The Potential Power of the Pacific Northwest

Recently, God dropped the Pacific Northwest (including Alaska) into my spirit. I began contemplating the numerous volcanoes that dot the mountain ranges there. Then it clicked. It was as if the Holy Spirit was showing me just a small glimpse into the dynamics of the Church in that region.

Mount Hood is Oregon's Volcano Most Likely to EruptIt would be easy to parallel the power held within a volcano as that meant for destruction, but I believe this is more in correlation with the potential of the power of God in individual churches, communities, and cities.

So when I mention volcanoes, I believe you could replace that word with any appropriate city, church, or even individual.

The Ring of Fire

The Pacific Northwest is part of a geological circle known as the Ring of Fire, where many active volcanoes are located. I believe this name to be prophetic nature for the region. The fire of the Holy Spirit is just awaiting to be loosed, much like Jeremiah prophesied that the Word of the Lord was like fire shut up in his bones (Jeremiah 20:9).

At one time, there was no doubt that these mountains were alive, releasing molten rock and changing the landscape around them. But now, years after their initial “eruptions,” these mountains lie dormant, or asleep, iced over and covered in snow; their mouths are now shut and closed off.

Rumbles of Revival

Even though these volcanoes may look asleep, they are very much alive on the inside. Once the pressure reaches a certain level, the mountain will then explode to action, shaking and quaking everything around it.

There have been major eruptions, or revivals if you will, in these mountains. Consider Mt. St. Helens and most recently Mt. Redoubt (whose name suggests another prophetic message all in itself). Let us not “doubt again” the power of the Holy Spirit and His capabilities in this region.

What Does This Mean?

Churches and individuals in the Pacific Northwest have great potential to move in the power of God in these days. It is time now to pray for visitation, just as God did with Mt. Sinai, whose mountain probably looked very much like a volcano. The clouds of glory and the flames of the Holy Spirit can manifest once again with signs and wonders following those who believe. There is such a hunger for the things of God, and this region is ripe for the harvest!

As everything that can be shaken will be shaken, it is a great opportunity for the Church in the Northwest to manifest in power and display the glory of the Lord in a new and powerful way.

Alan Coulter, Secrets of the Lord

June 8-12 is a Strategic Time

Last December God spoke to me that 2011 will be strategic, and we will begin moving into more clarity about our destinies as God is shifting our assignments. New life will come in June and by September 2011 things we have longed for will begin to take shape.

We are heading into a strategic time as God is sending out invitations to go deeper and experience more of Him. This will require that we streamline our lives and be flexible. What we do this year will set the pace for the next several years.

The enemy has been attacking us in the area of "spiritual identity theft." Many have gotten off-track from their specific uniqueness' as individuals, ministries, churches, and businesses. We will need to go beyond the things that we are good at doing and focus on what we do the best. We are being released from our old assignments from God and we need to take steps towards our new assignments.

June 8-12 is a Strategic Time

This year Passover to Pentecost takes place from April 25-June 8. It is an amazing time of Heavenly interaction and activity. The Jewish Feast of Pentecost ends June 8 and the Christian celebration is June 12. God spoke to me about significant "positive" events that will take place during this time. Watch for new things to begin happening June 8-12.

What will happen during the dates June 8-12 is similar to Isaiah 6:8-10:

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!" He said, "Go and tell this people: "‘Be ever hearing, but never understanding; be ever seeing, but never perceiving.' Make the heart of this people calloused; make their ears dull and close their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts, and turn and be healed."

New Assignments Now Available

This is where Isaiah encountered God and received his new assignment. It was also a time in which some people thought they were hearing God but they were not hearing clearly or understanding Him. God is opening the spiritual ears and eyes of those who are looking to Him for their destiny.

God is asking many people to go on assignments that He would not normally have to ask them to accept. There has been an excessive amount of people who have fallen into complacency and therefore their callings and destinies are available to people who will say yes. New assignments along with the anointing and financial provision needed for those assignments are now available to people who will say yes to God.

ATM Cards from Heaven

I saw "spiritual ATM cards" being issued to people for "Angelic Teller Machines". God is assigning angels that will make finances and favor available from June 8 through September 30 (Pentecost – Rosh Hashanah). This is a specific time that people are going to reap what they have previously sown. In other words, we are in a time right now that we are receiving from God because of things that we have done and given to over the past nine years (2001-2011).

