A prophetic word and intercession for Canada

from Rachel Hickson

Oh Canada, Oh Canada, Oh Canada. I see your flag with its two bands of red - it is one of the most striking flags in the world. I see the two strikes of red - coast to coast. God is going to paint the blood of His precious Son Jesus from the North to the South, from the West to the East. And that white no-man's land is a cry for holiness. I have just come from Winnipeg and sense in my spirit that something different is going to happen in Winnipeg than here on the West Coast or on the East Coast. There are different fires that the Lord is kindling. A maple leaf in the fall months is ablaze with fire red colour. Your nation is being raised as one who will bring healing to the nations.


God is going to take off of this land passivity and the false peace you've preached. He will again make you a true reconciler and a true leaf for healing of the nations. He will restore your diplomatic status and it will be a true diplomacy that stands for integrity and righteousness and that brings together that which has been torn apart. I feel that what's been going on with the reconciliation with the Jewish People, God is going to use you as a reconciler just as Norway has been recognized in Europe, I believe you will be recognized as reconcilers in the world. And Norway and you are going to come together and do something in the Middle East. I just feel these things and if I were going to prophesy anything about Canada, it would be this; this is what I am feeling in my spirit at this time.


I feel there is a cry of - Oh Canada, Oh Canada. There is a groaning in the spirit. As we watched the promotion for the Transformation II video, I saw that it is a season of tears, yes, a season of tears. I believe there is a weeping in the heart of your Father for this land and that's why there's been so much weeping on the earth. He wants you to begin to cry out. It is a season to make you hungry. He wants to make you hungry, Canada. I believe it's almost like God has lots of secrets for Canada at the moment and He's playing hard to get, playing hide and seek right now.


It is a privilege to come to the West Coast. God spoke to me to go to a little place called Tabor, Alberta in 1999, and to plan a prayer conference to be called "The Spirit of Sacrifice." Tabor - Spirit of Sacrifice - Prayer conference. It was planned for May 7-9, 1999 and on April 29, 1999, a young man by the name of Jason Lang was shot to death in his school. One week later, we held this prayer conference on the Spirit of Sacrifice and God did something. There are only 1,007 people in Tabor and 500 of them came to the prayer conference. People just came and there was a deep cry.


Something's happening in your land, Canada. But you must have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying and I believe the first place to start is with lots of tears. God wants to get you connected with your land again. He wants you to become unashamedly Canadian! Put Canada back in your heart. It doesn't matter whether your passport says you're Canadian or not, if you are living here you have a responsibility to let this land become part of you. You've got to carry the land in your heart. There's something happening. There's something happening in this area of the Northwest, which I can't explain to you, but I feel it. It's like the southern part of BC and AB, round about Washington State, the top part of Oregon and a little bit into Idaho. I don't think God minds too much about whether it's American or Canadian. There is something in that bit of jigsaw there that's kindling and I believe that God is wanting us to dig open the wells for the supernatural.


There is healing in this place. But what the devil wants to do is to bring a false healing of the physics', the occultists, the false supernatural and prophetic, all that stuff. And I know in my spirit that there is a massive increase of this in this area. But God is bigger; He is bigger, and nothing is impossible with Him.

Through Rachel Hickson, London, England March 18/01 Vancouver Worship Explosion
Via House of the Americas