Resisting Ambitious Strongholds.

In our last School of Higher Learning gathering on March 18, 2012. In that meeting reference was made to the spirit of David appearing in the government of this nation, and also to Daniel. I pointed out the fact that Daniel had a vision to describe and interpret the dream of Nebuchadnezzar.

My emphasis was on “visions” because I believe this is one of the strategic ways that God is going to infiltrate the government of this nation. It is happening right now. The reason I felt compelled to bring this to your attention now is because I just received another public email from Kim Clement which read, “I feel like I am standing like Daniel praying for the nation.” Kim then gives a brief excerpt about a vision he had. Of course it caught my attention. I have always found the prophetic ministry very fascinating. Not just because of my own personal love for it, but because it is so diverse. It’s like a spiritual Baskin-Robbins ice cream parlor: the flavors are many.

Yesterday, March 22, 2012, I was in this intense place of the spirit when all of a sudden I saw a portion of a news headline that read, “Two dead: Kabar…” and I was suddenly interrupted by a loud noise, which after becoming fully aware, turned out to be the office phone. I was certain I had turned it off. Normally I am able to block these things out, but this was not the case this time. As you can probably imagine, I was very upset not being able to read the complete news headline. I thought, “Kabar?” I have never heard of such a word. So, I did what any other spiritual individual would do in a moment like this, I went to the second all-knowing; Google.

Turns out that “kabar” could be one of three things:

A fighting knife issued to USA Marine Corps soldiers from 1942. It is also a colloquial nickname for the American 1219C2 USMC fighting knife. It could be a Turkish tribal confederation who lived in the vicinity of Poltava in the 9th century. They consisted of three Khazar tribes who rebelled against Khazar Khaganate sometime in the 9th century. Lastly, it could be a new type of grape which came into production in Hungary in 2006.

Given the fact that the headline began with “Two dead”, I doubt that it was a grape, unless they were very bad grapes. Please don’t let my humor minimize the weightiness of what I saw. It’s just that a partial vision like this, outside of a greater revelation, is in the same neighborhood of only seeing the first three letters of a license plate. Nonetheless, I have a strong sense that the symbol of “kabar” is nothing short of a spirit of death. Yes, I know it appears that we have a name for every spirit out there, but I assure you this is worthy of your attention. This is a call to stand against this spirit of death, this spirit of Kabar, which is nothing less than a political spirit trying to undermine the government of God in this nation.

Of course I will continue to lean into the Lord for the full meaning of what I saw. However, make no mistake; there is indeed an intense override that is pressing to reveal itself in this nation. As I write this I find myself in this odd place of serious humor. I was just hearing the lyrics of “Who let the dogs out.” Honestly, that’s not my song of choice. Yet, it somehow depicts the hour we are in. The dogs from hell have been loosed and they are determined to do their worst damage. However, there’s no need to fear, “Wonder Dog” is here. Hell’s best day will still be put asunder by the wonder of heaven on earth.

I am now seeing that what has happened is already done. In other words, the damage has already been done, it just hasn’t appeared yet. Nonetheless, what the enemy has already done behind the scenes, behind the governmental veil of this nation, has already been defeated. In the end, no weapon formed against the people of God will prosper. Therefore, let me encourage you that no matter what transpires over the coming days, keep your eyes on the intended goal of heaven on earth. Because of faithful and enduring people like you, the kingdom of God is becoming more and more apparent everyday. Now the spirit of Daniel is quickly emerging. I know you understand that I am not referring to the literal person of Daniel, but the realm of prophetic vision that was operating in his life. This is one of the many keys of heaven that God is using to set this nation and others on their intended course.

Michael Danforth

Editor’s note: I’ve taken the liberty of slightly editing (and giving a title to) Michael Danforth’s recent public newsletter. I believe it is appropriate content for this publication. While not written as a public prophetic word, it has value as such; it encourages, informs & counsels a prophetic people. I also rather enjoy the transparency he models in describing the process he goes through in hearing God’s voice.

My Power Is In Portland

This city is a pivotal place of power says the Lord. A hinge on the door of revival. A foothold into the higher places of My glory. Many will pass through her and be saved. Portland is positioned for an open Heaven. Like the shepherds in the field by night, so will they be in this place of visitation. In the fields by night. I will set a precedence in Portland. Nations will look to her and be glad. A city upon a hill that cannot be hid.

I have positioned Portland says the Lord. A crossroads of My glory and power. Portland is a pinnacle of My presence. A Jerusalem, a Judah. In it you will hear My voice. From her streets you will find the treasures out of darkness that hold the secrets to the future. In her you will discover keys of revival and restoration, stored up for generations and generations. Prepare yourself O Portland for the former and latter rain. I am going to pour out on Portland, I am going to pour out on Portland.

In this hour I will break down the barriers that have separated church and state, church and street. I will force the issue of outreach and evangelism in this place. I will move the fire and water until My church follows. I will blow upon Portland's surplus until she obeys by command to go. I will close the doors of opportunity if she does not hear My voice, "Whom shall we send? Who will go for us?"

Portland is a spiritual power source. The enemy is trying to tap into it and steal the hidden treasure. Do not allow another generation to be lost Portland. Do not allow another day of visitation to set. Seize the moment Portland! Seize the day of the Lord! This is My appointed time, the day of your salvation is at hand. The day of My sovereign plan. Behold I stand at the door and knock Portland, behold I stand at the door and knock.

Do not overlook the youth, for in them you will find My heart. In their heart you will find My heart. Phenomena's amongst the youth are about to take place. Market place prophets in Portland, prophesying, preparing, the way of the Lord. Youth in the hi-ways and bi-ways of Portland with power and position possessing the land. Portland it is time to possess. How long will you be slack to go in and possess the land that I have promised your forefathers? Portland, I have promised the heathen as you inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth as your possession. Stir yourself O daughter, stir yourself.

I stand to the East and I knock. Then to the West and I knock. Now at the North I knock. In the South I will visit as well. In the South East I will come with a whirlwind and a fire. To the west I will throw down the walls that have divided. To the North I will come in like a flood washing away the debris of division. I am coming says the Lord! I am coming with My presence and power to Portland! The day that they have looked for afar off has come! The day of their visitation is here!
Chad Taylor