First Nations Presents Proclamation Of Forgiveness

On October 4, 2005, (Rosh HaShanah) at 10 A. M., a team of seven (7) Native American Indian leaders will meet at the White House with Mr. Rubin Barrales, Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs. Mr. Barrales will receive our "PROCLAMATION OF FORGIVENESS" (see below) in behalf of President George Walker Bush. We are going as representatives of the Native community to address the America's people's "Chief". It is a "heads of nations" meeting if you will, and we will go according to Native protocol. We want to declare forgiveness on behalf of our people and declare forgiveness in Jesus Name and to ask our Heavenly Father to roll back the reproach and defilement on the land so that we might see revival in our nation.

The names of the ministers who will be going to the White House: BISHOP GLEN W. ANNISKETTE is a Thlingit Indian from Alaska. Glen currently lives in Tennessee. He has been ordained a bishop in the Church of God; Cleveland, TN and is an International Missionary Evangelist-at-Large. He has traveled to many nations financing evangelistic crusades touching countless thousands with the power of the Gospel.

REV. IVAN DOXTATOR is Oneida of the Iroquois Confederacy. The Oneida were the first allies ever of the young United States. It was the Oneida warriors and their women that broke through British lines at Valley Forge and took supplies to George Washington and his troops.

The Oneida sent over 200 warriors to the battle of Oriskany which was a real turning point in the Revolutionary War. That battle broke the back of the British advance and set in place their defeat at Saratoga. The Great law of the Iroquois Confederacy was the model for the Declaration of Independence and the young American Government. The Iroquois were present in 1776 at the development and signing of this historic document. Therefore, as a representative of his tribe, he carries much authority in the heavenlies to release this forgiveness.

REV. LINDA S. DOXTATOR (Cherokee) is a Licensed Professional Counselor that specializes in working with survivors of trauma. She was the Disaster Coordinator for WA Univ. and Univ. of MO during the Oklahoma Bombing and Floods of 1993. Linda works with the women and children in ministry with her husband Ivan as they seek healing for Native people.

REV. M. GEORGE KALLAPPA, SR. (Makah Tribe; Neah Bay, WA). After Rev. Kallappa received his Bachelor of Theology degree from Seattle Bible Training School he immediately went into full time ministry traveling to 60 tribal groups. He currently serves as Superintendent of the American Indian Fellowship of the Northwest Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God.

REV. DEWEY KIRSTEIN, III (Cherokee) is ordained with Goshen Ministries, Inc. and co-pastors Miracle Ministry in Virginia. Pastor Dewey has worked with YWAM since 1989 and has traveled to many nations and tribal peoples of the world.

CHIEF G. ANNE RICHARDSON is a Spirit-filled Christian working among her own people and the Navahos. She is a duly-elected tribal chief of a federally recognized tribe.

DR. FLO E. ELLERS (Tlingit from Alaska) is ordained with International Fellowship of Ministries—a John G. Lake ministerial organization. Rev. Ellers received her doctorate from Shalom Bible School; West Des Moines, IA in 1999. She has been traveling to the nations and working in full time ministry since 1982. Her ministry is Global Glory Ministries, Inc. Her current passion is to raise up and equip God's end time revivalists.

Dr. Ellers was asked to be the Native American representative during the "2nd Washington for Jesus" rally in 1996, where 500,000 Christians gathered at the Washington Mall in WA. D. C., to pray for this nation. She was given, along with the other speakers, 10 minutes to address the nation. As she prayed, the Holy Spirit inspired her with what later became known as the "Proclamation of Forgiveness" (see below). Recently, Flo sensed the prompting of the Lord to present this document to President Bush so she worked with State Senator Greenleaf of Pennsylvania and he helped facilitate a presidential appointment with Mr. Rubin Barrales to present the "gift of forgiveness" to the Nation's Chief. She, along with her team believe once the President of the United States accepts the forgiveness, heaven will record this prophetic act and as a result revival will break forth in America.

If you cannot give financially, will you at least pray for us? As you know, the enemy does not like what we are doing and we will encounter some warfare but it can be minimized if you will pray. "Goonalcheese!" That is "Thank You" in my Tlingit language.


Dr. Flo E. Ellers


"Proclamation Of Forgiveness"

Presented to

The Honorable George Walker Bush, President of the United States

"The earth is the Lord's and everything in it, the world and all who live in it. How blessed are the people whose God is the Lord." (Psalm 24:1)

The earth is the Lord's by right of creation. His absolute sovereignty precludes our right to determine our own destiny. Our purpose for being is with the God who has created us all


In Christopher Columbus' traveling diary, he said as he approached this land, "I was blown by the wind of God." Columbus came with a holy ambition to establish a nation where Christian liberty would prevail, but others who came did not all have a purity of heart. With force they used their long knives to take the wealth of the land; the temptation before them too powerful to resist. A brown-eyed people unable to defend their land and their families were consumed in the greed of the settlers from Europe. What would have been the ultimate outcome of this nation had the early settlers wholly followed the Puritans one desire for religious freedom?


What would this nation be like today if our forefathers had resisted the proud attempt to take destiny into their own hands and seize the reigns of history?


What would this nation be like today had the early pioneers been willing to present the Gospel to the Native American Indian and to lift them up out of their spiritual darkness to serve the Living God?


Instead their lust for the gold in the land promoted acts of aggression on territories which were not their own. The encroachments were a willful violation of the Word of God that says,

"Do not remove the ancient landmark." (Proverbs 23:10) The bows and arrows, the hunting knives and the tomahawk were no match for the Remington rifles. A once proud people had to bow into submission as acre after acre was forcefully taken from them. What would this nation be like if all the races could have dwelt together in harmony sharing the land and its vast resources?


Deceptive governmental leaders said, "Let's make covenant with these people. They are too naïve and could not possibly understand the ramifications of these treaties." So one by one a treaty was drawn up and one by one each of the 372 treaties were violated and broken. The intense hatred of the governmental leaders released orders for the genocidal eradication of the Red Man. The pony soldier's pet saying was, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian." The historic massacres amounted to over 50 million! The buffalo by the thousands lay slaughtered across the land and the once defiant Native American Indian blood soaked up the ground and the land became defiled and cursed.

O America, America, in the midst of all of this, God shed His Grace on thee. He brought you here for His eternal purpose—to bring religious freedom to this nation and the nations of the world. Your mandate from Him was for you to propagate the nations with the Gospel from your stately posture and you were to begin with First Nations people but you have never fulfilled your mandate from God. Instead, you force-marched them onto reservations and all their dignity was stripped from them—all hope for a future was gone. Their blood is crying out for restitution. We have sown to the wind and we have reaped the whirlwind. If our nation is to be changed our national sin must be recognized, acknowledged and repented of and then we can be


There was another Man whose Blood was also shed. He was the Man from heaven; the very Son of God who came in the flesh approximately 2,000 years ago. He lived among men and healed all their hurts and diseases; and when His Blood splattered that ole' rugged cross, He never cried out for revenge but said, "Father forgive them…" Our shed blood cries out one message; His Blood cries out another message; therefore we as Native American Indian Christian representatives of the host people of this great nation make this proclamation to President George W. Bush, The Congress and other national leaders that we forgive our nation and its leaders for what they have done to us in the past. We believe if you will accept this Proclamation of Forgiveness we will see and experience a mighty outpouring of God's Presence that will affect all of the United States of America and then we will truly be …


Flo Ellers
September 27, 2005