Stirring Winds Over Pacific Northwest

"The Lord would say to this area (Pacific Northwest): This is a time that My Spirit is stirring. this is a time that even the winds are even stirring around you. And I say I'm going to confront this area with two issues within the next five months. I'm going to confront it with an economical issue and I'm going to confront it also with a military issue. And I say to you, this is a time that the wind will begin to blow. And I say 6 more winds will come and then a 7th will blow strong in this area.

I say be a people who know and understand and catch the wind. For the wind is beginning to blow in this area. I'm going to dethrone two major structures that are holding back my people from gathering together in this area. And I say to you I will begin to overthrow a sectarian spirit that has resisted my people coming together. And I'm going to overthrow a spirit that has caused the genders from coming forth in this area. I say you will be a model of the genders for our nation. For I am not a God that withholds My anointing because of gender. And I say the apostolic will arise in the genders in this area. And I say to you, you will model to this nation My call this hour for those to go hand in hand that will bring forth my revival in this area.

And I say to you I am about to build a highway in this area. Not only of holiness but of healing. And I say many will come and many will be healed. And I say to you, let your judgements go for I will draw in many that you have not even thought and that you have given up on. That you thought could not be drawn in. For the Lord says this is a day of explosion of unity in this area. This is a day that I am coming with My wind and I am going to blow. And I say you will hear the body coming together and this body will have a strong voice. And it will affect Montana. And it will affect North and South Dakota. It will affect Wyoming. And I say it will also affect Tennessee and Virginia.

How I move here will be extended like an arrow even out to the east coast saith the Lord. For I say I am blowing my wind. Catch My wind this hour and begin to go with what I am blowing toward you.

by Chuck Pierce on 11-15-97 Taken from:, by way of End Time Prophetic Vision