and”, so when they do that, they just put the Vav there. This year connects a lot of things from your past. Now, that’s why you want to be sure you’re looking back and saying, “Lord, we’ve made some real headway in my life this way.” And the Lord says, “I’m going to connect that now into your future.” In other words, it’s the year that your future can overtake your past. Now that becomes very, very important. In other words, this year, in this year, what God has for you can overtake anything that’s tried to overtake you. And that’s what you want to say, “Lord, I don’t have to play catch up, just bring me in and overtake what needs to be overtaken.” But you’re going to have to know if you’re fully, if you’re properly aligned and connected. You’re to have to ask the Lord that. So, here are a few questions.

Number four: Then you want to ask the Lord, “What am I contending in and with?” In other words, what, you’re not supposed to be warring with everything. What’s that one thing that is running you just off the edge? What are you contending for? What is your assignment? Some of you are called to the state. Some of you are called to the house. Some of you are called to the nation. You’ve got, some of you are called to your tribe. Some of you are called to, you see what I mean? You’ve got to define. That’s what Barbara Yoder was talking about. What is, what are you called to? All right. That’s why it’s very important that as we shift into this call into the Muslim people this year is the key. We have to know that if we make the shift, we are contending for those people. You see what I mean? All right.

Number five: And here’s a very important question. Does the enemy have any upper hand in your life? See, that’s what 2 Corinthians, Chapter 2 is about. Paul said if you would forgive, you would break all the schemes of the enemy so that the enemy could not get an upper hand in your life. When you look at that in the Greek, it’s so the enemy couldn’t reach into your portion and start controlling you or oppressing you. Is there an area? See, this defines your warfare, not just the circumstance that crops up in your life, because, see, warfare isn’t yelling at demons. Warfare is you standing in your abiding place with the Lord and ruling and reigning. See. And I do want to lay the jokes aside. I’ve never seen anyone rule and reign from their abiding place like Peter does. An abiding place is a place of faith where you stand there. You only go to war when the devil tries to drag you out of that place or when he tries to stop you from getting into that place, when God’s calling you into a new and large place. This year is a year of warfare because we’re moving into a greater dimension of authority, see.

War Is:

• The conflict necessary to conquest your enemies and take possession of that which has been promised to you.
• Receiving grace to fight (1 Thes. 5:8, 2 Tim. 2:3-4).
• Receiving the necessary armor for victory (Eph. 6:11-17).
• A blessing that results in the fruit of victory (Rev. 3:21).

Now, here are a couple of other things to look at. We’ve still got some time. Now, here’s what war is because I said, “Now, Lord, I’ve got to help the body understand this. Show me clearly from the word, Hebrew, Greek, all of it we can do to make it simple so we are not afraid of a war season.” Now, war is this: War is the conflict that is necessary for you to conquer your enemies and take possession of that which has been promised you. In other words, how many of you have a promise from the Lord? Well, if you have a promise from the Lord, you’re going to have to go into the conflict that will cause you to conquest anything that’s trying to keep that promise from you. See, that’s warfare. All right?

I love this definition. It means receiving the grace to fight. A lot of people, they just say, “Oh God, get me out of this warfare instead of just saying, Lord, in the midst of this mess pour grace down on me and show me how to take out the enemy’s plan.” See, that’s warfare.

All right. The third definition. It’s receiving the necessary armor for victory. In other words, you have to review how are you dressed? Do you have your helmet on? If the shield will quench all the fiery darts, what’s your shield of faith doing? You see, unbelief is an interesting dynamic of how Satan has this goal to get you into unbelief. And what he will do to get you in unbelief is get you, usually, out of timing somewhat. All right. Now, here’s a wonderful definition of war. It is a blessing that results in the fruit of victory. Now, say this out loud, “I am being blessed because I’m warring in this war season.” Isn’t that a blessing? All right.

Now, let’s look at this. You see why I’d rather prophesy, but sometimes you just have to pull aside and you’ll get it. We’ll put it on the website for you. All right. Is this what Moses heard? This rumbling. I mean, there’s the murmur going on. It was, it was that murmur. All right, now.

