Chuck Pierce – Everett, WA Part 2

Chuck Pierce – Everett, WA - October 21, 2005




To turn,
To Go Around
To Surround,
To encompass or enclose
A Shelter or Tabernacle “Sukkah”

Because what I want to do now is move quickly to move you through this so you will have a clear understanding of why we are having a gathering here, a gathering about warfare and why we’re doing what we’re doing. See.

All right, now, notice this. When we started the year 5765, 5700 means the year of the Lord God. Sixty-five also are two numbers that have meaning. The number 60 means Samekh. Notice what that number looks like. Notice what it means. This is 60 right here and we’ll add the number 5 to it in a moment.

It means circle, ring, repeat, cycle. It means to go around. It means to surround. It’s actually linked with raising the succa, creating a new covering. See, now it makes sense. Notice what that looks like though. It looks like the eye of a hurricane. It means that it, this past year meant that if you didn’t start breaking out of old cycles, you would start repeating those cycles. You’d go around the mountain again, in other words. But you see there, you’ve got the opportunity to break up and break out. Tell somebody, “I’m on my way up. I’m on my way out.”


ה ( ~ X 3 over the Hebrew symbol)

Sound, Word
Breath, Spirit

Now, so that showed you what that looks like. Now, let’s look at the other letter that you add to it, the number 5. It’s called Hei. Everybody say, “Hay.” Well, it looks like a window. Actually, this is a letter that’s filled with sound. It has tremendous meaning to it. It means that there’s a window of opportunity shifting over us. (Just move forward with it Brian so they can see it.) It means that there’s a wind beginning to blow through the heavenly realm into the earth realm because God is positioning a window over you. It means revelation, breath, and spirit. This past year we started moving into the next move of Holy Spirit in the earth. I mean Holy Spirit is starting to move and the church is in for a rude awakening when Holy Spirit starts taking it over again. We have gotten so far away from Holy Spirit in the church, we don’t, that’s why when Peter was teaching that today about the third person of the Trinity, he said we have gotten so far away from Holy Spirit, and we don’t even recognize Holy Spirit. We’re so, “let’s gather together so we can discuss us”. Holy Spirit is coming back to the church. Trust me.

- To murmur, whisper, meditate
- Moan, growl, utterance, speech
- Roar, as of a fire, windstorm or rushing water
- A loud noise... loud thunder or shouting
- To crash, roar, resonate
- Loud violent praise! “Hallel!” (Hallelujah)

But notice it has this meaning of “roaring” and that meant last year there would be fires, wind storms, rushing water. It meant actually that there would be wind storms and sounds of water. In December of last year, I saw these huge waves coming in on our nation and coming into the earth realm from the heaven. It (Hei), the word, is linked with hallel, which is linked with hallelujah. It is what God was saying, “Last year start shouting in the midst of your confusion and praising Him and He would come down and visit you in the midst of that confusion.” Now, that’s why at the beginning of the Hebrew year last September, we always have a head of the year gathering. Well, we just gathered to discuss with people in a group about this size, about this many people, what God is doing. Our church has always been in the Messianic movement with the one new man type of understanding as Barbara was talking about. Our sister church that started out of our church is Baruch Hashem in Dallas, so we’re connected like that. We’re the Gentile counterpart and then we’re with the Messianic people and of course the 24-hour prayer in Israel, Pastor Robert’s daughter is the administrator of that. So, we’re very connected in all those areas, but it meant loud violent praise.

But at the beginning of the year when we met, we said this year would be the year of hurricanes, God using hurricanes to really speak His message into America. And I was like, nobody got it. Now, look what you see here. Just keep going Brian. In other words, you have to get a picture of how the Lord is blowing from heaven revelation in. When Dutch and Barbara and they are teaching on revelation, God is pouring revelation. (We don’t do numbers at night. We don’t do time, do we? No, I don’t think so. We can’t tonight. You’re wonderful. You have done a wonderful job to keep those other speakers in line. It’s been awesome.)

Now, this is actually what it looks like over your life. Now, if you will get this, you will move forward. The King, the Lion of Judah, is over the earth right now, blowing down over you. See, most of us can’t, we’ve gotten so far from the Holy Spirit in the midst of our circumstance, we can’t feel Him blowing in and blowing revelation on us, blowing in, causing us to become and move through this season as a violent, praising, storm. Tell somebody next to you, “You are a storm about to happen.” I’m going to tell you, we’ve to get this. It’s the only way we’ll make it through these next three years. Now, we have got to learn how to just praise and get together and praise and express ourselves. So, this is what it looks like now.

