Tsunami of Love

I was walking along the beach right where the sand and ocean waves meet.  I had my eyes down searching the sand for treasure when all of the sudden sirens began to sound.  I knew it was a Tsunami siren and I looked up to see chaos all around me. 

People were in a panic.  They were screaming, shouting, grabbing their items and running away from the ocean.  Not one person looked up from what they were doing to survey their surroundings.  Not one person offered to help anyone else.  It was each man, woman and child for themselves.

With all the pandemonium going on around me, I felt at peace. I turned away from all the chaos and people to face the ocean and looked heavenward and lifted my hands in the air. I began to pray and praise God. I was singing “More than anything Jesus, I just want you! ….”

I continued to stand, arms raised to the sky, singing. I looked out to the ocean and saw the Tsunami wave on the horizon.  I knew it was too late to try to run, and yet I didn’t feel the need to run. I felt compelled to stand my ground.  The peaceful feeling never left me as the huge wall of water several stories high came rushing right towards me. 

Then I heard a whisper coming from heaven. It was hard to hear over the pandemonium unless you were intently listening for it. It said: “I am sending a Tsunami of My Love.”

Just as the skyscraper tall wave began to bend downwards towards me to crash against the beach, where I stood, I immediately sat up in bed gasping for air.

My heart was racing, and I realized, it was only a dream, yet it felt so real.  I could hear the roaring ocean, the siren alarm and people screaming.  The panic in the air was palpable.  I felt the misty ocean breeze on my face as the wind rushed by. Drops of water had been falling on me and I was fully drenched before the wave even hit the shore.

Once fully awaken from this dream and all else was silent and still, I heard the phrase again, “I am sending a Tsunami of My Love.”  It was louder this time and not just a whisper.

This dream encounter occurred back in April right after Easter.  I haven’t talked very much about it to anyone as I have sought the Lord regarding more of His message.

• Sometimes God gives us a glimpse of what is to come so we can pray over it and pray into it.

• Sometimes He shows us things so we can position ourselves to receive and not miss what He is doing.

• Sometimes He gives us advance notice so we can share it with others and we can prepare our hearts.

Cry for Revival

God’s people are crying for revival. We long to see Him come rushing in with His fire and power like revivals of old.  We long to see Him pour out His Spirit and have miracles, signs and wonders occur. We desire for people to come into the Kingdom of God and be born again.

Yet revival will not come until we get our hearts right with God and with one another.   We need to get our eyes off the natural and turn them heavenward.

We need to stop looking out for only ourselves and looking towards the needs of others.  We must not panic or become distracted when warning alarms are sounding around us.  We must resist joining in the chaos and pandemonium. Instead we need to trust and seek the voice of God and hear what He has to say.  We need to stand in our position as sons and daughters.  We need to position ourselves before the Lord so we can receive His love and release it to the world.

Jesus taught the greatest commandment was to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul and to love your neighbor as yourself.  (Matthew 22:36-40)

God is sending a tsunami of His love. It will begin in the west and spread across the nation.  It’s a love so powerful that we only have eyes for Him and His Kingdom.  We will set aside our agendas and our desires.  We will set aside our prejudices and get swept away by Him. As we stand in His presence, peace will flow.  As we position ourselves before the Lord, this wave will not destroy us, but we will be caught up and carried away in His love.

Yes, a revival is coming, a revival of His love. God’s love will transform us and the world around us.This revival of love is the first wave of revival.  We must stand our ground, stay at peace and listen.

A great harvest of souls for the Kingdom will follow.  But it must first start with individuals and our hearts.  Our hearts must be for the Kingdom of God and not against. Our hearts must be for unity and not division. Our hearts must be filled with love, His love.

A Tsunami of His Love is coming! Are you ready?

Debbie Kitterman, 
Dare 2 Hear, Lacey, WA