Training Centers in Vancouver

"...3) Releasing Training Centres

For many years, we have cried out to the Lord to release Canada's destiny for training, not just for our nation, but also for the nations of the world. We believe the leadership covenant of Kelowna created a spiritual covering in our nation that will release, among other things, apostolic and prophetic training centres for teaching, impartation and 24/7 intercessory prayer and worship.

The training centre we envision for Vancouver will also focus on releasing the arts (music, drama, dance, visual arts) to prophesy to the culture of our nation. For e.g. we see unbelievers listening to prophetically birthed music that will impart freedom to their spirits. We also see a media centre that will use TV, video and the Internet to teach and impart truth to believers, as well as to innovatively communicate the gospel to unbelievers..."

From the Watchmen for the Nation [of Canada]; undated
via Disciple the Nations