Monocropping. Monocropping is the agricultural practice of growing a single crop year after year on the same land, in the absence of rotation through other crops or growing multiple crops on the same land (polyculture).

Last night and again this morning I heard “monocropping.” As I listened further I heard “Monoculture, monocrops, monochurch, monobusiness, monoschools, monohealthcare. I am forcing them to become cross pollinated for their own good. I’m releasing my cross pollinators that I have prepared. They will release small ‘tongues of fire’ (Acts 2) that will burn up the monofields created by the principalities, powers, world rulers of this present darkness, and the spiritual hosts of wickedness (Ephesians. 6:12).”

I then saw hunters (Jeremiah 16:16) approaching vast monocropping fields with their bows and arrows. The tips of arrows would ignite with a flame when released from the bow and wherever they landed in the field they would start a small fire. Soon the monocrop was ablaze. After the blaze died down, I was amazed to see some of the crop still standing and untouched by the blaze. The field was full of such ones. (Daniel 3:8-25).

I then heard, “The job of the hunter is direct and straight forward. After they release their arrows, their assignment is complete. Pray for the release of the hunters. Pray for those in the fields that are still standing in the conflagration as I destroy the works of darkness and release them for they are the laborers that you have been praying for me to cast into the harvest fields.” (Luke 10:2).

I then heard, “I am releasing from the monochurch those who I prepared for the harvest. You will see them appear next to you in the harvest field. They are bringing my goodness and my abundance that I have placed in them. They are not novice. They have been kept in reserve until this hour. I am releasing them into the harvest field with you. They will help change your thinking and cross pollinate with you. Some I have assigned to come alongside of you for a long season. Others for a short season. And, other only briefly.

Honor and bless them as they come and go. As this process takes place it will magnify and multiply the harvest. You will notice that there are no threshing floors or grain silos for this harvest. That is because this harvest is designed to be immediately employed as new harvesters. I will do a quick work of transforming them from harvest to harvesters. Do not hold the new harvesters back. Do not think they are not ready for I have prepared them. I am doing a quick work. This is not the final harvest but only the first wave of the greater harvest.”

Dave Bodine

The Arrival of Long-Range Prophecies

As anyone can sense who is in tune with the Spirit and what is taking place on the world stage, we are living in a strategic time of human history. Events are unfolding that if not interpreted properly could create a sense of despair. Prophecy is a gift that will help us interpret these times and respond appropriately. Old and in some cases, ancient unfulfilled prophecies are arriving at this time and they have a message for the Church. 

I recently watched a video about a competitive long-range shooter. He did not shoot at 200 or 300 hundred yards. His distance was not 500 or 1,000 yards. He was attempting a shot at 2,240 yards – a mile and a quarter away using a hundred-year-old Swiss Army rifle with open sights. His target was a life-size steel buffalo. Once on target, he made repeated hits. It was an amazing feat.

Prophetic words are beginning to arrive that were sent downrange long ago traveling across great expanses of time and space to be delivered at this moment in history. When the Lord asked His prophets to speak these words those uttering them may have thought they sounded unusual and without application at the time of their inception. These prophets spoke with unqualified obedience. When their words finally arrive at our place in history, they will also appear out of context because they were spoken in a language and with a mode of delivery that might appear strange to our ears.

Unusual will be a word used to describe these incoming prophecies. Do not be dismissive when these words arrive. Unpack them carefully with wisdom and mercy, not with immediate dismissal. Look past the packaging and mode of delivery to discover the core content of the word. Be willing to discern their message with an open and receptive heart. If you can do this you will become a prophetic target of fulfillment and a carrier of supernatural resolutions to the most vexing situations of our day.

From Garris Elkins, Jacksonville, OR