Word for Washington, 1999

Robert stated that "I saw Mt Rainer and Mt St Helens together and the Lord said, "These mountains speak to the people". [In researching them I realized they are part of the cascade Mountain range and they are both volcanoes. One of them is termed 'silent' and the other 'active' and as we know St Helen's blew it's top in 1980]. As we flew into the area I heard the distinct sound of explosion. [I believe one of the mountains of the cascades will erupt,
but not as the seismologists predict].

During the first week of October, 2004 Mt. St. Helens erupted again. It rumbled all week. In Washington State TV news, a seismologist spoke of scientific sensors on Mt. Rainier reacting to Mt. St. Helens earthquakes. "In some unknown way, the mountains are talking to each other. They are reacting to one another, as though they are connected deep beneath the earth".

This is an update to an earlier word.

September 1999. Robert Holmes, Storm Harvest