Year of the big Surprises New Wine and CHANGE

Plans won’t be able to be made with any certainty the more we move into this season, UNLESS said plans are made by the inspiration of Holy Spirit!

I see the body of Christ going through major re-alignment, to the point where I see different parts being moved around and re-aligned in ways we didn’t know could be. Change, change, change! Surprise, surprise, surprise!

I see major upheaval up ahead and what almost looks like derailing (like a train) of ideas, thoughts and plans!!! And I see major shifting that will fling people into new place! It will feel disruptive, BUT if you’ve already given up on your own understanding, yielding it to God (Proverbs 3:5-7) and you’re NOT holding onto old patterns and thought, it will go smoothly! Might be a bit bumpy for those not expecting!

I see miracles being drawn out of God’s hat like a magician this year and the years ahead! He will use the element of surprise to move His people AND to disrupt the enemy’s intelligence! Bahahahaaa!

Wake up! Wake up America, before it’s too late! Wake up and smell the roses! Wake up and smell the perfume of God’s love and awakening power being poured out on you!!!

I see a huge bucket of cold water God is getting ready to pour on the USA to wake her up! I see 3 angels about the height of half the width of the USA standing on the east coast with VERY serious looks on their faces, looking toward our land. I see a set of scales in the hand of one. Wisdom, Intelligence and True Government/Justice stand waiting till the vote is in… What will America choose!? Once awakened will she choose to repent or go to war against God, fighting in rebellion?

Open up your heart America!!! Open up your wounds! I see the heart of America opened up in the heartland (center of States). I see the heartland drinking new wine!

I see things disrupted this year and the next! I see plans falling apart if made apart from God! In finances, in doctrine, and in relationships!

Call on God Oh AMERICA! Turn to Him and say, “Turn my heart toward YOU! Turn my mind toward you! Turn ME and my plans toward you!”

I see more miracles planned for His people this next couple of years than we could ever dream of! The supernatural is being poured out on the earth! It is time to walk in the supernatural! It is time to SEE with new eyes! Turn your hearts and SEE and walk into ALL He has promised!!!! The Promised Land and Promised time has come! WALK in the land of milk and Honey, NOT based on the natural, but in spite of it! Superimposed over it! (I see two realities, and you choose which one you will walk in. You choose by trusting in God or trusting yourself and your own plans, ideas and understanding).

I see disruption coming that can actually launch YOU into the supernatural or into destruction! YOUR choice! YOU choose!

The war that is coming is not really about anyone else BUT YOU! Will you accept HIM, and His plans or will you fight for your own? Will you embrace your own understanding or HIM?

Get ready! Brace yourself for full impact!!!

2010, February 26th

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I Am Breaking Open the Fountains of the Deep — Both in the Earth and in the Heavenlies

The following was prophesied by Bishop Mark Chironna on January 22, 2010 at The Master's Touch International Church in Longwood, Florida:

"As it was in the days of Noah, I opened the fountains of the deep. I broke open the fountains, both in the heavenly expanse and in the ground. And so now, you are in that hour and that time and that season and that place, where I am breaking open the fountains of the deep—both in the earth and in the heavenlies. And deep will call unto deep at the sound of the waterspouts of the Almighty.

"And I will be seen again in the land. For I am walking in the midst of the candlesticks in this hour and in this day, and I will align those who hear what My Spirit is saying and they will come into a new level both of awareness and of awakening and indeed ascension. For I am raising up a righteous remnant in this hour and they will be dressed in authority; they will be dressed in power and they will be dressed in humility.

The Ground will Begin to Vibrate and Open Up

"And you would ask Me, 'How, oh God, will You open the fountains of the deep?' Every place the sole of their foot treads, when they step, they will be aligning with the intension of Heaven. And the heavenly rhythm and vibration of their authority will resonate with the ground and the ground will begin to vibrate and open up. And there will be a release from earth back to Heaven; for, notice that the angels ascended and then descended.

"Do not look for water to fall. Look for water to rise. For as the water rises first, then it will fall second for the days of the release of what is in the belly of My people; in the treasure of these earthen vessels is about to be broken up, opened up and poured out in such a fashion that the waterfall will move in reverse."