Now, here’s some patterns of war that I want you to get very, very quickly because it’s hard to come to a warfare conference unless somebody just shows you some things. First of all, the first pattern of real war that you find corporately the people going into is when God was ready to bring them out by armies out of Egypt. It says he brought them out by armies. That’s the first corporate understanding brought into the word of God where He began to assemble them by tribe and call them armies. That’s why this year you need to know, I’ve got to be with the tribe God puts me with. All right.

Now, here’s another thing. He, in Numbers 10, He brought them out by sound. Sound becomes very, very important. That’s why you’ve seen a lot of different dynamics here in this particular gathering with sound. That means worship is going to be shifting drastically. All right. He brought them out with a battle cry. In other words, there’s this unified sound God is raising up in His people right now that says, “We’re coming out.” All right?

Here’s the next thing. He brought them out with the presence of God. Now, see, warfare, here’s what we miss with warfare, right in the middle of them when they went to war was the ark. A lot of times we don’t go to war with God’s presence surrounding in the midst of us. If you’ll just stop and pull aside and get His presence positioned first, you’ll win every victory in your life. All right?

Then, here’s where we are in this nation. He used forces of nature if it was necessary to bring them out. Now, I mean God’s going to keep doing it. Now, get ready. We’ve seen, because see, here’s what He did on, last year He said, “I want you to have 10 first fruit gatherings.” I’ve got a set of the CDs for each one of those gatherings because it’s something I’ve always participated in, in my own life. So, the Lord said, “I want you to do it corporately this year.” So, we pulled together once a month for 10 straight months. I rearranged my schedule to do that. We started off with 300 people. We ended up with standing room only in those gatherings because of the revelation.

At the beginning, the Lord said, “Have your tent meeting based upon your realignment with Israel on the 9th of Av because that’s when destruction always would hit, on the 9th of Av.” And we brought Aton Shiskov with us who is a key apostolic leader in Israel, one of the few that really is operating apostolically in a new way. We brought him over to be with us. Now, notice God scheduled that in January. It was the weekend before the Gaza pullout. That’s how sovereign the time was. When we were there, the Spirit of God fell and I started screaming on the floor prophetically, “Call forth the refuge cities now in this nation.” And I knew what God had said about Baton Rouge, that it would be our first refuge city. Therefore, that was on August 12th. We could alert and say, “It’s coming. It’s coming. It’s coming.” See, because God said, “Refuge cities must arise.” There will be 40 in America. You can just go ahead and write that down. It’s going to be 40 key refuge cities like Baton Rouge doubled over night. You’re going to see in every area. The Lord said, “Call them forth this way. Call them forth, East Coast, Gulf Coast, West Coast. Call forth the refuge cities in this nation because I am now beginning to shake the nation. See, that was August 12. That hurricane hit August 29. See? All right?

Now, He had principles of war. Read Deuteronomy 20. Read ‘em. There were principles of war, how to go to war. Go ahead, Brian, I want to move forward with PowerPoint. He has strategies enabling us to plunder, prosper, and stand. Now, see, that’s war. That’s what it looks like there.

Patterns for Victory in War

• Gen. 14 Give your way into your promise
• Ex. 14 Exercise authority when the enemy blocks you
• Ex. 15 Redeem the enemy’s sound and violently worship and praise
• 1 Sam. 17 Do not agree with the enemy’s decrees
• 1 Sam. 17 Let authority position you properly
• Mt. 2 Receive supernatural revelation and change courses if necessary
• Acts 12 Move past your last defeat and expect God to break captivity

Now, I just want to end with a couple of things for you so you begin to see. We’ll get it. We’ll get it (the overhead notes taken off.) That is the second time. This is what threw Moses over. All right. Now, here are just some practical things for you. You need to, and then I want to go on to end up with something that I feel like God told me tonight. You want to give your way into your promise. See, the first principle of war comes from Abraham. He started giving, which you’ve been doing up here. And then God made covenant with him. See, he went to war for Lot, and then God made covenant with him. All right, next thing.

You want to exercise authority when the enemy tries to block you. Now these are very practical principles but that you need to memorize them so that when the enemy tries to block you this year, you just take what you’ve got and you decree it. Just remember Moses holding up that rod and moving on through. Do not let the enemy stop you this year. Do not back up into an old place spiritually this year. It will be disaster for you. Now hear me, it will be disaster for you. Do not back up. All right.

