Bob Jones, Rick Joyner: 2012

Bob Jones and Rick Joyner speak about what they see coming in the year 2012.

A quick summary:
  • It will be imperative to be anchored in hope (Rom. 15:13), and not allow the enemy to steal our hope, no matter what. 
  • Wisdom is returning to the American Church; She has returned to take over the Father's business. Knowledge + experience = wisdom; knowledge + wisdom = understanding. Wisdom is coming to bring new levels of understanding of the times. This understanding will enable us to know the right decisions to make and people will follow us. 
  • Remnants are coming forth to be guides for the entire body of Christ; to show us what the Father requires. One thing He requires is love. 
  • Your place in heaven depends on how much you learned to love. The only foundation that will stand is the one built on love. 
  • It is a time for repentance; repenting for putting things, people, and even circumstances higher than God. We must spend more time loving the Lord than working for Him. 
  • Lets learn to love Him and work alongside Him, because the Harvest is coming.

Elvin Gladney: City Gatekeepers.

This is a video of Elvin Gladney speaking to pastors, on the topic of the City Church. In this case, Elvin, from Seattle, is speaking to the city church of Portland. 
This is an extremely powerful prophetic word, but it's different enough that it requires some introduction. Elvin is declaring a Kingdom view of the Church in a region; it's a remarkable change from how the church works now. 
  • If you're a leader, a mentor, an influencer in the Body of Christ in your region, listen with a mind to learn from a mature apostle. Let's live, let's work for the Kingdom of God in the region, more than (not instead of) the local congregations. 
  • If you're an intercessor, please pray for the leaders, the influencers in your region, that the Church in your region will grab ahold of the vision for the Kingdom of God in their community, more than (not instead of) the local congregations. 
Something is happening in the Portland area. God is stirring something in Portland, targeting Portland. Pray for the move of God in Portland. Pray for the City Church in Portland, and in your own community.

This post is clip. If you have difficulty playing the file, click on the post title (Elvin Gladney: City Gatekeepers) to watch it online. Note: this is a long message: just over an hour and a half. It's worth the investment.

From Timothy Johnson of LatterGlory.
You may want to consider the NewYear's conference in Portland: Discerning The Times

Open Doors Lead to New Rooms

John is a Northwesterner, and has a beautiful description of the transition we're now experiencing, here in the Northwest. -ed.

Delta Doors
It has been 22 months [at the time this was written] since the Lord visited me with the strong message about "Delta" and "Doors." You may have noticed Paul Keith Davis' newsletter for August 2011 that was titled A Day of Open Doors. I find much encouragement through the revelations and writings of Paul Keith and I've noticed others have had "door" revelations in the past year. Still, my spirit has not been entirely at peace about this "door" message.

Passing through doors in the spiritual realm does not produce a change in circumstances without first producing a change within us. Doors represent transition. Transition is movement and movement often produces insecurity as we move from one balanced step to the next. In transition we often first pass through our expectations of what we think the change should look like. As the nature of change is to change us, the first thing often required is our expectation of what change should look like.

Let's go back [several] weeks to the pivotal time of Rosh Hashanah. There was much spoken of and prophesied about this season: earthquakes, huge changes in church as we know it, etc...

Two Things to Understand
Some prophetic words have a Kingdom (spiritual) realization but their manifestation on this plane is delayed.

For example, I believe there has been a significant change in "how America does Church." That change presently is the Kingdom realm – the spiritual realm – and may not be visible and demonstrated until a cataclysmic event sets it off. The stage has been set, but to say the change has occurred would be like inviting thousands of people to a concert a week before the musicians arrive.

The other thing to understand is the limitations of our linear, Greek-style of thinking.
As American Christians we are hard-wired to believe that events occur in a rational sequence. B follows A, four follows three, and any change in the Spirit is simply an extension of where we have already been. We seem to equate spiritual progress with job promotions. But to do this is prophesying from our tip-toes and can lead to dangerous speculation. Where we are presently is not someplace the Body has been before, nor it is a mere extension of where we were. The Lord's idea of progress is not the same as ours.

Open Doors Lead to New Rooms
Imagine a large, beautiful house. You have dwelt in this house for a long time. Your favorite room has become your "living" room. You know how the light enters the windows during certain times of the day and seasons of the year. You have a favorite chair or couch on which to rest and you've decorated the walls with symbols of desires, values and memories. We have a particular room like this. It contains our wood stove, a brick chimney and wood box, a handmade bookshelf with a few hundred books, one La-Z-Boy chair, a couch, and rocking chair. On the walls are a number of pelts – bobcat, wolf, coyote and badger – a buffalo skull, a European mount of a whitetail buck, an L. A. Huffman print of South Sunday Creek, a framed Ezra Riley book cover, two framed Wally Badgett cartoons, and chaps and spurs hanging in a corner.

