2008 Ted Hansen

The Lord says watch and see as I bring forth unexpected things in unexpected places – and even places that have been resounded through the noise that you’ve heard, the noise that you’ve heard here, the noise that you’ve heard there, the noise that you’ve heard resounding around the earth that has proclaimed and declared that the news is one thing, but the Lord says that I’m bringing forth a grace in this time that things that seem uncommon today will be common tomorrow.

And as that grace comes you’re going to see that I’m going to move in unlikely places with the grace of my kingdom. Watch and see as I establish in the East that which is a glory to me and I bring forth stability in the midst of instability. Watch and see as I create things and cause there to be an expansion even of that which has been, and there will be natural expressions of it, not only in the wisdom of adventures and ventures, but also in the wisdom of investments and dividends and the Lord says seeds that you have sown will now be harvest that you will reap and harvest that you will reap will also inspire more seed to be sown, and investments will be made in new places.

Be ready and expect to believe that which I put in your heart. For you will see it and it will come forth. And it will not just be that which you would determine to be a priestly thing, a thing that is gathered in an assembly where you will lift up your hands and worship me, but it will be a thing that is also a kingly thing where I put in your heart to see what I see, and I put in your mind to expect what I expect and I cause your feet to walk in a new direction and a new confidence and it even brings change into the earth.

And you would say who would bring the change? Who would bring the government? Who would bring the decision? And the Lord says, as I heal your heart and cause you to be a people who are healed in heart and soul you’re going to find that you’ll be full of thoughts and inventions and you’ll step forward even to administrate as the “gate” and you won’t be late. You’ll be in time and in the season and responsibility will come to some of you that you do not expect, and it will come even as a grace that causes authority to be measured out to you.

And that authority will come forth and it will go as a scepter of good news, as a point of blessing to say that this is the day of the favor of the Lord. And when many in My house, who profess to be of My house, but look back to the house of yesterday, when many would say calamity has come, I will say Now is the day of good news and there will be a grace that will cause things to be transformed.

The Lord says, even as I’ve spoken it out in the spirit and brought forth a sound that is ever greater than what you can know, I want you to understand that it’s very practical and it comes into your house. Will you believe that I can establish your dwelling place to be a testimony of my dwelling? And you’re dwelling with me. Will you believe that I will bring forth unexpected things within the boundaries and the walls which I have given to you to cause your home to be a home and not a house, to cause your relationships to be healed and expanded and go forth. Will you believe that I’m moving by my grace in this season to say that as you step out from the place of broken relationships I will amaze you with healed relationships? And I will amaze you to be a healer of relationships.

For the Lord says I desire to put the responsibility of a gate upon your life. And I have not come to visit, I’ve come to inhabit. But the Lord says it’s time to step forward. It’s time to believe. And so God says change your mind by the power of My grace and be known and confessed by Me as My heavenly place for this year will be a year unlike any other, This year will be a year that goes beyond what you’ve seen This year will be a year of effectiveness and purpose and you’ll be clothed in confidence like never before, And you’ll be clothed in security and you’ll be clothed in identity. And you’ll come forth with a new countenance because of a new confidence. And you’ll come forth with a new surety because of a new security. You’ll come forth with a new identity because of a clear inheritance that comes upon you and you will find that when you come to the end of this season, it will be an advancement even more.

So the Lord says lift up your heads and confess that the heaven is open and believe the work that’s been spoken, and step forward. Its time to accelerate, don’t move to the right, don’t move to the left. Stand fast in a forward direction and anticipate that your hands will touch things of great joy.

And the Lord says the more you read the chapters of yesterday’s story, the more you will be resistant of that which is coming forth. For you must believe that the book is not written. You must believe that the story is not yet told. You must believe that the chapter is ready to unfold, and there’s going to come forth an inspiration from me. And this is so practical.

The Lord says some of you have longed for a mate. Some of you have longed for a joining, a destiny to finally discover that place of confidence. The Lord says some of you have been waiting and waiting, but I too am going to call on you and say it’s time to step forward. It’s time to look for the places that are unexpected where I will bring forth my graces and the Lord says it will not be in a noisy place. It will be in a place that responds to the sound of who you are.

And God says many of you have been waiting for me to bring the answer, but I’ve declared that you are the answer. And as you begin to move forward in the confidence of who you are, then I will open the eyes of those who are looking and they will see and they will discover the treasure that comes from the earth.

The Lord says this is a year of miracles. This is a year of amazing grace. For snow will increase, not only in the natural will there be testimony of great snows this year, but there will be a supernatural testimony of great snow. And the snow will come, not for an immediate response but for an eternal response. For what comes in one day will have an effect for many days. And it will even prepare the heights for the valleys of the summer, and the blessings will come upon the crops and the crops will come forth in an abundant measure. And the Lord says this is also a year when I’m going to release the fountains of the deep and the fountains of the deep are going to come forth as fire.

And you will even see that there will be a sign of an increase of volcanic activity. There will be a trembling and a shaking that comes, but the sign is not what I seek, but it’s the testimony of that which comes. For even in you there will come a rumbling and I will call forth from you something that’s deeper than you’ve even dared to believe for before, and as it comes you’ll find that the places of yesterdays wounding will be the discoveries of today’s treasure. And there will become things that will have many facets and many angles and many expressions.

There’ll be places that reflect my light and reflect my glory. And it’s not because you’ve merely been exposed to pressure, it’s because I’ve drawn you out from the place that is deep and the Lord says this is going to be the testimony of your life this year. Be ready for more facets than you’ve expected on your own life. Be ready to be cut from the place that is rough and become the place that shines. So the Lord says position yourself for it’s time to step out from the gate, time to accelerate. You are my living gate in 2008.

He says don’t limit my graces in just limited places for the Lord says I’m going to make covenant in places that merely come as alliances and allegiances to my cause. And the Lord says they’re going to come for one reason. They’re going to come to sow their treasures into a treasure house.

As I bring the identity upon My people to be My people and the favor is there and they prove to be a place of good investment, the Lord says I’m going to bring those who will come to make investments, but as they come to make investments they’re going to find that I have invited them to the place of investments where investments come good. And where transitions take place and where there’s an expansion of grace. And the Lords says they will come for one reason but they will come and find that there’s an eternal season that transforms their hearts.

Watch and see as I join to My house in many places people from different clans and tribes, people from different identities and means of purpose. And the Lord says I’m going to even bring some in that will have a mind set, a way of thinking, a mind set, a way of thinking that expands the boundaries of the thinking of My house. And as they come it’s going to open up the treasure house even more. And there’s going to come forth an amazing abundance of grace.


Ted Hansen is an apostle and prophet; he pastors Abundant Life Church in Bellingham, WA