Redeem the enemy’s sound and learn to violently worship and praise. That’s what Miriam did. See, most people don’t understand the tambourine was an Egyptian instrument. It wasn’t a spiritual instrument. It didn’t have anything to do with God’s covenant people. It was part of the plunder. She took it with her and when she got across into there, going to where their promise, she took the sound of that Egyptian instrument and began to redeem it. You have some things the enemy has been saying and some sound the enemy has put in your midst. God says, “You take it and use it on him this year.” Now hear me. Redeem the sound this year.

Here’s a very important concept. David, remember, was called out of the field, sent on to the battleground where his brothers were battling. Goliath was there and had convinced those guys for 40 days that they were defeated. Do not agree with the enemy’s decrees this year. The enemy is going to be trying to convince us this year we are losing. You are not losing. Tell somebody, “You are not losing.” And then notice, his Father sent him and got in position, Saul got in position, and David, what motivated him was gaining wealth. Remember. First of all, he said, “What in the world are they talking about?” Are you aware that that’s why some of us come over here to be with you? Why certain people have to come in? Because what happens is this, you get so used to your demons talking to you. Your demons are not my demons. Therefore, God can bring me in over here and say, “I don’t even know what they’re talking about over here.” That’s what David did. That’s what becomes so important how the body uses us when we come in. We can see from a whole different perspective and vice versa.

I had a lady come up. I had just gotten out of my mouth what was going on with me and a lady came up and said, and weeping, and said the Spirit of God told me to pray for you tonight. Is it all right? She asked Peter permission to pray for me. She had no idea what I had just gone through. See, we need each other. Tell somebody, “I need you.” Now this is important this year. Now, look at this. Brian, let’s move on through very quickly. We’ve got to move.

Now, here’s what I want, that’s all right. You didn’t need to see that. You can get it the next time I come.

Now, I want to end with this because one of the things I always do is go back to the first principle of war. If we’re going to teach a conference on warfare, you’ve got to go back to the first principle where it is in the Word of God, where the people actually God comes down and reveals Himself to them. That first place is Exodus 17 where the Amalekites are coming against the people and remember Moses has to hold the rod up. The apostolic leader has to do his role. And then Aaron and Hur have to find their position on each side. Then Joshua goes out and starts warring. Are you aware we’ve all got our place in the war? That’s why; let me tell you something this year. Somebody just needs to go ahead and say this to you. You quit trying to pull out of the war if you’re going to stay in this thing with us. Okay. Everybody needs their position this year. We’re not supposed to have 14 people doing all the warring this year and the rest of the body saying, “We don’t like it.” You know what’s going to happen to you? Let me warn you now, this year. Don’t buy into that old lie. You just say, “God show me my place in the midst of this war. I’m willing to go with Joshua. I’m willing to hold up some leader’s hands. I’m willing to just stand where you tell me to stand. Just put me in my place so I know where it is.” Give a shout.

Now, here’s the greatest strategy of the enemy and this is what I wanted to bring to you here at the end. What the Amalekites would do, remember in this war, the Lord gave a prophecy at the end when Jehovah Nissi, God’s Banner, came down. That’s the miracle banner. Cindy just called a minute ago. She’s just, they’re headed into their 10 days of miracles after just praying for these 40 days. And in it, see, that banner is linked with miracles and deliverance. This year we are headed into miracles and deliverance. I mean supernatural. Here’s what so many are doing, they are praying for people, and then they’re trying to control how God deals with the person they’re praying for. Pray it and let the Lord turn it upside down.

And the Amalekites, the Bible, the Word of God said, the Lord said when He came down as Jehovah Nissi, He said, “You’ll war with the Amalekites from generation to generation and that war is under heaven.” Now, you can go to Exodus 17 and read it. And I want to show you something in this that becomes very important this year. The Amalekites, what they would do is they would come from behind. When someone would get weary in the midst of the war, they would capture them, and then they would penetrate up the ranks and overthrow the whole army.

