For who has despised the day of small things? For they shall rejoice..." (Zechariah 4:10).

This message is two-fold, one it is A brief report of what we have been seeing across the nation in "small town America," small cities and towns, some with only populations of 250. Two, it is a prophetic glimpse into the future of national revival and reformation. One such place was in Paisley Oregon where we experienced this phenomena of revival in a seemingly obscure and small city. In this tiny town of only 250 God reached the world. Let me explain. In this city was a dormitory of high school exchange students from around the globe. Bosnia, Korea, China, Russia, Mongolia, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan, just to name a few. Over 20 students from various nations. Two were saved when we arrived, all were saved when we left. God reached the world in four days...

The paradox is this; God is moving wherever there is a hunger for Him and a desperation for salvations. Not only in metropolitan cites, but in the rural areas as well God is appearing. God is reaching out wherever there is a beacon of prayer and hunger beaming into Heaven. Shortly after Paisley we were in Battle Mountain Nevada. Another small seemingly obscure place. Again the phenomena of revival began to break out as hunger superceded tradition. As I write this report I am in Harlem Georgia. For a week now from Methodist churches to Pentecostal it is the same, a great hunger for revival and harvest, a charged atmosphere of breakthrough. From out of the way places like Swainsboro Georgia, Lincolnton Georgia, and Augusta Georgia. The cry of harvest is reaching a crescendo. 'GOD WE NEED REVIVAL! WE CANNOT GO FROM SUNDAY TO SUNDAY ANY LONGER! WE NEED A MOVE OF GOD!'

In Kettle Falls, Washington with no more than 20 in our meetings God moved dramatically. From the church to the local bar God was appearing. Again, a town hardly on the map, but the desire of simple people was pulling on the throne of Heaven. Souls were being saved and people began to come from all around. We are getting emails everyday from obscure and out of the way places to come and partner in harvest and revival. My answer is the same to every one, "YES!" Jesus revealed His heart when he made the statement, "leave the ninety-nine for the one..." In this hour the greatest glory will be found with the one. Most will still pursue the "ninety-nine" but the secret treasure of revival will be found with the "one", the few and the infrequent.

Many well known leaders will begin to hear the call from Bethlehem. They will ignore the popular opinion that says, "Can any good thing come from there?" They will see the divine destiny in these small cities and places and go on their accord without price of figure. They will be the ones asking to come without even an invitation. They will be like the man who found the hidden treasure in the field and gave all he had to secure it. Many treasures of revival are hidden in small town America. A few of the mainline ministries are about to discover the wealth of these hidden places. The allure of large offerings will not compel them, but rather the eternal weight of glory hidden in these towns will draw them. These small places will become headquarter of international revival. They will have an incredible revelation of missions and outreach. They will send thousands into the uttermost parts of the earth.

These small towns will also produce some the futures most prolific leaders and missionaries. A passion of harvest will resound in the hearts of these young people. The temptation of the age will not seduce them. They will rise from the shadow of obscurity to shine. They will excel in academics where other larger cities are struggling. This will get the attention of media and government and only help to spread the fires of revival. Generations of prayer and prophecies in these small towns will now begin to rapidly be fulfilled. Not one jot or tittle will fall to ground empty. But rather a great harvest of promise is about to occur in "small town America." Great Christian political leaders even now are being prepared for public service in these areas. They will adhere to the morals of their forefathers and the convictions of Christ. They will bring revival to the political arena.

Even now we are planning on returning to these rural areas and preparing to go to others. Auburn Washington. Naches Washington. Loganville Georgia. Redwood City California. Mariposa California. In Mariposa last year we experienced epic reconciliation between Native America and Anglo America. Even after a year this revival continues. They have experienced first hand chiefs and elders from local tribes come to acknowledge what God is doing in their city. It has been researched that Mariposa was the first place that a treaty was broken out of over 300 hundred treaties and government covenants made in California. It is no surprise then that Mariposa began the reconciliation and repentance. A great treasure of national revival was hidden in that field. God give us eyes and hearts to see it!

"Small town America" will be on the map of histories greatest revivals. In the Bible belt states in particular, the southern states, a great grace for unity will be poured out. Walls that have separated Baptist and Pentecostal will fall flat. A shout from Heaven and the hungry will bring these ancient gates down. Charismatic and conservative will stand together to see this great catch of harvest come in. The racial lines will be blurred and washed away as well. The dreams and visions of former equal rights advocates will now begin to come to consummation. A great chain of unity will connect black and white, Baptist and Pentecostal, Lutheran and Methodist. It will set a spiritual precedent for the whole nation. It will set in motion racial reconciliation and revival. "Arise and shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you..." (IS. 60:1)

Chad Taylor