I Am Arresting Albany

I saw a vision of the Lord with handcuffs in His hands. He had a man against a wall and He was handcuffing this man to Himself...Then I heard Him say,

I am arresting Albany Oregon with My will. I will not allow her to get away. She will not escape My plan and purpose. I am making her my bond slave and servant. She will move when I move, breath when I breath, walk where I walk. I am arresting Albany with My power and presence.

I am removing self will and self righteousness and giving them My heart. They will become a shelter for the outcast and a harbor for the shipwrecked. A city of refuge and escape. She is shackled to Me. When she tries to go this way or that way, I will close the doors. When she insists on her own place I will refuse. I will make her face like flint to the passion and purpose of the Father. I will whisper in her ear,

"For God so loved the world that He gave..."

I will brand Albany with My passion and purpose. She will be a light in the night fighting the good fight of faith. And over her doors will be the words "24/7". The doors of revival and renewal will never close. I will extend her hours of operation and the midnight oil will burn. She will tend the flame of revival and the masses will come in. 24/7.

I see the word Shepherd. She will leave the 99 for the one. I will show her the value of one. I will give her treasures out of darkness, I will make her a capitol city of revival and restoration. I will give her the keys of reconciliation. The shackles of prejudice will be crushed. The chains of segregation loosed. I will break the Alabaster box in Albany. I am pouring out the perfume. She will be a sweet savor of Christ. She will be My frankincense and myrrh. She will anoint the Body for resurrection and power. From her I will pour out the oil and wine for the Body left for dead on the side of the road. Prepare to pay the price Albany, prepare to pay the price.

Albany is the head and not the tail, the first and not the last. I will ride into her streets on a donkey that never has a man sat. I will come in revival power in ways and wonders that she has not yet seen or heard. I will come the way of My choosing and on the uncomely parts I will bestow more honor. A grass roots revival will occur. In forgotten places and places of obscurity. In the mobile home courts, the convalescent homes, the jail cells, in these places I will show signs and wonders.

I will arrest Albany and place her in the confines of My heart. I will bind her to My passion and purpose. I will shackle her to My will and intent. I will hold her and never let her go. I will pursue her and find her. I will burn up the wood, hay and stubble. I will write on her doorposts, REVIVAL and on her forehead, RESTORATION. I will refine, I will pour out the oil and the wine. Albany you are Mine.

Chad Taylor