Declarations from a Worship Gathering

This weekend (March 27-29, 2008), Revival Town hosted Alisha Roney and Jason Upton in a 3-day worship event in Port Orchard. It was an amazing weekend of worship!

There were some declarations that came out of the event, that will make for good declarations and intercession:

  • The church of the Northwest region welcomes children and youth! We welcome the move of God that they bring; we welcome their gifts and their culture.
  • We, the Church, are not subject to the religious control of insecure leaders. This is a sensitive issue: we are not independent of the Body of Christ, but neither are we mindless sheep following blindly.
  • We are loved powerfully and personally by a wonderful heavenly Father. We can trust His love and His leadership.
  • There is a move of God rising up in the Northwest. There is a sound that God is raising up from the Northwest church, and we are that sound.

There are others; if you were there, please email with more.

David McLain, for

Northwest Women Arising

The Lord says, I am erasing all the lines of artificiality that have been drawn around you that have tried to keep you in. I say to you, you are the chief architect of those lines. I am erasing them and I am wiping them away so that you’re not going to be concerned about crossing over a line or going someplace you are not suppose to go.

The Lord says, If I’ve given it to you, if I’ve put it within you then whose line are you measuring by? No one besides Me draws the lines. I drew the line and said even through my servant Job, “The waves will come this far and not further.” I am the one who makes the lines and boundaries. If I didn’t put it there, who did and why are you honoring it? I will cause something to rise up on the inside of you and you will refuse to honor the limitations that have been put upon you by others because they’re not legal, they’re not lawful, they are not right before me and I do not honor them! If I do not honor them I’m not calling you to honor them but rather to break through them. So get your eraser out and erase all those artificial lines, those boundaries, those limitations, and those places that say: I have to stay in this place and I can’t move out of this place.

The Lord says, That is not what I say! The Lord says if you balk me or hold back on this it is going to cost you time, misery, and heartache. I am warning you because I know once you are sure and know it’s okay, you will be bold and rise up! I want you to know clearly this day; I have not put those lines in place. I want you to cross them. The enemy has drawn a line in the sand and said, Don’t cross this line. I say, ignore him and walk right over it. Don’t look his way or honor that threat, but move on and press into Me. I will tolerate no resistance in this matter. I want you to rise up and break out!!

from Great Grace Ministries

The Tuning Fork

This came my way from Sandy Coultas, one of the prophetic voices at RevivalTown Ministries.

Dear Friends,

I just received this email from a young man in NY who is a friend of ours. He is a prophetic intercessor and dynamic man of God. He is directing this word to the houses of prayer specifically, but I thought that it has an even broader application for us in the Puget Sound as we prepare for the 3 day worship event coming up with Alisha and Jason Upton. I feel it also has direct application to the SOUND events we are planning at the colleges this spring. There is such an incredible message coming from the Lord the last couple of years. It has to do with sound and very amazing scientific research and understanding that is being coupled with revelation and prophetic insight to bring tangible regional atmospheric breakthroughs. That's what I'm believing for this spring as Olympia and the greater Puget Sound area lift our hearts to Him in abandoned worship, spirit directed intercession, and strategic prophetic assignments and evangelism. The last few months have been difficult for many, but I believe it is time to shake off the residue of winter and press forward anew for what He is about to do!

He is Faithful!
Sandy Coultas

Those who sow in tears will reap with joyful shouting - Psalm 126

tuning forks...I kid you not!

ok, ok so sometimes i am not quick to obey, although i should be but God's grace enables me to bring this word to you now

in December of this past year, the Lord gave me a word about tuning forks but i did not blog it like I was supposed to...imagine my surprise when in February I’m watching the "starting the year off right" conference on GODtv and this woman Sandy Newman releases a word about sound, vibration, and yes, you guessed it - tuning forks!!!

so here's the word the Lord gave me in December:

the Lord wants to release the spirit and the anointing of tuning receive and resonate with the vibrations of sound declaring His truth, His healing, His love, His freedom, His grace

houses of prayer are tuning forks...tuning forks both send and receive the vibrations and sound...can only receive the sounds and vibrations of a specific frequency (depending on its size) that is the same as that frequency

so for example, if you take a tuning fork of a specific note (based on frequency) and you place it near one that is already ringing, if the notes are the same frequency the smaller tuning fork will begin to vibrate as well, in "sympathy" with the larger one

It's all about receptivity and proximity

The Lord releases His sound from heaven and if we are "tuned" to the same frequency and close enough to pick up the vibrations from His sound, we will resonate with that sound and vibrate as well! The Lord is saying that the houses of prayer are those tuning forks!

look at the definition of a tuning fork: (parentheses added to share revelation) A tuning fork is an acoustic resonator in the form of a two-pronged fork (two pronged as in worship and intercession!!!) with the tines formed from a U-shaped bar (open to receive) of elastic metal, usually steel (elastic meaning flexible and able to move when the Lord is moving, vibrating in unison with the vibrations of the sound of heaven; metal, usually steel speaks of firmness and strength, lasting and enduring)

let's look at the word resonate since tuning forks resonate with vibrations of specific pitch:

1 in electronics it means to reinforce (support, strengthen) oscillations because the natural (built that way, one might say "wired" that way or in one's "DNA"!) frequency of the device is the same (unity, from intimacy and communion with the Lord) as the frequency of the source.

