The Revelation Of The Son and Daughters

From March 15, 2010:

Last week I woke up to the most amazing vision- the most stunningly profound one I have yet to have- or probably ever will.

The Holy Spirit showed me what God is doing with mankind in His work to restore His creation. I saw God standing before a nesting doll. You know those dolls that click open and reveal another doll, and click open again to reveal another doll and so on and so on until you get to the one teeny tiny doll in the middle that is whole and solid and final. I saw God opening these shells of the doll and discarding them one by one and casting the empty shells aside.

I’m struggling to perfectly word what I saw as it was so simple, yet profound. I saw was God peeling all the stuff off this person until He got down the real person inside- the honest, naked truth, the healed whole submitted intimate friend that we should eventually become in our walk with Him. What I felt in my spirit was that this final little person, this end result is the restoration of the original creation that God created. This one freely loves Him, freely loves His creation, freely chooses to submit to being transformed back to God’s will, freely looks to fellowship in friendship and love with God and His creation in simple everyday life, and wisely asks for His wisdom and heart. This little one was not a little person, but a full grown mature Son/Daughter and friend of God who fully knew God and God fully knew them. I could tell by the emotion that I felt that neither God nor this little one would ever desire to hurt one another and would always seek the other’s heart- that they knew each other so intimately that they were one and could read each other’s hearts and minds perfectly.

As I saw God take off the last shell and reveal this tiny little person I saw the most profound thing I dare ever lay my eyes on. I saw God- in all His Glory and His fine crown and kingly robes climb down off of His throne and bend His knee and bow His head down to this little one. He bowed not in lowliness or mocking, but in mutual respect, dignity and friendship -submitting Himself equality to this little person who submitted to His hand. This little one asked for His help, His mind, His healing, His friendship and most of all His heart for others so that they could see the world through God’s eyes of love to help, not hinder, to love not condemn, to free not bind, to raise not bury, to speak truth not lies.
I saw God bow His head and bend His knee to those who have done the same to Him- who deliberately searched God’s heart as they opened up theirs to Him to do the same as they followed and submitted to Jesus as their Lord and Friend.

I saw God bow to His Friend, His bride and one who He considers His equal because this little one’s will and God’s have become one- because they have become one in heart, in mind and in spirit.

It was impressed into my heart that whatever this Friend of God asked of Him, God would give out of beautiful mutual submission- a submission built upon truth, love and kindness toward one another. This little one not only came to God for his own healing, but also asked God what heart pains He had and if he might be of assistance to heal Him right back. And I know God’s wound is His fallen creation and it’s unbelief in His love and Grace and open arms of healing, correction and restoration.

I stand in awe- and I saw as this vision left me I saw that God’s knee is just now bending.

Blessings~ Jenni Davis

Spring in Winter

This is Ted Hanson, from Bellingham, WA. This is from February 21, 2010.

Ted Hanson, Abundant Life, House of Bread, Bellingham, WA.

Bob Jones: Zion

During the 2010 Open Heavens Conference at MorningStar, Bob Jones brought a timely prophetic word about Zion being birthed in the church. He shared about how God is wiring us with a heavenly infrastructure and empowering us to wake up the world with what the Lord is imparting to us.

Privately, he has said this is specifically coming to the Pacific Northwest.

Closer to home, Bob Jones reports that God has told him to come to the Northwest and release some things. Details are being finalized on a conference with Bob Jones and Bobby Connors in January of 2011, to be held in Central Washington. Details will be posted here, and on the Nor'west Prophetic page on Facebook. 

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