Highway of Wheat

Pacific Northwest

In May, 1999, on the way to a conference in Eastern Washington, I had a vision. As I was looking at the highway going through young wheat fields, the highway became a stream bed with a stream running along it. The water increased until it was a roiling flood flowing along the highway that formed the bed of the river. Then the most amazing thing happened, the water became kernels of wheat. It was like the largest grain elevator in the world had burst and the wheat was rushing along the highway bed. The Lord spoke to me that this represented the harvest to come in this area. The wheat was also the Bread of Life.

On our way back home from the conference, we were travelling west along the Columbia River on the Oregon shore. I looked in the sky and saw an enormous angel. He was stretched out overhead with his feet over Washington, his body stretched across the Columbia River, and his arms extended over Oregon. In his right hand was a large sword which I felt like the Lord was saying to me represented the Word of God that needed to be applied over Oregon. All weekend I had been praying, "Lord bring heaven down now", as I was dancing with banners as intercession instruments. I felt like the Lord confirmed to me that He was definitely calling me to battle in the Spirit in this way, and the banners were like a sword in my hand tearing holes in the shroud over this area that has kept the glory of the Lord from being fully manifest.

by Vivian K. Hamilton

via a company of women