2 to amplify vocal sound by the sympathetic (here it means "same" but interesting that the word choice is sympathetic, as in what moves the Lord's heart moves our hearts) vibration of air in certain cavities and bony structures (open spaces; Holy Spirit must be given free reign, the structure must be open to allow Him to move and flow).

other meanings that don’t necessarily have scientific application but very much have spiritual application in this word that houses of prayer are tuning forks: - to evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief

to correspond closely or harmoniously

to be received or understood

The Lord is saying that houses of prayer correspond closely or harmoniously with His heart and His Spirit...the two pronged structure of worship and intercession enable houses of prayer to receive and resonate with the sound He is releasing from heaven...what happens when the tuning fork "picks up" and begins to resonate with the sound vibrations from heaven? it resonates at a constant pitch, disturbing the surrounding air molecules, causing them to shift and shake (vibrate), carrying the sound signal from one place to another!!!

interestingly enough there are many uses for tuning forks:

help tune musical instruments (make sure they are in the right frequency to receive the sound)

assess hearing (do you have ears to hear the sound of heaven?)

used as an alternative healing therapy...biosonic states that you can use tuning forks and sound to experience deep levels of healing by bringing your body back to its fundamental pulse and by connecting you to your authentic life rhythm. (how about coming back to the fundamental pulse of the heart of worship, a heart that beats with and for the Lord? connecting to authentic life about connecting to the Author of life??)

in electromechanical watches to help keep time accurately (do you know the time in which you are living?)

calibrate radar guns to ensure accurate measurement (can you recognize the signs of the times?)

Lord, release Your anointing on Your body...let Your house truly be a house of prayer for all nations as You say in Your Word...let us be molded and shaped in such a way that we are receptive to You and in tune with what You are saying and doing in this hour...release the anointing of the tuning forks in Jesus name, amen!

From Jason Vogt

The Voice of Change is Stirring Us to Come UP from the Wilderness!

This came to me from Jim & Shaaron Coleman, who work with Fresh Fire in Bellingham, WA.

NOTE FROM SHAARON: This word really struck a chord with several people. For me it applies to some current circumstances in my business life. I personally don't get hung up on strictly marking the next 40 days on the calendar, or on throwing myself into intense "spiritual warfare"... but rather on seeing what God seems to be saying in general for this season. But hey, that's just my take on it! Apply it as YOU feel!

The Voice of Change is Stirring Us to Come UP from the Wilderness!
A Prophetic Word By Chuck Pierce
Thursday, March 6, 2008

We are heading into two of the most rearranging, realigning months that we have ever known in the history of this generation. What occurs during these days will set a course for our lives and this nation. The Lord woke me at 1 o'clock on Tuesday morning. As I walked into the bathroom I noticed a calligraphy verse: "Lean not on your own understanding." This verse lit up even though the light was not on in the bathroom. The verse became red and yellow like fire. When I went back in at 5 AM, I noticed that the verse was actually in navy blue!

I heard the Lord begin to say: "Lean not on your own understanding today. I am calling you to watch the way that begins to form! For I am forming and reforming the way for My people! Abrasive circumstances will increase over these next 40 days. Lean not on your own understanding. I will show you things that you do not know during this time. I will cause you to see the pattern that I am forming. Do not fall into an understanding of the past, even the past 40 years, for in the next 40 days I am producing a new time of understanding in My people. For My wisdom is not your wisdom. I am creating a fear and an awe of Me! I will show you how evil is working. I will let you hear the voice of evil - that voice that has been distracting, confronting, and taunting you. My cause will rise up in you. My words will form in your mouth. You will speak it to the atmosphere and the atmosphere around you will change. I am forming a highway in your wilderness. It will not be made of shifting sand. The foundation for your future is being laid. I will cause you to see the land that will be made sure for you. Lean not on your own understanding. Allow these next 40 days to be that which will change the atmosphere from one of a mesmerizing force to the power of God in your midst. Honor ME with a shout! Bless My Name. For My name is replacing the name of the enemy on the gates of entry into your future. Where the enemy had your gate blocked, I am now rising up to give you authority and entry into your new place!

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Me and I will direct your path. Do not just look at your circumstances - do not lean on your own understanding! Keep your mind stayed upon Me. Do not allow your abilities to be your trust. I will create a strong people that will rule in every sphere of authority. Spheres of authority will be rearranged in these next 40 days. The power of My words in your mouth will cause a break through. Don't miss your window of opportunity or fail to recognize the catalyst I am creating for rearranged momentum. Receive an anointing to leap over the mountain that has been deceiving and intimidating you.

"Don't be afraid of your storm this week for I will reorder your way and will cause your times to be changed. I'll set you ahead of that which would overtake you and cause you to be overwhelmed. So don't fear the storm. Watch the rain and wind work to your benefit! Hear the keys shaking, for I am rattling the gates of hell. Decree the blockade that wouldn't open up and let you move forward, even in your emotions, is being unlocked and that you are now able to move forward.