The amount of grace and blessing being received right now will not seem to make sense to some because it is coming as back-payment for previous losses.

Plan Now for the Future Assignments

Don't assume the amount of blessing you are receiving from June to September will continue at the same high velocity. So don't just think you can camp in the flow of blessing, you will still need to be wise and position yourself to get the new promotions coming after September. Begin planning now by watching for new opportunities.

New Grace Over Hollywood

I also heard a prophetic word that God has extended seven years of new grace and mercy over Hollywood and the entertainment industry as new media projects will arise. We will begin to see a rise of positive movies and music but simultaneously the enemy will try to combat this with an increase in demonic and witchcraft themes that will try to stop what God is doing.

Floodgates Opening

I keep having dreams that the floodgates of water have been opened and that the level of the supernatural is rising. I keep seeing reservoirs that are almost full and beginning to spill over. We are seeing news of areas in the U.S. where floodgates are being opened because of the large amount of rain and snow-melt. This is symbolic of the new levels of blessing, strategies and assignments that are being released from Heaven and the paradigm for new types of ministries, businesses and media projects that are beginning to unfold.

It is time to be willing to take risks and move forward with more confidence in the things that God is directing you to do. "Here I am Lord, send me!"

Doug Addison, InLight Connection

Doug is a tested voice from California; this word appears to have relevance and application both to the Pacific Northwest and to other regions of the nation. Feel free to comment on this word on our Facebook page: (login may be required).

Great Change Coming – Winds of Change

Lisa AJ CookeDoyle

Steve Shultz and I have had many emails back and forth this year in reference to the favor of God that is being extended this year to His Beloved Bride. Below, I have gleaned prophetic conversation out of emails we have shared, and many of these things are in the teachings I have prepared as led by God over the last two years or so. Since then it seems that God has now redefined and narrowed things down to not just a general time period but to a "now" time period.

The Importance of Prayer and Intercession

God has been and is pouring out His Spirit upon His Bride, His Church, in a very powerful way, much like the Day of Pentecost – except redefined for today! It is time to run, and run well within your calls and destines to help people and release them to help as we all seek His face in intimacy. In this place of intimacy, we will all be like early warning devices for God in ways that lead us to intercession. We will be like warning devices for the Lord – with anointing to help lessen the severity of both spiritual and earthly storms, in many circumstances and situations. Now is the time to run our races and to run them well.

Joel 2:28-32 "And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. And also on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days. And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth: blood and fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the coming of the great and awesome day of the LORD. And it shall come to pass that whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved..."

At the first of this year, God said to run for Him, and that it was time to go, teach, impart and release others to become "Early Warning Devices" for the Lord themselves as God is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh. If we stay in divine intimacy with God and allow Him to impart His wisdom and His understanding, then we can be led just as Elijah demonstrated (see James 5) by withholding rain and then releasing rain once again upon the earth. As he "was a man with a nature like ours," we can take faith by those demonstrations to help pray to lessen the severity of earthly storms, and yet glean through God's wisdom, the understanding of the parallel spiritual significance of such storms as they are coming and will continue to come.

These "Early Warning Devices" are all of you, the saints of God, moving into prophetic intercession with anointing to stop the raging seas, to dissipate the violent winds, to help lessen the seismic activity, and so much more. Also, it is important to yield at this time to the "still small voice of the Lord" and allow His voice to guide each of us so we may stay in His protected care, even in times of war, tribulations and extreme weather patterns that are only growing in severity. Do not be alarmed, stay in peace and remember back to 9/11: As you research, you will find miraculous stories of God's grace interworking in individual lives that day that kept many from their daily routines, whether work or play.

God has told me to continue to pray to lessen the extreme forces of the impending natural disasters and to continue in a heightened manner to pray to shield, protect and seal the saints of God in God's arms of love and in His protection through the Passover Blood of Christ.

The days of preparation are over, things have shifted and the time has come where this is now about true life and death issues and learning to listen to God, to be still and know that He is God, and then to know when to stay or when to go, which will come in peace with divine wisdom and in God's perfect timing. (I know God is speaking at those levels, His Word clearly says so in Joel 2 and Acts 2.)