It is a comfortable room and very Western. It reflects who "we" are, or more precisely, who I am. Imagine as you sit in your comfortable room that you suddenly notice a door you'd not seen before. Curiously, you rise from your comfort, crack the door open, and peer inside. The new room is dimly lit, so you enter to take a better look and the door closes behind you.

The door is stuck hard, but not locked. If you truly want to return to comfort it's possible, but an inner compass settles and centers you. You look about the new room. To your senses, there is not much here to like. The room seems very bare and the shades on the windows are drawn, making the room almost dark. But you do notice the floor is hardwood and the ceiling seems higher than normal.

The room and its atmosphere is very clean as if prepared beforehand, but you desire more air and light. You pull the curtains back and open a window. There is a view before you that you've not quite seen before. It's your yard, your place, but from a different angle. The light and fresh air brings a warmth to the room and you see that the floor is even more beautiful than you'd thought. It glistens in the sunlight.

What this room lacks is a personal touch. The foundation and atmosphere reflects His handiwork, but the walls are bare. You must personalize this room with your sanctified values, dreams, desires, and memories before it is fully yours to occupy. But there is no rush to do this.

And the room is strangely silent. If you put your ear to the wall you would faintly hear prophetic voices describing "new seasons" and "new doors" coming from the room you'd just left but the voices now seem dim and hollow. They don't speak to you now.

The room needs music. But not any music. Not yesterday's music. It needs a music from within that you've never heard. The new room calls for a new response. You sense you have arrived at a deeper level and somewhere here is a new sound of worship. Something more fulfilling, more piercing and authoritative, yet, softer and sweeter than any sound you've known. As the sound grows in you it seems tangible, like a cloud of energy hungering for release. It is so large and so enlarging that you wonder if you can birth it and still live.

You are impressed to sit, relax and wait. Busyness alone won't enhance this room, in fact, mere busyness would degrade its atmosphere. This is a room where patience is embraced and where patience embraces in return. Peace is here. Its presence is close. You sit in the new room not knowing what comes next and not caring. We are impressed to simply sit on the floor. Relax and wait. Busyness won't change this room.
We must sit, wait, and allow our eyes to become accustomed to new light. This is where we are in the present season of new, open doors.

John L. Moore

via the Elijah List.

Assorted Northwest Prophecies

I ran into an online gathering recently, where a group of prophetic folks were prophesying blind over the various regions. ("Blind": They were prophesying without knowing what region they were prophesying to until later.) This happened without my noticing it, and at the same time that God was speaking to me to look to the "no name" prophetic voices instead of just the "name brand" prophets. I love it when God's word is fulfilled so quickly.

