ACPE's Word for 2005: GOD WILL LEVEL MOUNTAINS (excerpts)

Plus Word for Colorado, California, and Oregon
by the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders

We are moving into a season of tremendous revelation. There will be an increase upon the revelatory gifts mixed with the teaching gift in order to release keys to see nations reformed and transformed.


United States

The United States has been saved from those who would remove God from its borders, but now the nation must be established. There is a four-year window for the intercessors to war for the establishment of morality and righteousness. God is going to raise up a president in 2008 who will reconcile the nations to the United States. Bush has been called to be a man of war, like David, but God is bringing a Solomon to the office in '08 who will make peace with the nations.



Colorado is going to see the beginnings of the "unlocking" of treasures of darkness from the mines. New veins of ore and minerals will be discovered in the ground that have been hidden until this season.


A dream was given to one of the prophets in November, 2004, that everything began to fall apart in California. In the dream, he was helping to put Christmas ornaments back on the tree. He knew then that he should warn the people that mudslides would come, weather patterns would change drastically (with snow), and an earthquake would come at some time after these drastic weather pattern shifts; and there would be a flood in Los Angeles and then a fire.

Several of the prophets had received that this was a judgment due to the vote to use stem cells for research that was passed in the last election. The word was that they needed to re-align their gifts, or else the whole nation would be changed by the Jezebel spirit that will arise out of California and try to pass similar votes in the rest of the nation. As a result, we are calling for massive prayer for Schwarzenegger. We strongly felt that the intercessors need to go for the ancient roots to heal the land of California.


Oregon will see the ruling governmental structure, along with its influence and liberalism, fall. This will cause structures that are hidden, that are terrorist groups, beginning in 2005, to be exposed. Watch for physical shakings in the natural so spiritual change can come.

Excerpted from ACPE's Word for 2005: GOD WILL LEVEL MOUNTAINS
by the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce ,,
Glory Brides, where you can read the entire word.