A word for USA - April 1999

Last year the Lord showed Robert Holmes a number of things on the world scene, and in the United States that would come to pass. These were both a warning of impending judgement and a call to prayer. Several aspects of the word delivered about the United States in November last year have come to pass. Click here to read a review of these things.

The following update was received during a three day retreat to Bethungra State Reserve NSW Australia, April 25-27 1999. And further updated during a trip to Canberra on August 14 1999. Following is an account of the prophecy. My own observations have been placed in square brackets.

USA general

"In the days of Babylon, when her walls stood wide and her leaders stood tall, her defences were strong and her campaigns victorious, Alexander the Great came to defeat her. In the same way, my Alexander will stand in the very midst of the United States of America".

[NOTE: Alexander the Great was the only military commander to actually breach the gates of Babylon. The invasion most noted by Christians is that of Gyrus and Darius the Mede. Later in history, after Babylon had declined somewhat, Alexander breached the gates and stood in the midst of the courtyard declaring himself king. He spent considerable time and effort trying to restore Babylon to its former glory.]

Specific Words

Oregon State

In a vision I was standing on one side of a river, I looked over and felt as though I was looking into Portland. I saw massive trees - miles of temperate forest. The Lord said, "These are likened unto the trees of the Trans- Euphrates, the kings forest used by Nehemiah to rebuild the gates and temple in Jerusalem" (Neh 2:8). I also saw the river in flood with mud and massive trees smashing into bridges [perhaps indicating the results of an eruption upstream].

Portland, OR

"There was a healthy revival many years ago, but the seeds of old glory have faded. The past manna has withered and she is left undone. "Destruction" is slated for parts of her. I saw a vision of wild horses running very fast through the city. [The healthy revival probably refers to the work of healing evangelists in the past]. He also said, "The land is a seed bed for revival - many shall go out from there".

Washington State

I saw Mt Rainer and Mt St Helens together and the Lord said, “These mountains speak to the people”. [In researching them I realized they are part of the cascade Mountain range and they are both volcanoes. One of them is termed 'silent' and the other 'active' and as we know St Helen's blew it's top in 1980]. As we flew into the area I heard the distinct sound of explosion. [I believe on of the mountains of the cascades will erupt, but not as the seismologists predict].

Seattle, WA

"The seat closest to Vancouver is cold and snowing. She is like a satellite, disconnected, orbiting yet pivotal to communications. Seattle shall remain a point of connection for my people." I saw a vision of hills of light poking through valleys of darkness. A very great darkness covered the land like a shroud but there were high points of victory. "Then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday" (Isa 58:10).

Olympia, WA

There are five high places in the city, on one is a church whose doors are about to close. She has taken head wounds. Yes indeed there is a lot of witchcraft activity in the area and new stores opening, but Daniel 4:9 is true if you will receive it.

Centralia, WA [including Lewis County]

"Here is a city of pride, a place that thinks she is the middle of everything yet she is not." I looked and saw good foundations, men who came in the name of Christ. [The founder, G. Washington was the son of a slave and a good Christian - Baptist]. The original newspaper heralded the truth for a season. I saw men without moustaches. "But showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments" (Exod 20:6). Let the contentions cease between the cities.

Naselle [and five towns], WA

The place across the river [Columbia] - Ezekiel 47 is relevant for you. There shall be in this region both places of salt (marshes) and places of freshness (river); places of harvest and places of judgement. Even as the fresh water from the throne of God touches the water in the dead sea - Naselle has been a place of barrenness. The Lord will come and touch you, and you shall team with life.

September 1999. Robert Holmes, Storm Harvest