The Year of the Double, Bob Jones Shepherd's Rod 2013

[Editor's Note: this is a small portion of Bob Jones' Shepherd's Rod for 2013. It is a small part of the whole word, which is too long to post here (it's a book!). This part seemed appropriate for us.]

When Elijah went up to Heaven in the whirlwind on God’s chariot of fire, Elisha received his mantle with a double portion like he asked. (2 Kings 2:9) There was a sudden change that took place in the natural and spiritual at that very moment. Elisha would continue to walk in the footsteps of Elijah with a far greater anointing. He performed twice as many miracles and ministered to people in every level of society: government officials, peasants and the poor. He was more tolerant, or perhaps had better discernment, than Elijah. 

This year marks the ending of one dispensation and the beginning of another that is far greater. Elijah was a prophet that prophesied in the country whereas Elisha prophesied to the nations and in the cities. Elisha had twice the anointing as Elijah. This year marks the ending of the Elijah ministries and the beginning of the Elisha ministries. The Elijah’s have trained and equipped the Elishas and now they will come forth in the double anointing. 

Instead of your [former] shame you shall have a twofold recompense; instead of dishonor and reproach [your people] shall rejoice in their portion. Therefore in their land they shall possess double [what they had forfeited]; everlasting joy shall be theirs. (Isaiah 61:7 Amp)

The religious spirit in the church will not be able to deal with the Elishas as they come forth in spirit and truth. They are as bold as lions and stand for righteousness, justice and truth. The fact is the Elishas will deal with the religious spirit in the church. When they speak the word of God in spirit and truth the religious spirit will flee. 

For I the Lord love justice; I hate robbery and wrong with violence or a burnt offering. And I will faithfully give them their recompense in truth, and I will make an everlasting covenant or league with them. (Isaiah 61:8 Amp)

Bob Jones
Shepherd's Rod 2013

Do Not Follow The Most Traveled Road

Travel The Highway Which Leads To The Stars

The Impossible Challenge Before You Is A Part Of Your Training - Fear Not!

On 12/12/12, we crossed over a new apostolic barrier which will intensify exponentially over a twelve month period, birthing a new movement of God in the earth marked by signs, wonders and mind-boggling healings which will draw people to God and accelerate the global harvest.

Great change is coming. If you are to be a part of the coming reformation, fear must have no part of your life. You must be a lighthouse and creative miracle to those who have no answer or way out of their impossible dilemma. Cataclysms will continue to increase, but you are not a part of the cycle of death. You carry a mantle of life and resurrection. The worst the enemy can do is kill you, but you will arise again from the cataclysms and continue to be a thorn in the side of the enemy, for every attack will backfire in the enemy's face, and be transformed into a testimony which brings glory to God!

The road which you are currently on will have many detours and unexpected changes. Do not dread attacks, delays or detours, but thrive in them! In the next apostolic move of God, we are moving out of the realm of turtle vision into lightning unction, and direction will come while moving and stepping forward in faith.

Angelic assistance will soon materialize at every dead end. Meet the challenge with a sense of humor and attitude of dependence on God, not man. No man can help you at this point; no physician can heal you; no angel can deliver you. The mess you are in is too big, there is no way out. Perfect! The heavenly host are monitoring your reaction to this impossible situation. Now is the time to have a Starbucks and have some fun.

You have finally reached the bottom, it is time to celebrate! Now is the time to entertain angels, and to teach them new things about the character of God. Give the angels something to laugh about, start rumors about your ridiculous faith in heaven! Don't worry, if you fail you will only die; but God can raise you from the dead. If you are in prison, God can walk with you through the wall or translate you to another nation where the coffee is much better than your current jail cell. Enter into the explosive reformation approaching in the New Year, and prepare for a demonstration of signs and wonders on a scale beyond your wildest imagination. Enjoy your adversities; laugh at every attack of the enemy! Your breakthrough is coming, and will be written with the impossible signature of God.

Now is not the time to shrink back or retreat, but it is the time to accomplish the impossible. If your dream is possible, then it is most likely not of God. As the New Year approaches, it should be a time of meditation, repentance, and faith to start over again with the divine direction of God. The Roadmap of Heaven is waiting! Move out of the realm of fear, and step into the realm of faith, with a new course set towards the stars!

Timothy Snodgrass