Now, this is what I want to say. Now, He’s blowing and you’re going to see in a minute how all of these years start connecting this year because this is our connecting year. It’s very important we get this so we end up riding. This is what the year is about. We’re going to learn how to ride the wind of revelation. We’re going to learn how in the midst of the enemy, standing and roaring in our face, we just quietly roar back and he began to separate himself. So, I want us to stop for a moment and bless God for the year that has brought us into praise and revelation 5765.

Thank Him for revelation. Thank Him for what He’s teaching you. Thank Him for what you’re going through. Decree right now, victory to make it through. Now, while you’re there, I want you to just throw your hands up and say, “Lord, I need a new wind of strength. Lord I’m ready to go into this next year, but I’ve got to have, I’ve got to catch a new wind. Actually, Lord, I need another wind. Blow on me again.” Just shout it up in the heavens. Amen. Now you may be seated.

The Kingdom of God is advancing as a violent praising STORM throughout this season.

“The barometer has dropped & storm is coming. We need to not fear the wind, rain & flood, but be careful to hear voice of the Lord in the Storm”

Last Year the WHIRLWIND Began! We will continue in the whirlwind for 3 more years.

Now, last year this whirlwind began. It began up here whether you knew it or not, because, see, that’s how the prophetic works. The prophetic doesn’t work where we see the immediate thing at first until there are certain things that are aligned. Then all of a sudden, God works suddenly. You are the whirlwind state. All right.

Now, one of us prophesied this at the beginning. I don’t know whether it was me or Pastor Robert at our meeting in Dallas. I said the barometers. I think it was me who said this. The barometer has dropped and a storm is coming. We need not to fear the wind, rain and flood, but be careful to hear the voice of the Lord in the storm. I said that going into the head of the year 5765 at our gathering. Then, now this is how significant it was, on Yom Kippur, the first hurricane hit Florida. You see, we had, we were having the meeting, then that occurred, then the next hurricane hit Florida on, going into the Feast of Tabernacles.

See, I mean, it was like all of a sudden, everything God was saying was happening. And that’s why going into January, and let me go ahead and share this with you. He gave me a verse out of Genesis 8:5 when I started reading through the word. And He said, this year the waters, and this is where Barbara was getting that, the waters would not descending off of us until the end of October, but in the 10th month if you would endure all the way through the 10 months of this calendar year, at the end of October that which had tried to overtake your head, you would all of a sudden your head would come up above the water. Let’s thank God for that. We’re on the way.

Now, here’s the importance of you getting this. The whirlwind is with us for three more years. See, the Samekh (60). We don’t change the Samekh. So, the whirlwind is with us three more years. That tells me by looking at what God said about you, Washington will be in the focus of our nation for the next three years. That’s interesting. All right.


Now, here’s what the Lord spoke to me going into this New Year and He said this to me. He said, “You’re going to have to learn the word “COME” and just as I spoke to Peter when he thought I was a ghost, you’re going to have to learn who I am in a new way because I’m going to be doing some peculiar things that you will not perceive correctly of who I am if you don’t get to know me. And when I say “come”, don’t be afraid of the whirlwind; just learn how to walk on the water.” In other words, let you faith become buoyant and the circumstances around you will not overtake you. He said this, “This is a year of positioning so you must learn the word come. Don’t try to run up and get on the front line because you know, the front line looks like a good place until you realize you’re going to be first one shot. And, you know, all those people, all those Absalom groups who’ve always wanted to run up front and take over, this year if they do, they’re going to be in trouble because they’re not going to have front-line grace this year. So I want to be sure I’ve warned the body of Christ this year, don’t try to get in places you’re not supposed to be in. Let God teach you and discipline you and teach you this year so you can be positioned properly at the end of this three-year cycle.

Now, let me show you some more in this so you see it. Now, we want to do that again (Put the peg in the circle).

5766: The Year of SAMEKH VAV

ס ו (peg in the circle)

1. A year your covenant support will come through COVENANT CONNECTIONS.
2. A year to drive a TENT PEG through the enemy’s plans.
3. A year to extend your BORDERS and establish your COVERING.
4. A year to establish your BUILDING PLAN for the future. BUILD WITH YOUR COVENANT CONNECTIONS!

In 5766 YOU WILL PLUNDER! (Tav-Shin-Samekh-Vav)
[Y’all Will Plunder. It’s not a command – it's what will happen.]

This we have entered into the year 5766. This is the year Samekh Vav. (That means, let’s do it one more time
Brian. Let’s do it a few more times so they see it.) The whirlwind’s still there, but there’s something coming down in the midst of the whirlwind this year.