Dr. Mark J. Chironna
Mark Chironna Ministries
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This word is neither from nor about the Pacific Northwest, but it resonates with a number of prophets in the Northwest.

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Across The West Coast

Intro by Garris Elkins
Revival in Oregon

Several weeks ago Rob DeLuca spoke at Living Waters Church in Medford, and the following weekend at New Song Church. During these two visits Rob brought an ignition and acceleration to the move of God's Spirit in this region. Many were healed and destinies were released. While in Medford, Rob prophesied that "Oregon would be known as a state where the healing presence of God dwells."

During one of these meetings a leader in our church saw gold dust begin to appear on her hands. After the meeting she went home and the gold dust appeared again. She understood this sign to be an indicator to pray for her husband and for a visiting relative—both of them were healed. Her husband and her relative began to shout when gold dust appeared on their hands!

Just this week this same woman laid hands on a friend who is a waitress at a local restaurant. Then gold dust began to appear once again on her hands during dinner. This waitress had Celiac Disease (a gluten tolerance disorder). This woman was so allergic to gluten that if someone who had been handling a gluten product just touched her food she would have a violent physical reaction. The woman was healed and has been eating pizza and bread for the last week with no reaction. She had been sick for 28 years!

Another ignition has taken place (among others recently along the I-5 Corridor and the West Coast) and God's Spirit is moving through His people as they simply step out in faith. We have seen the gift of supernatural faith being released and imparted in our meetings.

When Rob was here he spoke of what carries revival—it is discipleship. As this move of God accelerates in intensity and dimension God is asking those who lead to make sure that systems are in place to disciple the thousands who will come into God's Kingdom. These signs and wonders are pointing people to Jesus who is coming with Kingdom power for a great harvest of souls.

Oregon will be known as a place where the healing presence of God dwells.
Wanting more,
Garris Elkins

The West Coast Prophecy
Rob DeLuca

The following words were given by Rob DeLuca on July 12, 2009 at Living Waters Church in Medford, Oregon:

There is a whirlwind of fire—a tornado of fire over Oregon and it lands here! It begins to burn the forests and torch Oregon. Then it begins to pull up gold out of the ground; small, big, thin, fat— all shapes and sizes. The gold glistens and burns hot, like coals. Then the whirlwind begins to send the gold flying. First it flies all over Oregon, and then all over America. Everywhere the gold lands it start fires. The gold is the people of Medford. The fire is the refining purity of God.

The Lakeland, Florida Outpouring was preliminary to the movement God is about to begin, and the West Coast is God's next place to land. All along I-5: San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento, Redding, Medford, Seattle, and Northern Washington.

Carry revival in such a way that the world is changed. To live this way, though, you have to be touched first. We need to avoid the failures of previous historical revivals. When the outpouring hits, we need discipleship to follow! Lakeland was only a taste of what God is about to do. Revival includes repentance, holiness, and souls saved!

God wants to show up in revival more than we want it! It will require, though, prayer and yielding before we become revived. It's not hard to live in revival if we realize that we live in an open Heaven! Get radically lost in God. Live in a Supernatural world. Revival is natural.

The following words were given by Rob DeLuca on July 19, 2009 at New Song Church, Medford, Oregon:

God gave me a vision while I was in Lakeland last year, and I saw this great fire burning in Florida. And the fire lit up the sky, and there were burning embers that were being taken by the wind and they were going all over the world. The majority of the embers I saw were hitting America. I saw burning embers landing across the nation and I saw campfires starting. I saw campfires taking place in other nations, but the majority of the campfires were taking place in America.

Schedules Will Change, Conferences Will Change

And the Holy Spirit spoke to me and He said: "I am about to change the plans of man. I am about to change men's schedules. I am about to change the agendas that men have made concerning My will for My people. Schedules will change, conferences will change, and I will bring back camp meetings as in the days of old. And people will gather around these fires and whole cities, entire towns, will be lit on fire.