Stay true to God, and know that His Word tells us that He does nothing unless He reveals it through His prophets. Friends, please understand that as I write this it is not to offend anyone but to enhance one's thinking about how to manage the words of calamity that are everywhere about destruction and not guidance. My job is not to just foretell tragedy, natural disasters, rumors of wars, etc., but to reveal these things with the intent of hope, to help each of you to pray to help lessen the degree of loss, and to encourage each of you to seek out what God would say to you individually, as God is pouring out His Spirit to not just a few but to all those that say "yes" to the call.

So I try, as I write of these things, to still bring a "message of hope" in the times we are in. We are all in need of peace with understanding of the times and seasons we are in, and God's wisdom to guide and the ability to know His instruction. I believe in the days ahead that God's direction will come quickly, and He will provoke us into action if we allow Him to. That can save our lives, or with a call to partner in prayer, can save the lives of many. The "prayers of the saints" can and have withheld tsunami waters back, lessened seismic activity, and have caused divine intervention to be given to those within a danger path – divine grace shifting them to another place of safety at the right time so they should live and not die.

So yes, I believe in the power of prayer and in the divine guidance of the Lord, and I believe today in the workings of the covenant of grace here on earth. I believe this nation is still in God's good graces in so many ways. I believe that God has said that we are entering into a time of extended favor of God, and that translates to us (His children), who have answered His call and said "yes" to the invitation of the Lord.

This invitation, as we accept it, will allow us to enter into what God has told me is the "The Beginning." What we need to know right now is that we have the opportunity of choosing to "partner" with God during this most unprecedented time of favor that He is extending to His saints that will allow us (the United States) to become a part of "history in the making."

Great Change Coming – Winds of Change

In this article, I speak directly about a time upon the earth where God extends His blessing and the miraculous, which brings "Great Change – the Winds of Change"; this includes unprecedented favor, healing, deliverance and anointing to overcome the hardships of the yesteryears, and the ability to enter into the goodness of God in the tomorrows that are to come and also in the presents/presence of today.

My intent is to bring hope that God is on the Throne and that the "tears and the cries of the saints" are and have been heard by God and that the time of the evil taskmasters in many ways is coming to an abrupt end (doors open that no one can shut, as God's exposure is being unveiled all over the earth). Here I share specific revelations and the dates I received them:

Revelation received April 23, 2011: The other night, as I was abruptly awoken and stirred to rise, I tried to get up, but when I did I began falling side to side and back and forth. If you would have seen me on camera you would have thought that I was in the middle of an earthquake falling back and forth from one wall to another. Believe me, I have been heavily praying that God would significantly lessen the seismic activity and also tame the tornadoes. God told me tornadoes in the natural are a supernatural sign, specifically this year, that would mark the beginning of the "Great Winds of Change." Those tornadoes would be a sign in the natural that would be a parallel in the spirit and would mark a definite, strategic signpost on the prophetic timetable.

Revelation received April 4, 2011: In those "Winds of Change," God's justice will be SWIFT, and it will come and is coming like a raging fire. I see a fire hail storm. I see large, very large, tornadoes that are both black and white and carry these GREAT WINDS OF CHANGE. Yes, there will be harm and there will be devastation, but this time period will also carry a message of hope to God's children that it is time for sudden, sovereign change.

During this time, God has and is sealing His saints in protection, bringing divine order, blessing them financially, while supplying divine safety nets for those that have gone astray and yet are lassoed by God through prayers of family members to protect, shield and bring the prodigal sons, daughters, wives and husbands home and to set the captives free. There are armies of angelic hosts all around the world, occupying around us to protect us, to shield us, as Psalm 91 states.

There is also a call and an announcement of the Lord upon the earth at this time, and that call says this: "Amnesty." In that amnesty, there is given to us God's signet ring, which gives us the authority to pray and remove and to invalidate the prior decrees that are not of God and are not of good report that have been placed upon individuals, churches, ministries, businesses, governments, geographic areas, etc. – and to now exchange those prior decrees with new decrees that release the saints who are sealed "for such a time as this."

