"Yes" - says the Lord -" for many have said this is a hard place to break through - it is hard ground - it is not like the biblebelt - it is not like the heartland - But in this coming season, I tell you -" says the Lord - "..that even as the wildfires that blazed across California that could not be contained - that blazed with a ferocious fire - so I am in this day and in this season preparing to pour out from heaven the ferocious fire of my spirit across the West Coast of America.


And even as one tinder spark set ablaze the forest fires - so too, I shall take a spark - says the Lord - JUST ONE SPARK - - I shall take the spark of the prayers of my saints who stand in California - I shall take the spark of the declarations of my Apostles, of my Prophets, of my intercessors - For I have seen the sowing and the plowing and the ground that has been wet with tears from those that have laboured incessantly in the heat of the day -


...and in just ONE DAY - says the Lord - Like a tinderbox - the outpouring of my Holy Spirit shall blaze across this state and beyond. And it shall burn with a flame that cannot be extinguished - and many, many, many of my servants who serve me in the West Coast shall know that THIS IS THAT which they have stood in the gap for - THIS IS THAT for which they have yearned - THIS IS THAT which they have seen in their spirits –

And many shall say It is Azuza - But I say to you - This coming move of my spirit - is in a different flow and a different dispensation from that which has gone before -


For I shall breath a fresh new breath upon California. And my church shall blaze with the fierceness of its rising - and the fear - yes the FEAR the fear of the Living God - the fear of the Lord of Hosts shall fall - and it shall fall upon my church. But as my church falls to its knees - so I shall pour out my spirit to those that reject me - to those that deny me - to those that refute my existence - and they shall say - GOD IS IN OUR MIDST -


And I shall gatecrash - yes literally gatecrash the city of LOS ANGELES

- and there shall be a cleansing - says the Lord - yes even as the Lepers were cleansed by me - there shall be a cleansing in that day and in that hour. And my presence shall be known among the gatekeepers of the media and the entertainment industry. And my presence shall be known among the financiers. And my presence shall sweep the city of Los Angeles to the North and the South - to the East and the West of this state - And a great healing and forgiveness between races shall occur - for the love of my Son shall fall upon young men and old - the love of my Son shall overshadow the city -


And San Francisco - I tell you - you have been weighed on the scales of my judgment and you have been found wanting - And yet I have cried for you - San Francisco - I have wept for you and reached out to you - I have sent my Apostles - I have sent my Prophets - I have sent my Pastors to heal your land - And still you have rejected me - But for a remnant - says the Lord - A remnant whose cries come before my throne day and night pleading for you San Francisco - For the weight of sin overwhelms you - and judgment - judgment - yes judgment is at hand - For the scales of sin are against you - Yet still I reach out to you - and implore you repent - For a shaking draws near to you San Francisco - a SHAKING - a SHAKING - yes - a shaking draws near - and you shall be in a manner of moments BE BROUGHT TO YOUR KNEES -


But for all those who have faithfully served me and stood in the gap - I shall be their HIGH TOWER - And they shall know MY protection and MY covering of their families and their possessions - and the destroyer shall pass them over - I will not - NO - I will not in any means fail them - FOR THEY ARE MINE but I tell you - that in these latter days I shall pour out my spirit upon you - And even in the streets men and women will cry out to me and know my grace and know my presence - I shall not forsake you in that day- even though you have not known me San Francisco - And THEN shall revival break forth in this city - And those dreams and the visions in the late night hour, that I have shown my servants who protect the city Gates - SHALL COME TO PASS. THEY SHALL COME TO PASS. THEY SHALL COME TO PASS.YOU SHALL YET SEE THEM IN YOUR DAY.

And the flame that has been lit in the WEST COAST shall SET ABLAZE A TORCH that shall be lit that will blaze from generation to generation - and ASIA yes even ASIA shall be affected by this - And I shall send missionaries out from the West Coast to ASIA - to AUSTRALASIA - to VIETNAM - to JAPAN - to MALAYSIA - Yes - the torch shall blaze.