"To those who are yielded and to those who will listen to My voice, I will send them to territories with revival fire. And they will bring My fire. They will take their families and they will go in My name. Some will go for three weeks, some for six weeks, some for three months, some for six months. And they will change entire cities with My revival fire."

And it reminded me of an old revivalist named Peter Cartwright. He was the "pistol packing preacher" who would ride on horse-back. He was a pioneer, he was a frontiersman. He would ride across the trails of America, and he would stop and have camp meetings. Some 2,000, some 10,000, some 20,000. They'd go for weeks on end, and people would come in their covered wagons and on their horses.

They'd build these big old wooden amphitheaters, because there was no amplification in those days. And they'd build these big platforms with wood up, wood out—wood walls that would amplify their voices and they would begin to preach. They would cut down logs and trees and make them into pews. People would come and they would just stay and camp out.

And it was recorded that Peter Cartwright said that hundreds, thousands, thousands of souls were saved as the preaching of the Word was brought forth. He said, "I would witness hundreds fall under the glorious power of God." He said that there were preachers that were preaching against it, but it could not be stopped. He said, "Glorious joy and laughter would breakout among God's people. To me it looked like all of America was coming to the Lord."

And I believe that what was brought forth, maybe 150, 200 or 300 years ago, in the birthing of this nation, is about to be brought forth again. And our conferences, and the way we do things in church, are about to change. And we're not going to care about our schedules so much—we're going to care about the GLORY of the LORD. God dwelling among His people.

And that brings me to what God gave me for Oregon...

Word For Specific Cities on the West Coast

Last year I saw a whirlwind land, and it hit Oregon. It started to spin and swirl, and it was a fierce wind of fire. It landed and hit Oregon. It started burning up the forests; it was doing like a trail-blaze across Oregon. And I saw golden stones coming out of the ground—they were being pulled up and sucked into this whirlwind of fire, and they began to burn—gold stones of fire. They began to get thrown all over the state and all over the nation. And they were starting fires. And I thought to myself, "This is what I saw over in Lakeland, the big campfire with burning embers landing all over." But I saw something happen here, in the Northwest. And the Lord just spoke to me in the last two weeks in regard to the West Coast.

From San Diego all the way up to Seattle and Vancouver, the LORD is about to do something VERY, VERY SPECIAL. Revival fire is about to breakout on the West Coast. I saw it hitting San Diego, I saw it hitting Orange County, and L.A. County, and I saw it hitting the northern counties of California. I saw it hitting Sacramento and Redding. I saw it coming up this way going right through your cities—right through Medford, right through Albany, right through Portland, and hitting Seattle. All the way up the I-5 Freeway.

And the LORD said, "There have been men and women who have prayed along this trail, and I will honor their prayers." Do you feel that? And I started looking up who has been through these lands:

Aimee Semple McPherson went right up this I-5 corridor, all the way up. William Branham, right over here and he hit Oregon. Even William Seymour. As a matter of fact, the Apostolic Faith publication, what was being published about the Azusa Street outpouring, much of it from Portland Oregon, through Sister Crawford—the reports of the revival in Azusa were being brought forth from Oregon. Billy Sunday came through here having revival fire. The Voice of Healing came through. California, all the way up this trail—this ancient path that's been prayed over for revival fire to be brought forth on the West Coast. HALLELUJAH!

One of my sons in the faith and I were out praying over California, and a vision came to us. There were four angels that manifested off the West Coast, and they were holding gold and silver trumpets. And they began to blow these trumpets and a sound and a massive wind was brought forth. What was witnessed was a dark cloud over America, but as these angels began to blow, this dark cloud was removed from the West all the way across America. So that includes Oregon.

I shared this with Pastor Bill and Beni Johnson recently at lunch. And we started talking about the time and the season. Beni had received the same thing from the LORD as I did, and we got real excited at the lunch table. I really believe this is going to happen within the fall. So that's probably in about three, four, or five months. Something is going to hit the West Coast; there is going to be something that takes place.

I don't know if there's going to be numerous outbreaks, but there is something that God is planning for the West Coast. I know there is going to be an outbreak in California, but I also know there's going to be an outbreak in Oregon and in Washington. And hopefully it will overflow into Canada.