The Time of Justice Has Come

Revelation received April 23, 2011: For it is now time for God's justice to fall upon the earth, and for His kids and His warrior Bride to be accompanied by the armies of the Lord, for they are being sent to fix all things that must be fixed and finish all things that must be finished. For the gavel of the Lord has been raised and brought down, and it is time for justice so that God's children will be released, healed up, resourced, prepared and sent. It is time for God to clean house and to weed out the bad and replace with what is good, right and pure.

The time has also come where God is intervening and opening the Books of Remembrance of His Church and His saints. He is divinely intervening so that the fulfillment can come for His Kingdom and for each of us, through fulfillment of dreams, visions and realization of purpose and destiny. You are in God's Book of Remembrance, and it is time for those "suddenlies" of the Lord to come to those that have been sacrificed in many ways as modern-day martyrs, to those who have been champions of faith, and to those that have championed God's love and His truth.

The Time of Exposure Has Come

Revelation received April 23, 2011: A positive thing that parallels the shattering truth of the violent wind that has raged throughout our country is that God said He was coming with "His Winds of Change" – and He is exposing the truth that has been hidden, and He is bringing exoneration and help to His kids. He has said to me that the time of the harsh taskmasters is over. Even with these current and violent army of twisters that are occurring today, God is also working parallel in the Spirit to loose the saints from the grasp of the enemy. He told me, "The sleeper has awakened," meaning His Church at large.

It is time for the Church to arise and take her rightful place. No longer will God tolerate the abuse of those that oppose His children, and no longer will the ruthless and the proud hurt those who cannot fight. Vengeance is the Lord's, and we must posture ourselves in a way to let God champion us. In doing so, we must find that safe place in intimacy with the Lord and humbly go to Him, and say, "Here I am, Lord. I submit to You all these things that have gone unresolved because of the extreme opposition that we have faced."

Yes, this nation is still very much so under the covenant of grace, yet the winds of change are here and there is no going back.

In prayer, God said to me the word "Enough." We must look at our lives and see where there are relationship issues and purposely ask the Lord what to do; we must ask Him to intervene, to help rebuild what is good, pure, true and holy. The rebuilding that is coming is after the shaking. The shaking must come so that the rebuilding can follow, and no man, woman or child is exempt. We have entered into a time in the prophetic age of the Church where, yes, there is still grace working within those who have accepted Christ, but the government of God has dropped the gavel and what was open has closed or is about to close for good.

As other prophetic voices have stated along with myself, and even the scientific community is beginning to warn, we are to expect more earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activity, tornadoes, hurricanes and perhaps early flooding this year; more mine-collapsing, more bridge-collapsing, and perhaps further nuclear issues will result from the things that are coming, in order to shake things up so that truth can be known and exposed. These things are coming, and this is a wake-up call from Heaven; we need to pray for this nation and our governmental leaders and other world leaders as well, because the King of Glory is coming. It is time that we as individuals and those that are leaders, recognize the divinity and providence of the Lord and of our King of Kings.

Those who are the evil taskmasters and have abused God's sheep (His kids) and killed for sport and so much more, those are the "veils of deception" that are coming down; God is avenging His kids and the world is taking notice at all levels. We all are coming out of the "Age of Slumber" and into the beginning of the end. Now, I do not speculate on what that end is, as there are many chapters in God's book, so I will not read into that, but I will take note at the severity of the word and what in the natural we do know. We do know this: "The Church and the sleepers are awakening for such a time as this."

During this time, the shaking will break free what previously was not exposed, and no one right now can escape the divinity of God and His sovereignty. I believe that the Holy Spirit has said that those who are guilty of crimes, whether war crimes or corporate crimes, will be exposed. I see serial killers and those evil warmongers who oppress the weak and like to torture innocent victims exposed. I know God is coming, and He is avenging the innocent that have been hurt, harmed and violated.

The Gavel Has Been Slammed Down

Revelation received April 23, 2011: God's wrath has been loosed and we will begin to see more fully the unveiled truth that was once shielded but now known. I believe God said that we will see the exposure of "the evilness and true motives of individual hearts." There are those things that are right that the enemy has tried to bring down, but has not been successful against, that will come into a sudden, sovereign favor of God almost overnight. Those ministries and or businesses lost, as once so thought, will be resurrected and made right and whole once again through God's justice and His providence.