"Your path will become straight so that I might enter a new way. What is too high will come down and that which is too low will come up. I can bring the prideful into right order and bring the humble into a new place of seeking. I am creating a straight path for us to walk into the future. May you see the path on which I will lead you into the future. Allow Me to come into your midst and prepare a way through this wilderness and into your next place. I control the end from the beginning. There is nothing that happens in the earth realm that is outside of MY dominion. Agree that My will will be done on earth as it is in heaven this day. Look up and see Me as the King who reigns. See Heaven's highway forming in the earth realm around you. I am not asking you to go under, but to come up! Find the high way into the place that I have for you.

"Hear My voice in the wilderness. Though you have been unsure of the way you are to go, today I am beginning to call you new and fresh. This is a time when you must not miss that window of momentum. Do not be content to only sit and be taught every day because teaching alone will not get you to your next place. You must have the anointing to leap over that mountain. My call is being extended from the heavenly realm. War for the next 21 days to see My call come forth. Those that will hear the call that I have for them this hour know how to follow after the call that I am extending. This is not about a person you are following but a call that I am placing to set a course for you out of one place and into another. Hear the call! My voice is entering into your valley and your wilderness and saying, 'Come up with me!'

"Now is the time of restructured vision. Now is the time of finding your place to stand on the land, a place that will not sink when you stand, a land that will not confuse or entrap you. Hear My voice in your wilderness. For in 40 days, I will begin to qualify those that have received and embraced My call! Do not allow the enemy's voice to confuse you in the next few days. You will be accosted by the enemy three times to keep you from finding and standing firm on the highway that I am forming to bring you through and into your new! Watch carefully and know the different voices this hour. Voices will bring confusion into your atmosphere. In the midst of this time you must know what you are to follow. This is a time when confusing voices over your financial state and the state of the world would create a disheartening emotion that would lead to fear. I am the God of the gold and silver. I am the one who can shake loose new finances. I am the one who can cause things to be let go so you can move in and go through the gates I have for you. Do not let a narrow, high path in front of you seem to be too steep for you to climb. I am making a straight path and causing you to be directed in a new way these next 40 days.

"You have never been this way before. Nations are hanging in the balance! My Kingdom government will now begin to rise up and form to influence the government of the earth. I am a God who creates a Highway that can only be seen by eyes who know My glory. You will know me as King and ruler. I confounded the gods of Egypt. I confounded the Roman Empire.

"Let Me form the words in your mouth to confront those things that would keep you from finding the highway I have prepared in the wilderness. Only My voice can guide you through and to this narrow road! In the midst of these three confrontations, NOW I am forming the words for you to use to stop your enemy from overtaking you. This is a corporate call for My people to rise up. In this corporate call you must be a people who knows how to confront the atmospheric war around you.

"I am raising up an abrasive time that will provoke you and produce My jealousy in you so you rise up with a new war mantle against the forces of hell in your midst. I will raise the abrasion! I will provoke MY people to action. Wake from your slumber and stupor and hear Me now to come forth! Do not lean on your own understanding. Go with My flow and watch Me make a direct path. Watch Me cause a path to come into order.

"Renew the foundation. I am ready to build again. I will begin to build your future. Activate that way that I am calling you. Do not fear going into the brush and the brambles to find the hidden treasure that you will use to build My altar this hour. Today I am activating you. The intensity of the time is now upon you. I am activating you and calling you to hear what is coming into your atmosphere. Be delivered from a deaf and dumb spirit that would keep you from speaking and hearing at the right time.

"Rise up and create a path. Change an atmosphere and you will be able to take a stand in that land. Let Zion call forth. I am calling forth to Zion within you to rise up. Prepare for a quick change. Prepare for a quick change. Write the vision. Make it plain. Prepare for a quick change. I am calling for a new release of power over these 40 days. Do not lean on your own understanding. Go in My direction to create a power shift!"

Barbara Wentroble and Chuck Pierce Portland.

From 1999

Barbara: And I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying surely this is an hour that I shall bring a change to this area, for I the Lord, am even now positioning my bow, saith the Lord. I am even pulling from my quiver arrows says the spirit of the Lord, and I shall cause those arrows to be shot forth from my bow in a fresh new way. For in days past in this area, when I have tried to release the arrows of my Spirit, my people of this area know that there have been contrary winds that have come into this place, into this area, and they have caused even those arrows to be shot in wrong directions… they have caused those arrows to fall to the ground before they have accomplished their purposes.

But I would say this is an hour, says the Spirit of the Lord, I’m going to cause a mighty wind of my Spirit to blow through this area, and the Lord says, No longer will my arrows fall to the ground, but God says, by the power of my Spirit, and through the fresh wind of my Spirit, I shall cause those arrows to be shot straight, says the Lord, and they shall hit the target that I have purposed for them.

The Lord says, I would cause them to fall even into the places of government in this area, says the Spirit of the lord. For the Lord says, I’m going to bring about such change that you will begin to see even the laws of the land begin to change, says the Spirit of the Lord, for I am releasing arrows from my bow, and the Lord says, No contrary wind will be able to withstand the fresh wind of my spirit, as I begin to blow in this places.