Word For Oregon

This is what I received for Oregon. He gave this to me at 1am, as I was studying and praying. He spoke to me, and this is what was said: "Oregon again shall be known as a state of God's healing power. Once again Oregon shall be known as a state of God's healing power."

And then I saw people crossing the state line, and as they crossed the state line I saw people being healed. They were on their way to church services, but as soon as they hit the state line and crossed over, they were getting healed.

Then I saw a great river—the River of God—and I saw this river flowing throughout Oregon, and I saw the valleys being filled. The valleys of Oregon were being filled and they became pools of healing. And many were coming to the valleys to receive from these healing pools. And I looked at the mountaintops of Oregon, and the GLORY of God started to manifest in the mountains of Oregon.

And the LORD spoke to me and He said, "Multitudes will be healed. They shall come and be healed. Multitudes shall come and seek Me for periods of time in the land of Oregon."

And then I saw camp meetings, just like I saw in my vision that I had last year. And I saw groups of people coming to Oregon, seeking the GLORY of the LORD. And then I witnessed the settling of God's GLORY covering this state. And I said to myself out loud, "He has chosen to rest and make His abode in Oregon." That is a word. A holy, anointed word. A great, great, great blessing is coming out of this state. This state is going to be known for healing, for healing, for healing.

Rob DeLuca

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"New Apostolic Government in Place by 2012" and "God is Not Disappointed in You"