Originally Posted: 01/26/07

by Wendy Alec, GOD.TV , writing as The Unknown Prophet

Editorial Comment: Every revelation requires interpretation and application. A word like this can sound very judgmental, harsh, condemning, hopeless; but I believe that is in the interpretation: in the hands of a God who is love, judgment must be a loving act. If this is a word from God, then it is a word of love, not of condemnation. Listen for the love.

Second, the word must be applied. If we listen to (or read) a word like this, and as a result, we give up hope for the cities mentioned, then we have failed to represent God's heart. If we pause in our intercession, or if we counsel the people of God to abandon these cities, we miss God's purposes. Abraham argued mercy against God's judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah, and because of his intercession - and because of the presence of a small number of godly people in the cities - he negotiated far more mercy for them than God had originally announced.


by Wendy Alec of GOD.TV

For this is the day that I’m calling my people, for this is the day and the hour that I’m calling my people to pray. And it is in this day and in this hour that I’m calling my people to pray for America, says the Lord of Hosts.

For I tell you - you have seen attacks here and attacks there, but a great darkness tries to arise against you, America. There comes a darkness and a violent assault against you, and the things you have seen and experienced in the past are but the beginning of an onslaught in the spirit realm that heralds in the season of the very end of days.

And so my children, I call you beloved - come stir yourselves as the mighty men of old from your closets.

And so my children I call you Intercessors, I call my Ministers, I call my Prophets, I call my Apostles, Awake! Awake!

Be stirred up with my might.

Be stirred up with my power.

For I call you from the East and from the West from the South and from the North to cry out for this nation - Cry out - Cry out for this nation.

‘Cry out - cry out!” says the spirit of the Living God - ‘and do not cease from your groaning- For what the enemy would seek to wrest upon you, America, I the Living God say to you - It shall be thwarted - the terror and the burning and the violence that would be propogated against you New York - against you, Washington DC- against you - California - even that which has been planned for the Mid West says the Lord - shall be greatly impeded by the prayers of my saints.

So this day I search for a people who will stand in the gap for cities whose right hands are filled with iniquity - And as I search I weep, for the walls and the cisterns of the east are broken and fragmented and I call upon my people to build up the walls - I call you by my spirit to mend the cisterns - to build up the broken places -Build I say - Build - Protect - Protect in the spirit realm - And see what I - the Living God will do.

For if my people, called by My Name will stand in the gap and cry out to me for deliverance - surely I tell you - the plans and the strategies of the enemy shall be hindered in mid-track - for there shall be an exposing and an uncovering of strategy and of times and of people, even of places says the Lord - yes - even as my saints stir themselves to prayer - so shall it be - that even in the high places of office many shall start to operate by the gift of discernment and the word of knowledge - and the searing light of My Spirit shall expose the strategies of darkness and even time after time again and again the webs of deceit planned against you, America shall be exposed and disentangled and rendered ineffective against you.

- For I tell you that even as my people rise up and cry out for deliverance so the Mighty Battalions of My Angelic Hosts shall be released across the cities and the skies across America. The skies! The skies - says the Lord - and mighty angelic canopies of protection shall be released in the heavenlies across entire cities - Entire states shall know my Angelic protection in the days of visitation that lie ahead.

For surely America - days of visitation - days of visitation shall sweep across this nations in the hour ahead.

Oh - for many of my servants have cried out to me in their closets for revival. Revival! And I tell you - that for all who have laid their lives down in the secret place - to all who have spent their hours in prayer and in supplication - to all who have stood in the gap pleading for this nation - so I tell you that in this next hour - the Spirit of Revival and the Spirit of Visitation is about to sweep this nation in a manner hitherto unprecedented - yes and where in years gone by there have been outbreaks and pockets of visitation

So I tell you that in this next season America - Prepare! Prepare yourselves for a mighty living torrent of my spirit to flood this nation. For surely I have heard my Pastors - for surely I have hearkened to my Prophets and my Evangelists as they have cried out to me - for surely they have seen this Hour of Visitation. The hour when the very fear and wonder of my Name and My presence shall yet sweep both the the churched and the unchurched of this nation, America - the Hour of Visitation.

by Wendy Alec, GOD.TV , writing as The Unknown Prophet