Chuck: And I would say unto you, the enemy has removed the sharpness of the arrows of this region, saith the Lord, but I am moving on the 4 state region around this. I say I am raising up in northern California, and I am beginning to do a sharpening work saith the Lord. I say I am calling my people in Idaho to rise up in this hour, and I am sharpening their arrow. I say that which is in Seattle that has resisted my movement, I say I am going to shake until they begin to rise up and come together. And I say even in the next 9 months they will be coming together in that Seattle area. I say that even in the next 4 months I will release the anointing that is necessary to cause Seattle to awaken and to cause the transference of wealth to begin.

I say to you I am shaking and I am sharpening, and I say to you the boldness that has been removed, it is now going to come forth in this region. I say it will roar like a lion. I say it will come out of the woods. I say that which has been hidden and lost is now rising up again saith the Lord. And I say to you, Be bold and be powerful and speak forth, for I say I have a message from this region that is going to shake this nation, and I say, no longer will it be hidden, but I will draw it together; I will put it into place, and I will shoot it forth, and that spirit of control that has tried to control my destiny in this region, I say that over the next 12 months. I’m going to shake it, it’s going to fall, and I say you will be liberated in a new way. You will be known for dancing in this region, and for my dancing hand, and I say my dancing hand will come from this region and begin to shoot forth and penetrate the nation, saith the Lord.

This is the region I have called to shake Mormonism, and I will say I will shoot it forth. There will be such light and liberation from this 4 state region that I say it will cause a shaking in Mormonism and I say there will be many converts saith the Lord.

Barbara: And the Lord says, I did not say the last would be first? And that though this has been an area that has been known to be last in evangelism and in church attendance, and church growth, I say I am about to change things in this area says the Lord, and no longer will you be recorded as last, but I’m going to cause to be first in this that I am doing, says the Spirit of the Lord. I’m changing the statistics, says the Lord, and I now do call you into a fresh new place of promotion. No longer shall you be the last. No longer shall you been known as those who remain behind, but I say I shall cause a mighty army to rise up in this place. And they shall walk forward, and they shall embrace the fresh new things that I am doing, and they shall even model the things that I want to do in other places and in other nations saith the Lord.

So I say I do not call you last. I call you first, says the Spirit of the Lord. Chuck: And I say a liberation is coming from this region to the Asian peoples of this land, saith the Lord. I say they will be drawn here and they will be sent out with my anointing. I say I am going to cause liberation of their giftings, and their giftings and my anointing that I have placed in them will then begin to flow from their mind into my Spirit. I will position those that are converted in this region in strategic places. I say the Esther anointing will fall on the Asian people in this region, and I say it will go forth. It will remain hidden for 4 years, and then it will arise. I say it will come forth and it will cause a transference of wealth in this land saith the Lord.

Barbara: And the Lord would say I am going to destroy the assignment of death that has been over this area says the Spirit of the Lord. For that death has tried to kill my ministers, tried to kill my churches, tried to kill the move of my Spirit. The infirmity that has been with that death, God says, I’m about to break that thing. God’s going to loose such healing in the area says the Spirit of the Lord… Healing and restoration. For the Lord says, no longer will this place be known as Grateful Dead, but I say it is going to be people who are gratefully alive in the things of the Lord.

Chuck: And the Lord says, I would even use this church as gathering for healing. I say healing teams will come in here, they will be re-anointed, and they will be sent out. I say that I am raising up 5 key churches throughout this 4 state area, and they will begin to receive my anointing and they will be known as centers. They will be known as that which sent forth the new. For I say the new has now come this day, and because the new has come, and because you have gathered, the new will now go out from here saith the Lord.

End of prophecy over the Northwest region. Barbara’s comment:

I encourage you intercessors now: You have your assignment. Get a copy of that prophetic word and begin to pray over that and begin to pray the will and the word of God into this area.

Dated October 30, 1999. If I remember correctly, this came at an Intercessors conference at City Bible Church in Portland. This was transcribed from the tapes (remember those?) of this conference. As of the posting date, I have been unable to find this word anywhere else on the Internet. --Editor.

Tomorrow and Chicks

The Lord breathed His breath of life on me in these two dreams I received this last spring:

I dreamed that I was very pregnant, gravid with child, so to speak. The birth was expected tomorrow. I was looking at live pictures of the baby in the womb and it was large and all ready to come. I was surprised to be having a baby because I hadn’t planned on it, and I had to start thinking about what it takes to raise a child. I was full of anticipation.

In the second dream I was in a room with cardboard boxes on counters. I looked in them and saw hens in each of them. I walked down the rows and pet some of them. Later I looked in the boxes again and saw that instead of the hens, there were baby chicks.

For some time my husband and I had been going through some challenges and trials that seemed to be squeezing us tighter than we cold bear. We went through a transition which included moving to a different house, with all the difficulties involved in that. There are also some new ministry areas the Lord has been leading us into, as well as the business we own. Instead of simplicity and rest, we seemed to have been enmeshed in complexity and stress for a long period of time.

The Lord has been speaking to the Body of Christ about transition, new beginnings, entering His rest, coming outside the box, and birthing the miracles, healings, and signs and wonders that accompany the bringing of His Kingdom into our everyday lives. I believe there are parallels between what is happening globally, and what we see in our personal lives as we aspire to hear and obey what God is saying in this season.