There has recently been a release and demonstration of God's mighty power in the earth. We have seen the sick healed, families restored, and the dead raised by means of the spoken word through television. We've witnessed all sorts of creative miracles: the blind can see, the deaf can hear, and tumors have dissolved.
There is a quick maturity and growth happening in the sons and daughters of God because of the extreme acceleration released in the glory of God. However, these powerful displays of the Kingdom are only "Previews of the Coming Attraction!"
Bonnie Jones' Dream
In a recent dream, Bonnie Jones was visited by the Lord. In the dream, the Lord came to Bonnie and led her on a journey. The first place the Lord took Bonnie was a massive storehouse filled with organs and body parts. The Lord allowed Bonnie to put her right hand (faith) into this storehouse where she held all different types of organs and limbs. She felt He was teaching her to have the faith "of" God, not faith "in" God.
The Lord continued to escort Bonnie on the journey. The next place was on a bridge and then over railroad tracks. The bridge and the railroad tracks formed a cross, symbolizing "righteousness and justice."
Next they went to 22nd Street. The Lord was giving her the key of David out of Isaiah 22:22, "Then I will set the key of the house of David on His shoulder, when He opens no one will shut, when He shuts no one will open." She looked up and in the distance saw Lake Superior. The Lord is about to do something far superior to what we've recently witnessed.
Next she was holding a map. The instructions said, "When you come to 9th Street, take a hard right." When they took a right on 9th Street the dream ended.
Bonnie is from Ohio, so when she woke up she knew where Lake Erie was, but not exactly where the other Great Lakes were. She decided to check the atlas and found where she was in the dream while looking at Lake Superior. She was in the extreme northern point of Wisconsin in an unincorporated village named Cornucopia - which represents an "open portal and the blessings of God." Looking straight ahead at Lake Superior are the 22 Apostle Islands. Interestingly enough, there are 22 apostles recorded in the New Testament.
True Apostles are Being Released
What Bonnie saw in this visionary encounter with the Lord is parabolic of what God is bringing in this hour. In this season the Lord is restoring true apostles in the earth. As this apostolic government comes into view and is established, the Lord is releasing new keys - governmental keys of Kingdom authority that will be matched by no other generation.
Creative miracles, signs, and wonders will be witnessed in unparalleled ways as the Lord firmly establishes and confirms this new government. It will look nothing like what we've witnessed or heard of to date. There will be upheavals and shakings in the earth that will confirm what is happening in the spiritual - the natural proclaiming the spiritual.
What the Lord is about to do is far superior to anything He has done before. Creative miracles - arms, legs, body parts, and organs will come down from Heaven. There will be no ebb - no end! Your source is in Heaven, and this Heavenly warehouse is opening. Body parts will be issued to the Body, but there needs to be a government to do this. This will not be about a certain leader or leaders in particular, but an entire Church government and Body that will function in unity. This will be miraculous in itself.
A New Apostolic Government by 2012
In the last 30 years we've seen a restoration of the prophetic - true prophets have been restored to the Church. But now we are about to see a restoration of the apostolic - true apostles are arising. The prophets bring the revelation and the apostles bring the application.
These apostles will be men and women like Joshua - leaders that bring the rest into the Promised Land. These apostles will not be appointed by man, but by God. In fact, many of them will look extremely different from what we would call "apostolic." This new breed of apostolic order will not fear losing their reputation nor be concerned about what the newspapers are saying, but rather, they will speak what the real news is. The secular newspapers won't judge the Church; it will be the other way around.
You can't persecute the anointing and the glory of God or you'll miss it. These apostles will speak to nations and cause a shift in the natural and the spiritual. Revival will break out and new regions will be changed as the Lord establishes new governmental order. This is not a man thing…this is a God thing!
We will see an entirely new apostolic government in place by 2012. At this time, we will see the Church being put together and growing into a habitation for the Spirit of God: " whom the whole building, being fitted together, is growing into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit" (Ephesians 2:21-22).
The Coming Election and the Angel Named Union Right now it is extremely important to pray for the coming election. The winds of change are blowing. We must pray for this Godly Vice President. September is the month that will make the difference - this is the month it begins. Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, starts the night of September 29th.
Right now God is harvesting harvesters for the great harvest. By 2012 we will see a genuine apostolic government in place. From there we will see others come alongside and do what they are called to do.
We are in the middle of one of the greatest changes in history. These next eight years will be full of joy if the Church steps into authority and God's righteous people are elected. It's time to begin to bless instead of curse. The mind of Christ will be released to true followers with a fresh vision, new anointing, and plenty of provision.
We are going to see Roe vs. Wade overturned. It's time to bless the United States and not curse her. Bob Jones heard Kate Smith singing God Bless America. This is the United States of America. We are united by diversity, and the angel over this nation is named "Union" - we are united by diversity and strengthened by union.
Past Disappointments and Expectations
In a vision on August 31, 2008, Bob saw that many people were imprisoned by their lost expectations. What they expected out of their lives had not come to pass.
Past disappointments or expectations for our lives have imprisoned us. And when you look back to your past expectations, you have no vision for your future.
Your failures were steppingstones from your past; steppingstones into His presence and your future. It's time for you to flush your past and let it be gone from you. The Lord is commissioning you - giving you a mission; vision for the future.
There is a remnant left who remain; they really believe God and have kept their spirits and consciences clean. The Lord is not disappointed in them. However, they've become disappointed in themselves. But the Lord says to you that your disappointment was His opportunity.
So our past disappointments rob us from our future vision because God is saying:
"I'm not disappointed in you because of your failed expectations, for they were My opportunity to change your life for My purpose.
"Your disappointments or expectations were stepping stones to My presence, and now, I'm going to demand that you flush them and look to the future - not the past, for those who look to the past have no future! I now have My Spirit in many of My people."
In the vision, Bob saw that many of God's saints' consciences (or their spirits) were clean, but their minds weren't. And the Holy Spirit is dealing with the mind of those who have not come to the place where they thought they should be.
God says, "Their conscience is clean and now I'm going to cleanse their soul, because I'm going to use their soul and their spirit to reveal My Kingdom. So now I begin a work of cleansing their soul, so their soul might be a partaker of My Divine Nature.
"You're actually ready in the spirit. Now I'm preparing your soul, for I'm going to use both soul and spirit. And the soul is what I'm preparing.
"I just want you to know that I'm not disappointed in you and I've brought you to the place where your future in Me shall be fruit." Amen.
Bob & Bonnie Jones, Dec 03, 2009

This prophetic word is not specific to the Pacific Northwest, but it deals with subjects that have substantial impact to the church in the Northwest.

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