Now, here’s where we’re going to have to help each other. When you get weary moving forward in what God’s telling you to stake down this year, get some rear guard. Some of you have even come in here tonight very weary from the past year of warfare. The next three years, God is saying, “Get in this thing in victory. Get in it in victory. Move in victory.” Even if you don’t know how to get in it in victory, you’re going to say, “Lord, put victory in my spirit. We have to this year because the anti-Christ, see the Amalekite structure went on to Haman. It goes on into the anti-Christ force. The anti-Christ force will get so strong in these next three years. God says, “You’re getting stronger.” Now hear me, hear me, what I’m saying. Hear me what I’m saying because we can’t just keep playing in this. God says, “I’m going to have a people who know how to process revelation. I’m going to have a generation that rise up and know how to keep moving and prophesy and hear me and know how to operate. I’m having peoples from every nation rise up, worship together. I’m gong to create a worship, a violently worshipping people who understand my kingdom. They are moving forward in victory. They will start doing exploits this year. That means they will take resources they have and begin to multiply those resources. They are beginning to move in a new way. I tell you, gain new strength and move forwards.”

Then, finally, here’s the opportunity for us this year. See, when you put a stake down, you’re gaining victory under heaven over the enemy structure that’s in heaven. God says, “This year that structure’s not going to rule us anymore.” He’s going to jar things so much and move so much with us this year that we will say, “Lord, we are finding our place in the midst of this war. We’re moving in victory. We’re going to ask a thing and decree a thing and watch it happen. God is bringing the Spirit of the Lord. Jesus is available to us and the Spirit of the Lord is bringing faith back in a way that we decree a thing and watch it happen.

Now, I am telling you we are in a divine, shifting time over the, and I just want to say this, over these next few weeks we are in a divine, shifting time and I say this to the whirlwind state, get ready for the whirlwind will intensify here from this state. The smoke signals would go up and I had Jay do research and tell me exactly what that meant. The first prophecy I gave here yesterday morning about the smoke signals coming out of Washington, it means that you will be signaling to this nation that war is on the horizon, because the smoke signals were either war or they were peace and the Lord said, “I have chosen you to be my signal for the war ahead. Not only will you be my signal for the war, but you will be my victory standard in days ahead.”

Let’s stand up. Now, I don’t know what to tell you to do other than just say, “Lord, let me embrace the whirlwind. Lord, let me embrace the season ahead.” And right now, I just feel a Spirit of unbelief just dropping off of people. I don’t feel it coming down on people. I feel it dropping off of people. The Lord says, “I’m going to teach you how to kick, yell and scream so loud and the Lord says I’ll be putting some of you on counsels for technical inventions that will cause my people to multiply and I say I’ll wake you up in the middle of the night like I did Daniel with the revelation that is needed to advance forward even in arenas you do not even understand.”

Father, there is a divine shift. Lord, this war thing does not intimidate your people. Father, we say we are going to stand in victory. Just throw your hands up and say, “Lord, I feel victory permeating my body.” And the Lord would say, “This will be a year that I will teach you about the blood and its power and its victory. I say I’m going to cause my blood to become a vibrant throughout my body again. I’m going to cause those who have warred disease to overtake disease this year.”

The Lord says, “I am going to cause those that have warred poverty and warred for the breakthrough of the release of my supply and provision for my vision in the future. I say you watch at the end of this year. You will say, “God, you have established my tent peg in a new supply pile.”

Now, just extend your hands. Let’s just receive from the Lord for a moment. Now, Father, rearrange our schedules, rearrange our past, rearrange our families. Lord, we say, right now, just position all of our children in the right place. Some of your kids will start calling this week saying I’m in the wrong place. And you’re going to say, “Well, come on, we’ll get back in the right place.”

Father, we receive from You. Father and Lord, I don’t fully know why You chose Washington State to be Your signal, but, Lord, we just say thank you for it in Jesus. Now just thank Him. Thank Him for it. Thank Him for it.

And the Lord would say to you, “Quit worrying about the earthquake. Quit worrying about all of that here.” The Lord says, “I am teaching you to stand in the midst of the shaking ahead.” Now just say, “My feet are being planted in a new way.”

Now let’s give one more shout to the Lord. Now, Father, send us forth with a mind, even as we sleep, to enlarge the place of our tent in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Chuck Pierce – Everett, WA - October 21, 2005