I believe He was comforting me in these dreams, showing me that this particular process in my life has come to a fullness of time. The “tomorrow” is almost here; the transition into the next season after the long wait. The squeezing is a painful process, but it is a birthing to the freedom on the other side. This applies to the Church in general when we think of the burdens some of us have been carrying for a long time. They have weighed us down, but we’re about to be loosed from them.

We’ve just entered the new Hebrew year 5768, which signifies not only the end of one year and the beginning of the next, but also the end of a whole seven-year season and a new beginning (8 is symbolic of new beginnings) of the next season in God’s plan for the ages. This time is a birthing of a new season upon us personally and corporately; an appointed time of new beginnings, new challenges, new power and authority, and new Glory! Praise to the Almighty!

From Leann Halbert-Love
via Breath of Life

It’s the Time of the Changing of the Guard

This is another word that is not specific to the Pacific Northwest. However, I have heard the same word from several local prophets, but Jim Goll says it so well. -Editor

gollsHaving traveled the globe and having seen many different cultures and forms of government, one of the scenes ingrained in my mind is one that took place in London, England--seeing the guards standing alert at Buckingham Palace. They are on guard at the gate, watching and protecting those who come in and go out. They do not leave their station until the watch shifts and the next appointed guardian is in place.

Many prophetic voices tell us that 2008 is the "Year of the Gate." But I want to add to this a bit. It is a critical year for both the Church and secular spheres. If 2008 is a year when the government shifts, who will stand guard at the gates of our cities, churches and nations?

It is a critical hour where guardians are replaced. I see a volatile contending for the soul of nations this coming year. Not just the United States--but in places like Russia, Israel, across South East Asia, Australia, Guatemala, and many other nations. In the next 18 months, it might look a lot like that childhood game called "Upset the Fruit Basket!" But what I see even more clearly is a changing of the guard at the door of the Church.

A few prominent church leaders will graduate to their heavenly reward and this will be a sign of the changing of the guard. Other leaders will fall and fade from the scene of prominence due to controversy, sexual sin and pride, resulting in a lack of accountability. But the good news is that new voices, new faces, and the next and new generation leaders will emerge this year. It is the time of the "Changing of the Guard!" With this frame in place for the big picture of where we are headed in 2008 and beyond, let me give you a few specific pieces.

Two Righteous Seeds Fell into the Earth

In the fall of 2007, two of our champions of the faith graduated to their heavenly reward. Each lived a long life for our Lord and finished well. One was Rex Humbard from Ohio, and the other was James Kennedy from Florida. They each were pioneers in specific areas of the faith. As a righteous seed falls into the ground, a harvest or multiplication of the gift and calling they carried often becomes multiplied.

Ten years ago, two other righteous seeds fell into the ground. They were Lester Sumrall and John Wimber. They carried the anointing of "deliverance and missions" and "signs and wonders." Since that time, there are hundreds of new ministries that have been raised up, walking in these graces. A true multiplication has occurred. So it will be with the anointings that rested upon Rex Humbard and James Kennedy.

Rex Humbard pioneered Christians in media. His services at the Cathedral of Tomorrow were broadcast on TV long before we ever had "Christian stations." Rex Humbard would pray for the sick and broke the membrane of media for the larger Body of Christ. James Kennedy was a man who championed many causes such as the Pro-Life message. But the one that stands out to me the most of all was "personal evangelism." He effectively taught thousands how to go door to door to share their faith in Jesus and prepared people for eternity.

There will now be an explosion of Christians in various forms of media. In fact, 2008 is the year to go through the gate for a media mania in and through the Body of Christ. There will also be a fresh emphasis and gifting in personal and presence evangelism. Outreach events will be tied to our conference venues and we have hit the streets in 2008! Yes, a harvest is upon us!

A Moral Plumb Line is Being Dropped

A plumb line of righteousness is being dropped in the midst of church and secular leadership. Sexual sin in leadership will be exposed at high levels. This will create a wave of disillusionment and out of necessity, accountability structures and deliverance ministry will be given a greater place. This will ultimately result in some powerful testimonies for the glory of God from those who choose to humble themselves.

Divorce and rumors of divorce will appear to be rampant in various circles. In some spheres, marriage will be viewed as a piece of paper that can just be torn apart. Therefore, the Holy Spirit will emphasize teaching on forgiveness, covenant relationships and restoration.

A next generation purity movement will emerge on the scene. True Nazirites of God will blaze a trail and will begin to rediscover the ancient boundaries of holiness in a lawless age. In dreams, I have seen a new wardrobe of righteousness where young people are dressed in white to counter the gothic dress of black. Let a Pure Life Revolution begin!

There will be an attempt to hide the American (and other nations as well) abortion issue from the forefront of the political scene (front page of the news), but the Holy Spirit will not allow this to happen. Circumstances will cause this issue to emerge to the front page. The issues of LIFE will be a major political "hot potato" in days ahead.

Change in the Global Prayer Movement

There will be a true changing of the guard in the prayer movement. New prayer watches, prayer chains, and special times of fasting will be initiated by ministries and churches that have not been known for this emphasis. New leadership will come forth as the baton is passed from one generation to the next. This is great news that--the global prayer movement is growing and becoming stronger.