Here's what they saw as they prophesied over the Pacific Northwest as a region.
  • You shall be called "White as snow". You will get a new name "White as snow".
  • Beloved, I am going to give you a new heart. Your love for me is strong and your zeal for my name is great. Yet there are many amongst you who do not know me and there are many amongst you who have let go, who have dropped their desire for me (Picture of a hand holding the mooring rope of a boat, which just opens its fingers and drops the rope). My heart yearns for them. I love them too much to let them wander off into the abyss. Bring them back to the fold. I am going to give you a new love for the lost. Wash their feet, heal their wounds, offer comfort to the lost and food to the hungry. Your love for the lost will extend beyond your boundaries.
  • It has looked like a mess. like God has forgotten..or did not anwser prayer..but the Lord has been putting things in God's was stirred up and looked bad..but there is healing in the stirred up waters. That is when God is working the most to put things in bring healing to the land.. Don't look at what you see..look through spiritual eyes and see my healing taking place and putting things in my order.
  • The voice of influence reaching those in high places. Transformation from earthly minded limits to Holy Spirit empowered potential.
The group also prophesied over Portland, Oregon as well. This also was blind:
  • Hear my voice says the Lord..I am calling out to you..It is a time to awaken..a time to wake up and rise up...a time to hear me calling out to you. I am saying Awaken and hear my voice.! Behold I stand at the door and knock and if ...any man hears me and opens the door ..I will come in and sup with him.! 
  • It is time to take a step of faith and estbalish the new wells of my salvation. The Lord is pleased that you have opened the wells that were once covered over (you worked hard at this) - but these waters are now "still". HE will direct you to the new wells - in fact, you won't have to labour over it - tap the surface and the "fizzy" water will spring forth.
  •! You are birthing. So much promise and hope. A place of much faith! You have many leaders coming forth to lay great foundations. Very apostolic in nature. God has called you to go where others have not gone and he has given your area many promises. I keep hearing patriarchs. We ...know that Abraham went forth without question, Isaac was the promised son that was birthed from faith after years of waiting... There have been some Ishmaels that have been come forth that attempted to hinder god's progress, but this will not stop the blessings of god. Though they will need to be dealt. This will come through repentance. You have also wrestled with god just as Jacob has. You know your identity now. You know who you are and what god desires for this area. There has also been a season of Joseph... The church turned against it's own. Those that were called of god were locked away and hidden. Now the king is calling you forth. You will be needed greatly in this hour as you will have the answers to the famines. God is unlocking the strategies and giving your area wisdom in the days ahead.
Also spoken (again, blind) to some places within Portland, which I am interpreting as part of the heart of God for Portland:
  • There will be a shift in the spiritual atmosphere, a spiritual rain and tongues of fire. Renewing the churches.
  • Religious control, huge potential - the tools for great and powerful blessing are all there but stifled by a Religious spirit. One majoy dominating religious 'authority'. Once this is broken you will receive an outpouring of God's endless love, healing, miraculous signs.
    It's not something you are aware of. You've accepted the practices for so long that it seems normal, usual. There is a pocket of people who are starting to see with spiritual discernment. Continue to pray for spiritual discernment. Pray for your spiriutual leaders, do not feel bitterness towards them.
  • In this new season I will pour out my blessings upon you..You will see the blessing bring new life to your land. Some areas were dead..will come to life, some areas were lacking..will have abundance,...some areas were neglected..w...ill be tended too. In this new season..there will be a blessing upon you and it will bring change to you..the blessing will cause things to be put into my order and change will come.!!
  • A land full of buried springs, of lost wells of oil, dripping with your destined inheritance... it will spring forth out of the earth again to cause justice to reign once more in the land...I will rain down my blessing, and console you, O lost and weary land, once blessed with plenty, bewildered by the lack of peace in the land, watch as once again I will be your provider, and listen, and as you hear the lion roar once again from zion, and watch, as rivers of living water flood the land once more....all my promises are waiting to be revealled.... be still and know that I am I am..
  • The church has a call for influence on the political and social realms to deliver communities from wrong mindsets, policies and leaders that do not follow Christ. Small things can have global impact when anointed and directed by God. Do not be afraid little flock, the son is arising with healing and deliverance for the people, keep calling forth that which is to come; the Kingdom of heaven on earth. Matthew, the taxman turned disciple, changed from an earthly economy to a heavenly one.
    This book begins with the roots of Jewish heritage down through the generations. It ends with the commission to disciple all nations to the end of the age. Re-open the ancient wells. Bring the past mantles into the present.
    We proclaim transition – into a new day for the church in this area, supernatural economy, a change of favour towards God’s people.  Mission and influence extended to other nations.
They also spoke to Longview, WA (across the Columbia River from Porland, OR), again blind:

  • You will speak truth to many. I am calling you to speak truth and cause things to change all around you. As you speak truth you will cause the atmosphere to will cause circumstances to change and things will happen. You will send conviction to many hearts that will repent and come to me. Speak truth and do not back down from it. Your truth will cause many things to happen for my bringing in many souls, which is my joy.!! Speak truth and fill my Kingdom.!!
  • The Christian heritage of saints gone before is not buried, prayers of past generations are still active, the stand up and fight in the name of the Lord because what God has done can be done again.  At the same time remember that revival is not about repeats as in Elisha doubling the Elijah mantle, but that there are new untried foods for the body of Christ, beware of those who say God does not do anything new. God has a recipe, a blend of the former anointings appearing in new clothes, part of the same Holy Spirit. He comes for a new generation, what has work for the old times, is not the perfect will of God or his strategy for now.
They also spoke to the Tumwater/Olympia, Washington area, again blind:
  • You have been going through trials and tribulations but know you are birthing in my will says the Lord. The trials and tribulations will make you stronger and more dependent upon me says the Lord. I am is with you and bringing you through. I will make you to shine again.
  • Coming out of the place of where you came from,you are not in bondage anymore. God is giving you gold, silver, jewels.blessed are you going out to the promises of God. God has a land flowing with milk and honey for you,no more giants in the land. For the Lord your God is with you.