(Put the stake in the whirlwind – we did this at La Push 8/04. Both for the state and the nation. Note inserted by Burdell)

See, I mean winds have about blown things away over this past year, but look at this coming down. So, this has distinct meanings. This, look at what that is. In the midst of the whirlwind, God is sending you a tent peg or a stake so you can stake your claim right in the midst of your whirlwind, so your whirlwind does not overtake you. God says, “It might be whirling all around you, but I’m going to show you how to establish yourself for your future this year. Let’s bring it down one more time. Now, before we bring it down, just throw your hand up. Say, “Lord, give me my stake.” Now, grab hold of it. Now see, once you’ve got it, you’re not afraid of what’s whirling around you because you’re going forth to stake your place in the midst of the whirlwind. Now, I want us to do this before we end here. We’re going to decree that God is going to stake the state of Washington this year and it’s going to come in His sovereign way this year. And all of those powers and principalities that think they’re ruling it this year, you wait till the Lord puts His stake in here. Amen. Amen.

Now, let’s look at what this means. I’m just going to give you about four things of what it means.

First of all, it’s a year your support is going to come through covenant connections. Watch carefully the people God is aligning you with and putting in your path. And as Barbara said, now I want you to be sure you get this. I want to say it a little different. You should have functional connections and you should have territorial connections. Apostolically you can connect functionally with that which is helping you move forward into what God is doing. Then you can find your place territorially as He positions you in the body of Christ in this territory.

Second thing, this becomes very important for us this year. This is actually, this is a good message. I get to be with Aglow at their International Gathering. This is the year of Jael because Deborah went to war, Barach followed and Issachar went with Barach to war. You know, I’ve done a detailed study on some of the tribes this year to see how they’re going to move forward, but it was just one little obscure lady that brought the strong man into her tent and drove the tent peg through his head. The Lord said, “I am dealing with you individually this year so that you drive the tent peg in the head of your enemy and that you surprise your enemy this year.”

Here’s the third thing. This is very important because God, a lot of you are going through this place where you’re being rearranged. Some of you are being repositioned in your jobs. I said this on Saturday. I said the Spirit of God came down on us in that gathering and He said, “Starting next week, tell my people to look deeply into the rearrangement that I’m making in their life, because I will be starting to set their course for the next three years. Some will be leaving jobs, changing jobs, losing jobs. Their ministry will take different turns. It is me who is setting a new course with my people in the earth.” Just throw your hand up and say, “I’ve got my peg ready to go.” So Isaiah 54 becomes very important over understanding your borders this year and understanding your covering. Somebody was talking about covering earlier. So you’ve got to, Jay Swallow, you were talking about covering. This becomes a year of understanding. Jay hadn’t seen this.

Number four; this is a year that you will establish because, see, the tent peg establishes your building plan for the future. Future means expected end. So, in other words, this year you want to reevaluate how you’re building and who you’re building with. It becomes very, very important for you. And so, this year you start building and in the next three years what He’s doing see, He’s building and establishing us so that the end of this seven-year war season, we’re ready to move forward into whatever sort of economy we have. We’re ready to move forward and the economy is already started changing drastically people. Don’t just be looking at what you see in the news. Don’t live in the temporal. You’ve got to understand there are entire economic structures that have shifted in the earth and even though the fullness of the administration of those structures have not come into place, we need to be, as God’s people, thinking about how we’re going to move into the exploits God has for us for the future.

Now, let me put it in a different term. I got the Hebrew and I checked this out with Hebrew. Last year I had to give this message in front of a Hebrew, the ambassador from Israel and I said, “Lord, either its right or he’ll know.” He jumped up. He said, “That’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard. I fully understand where we’re going in our nation. I fully understand how to communicate with Israel.” It was just incredible what God did with it. Now, I tried to get the Hebrew. I got this from Israel with some of the people there who are Hebrew scholars. This is the year of Tav-Shin-Samekh-Vav. That means, and then I put it into Texas lingo to bring to you. It means Ya’all will plunder this year. That’s what it means. When you look at this, this is not a command. This year if you are trusting and walking with the Lord, those things you have been waiting on and watching for, God says, “Ya’all will plunder.”

If you look back around October the 4th, you’ll start seeing a shift that came into you and all of a sudden, God has already started setting the Spirit of the Lord in the earth realm, has started setting a new course for your life. The Lord says, “Grab hold of that course for you all will plunder in that course and you will begin to capture the results and the spoils of the course He’s started shifting you on.” That’s worth shouting over.

Now, let’s look at this. So, here are a few questions for us. Are you ready for the next war? Go ahead and say yes. You might as well be, we’re going into it. Whether you are or not, we’ve got to get this. The next three years become more and more intense. Just because they become intense doesn’t mean that we’re going down, we’re moving in victory. We’re moving forward. God’s shifting our path. He’s connecting us together. You’re not in this thing alone. Don’t you let the devil try to make you think you are isolated? God has certain people connected with you that are watching after you more than you know and walking with you more than you know.

Chuck Pierce – Everett, WA - October 21, 2005