While in recent years, "bridal intercession" has been a needed emphasis, the "warrior anointing" will be emphasized as the Holy Spirit pours out an authentic spirit of "faith that fights" to break the strangle holds of darkness. Counsel from the heavenly war room is accessible and this will result in new effective strategies of spiritual warfare. There will be a spotlight on Israel, and what was once a side issue in the Global Prayer Movement, will now become a main issue seemingly over night. All eyes will rest on Jerusalem.

An Explosion of Faith and Healing

A shift will occur in the area of faith. The prophetic movement and sectors of the faith camp will have a divine interchange. This convergence will create a culture for a new wave of miracles. As in the medical field when a scientific breakthrough is discovered and new cures are found, breakthroughs in healing ministries will occur. What was once considered hard cases to heal will begin to be normal and regular occurrences. Greater insight and increased authority over the deaf and dumb spirit and the demonic spirit of infirmity will result in many healings from deafness and long-term generational illnesses.

I see an increase in angelic activity everywhere I go. I especially see "harvest angels" being released to aid us in our end time work. Watch for angels of His presence and messenger angels declaring Good News! Angels, angels everywhere! These angels will be used to shift the atmosphere from that of skepticism to one of expectancy!

Divine Creativity on the Rise!

Creativity in the Church world will result in various approaches to E-Church (website churches) stumbling forth--it will be rejoiced over by some and held at arms length by others. Innovative discipleship tools, online training schools, worship and interactive prayer rooms will capture a young generation for Jesus Christ's sake.

Where once the Christian artisans had to go outside the church world to express their talent and gift, a fresh renaissance movement has begun to never be stuffed back into the box again. Conferences, seminars, and equipping tools will be released from the Church to the glory of God! This will ultimately create holistic expressions of the life of the Holy Spirit into mainstream media.

It is time for new disruptive technologies to be released. This is the beginning of years for Christian innovators and inventors to come from the back room of trial and error and be released into the pubic with great insight, skill and influence in secular society.

The creation and transfer of wealth through Godly entrepreneurs laboring under an anointing of creativity coupled together with diligence and wisdom--will pay off. This creation and transfer of wealth will be both a test and a blessing. But those who set their gaze with practical goals to touch the poor of the earth and walk in accountability relationships--will prosper. Yes, Joseph's storehouse is now open.

Going Through the Gates!

This is a year of wrapping up old things and stepping across the threshold into the new. It is the time for the changing of the guard at the gate. It is a time of Kingdom alignment. It is time to celebrate that in Christ Jesus, everyday is new! Go through the gates in 2008. Forget the things that lie behind, and move forward in fresh faith. Remember, we each see in part, know in part, and prophesy in part. From my vantage point, this is a little bit of what I see for the months and years that lie ahead.

James W Goll, Encounters Network

12 Prophetic Signposts for 2008

By Matt Sorger

As I have been waiting on the Holy Spirit throughout the month of January I have been processing in my spirit several prophetic themes. The listing below includes many of the things Holy Spirit has been stirring in my heart as we move into 2008. I also feel that some of what I shared for 2007 is still being carried over into 2008 and has not reached its full development. I encourage you to also read our 2007 article to continue to lay hold of the Father’s heart for this generation of believers and for your life personally. Take some time to meditate and pray over the Key Scriptures included with each prophetic highlight. I pray these words are a blessing to you.

1) God is about to invade His church. Jesus is inspecting His Father’s temple. Some tables are going to be overturned this year. Don’t be dismayed when you see this happen. It is the hand of the Lord. God is refining the inward motives of the heart. Any work done with a selfish, self-seeking motive will not survive the refining fire. Key Scriptures: Mt 21:12; 1 Cor 3:13, 4:5

2) God is calling the church to return to and re-strengthen the foundations of our faith and personal walk with Him and our ministries. A refining fire is coming and anything not built on a foundation of love will not stand the testing. God is inspecting our works. He wants work motivated by first love, not empty activity. Some lamp stands will be removed this year. Anything not built on love will be shaken. Key Scripture: Rev 2:4-5

3) There will be many “love-tests” this year. People will be given opportunities to grow in true Christ-like love. God will allow moments of difficulty and challenge to teach us to walk and live in love. He is taking us deeper into the gospel of the Kingdom, which is to love God with all our hearts and to love people. God is really bringing a revival of true heartfelt love. God wants to invade whole cities and regions. The key that will unlock cities and bring a move of God like the Welsh Revival of 1904 will be a revelation and reality of Kingdom love. Key Scriptures: 1 Pet 4:12-13; Mt 22:36-40

4) New ministries will be birthed this year. There will be another wave of launching ministries. God has been laying foundations and now is the time to take action and step out into the fullness of the call of God. Some “good things” will have to be let go of in order to lay hold of God’s best. It truly will be a season of “new beginnings” for many. Key Scripture: Gen 12:1

5) The apostolic mandate will continue to mature and come into greater manifestation this year as the church is “sent by God” into the marketplace, highways and byways to see the gospel of the Kingdom advance forward. There will be a fresh emphasis on souls, church planting and discipling new believers. We will see a new wave of evangelism released through apostolic order. God is stirring the body to aggressively pursue creative miracles and deliverance. Look for opportunities for God to move outside of church meetings. If you make yourself available He will move in the most unexpected places. Key Scriptures: Luke 14:23; John 1:6-8