I pray often for a hedge of protection around God's kids and to seal them for such a time as this. I say prayers to free those who are imprisoned within bodies that do not work or minds that do not think right. I pray that MIAs would be found, released and divinely healed in their prison cells so that they come out of imprisonment and tell the stories of how the Lord came with His glory and brought peace and healing and helped keep them safe from further harm or neglect.

I pray that our enemies would be found, like Bin Laden (more on him below) and his allies, and that God would expose those who are not as they seem they are. The enemy has tried to close God's Churches and His parachurch ministries, and the enemy has tried to kill, steal and destroy covenant relationships within marriages, within leadership teams, within families, and within non-profits that set out to help the "greater good." He has loosed a great spirit of Civil War within this nation where brother is against brother and sister is against sister.

Those who have been the harsh taskmasters, the evil rulers and the heads of state worldwide, who have abused God's sheep and killed for sport, who have spilled innocent blood for play, who have lied purposely for personal gain, seduced and killed and so many other things so that they may have greater riches, control and power that bring with it oil, diamonds, and mineral rights – they are put on alert by God the Father, and the heavenly hosts are waiting and watching for the command of the Lord, for the gavel has come down and God has said, "Enough!" Those are the veils of deception that are coming down. God is avenging His kids, and the world would do well to take notice at all levels of those things transpiring in the natural through war, extreme weather patterns, celestial events, etc.

God said to me boldly and in a tone that shook me, "This is the end of the beginning." I hear these things to pray for and to watch out for, so as not to lose covenant relationships, nor be duped in investments, and then I pray specifically for these key places that God has put within my heart: individuals, corporations (business, investments and banking with true values stated and no things omitted), families (brothers and sisters in the Lord included), friends, loved ones, marriages, alliances. Praying for government is huge, and those who lie will be found out here in this country, and in England, Egypt, Costa Rica, Brazil, and in Spanish-speaking agencies and countries.

I also just heard the word "balderdash," which means senseless talking or writing, and nonsense. It reminds me of when God changed the languages because of the tower of Babel.

The Time Has Now Come

Revelation received April 23, 2011: I know this, that a death angel is being loosed, and this one in particular along with those that ride with him are not just about physical death, but death of fortunes, death of relationships, death of family, of those that abuse God's sheep and kill, rob, destroy, etc. There will be death and exposure to those that hate America and who are trying to make her fall.

Revelation received April 23, 2011: Bin Laden's number is up, and I hear exposure to those military types like him who hate America and want to destroy her. Also, that death angel does not show mercy, for it will ride hard and ride until it finds the things that those guilty love the most. That death angel will do away with those relationships or prize possessions as a way to bring fiery coals upon their heads until they repent and change their ways. If they choose "No," it will get uglier for them. Remember, it is God's place to judge; ours is to pray and occupy, to help God as He leads.

On a side note: In 2002, I was watching a hilarious movie with some Christian friends of mine and God interrupted me in a major way. At that time I was always carrying a pen and paper with me as God's revelation was flowing fluently to me; it was a time of revelation and a time of scribing. The revelation came strong, and so I began to write as I was strongly compelled by God and the Holy Spirit was relentless and would not rest until I wrote the vision down.

While in the room with my friends watching a movie, I was translated in the Spirit and I saw a lady dressed much like a Pakistani woman would look I believe, with layered clothing and a veil. She walked the top of a wall that was either a wall around a city or perhaps an area, but as I saw her look to me, I heard God say, "You will find Bin Laden in Pakistan, and he is hidden well. There are those in many governments that know where he is that are on his payroll and they are paid well," the emphasis on "many governments."

That began a birthing of a key component in my own prayer life and in others' as well. The new key component that God called for was this: to pray for exposure, for the truth to come, and to root out our enemies within this nation, abroad and those plants or spies within our government or those of our allies. I prayed for exposure and truth to remove the walls of deception and to bring the truth that will stop innocent bloodshed, remove the harsh taskmasters, and protect this nation against the Judases already here and that are rooted deep within some of our allies.

God also said He was releasing anointing upon the earth to bring suddenlies that would bring wholeness, good health, and prosperity to complete our destinies and purpose; restoration, redemption, and reconciliation of divine and covenant relationships; and new relationships at just the right time that He wants us to be ready for so as not to lose them. This would come accompanied with God's favor and His resources so that we can fulfill His divine call upon our lives, which brings with it protection, position, provision and His signet ring of authority.

