Tacoma, WA

For I hear the Lord saying Tacoma will be a hub of the wheel for revival. I will make Tacoma the head and not the tail. The First and not the last. There is a residue of revival in the ground of this place, the prophetic destiny is suspended over this city and is about to be released. Like the tongues of fire on the day of Pentecost, they came over their heads, so shall it be in this hour O Tacoma. I am about to release the Spirit of destiny and purpose in your hearts. You will see these things and your hearts will be glad.

Your city has been a Jericho, now it shall be a Bethel. A open heaven will be over you Tacoma. A place of wonders, signs, and miracles. You will be known as a place of healings and miracles. For there is fountain of healing that I am about to open says the Lord. A fountain of miracles. I am about to stir the waters. You will be a Bethel to Me says the Lord.

My heart is stirred toward your children Tacoma. No longer will they be stifled and rejected. I will put my favor on them and they will do exploits. I will visit them in the lowest places, in this wilderness will come a fountain says the Lord. Rivers from the desolate heights. In the projects and streets will come a fire. An all-consuming fire from their hearts. The gang member will now be a trailblazer for revival in this hour. A pioneer.

Jonathans will be produced and Davids from your midst. Churches that have stood on opposite ends of the river will now covenant together for harvest and revival. Black and white will partner for a great catch in this hour says the Lord. Black and white will stand together in My glory. They will lift a chorus of unity that has never been seen or heard before. They will make history in Tacoma in the coming days says the Lord. They will make history. In newspapers and television they will give report of this in the coming days.

I am building a bridge of revival between Tacoma and Japan. A cross pollination. They will come in and go and bring the fire to these places and races. Prepare yourself O Tacoma, you will see now what your destiny is, a place of healing and miracles, a fountain of blessing not cursing. Your neighbors will call you blessed. Your children will rise up and call you blessed Tacoma. They will rise up and call you blessed.

Chad Taylor