6) God will reveal to the church the true prosperity of the Lord. Any prosperity preached with a motive of greed and selfishness will be shaken down so the true prosperity of the Lord can shine forth. Only God knows the motives and intents of the heart. We must be careful not to prematurely judge people or ministries. Let God be the judge. God is refocusing our understanding of biblical prosperity with the truth that we are blessed so we can be a blessing to others and advance the Kingdom of God in the earth. (Remember, prosperity is more than just finances. It also includes divine health, healing, protection, forgiveness, grace, joy, peace, and much more.) God will continue to anoint people with creative business ideas for supernatural wealth to help fund the end-time harvest. Key Scriptures: 2 Cor 9:6-11; Isa 60:11.

7) Foundational truths will be emphasized by the Holy Spirit, including the blood of Christ, the cross of Christ and salvation through repentance of sin. Key Scriptures: Eph 1:7; Col 1:14; Gal 6:14

8) God is causing us to inspect and re-strengthen our foundation so He can bring multiplication and increase. Anything done with a pure motive and built on a foundation of selfless love will see a wonderful multiplication and increase this year. That which has a solid foundation will be multiplied in 2008.

9) God is teaching His people how to operate in dominion from a position of rest. We must know how to use governmental Kingdom authority from a place of resting in Christ’s finished work. Both dominion and rest are being highlighted by the Holy Spirit. This dominion will cause the enemy to be displaced out of the land of our inheritance so that we can not only possess but be multiplied in that land. Key Scriptures: Col 1:13; Josh 6:1-2, 15-16.

10) An apostolic shift of focus is coming into how we view the “church”. God will continue to give us understanding into the practical functions of the apostolic. God is shifting the vision of leaders beyond their own kingdom onto His Kingdom. A baptism of love will cause leaders to understand “the church” is not just their local congregation, but it is the corporate body within that city, nation and world! Greater expressions will be given to the corporate church. God wants leaders and churches to have a heart for one another.

God wants to invade, awake and transform whole regions and cities. Apostolic leaders will be raised up transforming local churches into holy habitations of God’s glory that release the body of Christ into greater fullness and manifestation. Pastors and other five-fold ministries called to the apostolic will continue to shift this year in their vision and function. Some churches will make the transition from “local church” to “regional apostolic centers”. Through the apostolic we will see a greater merging together of the prayer movement, evangelism and church planting. The prayer movement and power movement will come together in a greater way.

11) This will be a year of understanding God’s great grace on many levels. We will hear a lot about grace, faith and love. Key Scriptures: Gal 5:6; 1 Tim 1:14

12) Those with media mantles given in 2007 will see an increase and expansion in the media in 2008. God and His current day move will be seen on both Christian and secular television. God is invading the airwaves with His glory. We will also see the “face” of Christian TV changing.

Matt Sorger, Matt Sorger Ministries, January 2008

Bill Hamon: The Beginning of the Third and Final Apostolic Reformation

This word is not specifically about the Pacific Northwest; however it has specific application to our region, and it lines up with many other words we're hearing in the region. -Editor

Lord Jesus has revealed by His Spirit some insight and application concerning His timely purpose being activated in 2008. I have been prophesying for 10 years that a "Saints Movement" is coming to the Body of Christ. The Saints Movement is a time when the saints, believers in Jesus Christ, recognize and act on the understanding that Christ has empowered and commissioned each of them to be the Church 24/7--manifesting the Kingdom of God wherever they live and work. Every believer has the ability to manifest the supernatural in a miraculous way, and every saint is called to demonstrate the Gospel of the Kingdom (not just the Gospel of salvation) in their sphere of influence.

In my book, The Day of the Saints, I prophesied what would be many of the truths and ministries of the Saints Movement. Some of these include: every saint manifesting the supernatural; ministers in the marketplace and in all arenas of society; saints becoming the Church 24/7; and people of all ages becoming activated as ministers for Christ. In the last several years, we have seen these things happening in the Body of Christ, such as through the increased emphasis of signs, wonders and miracles and of ministry in the marketplace (sometimes called the "Faith at Work" Movement or other similar terms).

A New Era of Reformation

Now in 2008, God has brought new revelation and application. The Saints Movement is the catalyst to launch the Church into the Third and final Apostolic Reformation. The First Apostolic Reformation occurred in the 1st century with the launching of the era of the New Testament Church. The Second Apostolic Reformation, which is known to historians as the Reformation, transitioned the Church from the "Dark Ages" to beginning the period of the restoration of the Church (see Acts 3:21).

This Reformation will bring about a paradigm shift in the goal and purpose of the Church. Most Evangelical and Pentecostal theologians see no purpose for the Church other than to win more souls to Christ so they are made ready for Heaven. Now we are receiving revolutionary, reformed thinking from the heart and mind of God. The expanded goal and vision of the Third Reformation Church is to co-labor with Christ in His passionate desire for the fulfillment of Revelation 11:15:

"...there were loud voices in Heaven, saying, 'The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!'"

The Purpose of God for This Time

The First Apostolic Reformation and purpose of God was for Jesus to shed His life's Blood for the salvation of sinners. God was in Christ Jesus reconciling the world unto Himself by purchasing them with His Blood and making them members of His Body of Christ, the Church.

