Battle Preparations: Relax, He's Got This.

Last night I had several things on my mind as I got into bed. I listened to an audiobook for a while, trying to quiet my mind – worry isn’t great when you are trying to go to sleep. Not at all!

I had a dream that we were going into a battle or some type of war and all our soldiers were infants or toddlers – not battle-worthy in the least. This “war” wasn’t necessarily about bombs and guns but it was something coming up that would need to be fought for – and I was worried we would not be ready. I fretted about how this army could even begin to help the situation. I woke up then went back to sleep.

I’m not sure if I actually woke up or if that was part of the dream but some time had passed, like maybe a year. I took another look at our “army” and they were totally matured and ready to fight. They were all even in matching uniforms…black if I recall correctly.

I was astounded! How did that happen? My worries and fretting completely disappeared, to be replaced by encouragement and actually enlightenment. I suddenly know that we would win and my worries had been groundless. I was sure there would be no problem, it would be handled and would be successful.

I needed to trust and not have to figure everything out, it would be okay and everything would work out. There was a plan.

I (really) woke up and knew that this was, at least in part about some things I had been worrying about before going to sleep. I also think this dream was a reminder for some other things people might be concerned or worrying about. God has a plan! I “heard” the Digital Warriors will be ready -they look young and too immature but they WILL be ready when they are needed.

He knows the end from the beginning. He is outside of time as we know it and is moving the chess pieces around to where and when they need to be, whether we know it or not.

Breathe, He’s got this! And He’s got you.


Ginny Wilcox, September 6, 2019
Ginny is a trusted prophetic voice and a friend of the NorthWest.