I prayed that the United States would carry this anointing He was releasing and that the Judases would be exposed, their evil plans thwarted, hidden agendas found out and stopped, exposure of those that call themselves our allies but are not, and exposure to those that call us friend but are really our foes. This means even within our own government, military, and even in the corporate businesses of America and abroad, and more. God's voice was clear then and is today. No MORE!

God is not a harsh taskmaster, nor does He give His kids bad gifts but only the best – and for some reason that is BIG for His Church today. We can trust God, for He is a good God.

For those of you that have lost your way due to whatever reason, I pray for you that you would have grace to forgive those that may have wounded you in God's government and to restore you to your first love as God divinely guides you.

If there are those of you reading this that have walked away, the word I have for you is "Grace, and be forgiven," and now come unto the Father through the Son and enter back into the family of the Lord. For you I particularly pray for divine intervention, so you may be gently restored and put back into work for God today, in Jesus' name, amen.

God Teaches Us to Pray in These Troubling Times

God still loves America and I know things are happening here too, but we can pray to lessen the air strikes against us and those that fight with us, with Israel and God's people worldwide, and continue to ask God to seal us all in these times of trouble. Teach us to pray, Lord, so we may know what to do and where to go if for some reason something might hit where we live. We must prepare, but I still think we are okay where we are here, for the most part, in the Pacific Northwest.

For those of you who do not have great time to spend with God as you would like, please know this: God gauges action by the intent of the heart. "Do not worry," I hear; God so loves you more then you know. Keep harvesting, as we are all called to bring in the Great Harvest; people are ready to learn, to be blessed and to be comforted in the new found hope of Christ, where their families can find refuge in times of despair and then sojourn with us (the Body of Christ) as we all navigate together in these troubling times.

I truly believe that people, whether backslidden or unsaved, are getting a wake-up call and are beginning to understand the need for God and that there is a gaping hole of despair within them. As things in the world become darker and that of greater light becomes more prevalent, then there is no more room for gray. There is a separation occurring in the natural and in the spiritual at this time. God's light and the Light of Heaven, as it moves into the earth realms, will encroach upon the darkness and cause it to be as unto nothing.

The supremacy of God and His glory cloud has and is descending upon the earth in many places and is multiplying. It is so much more prevalent and beginning to shine more brightly at this time, as it is TIME. When this occurs in the natural, we know that light encroaches upon the darkness and the darkness must retreat, thereby making way for the sunrise (Sonrise).

In writing all this, I am teaching what I can to help the Church prepare and to know what the signs are to look for and how to train yourself to hear God's voice and recognize the times and seasons, including that of what the atmosphere feels like before the extreme weather patterns occur even across the world. You all have been trained and have stored up prophetic promises, and I believe it is time to pull them down off the shelf and get busy. My goal is to help motivate, edify, and encourage you and to provide HOPE amidst today's challenges, that you would first and foremost keep your eyes on the Cross of Christ and remember His commandments to love God and love one another, as the Scripture says that the law of the prophets is based upon that. Love rules.

Be Watchful

Yes, I am watching the Pacific Northwest and other places of the world, as God has called me to be a watchperson on the wall among other things, much like you. Yes, I am sounding the alarm today to each of you and it is this: Will you run for God this year and in the year that follows? Are you ready to discover what it is like to be an ordinary person living an extraordinary life? Are you ready to run in the gifts and the talents that God has given to you? And finally, are you ready to fight the good fight of love – with God's royal, lavish love for His Bride, meaning you and me, and everyone else who is God's child?

Much love and rich blessings for each of you and all whom you represent. Let today be a turnaround day for each of you so that your own lives and those of your families now turn and overcome the obstacles in the miraculous favor of God. "For it is time" for the saints to not only prevail but to enter into the call of unity and to move into extreme discipleship of the Lord where we will be shielded, protected, cared for, resourced, loved, favored, honored and respected. For those behind closed doors that were once shut to the Gospel of God – this is for you, my friends, and for your family, friends and loved ones.

So let us run with God, and let all of us let go AND LET GOD! Bless you, and may God bring you all you need and so much more.

Lisa AJ CookeDoyle,
Head Intercessor, The Elijah List