God's Second Apostolic Reformation and purpose was to restore and build His Church to the full maturity and ministry of Christ Jesus. This is accomplished through Christ's fivefold ministers, of which the last two, prophets and apostles, were restored to recognition and began fully ministering during the Prophetic-Apostolic Movement, from 1988 to the present. Apostles and prophets have existed throughout Church history but often weren't recognized or allowed to fully function. The fivefold ministers are for the purpose of equipping the saints to demonstrate Christ's Kingdom--the Saints Movement.

Christ's Third Apostolic Reformation and purpose is to use His restored Church to fulfill God's original mandate to mankind--subdue all things, take dominion and fill the earth with a mankind race in God's own image and likeness, bring more and more of God's Kingdom and will to earth, and transform nations into sheep nations (those who do the works of Christ. See Matthew 25:31-46). This is the end result of the saints taking the Gospel of the Kingdom into every aspect of society.

The Timing

2008 is the year of new beginnings. It is the beginning of the new Third and final Apostolic Reformation. This Third Reformation will bring as much transition and fulfilling of God's purpose as the First and Second Reformation did. We have been prophesying and interceding about this shift for many years. It is with firm conviction that I believe this is now the time for it to fully be underway. Whenever a move of God occurs, there is much action and anticipation ahead of time, during the "birthing" process, and even greater activity afterwards. In later years, historians pick a date they consider to be the "official" start of that new move. Many currents were headed toward Reformation prior to the year 1517, and several key things happened after that date, but 1517 is the year chosen by historians to signal the beginning of that major move.

I believe and am declaring that 2008 is God's set time for the full release of the Third Reformation. At Christian International, we saw a birthing of the Saints Movement at our Watchman Intercessor Conference in April 2007, as prophesied by Cindy Jacobs, one of the speakers that week. I witnessed to that word and was glad we have finally seen it. It coincides with one interpretation of the 490 years (70 weeks x 7 days per week = 490, with each day symbolizing a year) that Daniel prophesied concerning the time period to the coming of the Messiah and ushering in the Church (see Daniel 9). Many believe this is also the period of time from the beginning of the restoration of the Church to the time when all presently restored truth and ministries would be activated into fulfilling God's end time purpose.

Church historians designated the year 1517 as the birth date of the Protestant Movement, which was the beginning of the period of Church restoration. AD 1517 + 490 years = AD 2007. This time period covers all the restoration movements from the Protestant Movement through the present Prophetic-Apostolic Movement to the birthing of the Saints Movement in 2007. Others may have their own views on interpreting this Scripture, but I believe it is clear that God's Spirit is saying this is a very significant time.

Receive God's Grace to Participate

In 2008, God is releasing special supernatural grace and power to those who are willing and ready for Church Reformation. They will be those who demonstrate the Kingdom of God for the transformation of nations. Expect to hear much preaching and see many books being written on the saints taking dominion, the Kingdom of God, transformation, wealth for Kingdom purposes, the Third and final Apostolic Reformation, and God's purpose for His Church, His Kingdom and planet earth.

All of the hundreds of apostles and prophets that I know around the world are sensing and saying the same thing, although some may use different terminology to express these things. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of understanding and participating in the major transition and new thrust of the Holy Spirit taking place in the Church today. As the leader of Christian International, we are gathering our leaders and ministers in early March (open to all) to strategize how to best position ourselves to cooperate with this great move of God, and I encourage others to do the same.

A Word of Wisdom Regarding End Times

I want to add a word of wisdom to all who read this. All Christendom, from Catholics to Charismatics, believe in the second coming of Christ--when He will translate the bodies of the living saints and resurrect the bodies of those who have died. The a-millennialists and post-millennialists believe this all happens at one coming of Christ at the end of the Church Age. The dispensational pre-millennialists believe in two comings, one for the Church and one for the general resurrection, and then the great white throne judgment.

Most see a seven-year period between Christ coming FOR the saints and Christ Jesus coming back WITH the saints. Some believe the Church will be resurrected and translated to Heaven at the beginning of those seven years, some believe it will happen three and a half years later, and some believe it will occur at the end. The wonderful and amazing thing is all of them teach that the saints are coming back to join the reign of Christ's Kingdom over all the earth. Regardless of the different eschatological beliefs, all Christians will end up back on the new earth, where all the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ.

Make the Transition

Those whom Jesus has made kings and priests unto God shall be the overcomers who reign with Christ on the earth. Please do not get stuck arguing and debating over what will happen during the seven years. Let us set our vision and goal beyond those seven years to Revelation 11:15. It is the time to give all of our life and labor to be co-workers together with Christ in demonstrating and enforcing His Kingdom in all the earth. We will not cease until we can join the voices in Heaven victoriously, declaring that the kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdoms of our Lord Jesus and His anointed one, the Church.

2008 is a historical time for the Church. Be an overcomer and make the transition. Allow nothing to keep you from being a participant in this day of divine visitation and reformation. Begin now to earnestly pray, prepare and work for God's Kingdom to come, and His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen and Amen.

Yours in Christ,

Bill Hamon

Founder and Bishop
Christian International Ministries